The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 717

Chapter 717 Hong Luans Remnant Soul

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The people in the Dragon Abyss were infuriated that Xia Jingyu had dared to interfere with Qin Xianer’s resurrection! None of them knew whether the Fate Altering Pill’s efficacy would be affected if a long time passed between her death and her taking the pill.

Many feared that, if she delayed taking the pill for a long while, the pill’s consumption might become useless to her. Then, Qin Xianer might remain dead forever!

“Xia Jingyu!” Su Yu shouted in a low voice. “You can hate me, but why do you need to harm Xianer? She’s innocent!”

Xia Jingyu’s gaze was ice-cold. “Innocent? She obviously knows that we loved each other, yet she still snatched you from me! Such a selfish person’s death isn’t worth anyone’s sadness.”

Xia Jingyu felt like a stranger to Su Yu at this moment, as if the man standing in front of her was a different person from the one she knew.

“Again… Her death isn’t worth anyone’s sadness, and as for you, you shouldn’t dream about living past this day! Today, I will kill both of you!” Xia Jingyu shouted.

Then, as she raised her hand, a divine weapon appeared in it, which she thrust into Su Yu’s chest! Su Yu was startled, and he staggered back as he tried to revolve his Vital Energy. However, just when he wanted to revolve it, Su Yu’s heart shuddered, as he found that he didn’t have even a wisp of Vital Energy left!

When he realized his body’s state, he was immediately petrified. His Dantian had been penetrated when he was facing the Dragon-Slayer Fairy Sword, and his remaining two Vital Energy Crystals were shattered! Hence, he had lost all of his Vital Energy Crystals, as well as his whole cultivation base.

Xia Jingyu’s relentless sword strike, which was brimming with killing intent, was thrust toward Su Yu’s most vital part, and Wu Aoyue, who was coming to warn him, was still thirty miles from them. Hence, it would be impossible for her to save him! It appeared as if Su Yu would unexpectedly end up being killed by Xia Jingyu!


However, a person intervened at exactly this precarious moment, easily deflecting Xia Jingyu’s sword with his sharp Vital Energy. It was a cloaked man, who was in his thirties. As he stood in front of Su Yu, he had a gentle and refined face, which was hidden behind his cloak, and his gaze was filled with wisdom.

“Wu Hen?” An onlooker recognized him immediately, and all of the people in the Dragon Abyss let out a collective breath. They were all startled when they got a clear look at him.

After Wu Hen had advanced to the Level Three Fairy Realm with Su Yu’s help, he had injured Wu Aoyue, betrayed them, and then fled. He had not been seen again until just now. No one would have expected that he would show himself at this moment, when Su Yu was in a helpless situation with no one else to help him!

“Young master, I came late… So, please punish me for my tardiness.” Wu Hen turned around and saluted Su Yu respectfully, his eyes filled with sorrow.

Su Yu’s gaze remained fixed upon Xia Jingyu throughout this whole scene, and his glare started to gradually become ice-cold as he asked, “Xia Jingyu, what do you want to achieve?”

“Ugh! What an irksome guy!” Xia Jingyu said, while she looked at Wu Hen resentfully.

She was clearly annoyed that he had interrupted them. She then shouted coldly, “What do I want to achieve? Firstly, Xianer’s corpse should be handed over to Venerable Fu Gui for him to refine her bloodline power. As for your head, it should be gifted to the central prefecture’s king!”

She stared at him fixedly, then added, “This is the only way that I can get another opportunity of making a choice and becoming the central prefecture’s king’s concubine.”

Xia Jingyu continued to speak to Su Yu coldly, “I must really thank you, as you showed me that all people are selfish, and now that I think back on how I suffered for you, I can only find my actions to be laughable and foolish!”

She then added, “Now, I finally realize the truth. It’s my fate to become the central prefecture’s king’s concubine, then make use of his power to pursue the peak of the martial path!”

Su Yu was shocked to hear that Xia Jingyu wanted to become the central prefecture’s king’s concubine. Su Yu was dumbstruck for quite a long while, and his face became very gloomy. Regardless of whether those were just words that she had said in a moment of anger or were her true plans, Su Yu was incapable of replying.

“Jingyu, quickly give me back Xianer before you make a grave mistake that you will come to regret. I’m even willing to exchange my life for hers,” Su Yu said.

