The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 719

Chapter 719 Evil Destroying Silver Eyes

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“I should be able to help you. Did you forget why Lu Jun was so jealous of me?” An Yurou smoothed her hair as she spoke softly.

She then added, “I have Extreme Yin Body, which means that I possess innate Primordial Yin, which is equivalent to 100 virgin women. If you don’t want more women to be obliged to offer their bodies to you, then don’t hesitate any longer.”

Now that Su Yu thought about it, the Hundred Territories Alliance’s Lu Jun had spent 10 years just to capture An Yurou, and it was all because she had the powerful Extreme Yin Body.

Su Yu raised his brows as he recalled that An Yurou really did have such a body. While he was hesitating, Mo Wu furrowed her brows and asked, “Why is a man like you this timid? Just close your eyes and shut up.”

Su Yu quieted for a while before he bowed at them and said, “Miss An, I will owe you a favor as great as the sky, and I won’t forget it, even after I am an old man and all of my teeth fall out.”

After he spoke, Su Yu closed his eyes and let An Yurou take the initiative. After a short while, a smooth and warm body united with his. After they made love for a while, Su Yu furrowed his brows slightly. Although the amount of Primordial Yin he had wasn’t scarce, it was still only equivalent to Wu Aoyue’s, which meant that it wasn’t really that impressive.

When he opened his eyes slowly, the person who appeared before him was a different woman! “Mo Wu?” Su Yu was startled. The one who was united with him a moment ago wasn’t An Yurou, but Mo Wu!

“What? Do you abhor me so much?” Mo Wu raised her brows and wore a quite baleful look, and her face was very flushed.

An Yurou, who was beside them, sighed softly. “Mo’er, you may leave now. Since you have already gotten rid of the heavy burden that was on your mind, you can cultivate peacefully from now on.”

As An Yurou spoke, she undressed. She then pounced into Su Yu’s embrace.

After she let out a fragrant breath, she said, “Me and my disciple ended up offering ourselves to you today.”

After a long while, An Yurou left with her cheeks flushed. In this way, Su Yu had just received a large amount of Primordial Yin!

Her Primordial Yin was just like she had said. It was more than 100 times greater than any ordinary virgin women’s. In fact, it was powerful to the extreme, and it surged into Su Yu’s Dantian like a flood, covering every inch of it!

A moment ago, he was still worried about whether or not he could get enough Primordial Yin, but now, he had more than enough! It was only after six long hours had passed that Su Yu managed to consume all of the Primordial Yin.

If one took a look inside his body, he would see that Su Yu’s damaged Dantian was wholly covered by a dense layer of Primordial Yin, and it was already hidden from view by it. Hence, it could no longer be seen from the outside.

“I finished covering it with Primordial Yin and formed a Dantian-shaped Primordial Yin Dantian around it! Now, what’s left is the most important second step! I must water it with a Fairy King Divine Liquid, then let the Primordial Yin Dantian turn into a true Dantian!” Su Yu murmured as he flipped his hand over and took a bottle, which had several drops of a liquid in it.

It was the Fairy King Divine Liquid, which Qin Xianer wasn’t willing to use. He didn’t have any idea about its components, and even though he let Wu Aoyue study it for a long time, she still didn’t learn anything about it.

The only thing they knew was that this Divine Liquid could promote one’s cultivation base. According to what was written on the feather, it would also display an unimaginable effect after being fused with Primordial Yin.

Since he was quite pressed for time, Su Yu didn’t hesitate any longer, and he consumed a drop of the Fairy King Divine Liquid immediately. The drop went through his internal blood energy channel, then was guided by Su Yu into the Primordial Yin that was covering his Dantian.

When the drop of Divine Liquid fell on the Primordial Yin outside of it and fused with it, it was like a drop of oil fell into water. The Primordial Yin became chaotic and erupted out. It then spluttered all around, and even the Fairy King Divine Liquid spluttered about and flew away!

The Primordial Yin, which he had built up with great difficulty, almost crumbled in an instant, while he felt an intense pain, which came from the deepest part of his soul. It was an extremely intense pain, which made it feel as if he was now shedding his mortal body and exchanging his bones!

