The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Dragon Slayer Fairy Sword

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Phoenix Master Qiu’s anger, fright, and anxiety were apparent in her words, and shock appeared on all of the people’s faces when they heard her. This was especially the case for Elder Jiu, as he also underwent treatment with Xia Jingyu and Phoenix Master Qiu at the Hall of Mental Cultivation.

They all had to wonder… Was the unconscious Xia Jingyu really the main culprit behind everything?

The shocked Zi Yunxiang shook her head, as she was incapable of believing that the current Xia Jingyu was just an impostor. What amazed them all even more was that Xia Jingyu had dared to harm Phoenix Master Qiu in the presence of Elder Jiu!

Since Phoenix Master Qiu knew that Su Yu was the alliance master, then she clearly had some sober moments while she was in a coma. This meant that she had a slight understanding of the outside world’s situation and wasn’t just babbling nonsense.

“Everything that I said is absolutely true, so quickly notify Alliance Master Su,” Phoenix Master Qiu urged them anxiously.

She then surveyed the surroundings and noticed how odd they were, so she asked, “Where are we? Where is the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship?” She was clearly unaware that the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship had been destroyed a long time ago.

“Phoenix Master Qiu, we have a serious matter at hand. Alliance Master Su’s current situation is somewhat special, so we mustn’t disturb him,” someone explained to her.

The hearts of all of the people here thumped, as Su Yu was now fighting alongside Xia Jingyu. If Phoenix Master Qiu’s words were just lies, and they ended up causing them to fall out with one another, which would prevent them from fighting Gu Taixu jointly, then the consequences would be quite dreadful! So, even if it was an emergency, they must still verify the truth before acting.

Phoenix Master Qiu was oblivious to the seriousness of the current situation outside, so she had already calmed down after a short while. She then started informing them of that day’s events.

“On that day, I was asked by Su Yu to take Xia Jingyu and Elder Jiu out of the warship in advance. This was because Su Yu had said that there was a great possibility that turmoil would rise in the warship, and he instructed me to do this in order to prevent Fu Cangshang from using them to threaten us.”

Phoenix Master Qiu paused, then said, “I accepted his request and brought them with me as I went to the meeting place that I was informed of beforehand. It is there that we waited for Su Yu.”

She shook her head. “However, while we were waiting for him, Xia Jingyu woke up! Then, I witnessed a powerful soul, which had a physical form, appear above Xia Jingyu’s head. It had an aura that was many times more terrifying than Fairies’ auras!”

She continued, wide-eyed, “The soul entered Xia Jingyu’s mind just after that, controlled her body, and then attacked me! She said that, since I had already seen her, then I mustn’t be left alive, so she bombarded my belly, injured me heavily, and left me in a coma until today!”

The crowd couldn’t help but suck in breaths of cold air when they heard her chilling story, as even Fairies couldn’t cause their souls to take on a physical form! It was only Elder Jiu, whose eyes flickered at this moment.

According to what Su Yu had said after he had inspected her wounds, such a palm strike should have been capable of easily taking Phoenix Master Qiu’s life, but in the end, the attacker had exercised restraint and had only left her injured.

However, Elder Jiu had to wonder… Since she wanted to get rid of such a witness, then why did she spare Phoenix Master Qiu? This matter seemed quite unreasonable.

“Later on, when I had just woken up, this woman appeared once again and instilled a special energy into my body that caused me to continue sleeping, and I have continued that deep slumber until today!” Phoenix Master Qiu said.

Elder Jiu finally understood everything after he finished listening to her words, as he had already confirmed that Phoenix Master Qiu’s words were true. It was only because Xia Jingyu had disappeared from the Heavenly Law Alliance the moment she met with Su Yu in private, and she didn’t manage to instill her All Creation’s power to Phoenix Master Qiu in time, that the latter had finally woken up.

“It’s really her!” Zi Yunxiang bit her lips, as anxiety appeared in her eyes. “I will go to notify him, so that he can guard against such a treacherous woman.”

However, someone else had already flown away to do this very same thing…

“It’s enough for me to go to notify him alone!” Wu Aoyue yelled, but didn’t turn her head back. She yelled in an ice-cold tone, despite the fact that her face was filled with anxiety.

The outside world.

After Qin Xianer’s Death Phoenix Body displayed its might, it killed all of the later stage Fairies with just a single word. Such a scene shocked Su Yu greatly. It turned out that such a harmless-looking lassie was the most terrifying person here!

“Brother Su Yu.” After she killed the Second Saint Master, Qin Xianer hid her ice-cold expression and turned her head back to look at Su Yu with a scorching gaze.

