The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 715

Chapter 715 Killing Gu Taixu

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“Su Yu, you will still die first.”

There were some people, who were aggrieved, and others, who went crazy.

Gu Taixu, who also suffered heavy injuries, and was on the brink of death, laughed sinisterly, “You can die peacefully, as I will shortly send those two women to join you, so you won’t be lonely in the underworld.”

Su Yu almost lost his life when he ran into him in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, and now it was the case too.

Su Yu lost in both of their confrontations, and this time, he lost even more tragically.

“Is it?” Mockery flashed in Su Yu’s eyes, and when his words just echoed, a flag as big as palm rose up from the sea below Gu Taixu.

The flag fluttered in the wind, as it shone with black light, and Gu Taixu’s surrounding instantly changed, and turned into bone-chilling snow plains.

While among the snow plains, Gu Taixu lost his whole cultivation, and turned into a frail mortal, who shivered as this place bone-chilling wind swept him.

“Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell?” Gu Taixu was astonished. As a person from the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, how could he not know this formation? It was the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands greatest formation.

He never would have expected that even when Su Yu was on the brink of death, he still left such hidden move behind.

When did he set up the formation? From the moment he came here, they were fighting against each other, and he shouldn’t have any time to set it.

The only explication for it was he set the flag there before a long time, and left it there as the last move.

Gu Taixu’s heart couldn’t help but thump as he thought of such comprehensive schemes, and his gaze became filled with nervousness, as he must quickly look for this formation’s weakness, and leave it, otherwise, he would be in grave danger.

He swept the surrounding with his gaze, and started looking for its weakness quickly.

Although he was now in a snowy plain, but in the eyes of people outside, Gu Taixu was just standing on his place motionlessly like a pillar.

“Take avail of such an opportunity to… Kill him…” Su Yu uttered such words with great difficulty.

Taking avail of the fact that he was still trapped in the illusory formation to kill would be their best opportunity to dispose of him.

Qin Xianer raised her head, and wiped her tearful eyes, which were filled with sadness, and hatred.

“Why? Why did you disturb our lives?” Qin Xianer clenched her fists tightly, as her eyes became ice-cold, “Brother Su Yu went through many difficulties, and he escaped death narrowly each time, yet all that he sought was none other to have a clear conscience, and not owe anyone anything, or wrong them.”

“What feud did you have with us? Why did you need to try to exterminate all of us?”

She seemed like she was shouting, wailing, and informing people of the injustices, which Su Yu suffered in his life.

“If your world wants to kill Su Yu, then I will take a pledge here to use my whole life to try to destroy your world.” The delicate Qin Xianer seemed like a god of death at this moment. She was both heartless and indifferent, and her gaze was sharp and ice-cold, and death aura emerged in it.

“Die! I want all of you to die,” It seemed like Qin Xianer vent all of the hatred in her heart, as she shouted sharply.

A mysterious death power descended in this world, and engulfed Gu Taixu, and dragged him into the abyss of death.

Gu Taixu, who didn’t have the Dragon-Slayer Fairy Sword, would just die in front of such power, if he faced it with just his fleshly body alone.


A soft sound suddenly echoed, as the black phoenix, which appeared above Gu Taixu’s head, suffered a mysterious divine power’s attack, and dissipated.

It was an eerie and gloomy aura, which seemed like it came from the Nine Underworlds’ Yellow Springs, which engulfed the black phoenix, and dispersed it.

“Hehe, I left just for a trifling hour, yet the situation had such a drastic turn. It’s really out of my expectations.”

A yellow-robed person suddenly appeared in an empty place in the sky. His whole body emitted a frightening eerie aura.

It was Venerable Fu Gui, he came back here at the last juncture.

Qin Xianer suffered her power backlash once again, and she groaned softly, as she stumbled back, and fell on Su Yu’s chest.

Even while facing a Divine Master’s boundless pressure, fear still didn’t appear in Qin Xianer’s eyes, and they were as calm and indifferent as a lake’s water.

