The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 718

Chapter 718 Reconstructing The Dantian

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The Dragon Abyss descended into silence. After fighting many great battles, Su Yu ended up losing his whole cultivation and turning into just an ordinary person. His strength now was weaker than even an average Fairy Realm expert’s.

As Su Yu stood among the crowd, he was absent-minded and lost in his thoughts. The words that Xianer uttered before her death were unceasingly echoing in his mind…

“Without you, how can I look forward to the future?” She had uttered those words while leaning against Su Yu’s chest.

“Brother Su Yu, I always loved you.” Those were the words that she uttered as she disappeared while wearing a faint, satisfied smile, all the while looking at Su Yu until the very end.

It was only at that time that Su Yu realized how lonely she had been. He always said over and over again that he would look after Xianer and pamper her, yet he never truly cared or paid attention to what she truly felt.

What he cared about was fulfilling his promise, not Xianer herself. The person who was truly selfish was none other than himself.

He really couldn’t get the satisfied smile that Xianer wore before her death out of his mind. As he recalled it, two streams of tears couldn’t help but streak down his face.

On this day, he had lost an extremely important person to him, a woman who dearly loved him. He was even more pained by this than he was about the destruction of his Dantian or the end of his martial path.

“Young master…”

“Su Yu…”

Wu Aoyue, Zi Yunxiang, and the others came over to him and softly called him. They wanted to comfort him, yet didn’t know what they should say.

“I want to be alone for a while.” Su Yu waved his hand in dismissal at them, and after they left, he went by himself into a small mountain in the gloomy and dark Dragon Abyss. He calmly sat there silently.

He quietly sat there for two hours… Then twenty hours… Even after a whole day had passed, he was still sitting there.

Many days passed, and it seemed like Su Yu had become a stone statue, as he just motionlessly sat there. Yet, during the whole process, he didn’t close his eyes at all. His face was gradually becoming paler, while his body was becoming thinner.

Wu Aoyue quietly stood before the mountain and protected him, her heart throbbing with pain whenever she looked at him. Xianer’s was a grave blow to Su Yu, and he still hadn’t gotten over it.

“Miss Wu, please let me go to him.” Zi Yunxiang’s eyes were flushed, as she was also pained by the sight of Su Yu in such a state.

Wu Aoyue shook her head, and her face was filled with firmness. “It’s out of the question, as my young master doesn’t need your comfort. He just needs to be by himself. You wouldn’t be of any help to him, even if you went there.”

As she spoke, she looked towards a crowd of women not far from her. They were the princess Yun Yan, An Yurou, Mo Wu, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master and Fairy Feng. They were all women who had left their marks on Su Yu’s life, and they all couldn’t rest at ease while Su Yu was in such a state.

“Please inform Su Yu that Xianer is still waiting for him to save her. Then, he should quickly come back to his senses,” Zi Yunxiang said.

Wu Aoyue nodded at her before she slowly closed her eyes. However, at that moment, Su Yu finally moved! He stood and shook off the dust that had accumulated on his body.

As his body, which had sat still like a statue for a long while, got rid of the dust on it, he returned to his previous state, wearing simple white clothes that didn’t have the slightest trace of dust on them. Although his back had become thinner, it was still as straight and tall as before.

However, what bewildered them was that his silver hair had lost its luster and had become snow-white. His hair had turned white because he had thought and pondered about many matters in the past nights. As he slowly stood up, his fluttering white hair seemed extremely resplendent in such a gloomy place.

“Yue’er, come here,” he said in an extremely hoarse voice. It seemed like he lost even his voice in the past several days.

Wu Aoyue’s whole body shuddered as she raised her head and looked at the back of the white-haired person before her. The current Su Yu seemed like a completely different person.

Wu Aoyue’s heart throbbed as she climbed up the mountain and knelt on one knee before him. “Young master, what instructions do you have for me?”

As Su Yu turned around, it seemed like he lost all of his emotions in the past several days. His face was expressionless and pale.

“Yue’er, I want to reconstruct my Dantian. Can you help me?” he asked.

Wu Aoyue was greatly surprised and delighted by his request. “Young master, you have a method of reconstructing your Dantian? Why didn’t you mention it earlier?”

She was extremely excited! If Su Yu managed to recover his Dantian, he could still leave this place to fight and take back Xianer, while also killing that ignorant woman, Xia Jingyu!

“May I ask what help you need from me? I will surely not hesitate in offering my help to you.” Wu Aoyue was curious, and she wondered if his Dantian reconstruction method was cryptic, which was perhaps why he needed her help in studying it.

Su Yu turned his back on Wu Aoyue, and as his white hair quietly fluttered in the wind, his voice drifted over to her, “I need your Primordial Yin.”

Wu Aoyue widened her eyes, as she would never have expected that what Su Yu needed would be her Primordial Yin! In other words, Su Yu needed her to become his woman and give him her virginity.

Wu Aoyue bit her lips as she struggled inwardly. She respected Su Yu and was grateful to him, but she knew that she wouldn’t be with him, even if she gave him her first time, as he was, after all, already married and loved someone else!

“If you aren’t willing, then just forget about it.” Su Yu sighed. “It’s really difficult to use this method…”

However, just after he spoke, he heard the rustling sound of someone taking off her clothes transmitting from behind him, and when it stopped echoing, a warm and smooth body leaned against his back.

“Won’t you regret it? Such a relationship won’t bear any fruit.” Su Yu didn’t turn around to face her.

Wu Aoyue wore a bitter expression and her snow-white face became somewhat flushed. “Young master, if you were in need of something, I would surely hand it over to you, no matter what it was.”

As Su Yu hesitated, Wu Aoyue came before him and hugged him. “Take it for Xianer.”