She enjoyed the sight of his gaze, which had never once been filled with shock the way it was now, and she became bashful for some unknown reason. She lowered her head as she jumped into his embrace, then asked excitedly, “Brother Su Yu, did I manage to help you?”

She usually just caused trouble for Su Yu, yet today, she had managed to help him! Affection for her welled up in Su Yu’s heart as he stroked her small head and replied, “Yes, you saved me. Thanks, Miss Xianer.”

Qin Xianer’s heart throbbed faster when he called her that name, and she was delighted by it. It was only then that she realized that she and Su Yu were already wife and husband!

Xia Jingyu, who observed this scene from a distant place, had complex emotions in her eyes. Only after a long while did she hide such emotions and put on her usual calm and indifferent look as she asked, “Before expressing your love, shouldn’t you first get rid of the danger before us? Venerable Fu Gui can come back at any time.”

Such a timely reminder caused Qin Xianer’s face to blush, and she quickly left Su Yu’s embrace. She was somewhat uncomfortable as she looked at the graceful Xia Jingyu, who stood at some distance away.

She didn’t know why her past close friend gave her such a distant feeling. It was as if she was just a stranger to her.

Su Yu took a look at her and revealed a faint carefree smile, as if he had just freed himself from something. Xia Jingyu shuddered for an unknown reason, as if she had just noticed something in his smile.

“We must really get rid of the person before us before discussing anything else.” Su Yu said, while a cold look appeared on his face.

Xia Jingyu flew over to Su Yu and stood on his right side, while Qin Xianer stood calmly on his left side. They were all looking at Gu Taixu coldly. The three of them had never once fought shoulder to shoulder like today.

One of the women was Su Yu’s wife, while the other was his past lover, and they were now joining hands at Zhenglong’s last juncture. They had to wonder… Was such a matter set by fate?

Gu Taixu, who had lost 30 of his subordinates in just the twinkling of an eye, had an extremely unsightly expression on his face. His situation was quite favorable, and he should have been capable of exhausting Su Yu’s power and killing him in less than the time that it would take to brew a half cup of tea, but a strange woman, who could predict the future suddenly came out of first, and now, a more terrifying Dead Phoenix Body had appeared, killing all of his later stage Fairies by herself! Such a strange Death Power frightened even someone like him!

“Fine, it’s really great… A future prediction…A Dead Phoenix Body. Su Yu, you really hid this well, and you have also managed to gather such astonishing women at your side!” It seemed like Gu Taixu had suddenly thought back on Su Yu’s ambiguous relationship with his fiancee, which made him even more angry and resentful. “However, did you assume that you can kill me like this?”

A pained look flickered in his eyes for a moment as Gu Taixu took a deep breath and took the Emperor Tower once again. This time, he didn’t activate the Emperor Tower, but activated the ancient sword, which had been stuck in the tower for an unknown period of time.

A tower, a sword, and a human. This was Su Yu’s first impression of him when he had first met him, and the most terrifying out of the three was definitely the ancient sword, which possessed a great destructive power.

Even when Gu Taixu was being beaten by Su Yu, he didn’t take the sword. It was only now, when he was faced with these three people, all of whom wanted to kill him, that he decided to unsheathe it.

“The Dragon-Slayer Fairy Sword is a fairy artifact that could kill all Almighty Divine Masters below the All Creation Realm,” Xia Jingyu said calmly. She was capable of seeing the future, and she was very familiar with it.

Fairy artifacts were peerless weapons, which could only be controlled by All Creation Old Monsters. Moreover, they all possessed unimaginable power, which meant that the sword before them was powerful enough to take all of their lives!

As Gu Taixu pointed at the ancient sword, it started trembling and many cracks appeared on its scabbard. Then, as a ‘bang’ sound echoed in the air, the sword disintegrated. It then turned into ashes, which started to revolve around a blood-red long sword.

Such a blood-red color wasn’t the sword’s own color, but was the color of the fresh blood that was on it, which emitted a terrifying aura. The whole sword was covered in the fresh blood!

They all had to wonder… Who was the owner of the blood, as even though such a long time had passed, it still hadn’t dried?

“The last time I unsheathed this sword, I killed a Half-Step All Creation Old Monster with it, and its blood still hasn’t dried,” Gu Taixu held the sword hilt as he murmured softly.

It was a Half-step All Creation Old Monster’s blood, so it wasn’t really surprising that even the flow of time couldn’t annihilate it, and it was still emitting a frightening aura!