“Death Phoenix Body, tsk, tsk, I really can’t imagine how can the Death God Body, which never appeared in Jiuzhou, appear in Zhenlong Continent?” Venerable Fu Gui looked with interest at Qin Xianer, and his shining eyes were filled with greed.

“Such divine body would be wasted on a little demon like you, so I will take care of it for you,” Venerable Fu Gui spoke sinisterly, as he licked his lips excitedly, “It just happened that I cultivated a technique of devouring inherited bloodline. Lassie, you have really sent me a great gift.”

Venerable Fu Gui was well versed in Ghost Path, and had walked further than other people in blood cultivation, and he possessed even such an astonishing magical ability, which could let him devour other people’s bloodline.

Qin Xianer’s eyes were filled with decisiveness, while her silver white teeth were smeared red with blood, as she looked at him coldly, “I rather let dogs feed on my body than let an otherworldly person like you get your way.”

Venerable Fu Gui chuckled sinisterly, “It isn’t up to you.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand at Qin Xianer, and five hideous-looking Ghost Heads flew out of his sleeves, and whistled, as they charged at Qin Xianer.

The Ghost Heads had ugly facial features, and had a powerful Ghost Energy, while their whole body emitted an odor of rotten flesh, and they also emitted a powerful aura, which could crush any Fairies.

Each Ghost Head was a Level Nine Fairy. Just a single Level Nine Fairy like Gu Taixu almost sent Su Yu to death’s door, let alone five of them.

When they appeared, all people, including the one at Dragon Abyss, despaired, as even if the Divine Master didn’t attack them, it would still be impossible for them to win.

The Ghost Heads opened their mouth as they flew at her swiftly. They wanted to tear her apart, devour her flesh, and absorb her essence blood.

Qin Xianer didn’t fear them, and her eyes brimmed with death aura, as she looked at a Ghost Head fixedly, however even after she uttered the word ‘die’, the Ghost Heads weren’t affected, and still continued flying toward her.

“Death Phoenix Body can take all living being’s lives, but what life could it take from dead creatures like Ghost Heads? Lassie, you ran into your bane.” Venerable Fu Gui laughed.

Qin Xianer was startled, and she revealed a bitter smile just after, “Brother Su Yu, I’m sorry. I will leave first, and wait for you below.” Qin Xianer had a strong heart, and she was quite firm.

She preferred to put an end to herself rather than be devoured by Ghost Heads, and let her bloodline power be gotten by someone else.

However, before she made any movement, the five Ghost Heads cried sharply, and fled in different directions, as if they just detected a terrifying object.

However, before they even fled far away, their harsh cries came to an abrupt end, as a wisp of ash-gray sword energy penetrated the five Ghost Heads in the twinkling of an eye.

Such sudden occurrence caught even Venerable Fu Gui off guard, and he groaned softly, as blood seeped out of the corners of his mouth. He suffered a backlash because his Ghost Heads were killed.

“What did happen?” Venerable Fu Gui’s pupils contracted, and he had an extremely restless feeling, when he saw the ash-gray sword energy.

“Evil energy? What a terrifying evil energy!” Venerable Fu Gui’s smile disappeared, and his expression became solemn.

He started moving back as he observed the ordinary-looking ash-gray sword energy, and he seemed like he just ran into his bane.

Dark Su Yu left a wisp of evil energy in the flag after refining it, and even the Blood Emperor dreaded it, let alone a mere Almighty Divine Master?

“Lad? Is this your true killing move?” Venerable Fu Gui felt like he just fell into his trap.

In fact, how was it possible that such coincidence would occur, and that he would come back just when Gu Taixu’s life was in danger?

He was already hiding here when Gu Taixu unsheathed his sword, and had a decisive fight against Su Yu.

He also dreaded Su Yu’s techniques, and he waited until both of them end up heavily injured before showing himself to take care of the rest.