Xia Jingyu sneered at him. “In your dreams! You’ve already lost your cultivation, so you are just a cripple! So, what qualifications do you have that would make me want to make such an exchange?”

She then turned her head to look at Venerable Fu Gui and asked, “Don’t you want to kill Su Yu, thus atoning for your crimes against Gu Taixu?” After all, he had used Gu Taixu’s clone as a meat shield, so if he didn’t kill Su Yu, Gu Taixu wouldn’t have any reason to forgive him for such an affront.

“I don’t need you to remind me of my debt!” Venerable Fu Gui was startled by her question, and his face became gloomy, while an intense killing intent appeared on it. But, although Xia Jingyu was also one of the people he must surely kill, Su Yu’s death was the first priority!

“This is awful! Young master, you must escape! Quickly!” Wu Hen was startled when he saw that an Almighty Divine Master was about to attack them, and he didn’t dare wait any longer.

He grabbed Su Yu decisively, then turned around and fled. As they were fleeing, Wu Hen said, “Young master, as long as you are alive, there is still hope. You have already lost your cultivation, so you can’t face him now. Moreover, if you die here now, then there won’t be anyone left to retrieve Miss Qin’s corpse. So, please bear it for now.”

He could clearly tell that Su Yu had a raging killing intent surging within his heart, which had almost deprived him of all reason. Hearing his words, Su Yu didn’t struggle, even though his heart was like a raging fire and his head was muddled by killing intent.

Although he had a strong impulse to throw all caution to the wind, his remaining reason told him that, if he made any rash actions, then there really wouldn’t be any hope of getting Qin Xianer back.

At this moment, Wu Aoyue came over and looked at Xia Jingyu with hatred. She then said, “You are really an ignorant and foolish woman!”

Su Yu had a premonition that he would face a great crisis, so he had tasked Wu Hen in advance with saving Xia Jingyu, and just from such an action alone, it could be seen that Xia Jingyu had an important place in his heart.

However, in the end, Xia Jingyu had betrayed him heartlessly and even wanted to take his life in order to use it to gain a high position and great wealth in the future! She had disappointed him greatly.

“Do you want to escape?” Xia Jingyu snorted coldly as she asked. Then, holding her sword, she chased after them.

Venerable Fu Gui’s neared Su Yu quickly. In fact, he was so fast that it seemed like he was teleporting around!

At such a precarious moment, Su Yu’s gaze became ice-cold and he shouted softly, “Small kylin, the sword!”

At that moment, a purple radiance flickered as the small kylin that was on Su Yu’s shoulder let go of the Dragon-Slayer Fairy Sword that was in its mouth, letting it fall down. Su Yu extended his hand toward it, and although he had lost his cultivation base, his First Dragon Body didn’t suffer any losses. So, he was able to catch it successfully.

When he held the Fairy Sword in his hand, he found it extremely heavy. But, he still managed to keep a firm grasp on it.

“Dragon-Slayer Fairy Sword, cut him!” Su Yu yelled as he waved the sword around.

Although he didn’t instill any Vital Energy into it, the sword still possessed a powerful might, and just its Sword Intent alone was extremely powerful. Suddenly, a blood-red ray shot out of the sword, then flew toward Venerable Fu Gui, who was charging at them.

“Da*n!” Even someone like Venerable Fu Gui still didn’t dare to face the sword head-on, so he cursed and quickly drew back.

Meanwhile, a faint light flickered on top of Xia Jingyu’s head as a small, transparent person appeared there. The small person was a charming woman, and she was looking at Su Yu, her eyes filled with rancor.

As the blood-red ray swept towards them, she flew forward it and deflected it forcefully. Upon seeing her shock appeared on Su Yu’s face.

He then yelled, “Supervisor Hong Luan! It’s you!”

It was the All Creation Old Monster, Hong Luan, one of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ three All Creation Old Monsters! Her clone had once possessed Xue Lian’s body, and the last time she showed herself was at the last juncture in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

But, at that time, she was killed by Dark Su Yu! However, it seemed that a wisp of her Clone Soul had managed to escape by luck, and at the moment, she possessed Xia Jingyu’s body and controlled her!

“Lad, you deserve a painful death for destroying my Clone Soul!” Hong Luan’s eyes were filled with hatred.