She really felt bitter inside at such a moment, as she was about to give away her first time for another woman. Su Yu sighed as he put her down on the ground. Then, as a soft pained cry echoed, their bodies intertwined together.

After an hour, Su Yu held a white feather. It was the feather that Xianer had found in a Fairy King’s remains, and the incomplete Dantian healing art was recorded within it.

A great amount of Primordial Yin, as well as a Fairy King’s divine liquid, was needed to reconstruct a destroyed Dantian, and it was only after a Dantian was thoroughly destroyed that it could be used. When just one of his Vital Crystals was destroyed, this healing art was useless to him, as only after all of his Vital Crystals were destroyed and his Dantian was penetrated through could he use it.

Su Yu got dressed, then shut his eyes and guided the Primordial Yin into his destroyed Dantian. His current Dantian was thoroughly penetrated, and any Spiritual Energy that entered it would flow out of it.

It would be impossible to store the energy in it, let alone to save a great amount of it to refine a Vital Crystal. What he first needed was to reform a complete and intact Dantian.

Primordial Yin had a great nourishing effect, and because of this, many evil cultivators would harvest it to strengthen their Dantians or to increase the amount of Vital Energy was inside their Dantians. It was because of this that the Primordial Yin was extremely vital and important for reforming his Dantian once again.

Wu Aoyue was twenty-five years old, and since she had kept her body completely pure and chaste, she possessed a rich and intense Primordial Yin. After it entered Su Yu’s Body, he guided it into his destroyed Dantian.

Normal people’s Dantian was just as big as a fist, and for reforming another one, he needed to construct another Dantian above the destroyed Dantian. But, his belly region space was limited, so he didn’t have enough space for it.

Because of this, he would need to reconstruct it around the destroyed one. It was kind of like covering minced meat with a dumpling! He needed to cover the old Dantian’s surface with Primordial Yin, and when it was wholly covered, a new Dantian would be formed there.

Su Yu carefully and meticulously guided it, as he knew that he mustn’t waste even a wisp of such a precious Primordial Yin. He also knew that he must use all of it in reconstructing a new Dantian.

As time passed, he methodically covered it with Primordial Yin, and it was only after two hours had passed that he managed to put all of Wu Aoyue’s Primordial Yin on it. But, what made him sigh softly was that, even after he had used all of her Primordial Yin, he didn’t manage to cover more than a hundredth of his Dantian. This meant that he would need the Primordial Yin of a hundred virgin women just like Wu Aoyue.

As he had a noble and high status as the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master, and he possessed great authority and influence, if they were in the outside world, he could easily find more than a hundred virgin women who were willing to offer their bodies to him. But now that he was within the Dragon Abyss, there weren’t more than ten thousand young women here.

Among those ten thousand, there wouldn’t be more than a thousand virgins. As such, he would surely not manage to find a hundred of them who were willing to offer their bodies to him.

There must really be a good reason behind the fact that this method mentioned that a woman who had an Extreme Yin Body was needed, as apart from evil cultivators, who would force themselves upon women, how could ordinary people manage to get more than a hundred virgin women willing to offer their bodies to them? Su Yu sighed, as he found that using this method was extremely difficult.

“Su Yu, why don’t you try it with me?” A soft and bashful voice, which was as soft as a mosquito’s buzzing, transmitted to his ears.

When he raised his head and looked up, he found that princess Yun Yan was beside him. The accident that had occurred in the Liuxian Faction in the past let her hide herself within the Yun Family, not daring to show herself before the public.

Su Yu was startled, and when he looked around, he found that Wu Aoyue had already descended the mountain. She had left behind her only a crimson stain on the ground.

The princess Yun Yan didn’t dare to face Su Yu’s gaze as she nodded and said, “She informed me about everything, and I came here by myself. I still have part of my Primordial Yin, as it wasn’t taken completely at that time. So, it should be of some help to you.”

Su Yu hesitated when he heard her, and at such a moment, the princess Yun Yan took off her clothes and leaned into Su Yu’s embrace. She then spoke in a soft voice, “Start. It isn’t the first time we’ve done it, so you don’t need to worry about hurting me.”

Su Yu felt like he really owed her so much when he heard her words, and after he hesitated for a moment, he held her and put her down on the ground. After an hour, Su Yu started using her Primordial Yin.

Her Primordial Yin was vastly inferior to Wu Aoyue’s, but Su Yu still carefully used it. When he finished using it, two more women suddenly appeared before him!

“Phoenix Cabinet’s Master? Fairy Feng?” Su Yu was startled.

Fairy Feng sweetly smiled. “I don’t have any Primordial Yin left, but my teacher still has some of it, so you don’t need to be reserved.”

After she spoke, she slowly went down the mountain. She had apparently just come here to accompany the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, so that she could brace herself.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s face became flushed as she spoke in a soft voice, “Fine, I will let you enjoy yourself once again.”

Her Primordial Yin wasn’t abundant, and its quantity was just slightly higher than the princess Yun Yan’s. Su Yu’s eyes became filled with worry, as it would be impossible for him to reconstruct his Dantian it things continued on like this. He could feel that, with the passing of time, the Primordial Yin that was covering his old Dantian was gradually dissipating.

At such a moment, two more women came over to him…

“An Yurou? Mo Wu?” Su Yu was startled yet again, and his expression became grave as he waved his hand at them in dismissal. “Please descend the mountain, as we aren’t close to each other, so I can’t take your Primordial Yins.”

A blush appeared on An Yurou’s beautiful and dignified face, and it led her snow-white skin to flicker in a glow that looked like a sunset. At that moment, she seemed extremely mesmerizing.