The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 711

Chapter 711 Predicting The Future

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In the external world.

Gu Taixu was struck by the Great Moon Palm strike, which finally injured him somewhat. However, when he noticed Su Yu’s pale face, he realized what was happening and started to laugh coldly. “Hahaha… So, your Vital Energy cannot even compare to a Two Crystal Half Fairy! You must have exerted yourself fully by now!”

His words encouraged the Second Saint Master and the others somewhat, despite his being severely injured. After taking a closer look at the situation, all of them felt relieved. Although this fellow was strong, his cultivation was not sufficient to fill in the gaps between them.

“Let’s attack him together. He won’t last long in this battle!” Gu Taixu said as the corners of his mouth lifted into a playful smile. “I would like to see how many more times you can cast that high-level technique!”

Then, after Gu Taixu and the Second Saint Master exchanged glances, they started attacking Su Yu! The two then teamed up to surround Su Yu and were prepared to send him to his deathbed.

Su Yu sighed helplessly in his heart. If he was only facing Gu Taixu, Su Yu would be fully confident in his ability to defeat him before using up his Vital Energy. However, now that Gu Taixu had the support of the Second Saint Master and the others, Gu Taixu was much stronger than Su Yu.

Seeing that the two of them were coming after him to end his life, Su Yu slowly closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, his pupils had resumed their previous cold glint.

“Forget about it. I will kill you one at a time.” Su Yu emitted a cold gaze as he laughed out loud.

His loud voice made Gu Taixu and the Second Saint Master slow down warily. They were both beginning to feel uncertain.

“Hmph, he is a trapped beast. Let’s move together and kill him!” Gu Taixu suppressed the discomfort in his heart as he yelled out angrily and resumed charging towards Su Yu.

However, just as Gu Taixu and the Second Saint Master were prepared to kill Su Yu once and for all, a feminine figure appeared amid the white clouds, then stood in between Su Yu and the horde that was charging towards him.

She had beautiful features and an elegant posture. Her steps on the white clouds were like a fairy, who had descended from the heavens into the commoner’s world. In that instant, the whole world seemed to have lost its colors, and the only beauty that existed was this fairy.

“A whole group of people fighting against a single person… Isn’t that a little unfair? Why don’t I join in on the fun?” Her crisp, clear voice cut through the air.

As Su Yu turned to look at her familiar back, he gasped in surprise.

“Jingyu…” Su Yu said, while he stared silently at the figure before him. Indescribable feelings filled his heart in that instant.

Before his big wedding, Xia Jingyu had cut off all communication with him. She had even warned Su Yu that he would regret his decision.

After that, she had left for good. However, she had appeared yet again as Su Yu was facing grave danger.

“Sister Jingyu!” In the Dragon Abyss, Qin Xianer’s face revealed a look of joy. “Since she has come, I cannot be left behind!”

At that moment, Jingyu retrieved a jade bottle from a little pocket at her waist. She then drank all of the medicine within it.

Thereafter, she sat down in a cross-legged manner. After a short moment, one could visibly observe the aura in her body, which was changing hastily.

Wu Aoyue was stunned. “A breakthrough? What kind of elixir is this? One can even breakthrough directly, without facing any Heavenly Disaster!”

Elder Jiu’s eyes narrowed as he spoke, “It is the Fairy Elixir, which is an ancient medicine that has been long forgotten! How could this young lady have such a medicine with her? This is truly surprising!”

For some unknown reason, Wu Aoyue subconsciously looked towards Su Yu, a bitter smile appearing on her face. “You even prepared this for Qin Xianer… Prince, are you really certain that you will die?”

An unpleasant feeling suddenly came over her. As she looked at Su Yu’s figure, Wu Aoyue’s heart sank. She felt as if something bad was about to happen to Su Yu.

In the external world.

The gorgeous lady who had suddenly appeared caused the Second Saint Master and the others to lose their concentrations. Her beauty was akin to that of a female fairy. As such, she was definitely deserving of the title of a Divine Lady.

“Do you want to die?” Gu Taixu asked coldly.

Xia Jingyu did not even look at him for half a second, as her gaze was locked on the Second Saint Master and the rest. “Since all of you want to annihilate Zhenlong, there is no difference whether it is now or later, as what is the difference?”

As she finished speaking, her gaze turned towards Su Yu. Her beautiful face was expressionless as she said, “You can just focus on fighting Gu Taixu. Leave the rest to me.”

Su Yu was surprised. “You? Jingyu, you must immediately head towards the Dragon Abyss. You will be safe there. Don’t sacrifice yourself for nothing.”

Unexpectedly, Xia Jingyu smiled. Her smile was extremely mysterious. There was something unfamiliar that Su Yu could not understand about it.

“Is that so?” she asked, while raising her eyebrows. After she spoke, she moved gracefully towards the Second Saint Master and the rest.

“Hmph, she does not know what she is talking about! Let’s kill her first!” The Second Saint Master shouted as he struck Xia Jingyu with his palm.

The great amount of Vital Energy contained in his palm attack was enough to kill a Three Crystal Half Fairy. However, as soon as the Second Saint Master’s palm was extended, Xia Jingyu moved nine steps to her left. At the same time, the Second Saint Master’s Vital Energy brushed past Xia Jingyu’s delicate shoulders, without even causing a single bit of damage.

Although this did not seem like anything unusual to outsiders, the Second Saint Master could sense that Xia Jingyu was able to predict the direction of his attack in advance, and was thus able to dodge his attack with ease!

The Second Saint Master shouted with a low voice as his face showed a look of surprise. “This lady is a little suspicious. Let’s attack her together!”

Hearing this, the group of 31 people all moved together. Immediately, a colorful show of light mixed together to form a huge net, which trapped Xia Jingyu within it. If Xia Jingyu touched any of the streams of Vital Energy, she would be killed instantly!