It was clear that she wanted to chase and kill Su Yu, but the Dragon-Slayer Fairy Sword had obstructed her for a moment. Now, Su Yu had already been taken back to the Dragon Abyss by Wu Hen and Wu Aoyue!

Venerable Fu Gui’s pupils contracted and he sucked in a breath of cold air when he saw the remnant soul that was on top of Xia Jingyu’s head. “Hong… Elder Hong Luan!” he exclaimed. Venerable Fu Gui was overwhelmed with shock, which was clear by the look that appeared on his face.

As Hong Luan swept over Venerable Fu Gui with her gaze. She didn’t have an arrogant or haughty expression on her face, as she was now only a remnant soul, and even if she wanted to act arrogantly, she first had to take into consideration her current state.

“Fu Gui, summon more Bright Light Guards here, as we must destroy the seal and kill that lad,” Hong Luan instructed him as she waved her hand and took the Emperor Tower, which fell off Gu Taixu’s corpse, and threw it at him.

Venerable Fu Gui found himself in a somewhat of an awkward situation as he stuttered, “This is…”

Although Hong Luan was also from the central prefecture, she didn’t have any right to intervene in the Zhenglong Continent’s affairs. Thus, she didn’t have any right to command him.

“Why the hesitation? Don’t you feel that killing that lad is a matter of vital importance?” It seemed like Hong Luan read his mind.

So, she sneered at him coldly. “My Clone Soul was destroyed by this lad, and if you don’t dispose of him soon, then don’t even dream of searching for Shen Yichen in peace!”

What? Venerable Fu Gui was overwhelmed with shock. Was Hong Luan’s Clone Soul really destroyed by that lad? Hong Luan’s Clone Soul’s strength should have been, at the very least, at the Divine Master Realm, yet it still died at that lad’s hands?

As he thought back upon the terrifying evil energy that almost took his life, Venerable Fu Gui started to dread Su Yu, thinking… This lad should really not be left alive!

He knew that, if he didn’t dispose of Su Yu, he would be incapable of searching for Shen Yichen in peace! Moreover, he wasn’t confident that he could achieve such a task alone, and Hong Luan’s clone had already ordered him to summon more Bright Light Guards as a precaution.

“Fine, I will do it. But, summoning any of the Ten Great Bright Light Guards will consume half of the Emperor Tower’s energy, and six-tenths of its energy has already been consumed, which means that just four-tenths of it is left. So, we should summon other Divine Masters besides them,” Venerable Fu Gui suggested.

Upon hearing this, Hong Luan raised her brows, “That’s probably somewhat inappropriate, as if there is a need, it should be better to transmit this lad’s news to the Blood Emperor, then let him take care of this matter.”

The Blood Emperor? An embarrassed look appeared on Venerable Fu Gui’s face as he said, “Apparently, the Blood Emperor was injured, and he’s recently been in secluded cultivation. So, even if he received such news, he would still not come here.”

Hong Luan was surprised by his words, and she asked, “The Blood Emperor was injured? By who? Was it one of the Old Monsters in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands?”

“It was obviously an act of a powerful All Creation Old Monster,” Venerable Fu Gui replied. It seemed like there was almost no one who knew that the Blood Emperor had been injured by Su Yu.

“Jiuzhou’s world has many experts, so it isn’t impossible for the Blood Emperor to have sustained some injuries. However, you should still notify him. Then, it’s up to him whether he wants to take care of it or not,” Hong Luan instructed him.

Venerable Fu Gui nodded, while he looked at Qin Xianer’s corpse, his gaze filled with hesitation.

“You should better forget about her, as I need to examine her,” Hong Luan said.

Venerable Fu Gui was infuriated by her words, but he didn’t dare to speak. So, he reluctantly retreated to go carry out her orders.

Hong Luan then turned to look at Xia Jingyu. While wearing a faint smile, she said, “Other people just assumed that you betrayed Su Yu because you were controlled by me. Who knows how they would feel if they discovered that you aren’t controlled by me, and that you have done everything of your own accord?”

Xia Jingyu’s extremely beautiful face had a calm and indifferent expression on it as she replied, “It doesn’t matter, as he hurt me greatly! If I wallow in such feelings, then I will only fall further, so I decided to just throw them off and start making plans for myself!”

Hong Luan chuckled, then said, “You are truly ruthless!”