The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 714

Chapter 714

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Gu Taixu looked at Su Yu and the two women beside him with an extremely sharp gaze. “This sword is used to kill just Divine Masters, and it needs to be nourished in the Emperor Tower for ten years before each use. I intended to leave it until I faced the King of Darkness, who deeply hid his power. But, who would expect that it was you who deeply hid his power, and you also hid a woman, which possessed a terrifying physique!”

He then added, “I will make an exception today and use this sword to kill a Half Fairy. But, the three of you would be all killed by it, as one of you possesses a Pure Divine Decree, another one possesses foreseeing ability, and the last one of you possesses the Death Phoenix Constitution. Hence, the ten years used to nourish it won’t be wasted in vain if it is used against you!”

As Gu Taixu held the Dragon-Slayer Fairy Sword, he emitted an extremely sharp aura and his sleeves and black hair fluttered in the wind. The blood-red Dragon-Slayer Sword emitted a faint mournful dragon cry. It was like there was a blue dragon that was slain by it and was still wailing.

The Dragon-Slayer Sword’s blood-red radiance was becoming more resplendent and dazzling as time passed, and all of the places that were engulfed by it could be instantly cut by the sword.

“Die.” Gu Taixu coldly spoke one word as he held his scarlet sword and cut a line in the air. His seemingly ordinary strike possessed an indescribable power.

It was like Heaven itself wielded this sword, and the whole world was within its range. There was no way of evading such a strike, so they could only confront it head-on. The pupils of Su Yu and the others contracted as they felt an extremely destructive power emanating from such a strike.

The expression of Elder Jiu, who was in the Dragon Abyss, gravely changed several times. As he clenched his fist, his face became filled with anxiety. “Don’t try to block it, just quickly escape! It’s a Fairy Artifact’s fragment, which was one that was used by the Blood Emperor, so it could heavily injure even an All Creation expert! You should escape.”

However, there was no need for him to warn them, as Su Yu and the others already knew how dangerous it was.

“Let me face it.” At such a precarious moment, Xianer stepped forward, while the Death Aura appeared once again in her pretty black eyes.

Her slightly ice-cold eyes locked onto Gu Taixu, and her bearing instantly changed as she turned into a completely different person. She instantly transformed from a lovely girl into a God of Death!

“Die.” As Qin Xianer uttered the word once more, a mysterious formless power descended and went after Gu Taixu.

This time, Su Yu quickly took hold of this opportunity and used his Soul Eyes to observe what was happening. What he witnessed caused his pupils to slightly contract, as he saw that a black phoenix, which couldn’t be seen by the naked eye, had appeared beside Gu Taixu.

The phoenix emitted a terrifying death energy, and its eyes were apathetic, just like a Death God’s. The phoenix was unceasingly flying around Gu Taixu, and its aura was drilling into his body, draining Gu Taixu’s life force away.

It was because of this that all those Late Stage Fairy Realm experts had died! Their life forces and souls were all annihilated by the Death Energy! Although Gu Taixu, who was in front of them, was slightly odd, he was still completely different than the Second Saint Master, so he unexpectedly managed to detect the black phoenix’s existence.

“You still dare to confront me while faced with the Dragon-Slayer Sword?” Gu Taixu coldly snorted as he let his sword’s radiance became more resplendent. As it shone upon the phoenix, the pheoenix quickly dissipated like smoke.

Xianer softly groaned and her face became flushed, while blood seeped out of the corners of her mouth. She was suffering a backlash because the black phoenix had just been annihilated.

“Xianer!” Su Yu’s heart shuddered and he quickly moved to hold her in his arms.

“I’m all right.” Xianer, whose mouth was filled with blood, spoke weakly, “I’m sorry… His Fairy Sword is too powerful, so I couldn’t help you deal with him.”

After Su Yu determined that it was just Xianer’s meridians that had suffered a slight shock, he let out a breath and relaxed. He was grateful that she wasn’t in any real danger.

He then looked once again at Gu Taixu with a gaze that was filled with killing intent. “You should die.”

