The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 712

Chapter 712 Death Phoenix Constitution

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The Second Saint Master coldly snorted. “You are just putting on an act. Just deal with this woman while I go help the Great Saint Master kill Su Yu.”

The woman before them was too weird, and it would be difficult for them to kill her in a short time. Also, since she couldn’t inflict any damage upon them, he stopped caring about her and flew toward Su Yu to assist Gu Taixu in killing him.

Su Yu immediately felt himself sustaining a greater burden, as he now needed to fight two people at the same time! If it was just for a short time, then Su Yu could still depend on his powerful techniques to confront them, but if the fight continued for a long period of time, he knew that many opening would appear in his defense.

After the ruler blocked another one of Gu Taixu’s attacks, Su Yu raised his right arm, leaving his armpit, which was close to his frail heart, wide open.

“Die!” the Second Saint Master shouted. All along, he had been looking for an opportunity to deliver a deadly strike to Su Yu.

As he waved his palm, he tried to pierce Su Yu’s heart with it. The ruler couldn’t respond to it in time, and since Gu Taixu was just in front of him, Su Yu couldn’t dodge it either.

Su Yu felt a great danger coming from the palm. However, since he had great fighting experience, he managed to quickly respond by summoning the Eternal Stone King Armor. It was only after it appeared that the palm bombarded his rib.

Although the armor deflected most of its striking power, some of it still went through the armor and reached Su Yu’s body, sending him flying away. At the moment, blood was trickling out of his mouth and he was groaning.

“He still didn’t die!” The Second Saint Master’s expression became gloomy, and as he witnessed Su Yu’s remarkable armor, he felt like he was in a thorny situation.

His strike should have been able to kill even Level Nine Fairy Realm experts, but Su Yu’s broken top grade spiritual armor had deflected it somewhat. This armor was clearly extremely powerful.

“I will continue fighting you and eventually take your life!” the Second Saint Master yelled. Since just a strike didn’t finish him off, he was determined to continue attacking him.

As Su Yu had already consumed most of his power, after he suffered such strike a moment ago, his face became even paler. But, at the same time, his expression only became more firm and decisive.

He then said, “You should first preserve your life.”

When they were about to exchange blows once again, a loud disturbance transmitted out of the Dragon Abyss, which scattered the innumerable Heavenly Orchid Silver Sword Bamboo’s around.

Su Yu was immediately alarmed. “Who opened the seal?”

No one besides Su Yu could open the seal from the outside, and it was only the people inside who should be capable of opening it from within. So, he had to wonder who dared to come out while they were in such a heated battle…

Su Yu was extremely infuriated by this, and when he was just about to scold the person, his gaze became grave and his whole body shuddered, while he fixedly looked at the Dragon Abyss’s opening. It was like some terrifying monster within the Dragon Abyss was eyeing him…

At this moment, the Second Saint Master’s and Gu Taixu’s faces also fell.

“What a powerful and ferocious aura! Moreover, why is there such an intense death energy within the Dragon Abyss?” The Second Saint Master’s whole body shuddered.

Gu Taixu immediately looked at Su Yu and shouted in a deep voice, “What are you up to now? It’s impossible for Fairy Realm experts to emit such an intense death energy!”

In his eyes, this was just another terrifying move that Su Yu had prepared in advance. After they had fought several times, Gu Taixu had become wary of Su Yu’s inexhaustible hidden moves and techniques.

Su Yu didn’t care about them, but kept his gaze fixed at the pitch-black Dragon Abyss with his Soul Eyes, as he wanted to know what was happening. However, when his gaze had just penetrated it, he saw a pair of blood-red and crimson eyes staring back at him!

They were cold, heartless, and indifferent, and they were filled with an arrogance that looked down upon all living beings. The scariest thing was that those crimson eyes were filled with death energy!

With just a single look at the eyes, Su Yu felt an intense pain transmitting from his soul. At that moment a wisp of death energy penetrated his soul and strongly bombarded the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron before shaking it to its core.

This was the second time that the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron was almost dislocated from its place. The first time occurred when the Blood Emperor had attacked him, and this time, it was because of a mysterious pair of crimson eyes.

Su Yu, whose face had become quite pale, was greatly shocked. He had no idea whose terrifying gaze this was! If he hadn’t possessed the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, then he would have already lost his life by now!

He immediately stopped looking at it, and his heart became quite heavy. He asked in his heart…

Why did such a terrifying monster appear in the sealed Dragon Abyss? Were Xianer and the others harmed by it?

Su Yu’s expression suddenly changed once again as he quickly retreated.

“It’s awful! Something will come out of it! Quickly, retreat!” Gu Taixu ordered a quick retreat.

“Everyone, quickly retreat.” The expression of the Second Saint Master changed too, and he immediately shouted out orders to retreat as led his people away.

