The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 716

Chapter 716 Fate Altering Divine Pill

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“Stop!” Fu Gui shouted in a thunderous voice.

As Xianer finally saw a ray of hope, she decided that she wouldn’t give up as long as there was any opportunity of saving Su Yu.

“Sister Jingyu, thank you! Let’s take him away and save him…” Xianer was so moved that she sheds tears, but her words stopped just after that.

This was because after Xia Jingyu held their shoulder, she just stood in place and didn’t try to flee. She then looked at Xianer, while she revealed a meaningful smile. “Hehe, who said that I wanted to save him?”

Xianer was startled. “Sister Jingyu, don’t act willfully. The enemy is extremely powerful, so we mustn’t stay here.”


Xia Jingyu twisted her hand and wrung Xianer’s shoulder, which made Xianer crouch down in pain.

“Sister Jingyu, what are you doing?” Xianer asked.

Xia Jingyu looked up to the sky and laughed crazily. “What am I doing? Hehehe, I’m obviously trying to separate you from him, so that man will regret his actions.”

When Xianer lowered her head, she found that Xia Jingyu’s eyes, which were filled with warmth in the past, were now filled with a strange madness.

“Xianer, my good friend, why didn’t you ever take the trouble of asking your good husband which person he really loved?” Xia Jingyu coldly sneered as she revealed a playful smile.

It seemed like she really wanted to see how sad Xianer would be after learning that the person who Su Yu loved wasn’t her. It seemed like it was only in this way that she could vent her resentment towards Xianer.

However, Xianer startled her by simply revealing a mocking smile on her pale yet calm face. “I obviously know that he loves you.”

Her reply shocked Xia Jingyu and made her smile stiffen.

“You already knew?” The madness disappeared from Xia Jingyu’s face and was quickly replaced by confusion. “Since when did you know?”

Xianer laughed bitterly. “I understood it when I learned that the Lord Ji Yu is, in fact, you.”

Xianer already knew Xia Jingyu’s feelings toward Su Yu long ago. She already grew up, and maturated, and she became more sensible and sharp. So, even though she had already noticed it, she feigned that she didn’t know anything and quietly bore the painful truth.

“And brother Su Yu loves you too,” Xianer said as she looked at Su Yu, while wearing a bitter smile. “I knew it because my brother Su Yu was always looking at me with a distant gaze, and I was never the one within his eyes. This was because there was someone else in his heart, and it was you, sister Jingyu.”

Xia Jingyu’s body stiffened, as she didn’t expect that Xianer already knew everything. She was somewhat moved, but only for a moment, then she quickly resumed her cold and apathetic front.

She then said, “Since you stole everything that belonged to me, you should be clear about what will happen to you now.”

Upon hearing her words, Xianer carefreely smiled and her crystal clear eyes didn’t have any hatred or rancor in them. She only wore an apologetic look on her face.

She then softly nodded as she said, “I know, and I was already prepared early on for returning my brother Su Yu to you. I don’t have any regrets, since I already managed to marry my brother Su Yu, and since I can entrust him to you before my death.”

She then added, “Sister Jingyu, I’m sorry. I already knew that you loved each other, yet I still stepped in between the two of you. It was extremely selfish of me, but I did it because I loved him.”

Tears filled her eyes as she spoke, “I loved how he hugged me, how he stroked my head, and how he spoiled me. I loved his faint smile and each word he spoke. I loved everything about him. Please forgive me for being so selfish. Now, you can take away my brother Su Yu, as he belongs to you.”

Xianer’s eyes were brimming with tears, and a black fog appeared around her body, taking the form of a phoenix. The phoenix unceasingly flapped its wings, and it seemed like it wanted to flee out of Xianer’s body and soar up into the sky.

Fu Gui, who flew towards them, was startled, “What is this?”

The eyes of Elder Jiu, who was in the Dragon Abyss, flickered, as he was surprised by it as well. “Is this the Death Phoenix that has returned to the underworld? It’s rumored that, if those who possess the Death Phoenix Constitution didn’t have a pure bloodline, then after awakening their bloodline power, it will quickly wither, and they will die.”

He then added, “Before Xianer advanced to the Fairy Realm, she didn’t awaken her bloodline’s power. Only after reaching such realm did she awaken it.”

His words were like a hammer, bombarding everyone’s hearts, as they all knew that Xianer didn’t manage to advance to the Fairy Realm for a whole half year, even though she had already consumed a Cloud Galloping Horse. They assumed that it was difficult for her to advance because of her special physique, but now it seemed like it was all because Xianer knew that once she advanced to it, she would surely die.

It was because of this that she feigned that she was incapable of advancing to it. She didn’t want to advance to it because she wanted to stay by Su Yu’s side longer, even if it was just one more day.

But, such a period of tarrying was too short, and when Su Yu was in danger, Xianer took the last step and activated her bloodline’s power, even though she knew that she would end up dead that same day.

Her words left Xia Jingyu’s mind reeling and greatly shocked her. Even her expression changed.