Gu Taixu just sneered when he heard Su Yu’s words. “You want to kill me? You can only dream about that while you are sleeping in the underworld.”

As his words echoed, his strike finally reached them. That strike seemed like it would annihilate everything.

Su Yu knew that he didn’t have any hope of obstructing it. As there was a great disparity between their cultivations and magical artifacts it was really impossible for Su Yu to reverse such a desperate situation.

When Su Yu looked at the two women beside him, a decisive look appeared in his eyes.

“Xianer, Jingyu, you should both move back,” he said in a soft voice. He then smiled warmly at them, even though the sword’s blood-red radiance was gradually approaching them.

It seemed like Xianer noticed the decisive look in his eyes as she spoke to him, “Brother Su Yu, let’s escape together. Please don’t sacrifice yourself.”

Su Yu gently stroked her head and asked in a soft voice, “Where can we escape to? I don’t fear death, but you and Jingyu mustn’t die.”

As he spoke, Su Yu wore a faint smile. He knew that was struggling to accept his decision.

“Jingyu, you must keep on living.” It seemed like he was bidding farewell to her, and after he took a deep look at Jingyu, he pushed Xianer away, then turned into a glowing light and flew toward the blood-red sword’s strike.

“As long as I’m here, I won’t let them die,” he mumbled, while his eyes flickered and he clenched his teeth.

At that moment, two clones appeared beside him, as he had used the Second Grade Clone Technique. Each of the clones condensed an Origin Power. The crimson clone condensed the Fire Origin, while the other clone, which flickered with lightning, condensed the Lightning Origin.

Meanwhile, a chilly air appeared around Su Yu. Origins weren’t rare objects to the Fairies, as their might was considered mediocre to them. As such, they couldn’t pose any threat to them.

But, the Origin that Su Yu held in his palm emitted an extremely powerful might…

“Fusion of Origins.” Su Yu clenched his teeth and controlled his clones, allowing them to fuse their Origins with his own.

Ice, Fire, and Lightning… The three completely different Origin Powers managed to achieve an extremely strange balance between them as they fused together into a multi-colored flower. It was a beautiful flower that had clear vein lines on it.

It wasn’t any different from a real flower, yet it still emitted a faint yet terrifying power, which would cause anyone to become restless at its sight. The Blood-red Sword Energy, which seemed like it would destroy everything, was unexpectedly melted by this flower.

“It’s this technique once again.” Gu Taixu’s expression became gloomy, as he had already once experienced this technique’s might.

“Die!” At such a precarious moment, Gu Taixu clenched his teeth and waved his sword at Su Yu.

Su Yu immediately replied, “Disappear!”

The Blood-red sword finally came into contact with the multi-colored flower at that moment.


A soft sound echoed as the flower was shattered, but an extremely powerful hurricane, which devoured everything in its path, still erupted out of it.

The Blood-red Sword, Gu Taixu, and Su Yu were all engulfed by the hurricane. As the sword energy’s power was blown up by the hurricane, it turned into countless weaker sword energies, which swept through the surroundings.

Clink! Clink! Clink!

Countless clunking sounds echoed as the weaker sword energies bombarded Su Yu’s Eternal Stone King Armor. The Ruler was flickering on and off as it obstructed the chaotic sword energies, but since there was such a great amount of them, it could only block a portion of them. As such, each sword energy left a deep dent in the Eternal Stone King Armor after bombarding it.

The Eternal Stone King Armor was rarely damaged by anything, yet the sword energies, which were already broken apart by the storm, still managed to damage it. If it faced the complete sword energy strike, then it might fail to block it.

After sustaining many strikes, openings started to appear in the Eternal Stone King Armor, which had protected Su Yu’s life countless times in the past. The armor’s belly region was its frailest point, and after it sustained many attacks, a wide gap was opened in that section.

A wisp of sword energy went through it and directly bombarded Su Yu’s belly, tearing a wide hole in it. As a light groan transmitted from Su Yu’s mouth, his Dantian, which was in his belly region, was shattered.