They all felt an extremely dangerous death aura emitting from the Dragon Abyss, and such an aura was quickly nearing them. Sensing danger, all of the people stopped fighting and looked at the Dragon Abyss.

As the death aura became more intense, wisps of black fog fluttered out. This black fog was condensed by death energy.

“It’s death energy in a gaseous state… But, what’s really there?” Gu Taixu’s eyes were filled with shock, while everyone here felt like they would all die soon.

Suddenly, a great amount of black fog surged out of the Dragon Abyss. It seemed like a small mountain, and it was as thick as black ink.

It was impossible to see what was inside it, yet they could all feel the ferocious aura that was transmitting out of it. It was like there was a ferocious monster within it, which was just coming back to life and being reborn.

The hearts of all of the people rose up to their throats at such a moment, and they all looked at the black fog warily as it was gradually shrinking down. Even when the black fog shrank down till it became human-sized, it didn’t stop shrinking down, but entered into that human’s body. Then, once all of it entered the human, the human’s appearance was finally revealed.

“Xianer?” Su Yu was surprised, as the person who had appeared before them was Xianer! He couldn’t believe that such a ferocious aura had really been emitted by her!

When Su Yu carefully observed her with his Soul Eyes, he found that her body was filled with a boundless fog and an intense death aura! Her blood also possessed a terrifying power!

“It’s just the power of a human’s bloodline, but what terrifying physique does she possess?” The Second Saint Master was greatly shocked. It was obvious that he didn’t expect that such a peerless and ferocious monster would unexpectedly be just a weak woman!

Gu Taixu’s face became pale and his eyes were filled with disbelief. “It’s impossible! How could such a physique appear in this uncivilized land? The Death Phoenix Constitution… The Nine Underworlds Phoenix’s bloodline…”


The Second Saint Master’s face became extremely pale when he heard him, and he uttered in fright, “Death Phoenix Constitution? Is it a heaven-defying Ancient Spiritual Body, which inherited the Nine Underworlds Phoenix’s bloodline? It’s rumored that those who possess such a physique have a pair of eyes that are connected to the underworld, which could take any living being’s life!”

Wu Aoyue, who was still in the Dragon Abyss, was also greatly shocked. “The Death Phoenix Constitution is also called the Death God Physique because it’s rumored that it’s one of the ancient times’ most terrifying Ancient Spiritual Bodies. Also, all of the humans who possess the Nine Underworlds Phoenix’s bloodline are called Death God Physique possessors, as they have the ability of killing any living being and were tantamount to being gods among men… Death gods, that is.”

She then added, “Xianer unexpectedly possessed such an extremely rare heaven-defying physique, which has never once appeared in Jiuzhou, and it was only once sighted when a woman who possessed it passed by Jiuzhou. Then, all of the All Creation Old Monsters that attacked her at that time were never seen again!”

The Death Phoenix Constitution was a heaven-defying divine constitution that couldn’t be found anywhere. It even made Yun Yazi desire to take her as his disciple. Even Xia Jingyu’s Goddess Physique couldn’t rival it!

“Well, why did I come out?” When Xianer opened her eyes, a wisp of death energy flickered through them for a moment, and when she swept her surroundings with her gaze, she was greatly surprised.

When she noticed Su Yu out of the corners of her eyes, she pounced on him in delight. She then complained, “Brother Su Yu, I broke through! But, you are too cruel, as you threw me away once again!”

“Xianer, I’m sorry.” Su Yu didn’t know what should he say now, as he knew that Xianer must have swallowed the Fairy Elixir because she wanted to break through and save him. Su Yu clearly felt and understood her intentions.

Xianer’s eyes became moist as she leaned against Su Yu’s shoulder. “Brother Su Yu, I don’t want you to risk your life. If you died, I would be quite lonely, as I have just you and my father.”

Su Yu nodded and softly patted her back. Then, it seemed like Xianer suddenly noticed something as she quickly left his embrace and started sizing him up. “Brother Su Yu, why are in such a state?”

When she raised her head and looked at him, she saw that his face was pale and blood was seeping out of his mouth.

“You are injured.” Xianer clenched her fists. As she blamed herself for this, she was infuriated by it.

She extended her tiny hand and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, while her gem-like pretty eyes became ice-cold. “Brother Su Yu, rest for a while. I will protect you this time.”

As she spoke, she turned her head around. Her extremely beautiful face, which seemed like it belonged to a mesmerizing fairy, seemed like the face of an extremely ferocious monster to the Second Saint Master and the others.

As she swept over them with her gaze, their bodies were reflected in her eyes. Then, a faint death aura gradually seeped out of her eyes, while an extremely mysterious and terrifying power surrounded Xianer’s body.

“Die!” Xianer opened her mouth and coldly uttered a single word.

She didn’t take any action apart from yelling that one word, yet the whole world descended into silence, while the thirty late stage Fairy Realm experts started turning into ashes. It was as if they were mere pieces of burning paper!