Xianer had already prepared herself for death, and even if what happened today hadn’t occurred, she knew that she would still have to leave Su Yu’s side before long and return him to Jingyu. Today’s occurrence just let it happen several days in advance.

Xia Jingyu loosened her hand and stumbled back, while she became absent-minded for a moment. When Su Yu, who was on the brink of death, heard such a shocking matter, his will, which had almost scattered, was forcefully condensed back by him.

At that time, he managed to see with his fuzzy gaze the delicate girl, which brought a great shock to his soul. He had really let her down, as it turned out that she didn’t want to advance to the Fairy Realm because she had wanted to stay by his side longer, yet he had made such a laughable action as handing her a Fairy Elixir to let her breakthrough!

How could someone as stupid as me realize her innermost feelings? he thought with regret.

She was always lonely, and even though she knew that Su Yu loved another woman, she had just pretended that she didn’t have any idea of it. She was, all along, lonely, and she was just by herself from the moment the Xianyu prefecture was destroyed.

She had quietly loved Su Yu, while bearing such pain. She pretended to be naive. EVen now, she continued to pretend.

Su Yu, who had accompanied her, assumed that he gave her warmth. Yet, he didn’t realize that she had been extremely lonely all along.

She just pretended to be naive in order to console Su Yu, as well as to lead him to believe that she was always happy. The one whose feelings were being protected wasn’t Xianer, but Su Yu!

Su Yu felt his mind reeling as he suffered a great shock because of this new revelation, and for the first time, Xianer’s image clearly appeared in his heart. She was the Twilight Mountains’ Xianyu prefecture’s young princess, a girl who had carefully saved pills for him while in the Fenghuang Valley, and who had saved even the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds’ precious Dragon Abyss Fruits. She was also his newlywed wife, who was about to sacrifice her life for him.

It seemed like such memories scattered the clouds as they filled his mind, and they were like stars that illuminated his world. At the same time, they were also like a frail raft, which would be engulfed, leaving only a few ripples behind it.

He felt great pain and guilt, as he was extremely touched by her, and countless emotions welled up in his heart at this moment. He had unexpectedly had such a woman in his life, but after the Death Phoenix left his body, her life would be extinguished like a torch before his eyes.

“Brother Su Yu, I have always loved you.” Xianer’s eyes were tearful, and as the Death Phoenix left her body, her eyes became dimmer. Yet, even at such a sad moment, she still wore a faint, satisfied smile. This was because the person who she was looking at before her death was her beloved Su Yu.

“Xianer!” Many emotions churned in Su Yu’s heart as tears streamed down his face.

He felt regret, guilt, and indescribable grief as he raised his trembling hand and stroked the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. At that moment, a small and exquisite jade tower appeared on his palm. It had a multi-colored pill inside it, which seemed like it was consecrated like a god.

When the jade tower appeared, it seemed like the whole world’s life force became intenser, and the intensity of the life force in Su Yu’s surroundings was so high, if someone just tried to absorb a part of it, his body would explode and he would die. It was like the world’s deadliest poison.

As such a life force engulfed him, he started quickly recovering the life force that he had lost, and his body, which had almost crumbled, started quickly recovering. An extremely astonishing scene appeared before all of the people’s eyes, as just the pill’s fragrance had pulled Su Yu from death’s door. In fact, all of his injuries had been healed by it!

“What kind of pill is this?” Fu Gui’s pupils contracted as his eyes became filled with shock.

The people within the Dragon Abyss were all greatly shocked as well. They all wondered how such an amazing pill, which could save someone who was at death’s door, could exist in this world.

As he held the exquisite jade tower, Su Yu slowly stood up and calmly spoke to Xia Jingyu, “Jingyu, I’m sorry. I wanted to just die to repay you back, but now I have changed my mind. I mustn’t die, as I must live for Xianer.”

Su Yu then went over to Xianer and held her dead body, which was gradually cooling and was devoid of all life force. Su Yu knew that the ancient times’ divine pill, the Fate Altering Pill, could resurrect the dead.

As he held Xianer’s body, Su Yu’s eyes became filled with affection, and it seemed like he had returned to the times in the Xianyu prefecture, where he held this adorable princess. “Xianer, I’m sorry that I let you leave my side for a while. I will now take you back.”

He took the multi-colored pill from the jade tower, which possessed an astonishing amount of Spiritual Energy. It was like it possessed a life force that was equivalent to that of a whole world’s!

At this moment, a sweet fragrance fluttered to him as a lovely woman held Xianer’s shoulder and pulled her from him. This action prevented Su Yu from putting the pill in her mouth.

“Jingyu, what are you doing?” Su Yu was startled, as it was Xia Jingyu who had just taken Xianer from him.

Xia Jingyu’s gaze was extremely ice-cold as she said, “Since she has already died, then why do you need to revive her? Why don’t you give me this Fate Altering Pill instead of just wasting it on her? That should be enough to repay me.”