The powerful sword energy still continued rampaging throughout his body, annihilating the weak life force that was remaining within his body. After he was bombarded by the sword energy, his body fell down from mid-air like a dead leaf.

The boundless sky was reflected in Su Yu’s eyes as he heard a fuzzy swooshing sound. At that moment, he didn’t know whether it came from above him or beneath him. As he observed his body’s current situation, Su Yu understood that this would really be the end for him.

“Will it end here?” Su Yu sighed sighed bitterly. He then looked over at Xia Jingyu, who was safe and sound, and carefreely chuckled. “I can at least finally free myself of such worries and burdens now…”

He had married Xianer because he had promised her to do so, and since he had let down Xia Jingyu by doing this, he would use his life to protect her in order to repay her.

Elder Jiu, who was in the Dragon Abyss, finally understood why Su Yu had risked his life against Gu Taixu. It was because he wanted to die. After officially marrying Xianer, he wanted to hand his life over for Xia Jingyu.

“No!” Anxious cries echoed out as Xianer flew towards the falling Su Yu and took him in her embrace.

“Brother Su Yu.” Xianer eyes widened and became bloodshot as she witnessed Su Yu’s mutilated body.

She cried out in grief, “Don’t die! Without you, how can I look forward to the future?”

Her mournful cries voiced her frail heart’s innermost feelings. Su Yu wanted to speak to her, yet his body, which was on the brink of death, couldn’t utter even a word.

He opened his mouth for a while, but then weakly closed it, finding himself incapable of persevering. As his eyelids started falling and his vision became fuzzier, he resigned himself to his fate.

“No!” Qin Xianer cried at the top of her lungs and condensed Vital Energy in her hands, which she madly poured into Su Yu’s body to try to maintain his life force.

But, as the sword energy was still present in his body, her Vital Energy, which was utterly weak in comparison to it, was quickly annihilated by it. Many gem-like teardrops fell out of her eyes, as no matter how much she poured her Vital Energy into him, she still couldn’t save him.

Su Yu felt his heart warming. If he could die in Xianer’s embrace, then all that he had done wouldn’t be in vain. He extended out his hand and stroked Xianer’s face as he spoke with great difficulty, “Xianer, don’t cry. I’m not dying. I’m just returning to my home, like a fallen leaf that is returning to earth.”

Xianer still continued crying as she lowered her head and leaned against his chest. She seemed like a child who had just lost her most important relative. Her aggrieved cries touched all those who heard them.

Su Yu felt his vision becoming fuzzier, and he struggled to move his eyes to look toward Gu Taixu. He was still standing in his former place, but his whole body had collapsed. In fact, his state wasn’t any better than Su Yu’s, which allowed Su Yu to relax at last.

The Dragon-Slayer Sword, which was in Gu Taixu’s hand, had already lost its blood-red luster, and it was falling down to the ground like a piece of scrap metal.


A purple ray flickered out of Su Yu’s Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl as some creature took the sword into its mouth. It then flew back to Su Yu and landed on his chest.

It was the small kylin, which was quite fond of all kinds of treasures. So, it was extremely excited now, as it had managed to get a Fairy Artifact’s fragment. Soon, it was cheerfully dancing on Su Yu’s chest.

When it lowered its head and looked at Su Yu, it blinked its eyes several times. It had only now noticed that something was amiss. It rubbed its head against Su Yu’s neck, yet it discovered that he didn’t respond at all.

The small kylin scratched its head with its paw, while its eyes became filled with confusion. It couldn’t understand what was wrong with Su Yu.

It took a look at the crying Xianer before looking back at Su Yu, who was drenched in blood. It seemed like it understood at that moment, as it lowered its head and sniffed Su Yu’s chest.

After it sniffed him, it seemed like it detected that Su Yu’s life would shortly come to end, and its gaze, as well as its whole body, stiffened. The Fairy Artifact’s fragment fell from its mouth as it looked at Su Yu with tear-filled eyes.

It then licked his face with its soft tongue, while unceasingly whining. It clearly knew that its master’s life would shortly come to an end.