They all turned into ashes, regardless of whether they were Level Seven Fairy Realm experts or Level Eight Fairy Realm experts. They didn’t experience any pain or fright before their deaths, but just quietly turned into ashes.

Thirty Fairy Realm experts instantly died just because the girl who was in Su Yu’s embrace uttered the word “die!” The whole world descended into silence at such a moment.

Even though Yun Yazi already informed The Second Saint Master how extraordinary the Death Phoenix Constitution was, he still had never expected or imagined that it would be so terrifying. Just a single glance and word had decided their deaths! It was as if she was a God of Death!

“This is the Death Phoenix Constitution…” The Second Saint Master’s voice became hoarse, while his whole body shuddered.

Xia Jingyu’s future foreseeing ability made him become only somewhat restless, but Xianer’s Death Phoenix Constitution made him feel an intense fright in the deepest part of his soul!


The Second Saint Master tried to calm himself as he slowly turned around, then fled away. He had already lost any fighting spirit, as in his eyes, this was no longer a fight, but just a stage for a Death God to harvest lives upon. Even in the eyes of the people within the Dragon Abyss, he had already turned from being a butcher into a beast that was about to be butchered!

When Xianer coldly looked at him, as his body was reflected within her eyes, she coldly uttered that one single word again, “Die.”

As her voice drifted through the air, Su Yu could clearly feel that a mysterious and terrifying power had seeped into the Zhenlong World, and just after it, the Second Saint Master, who was fleeing, gradually turned into ashes. He was turned into ashes while he was fleeing, and in the end, just his flying head was left, which fell down towards the ground as he died.

Even a Level Nine Fairy Realm expert couldn’t resist the death word when it was uttered by her! Everyone felt their hearts shuddering as they looked at the adorable and harmless-looking Xianer. They all wondered…

Is she really human? She is obviously just a Death God that controls myriad beings’ life and death.

In the Dragon Abyss.

Elder Jiu’s eyes were filled with shock. “The Death Phoenix Constitution! It is one of the most terrifying ancient times’ Ancient Spiritual Bodies.” He marveled as he thought…

Who would have ever expected that Su Yu could hide such s Divine Body possessor beside him? And… He left her till the last moment before letting her come out to annihilate the late stage Fairy Realm enemies!

No one here would ever forget such a scary and frightening scene. While they were still shocked and in a daze, a soft noise transmitted from Elder Jiu’s side.

“Well, Phoenix Master Qiu?” Elder Jiu was startled. He wondered why, after being in a coma for more than half a year, she would wake up just now…

Wu Aoyue immediately went and supported the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, who was just opening her eyes. “Phoenix Master Qiu, you finally woke up! You really slept for a long time.”

The Phoenix Master Qiu was still somewhat muddle-headed for a moment, and it was only after a short while that she started coming back to her senses and observing her surroundings. Then, the Phoenix Master Qiu suddenly recalled something, and her expression gravely changed and became filled with fright.

She said, “I already woke up long ago, half a year ago, in fact. But, someone fiddled with the medicine that was served to me, which made me continue sleeping until just now.”

Elder Jiu’s expression gravely changed when he heard her, “How is that possible? You are in the core area of the Heavenly Law Alliance and are surrounded by many Fairy Realm experts, so how could someone bypass them and fiddle with your medicine?”

The Phoenix Master Qiu was fully awake now, so she carefully explained, “No, she didn’t need to bypass them, as she was the person who was in charge of taking care of me.”

Wu Aoyue and Elder Jiu immediately stiffened as they heard her words, as the person who was in charge of her while Su Yu was in closed cultivation was Xia Jingyu!

“You were all deceived by her! You should quickly inform Alliance Master Su that something is amiss with her!” The Phoenix Master Qiu tried to leave her bed as she anxiously uttered the shocking words.

Wu Aoyue felt like this matter was extremely grave, so she asked in a grave voice, “What’s wrong with Phoenix Master Qiu?”

The Phoenix Master Qiu quickly spoke, “You should quickly inform the Alliance Master Su that it’s that woman who injured me.”

“What? She’s the one who injured you?” All of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members were startled.

Back then, the Phoenix Master Qiu had brought the unconscious Xianer with her as she left the warship and went to join Su Yu. But, when Su Yu found her, he found her in a coma, and she had stayed in a coma till this day. She was unexpectedly injured by the unconscious Xia Jingyu!

“How is this possible? Even if Xia Jingyu wasn’t in a coma that day, why would she want to injure you?” Old Chen, had just come over, couldn’t believe such words.

But, the following words startled all of them even more…

“Xia Jingyu? You were all deceived by her, as she isn’t at all Xia Jingyu! She’s another extremely frightening woman! You should quickly inform the Alliance Master Su that she’s extremely dangerous and terrifying,” the Phoenix Master Qiu urged them at the top of her lungs.