However, a shocking scene appeared before the Second Saint Master, which caused his jaw to drop. While they were still condensing their Vital Energy, Xia Jingyu took three steps to the right before walking backwards, then to the right again, and then another step backwards…

Thereafter, an unbelievable scene appeared. The places that she had dodged were all the places where the Vital Energy had struck! In other words, the instant they started attacking her, she already knew where their Vital Energy would land!

“You can sense the future in advance!” The Second Saint Master’s voice started shaking slightly. He felt a deep sense of fear.

Xia Jingyu wore a mysterious smile. “Sense the future? That’s not the case…”

In between her sentences, she retrieved a small green and white blade from her sleeves and tossed it towards the crowd. She then said lightheartedly, “One of you will be killed by this blade, which will pierce through your heart.”

The group of Later Stage Fairies looked at each other blankly. This was because this white, small blade was a very plain middle-grade divine artifact. Moreover, there was no poison smeared on the blade, nor did it seem to possess any additional mysterious power.

In fact, the way that she had tossed it towards them also appeared completely harmless. In their estimates, this blade could not even kill a Holy King, let alone a group of Fairies!

“Get out of the way!” The Second Saint Master ordered everyone to back away out of caution. Although he thought about blocking the blade himself, he did not reach out to take action.

Thus, the small white blade passed through the group of people before it eventually fell from the sky once the force was used up. On its way down, it unintentionally became engulfed by one of the remnant space fissures that had been caused by the earlier collision between Su Yu and Gu Taixu.

With the disruption inside the space fissure, the blade would be crushed into pieces as soon as it entered it. From the beginning until then, the small blade had not caused any casualties. As such, the Second Saint Master suspected that this girl was playing a trick on them.

“Are you done fooling around? I don’t care what kind of trick you are playing, in the face of absolute power, everything is pointless. Go on… Kill her!” The Second Saint Master gradually calmed his heart as he waved to the Later Stage Fairies, signaling for them to attack Xia Jingyu.

However, right then, a painful cry could be heard from amid their group! The Second Saint Master’s heart thumped as he quickly turned around to check to see what had happened. A sight that made his pupils contract appeared before him.

The only thing that could be seen was a Later Stage Fairy’s chest, which had been cut apart. His entire chest looked as if it would soon become disconnected from his body completely!

The others could see clearly that there was a black space fissure behind the Fairy who had just been killed. It flickered for a moment before disappearing completely.

Within the fissure, the bit of metal that has been left from the crushing of the blade was smeared with fresh blood. It then disappeared into the dark flow of current.

The scene thoroughly shocked everyone who had just witnessed it. A Later Stage Fairy had just been killed by a very mundane, small blade! As they turned to look at the exquisitely beautiful lady before them, the Second Saint Master and the rest of the group got goosebumps.

“You… You can see the future!” The Second Saint Master’s heart was thumping wildly. This was not an ability to sense something, but was instead the ability to predict the future!

An acute sensing ability would only allow one to react to something that happened in that instant. However, this lady was able to predict something that no one else believed would happen, and yet it did! It seemed as if she could see exactly what would happen in the future and, even if it sounded incredulous, it would absolutely occur exactly as she predicted!

“See the future?” Xia Jingyu smiled. “Not exactly. However, I like to call it a track!”

A track? Su Yu was surprised by her choice of words.

The track she mentioned referred to the legacy of Divine Decree that had been left behind by Tian Jizi,which Xia Jingyu had obtained in the end. Clearly, she had already fully comprehended Tian Jizi’s Divine Decree!

The track referred to the causality and events that followed the order of time and space, which left a trail behind it. If someone could see a person’s or an object’s track in advance, that meant that the person could know whenever something would happen to them or it.

Xia Jingyu had said that the blade would kill one person because she saw the blade’s track. She knew that it would, at some point, kill a Later Stage Fairy. In the end, the blade truly followed its track and had killed a Fairy!

To outsiders, this was seen as an ability to predict the future. Only Xia Jingyu knew that what had really happened was that she had fully perceived its track!

This also gave her the ability to know when someone would die of old age or sickness. Such a frightening Divine Decree caused the Second Saint Master and the rest to shiver with fear. They were all stunned.

“Would you like to know your tracks?” Xia Jingyu laughed light-heartedly as she looked at them and asked.

Just one glance from her caused their entire bodies to shiver. It was as if their fates had already been thoroughly perceived by another person.

“You will all die today. None of you will live,” Xia Jingyu said as she laughed. Her laughter pierced through the air loudly, sending chills down each of their spines.

The Second Saint Master’s heart was beating wildly as his face turned white and he wondered…

Will we all die here? How can this be?

As he took in a deep breath, the Second Saint Master forcefully calmed himself down and shouted in a low voice, “Do not believe this lady’s premonitions. Let’s kill her!”

Although the crowd felt fearful, they followed after the Second Saint Master to surround Xia Jingyu. However, Xia Jingyu did not reveal any signs of fear. Instead, she was like a butterfly that gracefully glided among the crowd.

“Although this woman is strange, she does not have any significant cultivation. So, there is no need to worry!” the Second Saint Master exclaimed joyfully upon discovering the abnormality of the situation.

The others quickly realized the same thing and suddenly felt much more relaxed. Xia Jingyu’s level of comprehension was far greater than the average person’s.

However, she had never attained any strong cultivation techniques. Therefore, her actual fighting capabilities were inferior to Su Yu’s. Hence, although she could afford to buy time for Su Yu, she could not kill them herself.

“Hehe, who said that I would be the one killing you?” Xia Jingyu looked very mysterious as she cast a pitying glance towards them.