The situation developed like he expected, and Su Yu, who was already on the brink of death, still left such a terrifying move behind, and trapped Gu Taixu with it.

It was only then did Venerable Fu Gui show himself for two reasons. First, to save Gu Taixu, and let him owe him a favor, and second, since anything dangerous already disappeared, it was time to kill Su Yu, and take merit for it.

However, he didn’t expect that Su Yu unexpectedly still left a more terrifying evil energy behind.

Venerable Fu Gui knew clearly that it should have been left for him, and he felt like Su Yu plotted against him.

How could Su Yu overlook that besides Gu Taixu, there was still another more terrifying person, Venerable Fu Gui?

The evil energy within the flag was left by him for Venerable Fu Gui.

After the evil energy killed the five Ghost Heads, it became slightly weaker, but it still possessed a great might, and Venerable Fu Gui still felt a great danger from it


The evil energy flew at Venerable Fu Gui with extremely swift speed, and even a Divine Master wouldn’t be capable of evading it.

Venerable Fu Gui’s heart thumped crazily as he faced such crisis, and his instincts gotten by cultivating for several hundred years told him that he was now facing a crisis great enough to take his life.

He was incapable of evading, and he was more incapable of facing it head-on.

After he surveyed his surrounding, his gaze locked into the motionless Gu Taixu, who was trapped in the formation.

Hesitation appeared in his eyes for a moment, before he clenched his teeth, and flew toward him, “Sir, excuse me, but it’s just your clone, which is here, so please forgive me.”

While facing such imminent crisis, Venerable Fu Gui waved his hand at Gu Taixu, and sucked in Gu Taixu’s clone at him, and took him from the formation to his front.

Gu Taixu, who was just freed from the formation, wasn’t clear about the current situation, and he was somewhat muddle-headed.

When he felt the aura of Venerable Fu Gui behind him, he relaxed slightly, as his rescuer already came here.

He looked at the distant Su Yu, as he smiled coldly, “Su Yu, everything came to end, and it’s impossible for you to kill me, as for me? I will kill all of your relatives and friends.”

When his words just echoed, he realized that something was amiss here, and it was at such time did a terrifying wisp of evil energy penetrate his body quietly.

He didn’t even get a look at the evil energy before it invaded his body, and caused it to start disintegrating like a burning dead tree.

Even until his consciousness was erased, he still didn’t understand which object killed him.

After the evil energy killed Gu Taixu, it became dimmer by a large margin, and just an extremely feeble wisp, which was almost unnoticeable, was left from it, and it continued on, and attacked Venerable Fu Gui.

Even though he already resolved such crisis, Venerable Fu Gui still didn’t relax, and he revealed his whole body divine power to face it.


A loud explosion sound echoed, as Venerable Fu Gui was sent flying for ten miles, as if he just got an intense electric shock, and a giant bloody hole was left in his chest, and he seemed quite wretched.

His body was just heavily injured, and it didn’t take his life.

After Venerable Fu Gui managed to save his life narrowly, his whole body shivered, as he still had a lingering fear.

It was too terrifying! When he came in contact with the wisp of evil energy, he felt like he would be devoured by a dreadful evil being.

If Gu Taixu didn’t consume most of the evil energy’s power with his death, then even a Divine Master like him would be killed by it, and it would be impossible for him to survive.

His heart shivered for a long while, and when he looked at Su Yu once again, his fright and killing intent erupted out like a flood, “You mustn’t be left alive! Die!”

A Divine Master’s anger would leave behind millions of corpses. However, before he managed to attack them, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s golden leaves at the Dragon Abyss’s entrance started opening up, while a beautiful woman flew out of it anxiously.

Awful! Venerable Fu Gui’s heart sank, as they wanted to hide in the Dragon Abyss.

With how firm and strong were the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s golden leaves, it would be impossible for him to cope with them even if he used his whole power.

Moreover, what was even more awful was that Xia Jingyu flew to Su Yu’s side, and grabbed the shoulders of the people there, and wanted to take them with her, and run away.