“Ahh!” Su Yu’s pained voice reverberated throughout the whole Dragon Abyss, shocking many people, who didn’t have any idea of what he was going through…

“Is that Alliance Master Su’s voice? What happened?”

“Did he run into danger?”

The crowd ran towards him, as they were quite concerned about him. Su Yu’s body fell on the ground and it was convulsing on it and rolling around.

However, not only didn’t he feel the pain lessening, but he felt that it was becoming even more intense! In fact, he felt like his belly was being torn into shreds! Such pain was too intense and extreme!

“I must bear it! This is the most crucial point in the reconstruction of the Dantian, and if I give up now, then everything will have been in vain, and the sacrifices of An Yurou and the others will all be wasted. Moreover, there would be no one left to save Qin Xianer.” Su Yu exclaimed as he clenched his teeth.

It was only after the time that it would take to brew a half cup of tea passed that the pain started to lessen. When the pain disappeared completely, Su Yu’s whole body was weak and feeble, as if it had been stripped of all of its power.

Su Yu waited until his belly’s insides became calm once again before taking a look at the Dantian. He saw that the past damaged Dantian, which was covered by Primordial Yin, had disappeared completely, and a brand new Dantian had appeared in its place.

It was still as big as a fist, and it looked exactly the same as his past Dantian when it was still intact. However, when he took a look at his Dantian’s insides, he found something that shocked him.

The three shattered Vital Energy Crystals that had been in his Dantian, had been born once again because of the Fairy King Divine Liquid, and now, they were all filled to the brim! This meant that they could be used to try to advance to the Fairy Realm at any time!

However, what shocked him the most was that there was another Dantian, as big as half a fist, that was between the three Vital Energy Crystals. Apparently, another small Dantian had appeared inside the new Dantian, and the former one also had three Vital Energy Crystals within it, which were exactly the same as the others!

This phenomena was actually described on the Fairy king Feather, which stated that the small Dantian was actually the past damaged Dantian. It had just been compressed and forced inside the new Dantian!

The external Dantian was called the Heavenly Dantian, while the small Dantian inside it was called the Earthly Dantian. It was like Su Yu had gotten another Dantian out of thin air!

Su Yu could now possess even more vigorous Vital Energy than ordinary people, and while they were using the same techniques as in the past, the Dantians’ mights would surely be at least one time stronger now. However, it was a pity that he had already consumed all of his Fairy King Divine Liquid, which meant that he couldn’t construct a similar Dantian for other people.

As Su Yu clenched his fists, he felt a power, which was many times greater than before, which gave him confidence in his ability to save Qin Xianer. However, he knew that just reconstructing his Dantain alone was still not enough.

“Yue’er, invite Phoenix Master Qiu over,” Su Yu instructed.

Wu Aoyue, who was before the mountain, smiled. Her face was rosy, and it seemed like she was glowing with health and vigor. After she had lost her virginity, it seemed like she had gotten another, different thing, which she appeared to be quite satisfied with, at least judging by the emotions that she was showing on her face.

Wu Aoyue went to invite Phoenix Master Qiu. Meanwhile, Su Yu held the Dragon-slayer Fairy sword with his left hand, while a dim silver sphere appeared in his right hand.

“A Fairy artifact’s fragment and the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl’s embryo,” Su Yu muttered softly.

The reason why the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl’s embryo was still in its embryonic state was because it lacked an adequate amount of spiritual nature to turn it into a complete product. There was only a single way for imbuing it with the needed spiritual nature, which was taking such a spiritual nature from a fairy artifact’s fragment.

Since ancient times, fairy artifacts’ fragments were precious objects, which couldn’t be obtained by Fairies. Hence, no one was ever willing to destroy them to extract their spiritual nature. However, as such an object had great significance to Su Yu, he determined that he could decisively choose to destroy a fairy artifact’s fragment if it came down to it.

“I already learned from Wu Aoyue that one must use his soul power to extract fairy artifacts’ fragments’ spiritual nature, and people with soul innate talent can forcefully extract its spiritual nature and imbue it into the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl’s embryo. One simply needs to let his soul leave his body on order to achieve it, and although such a matter is extremely difficult for other people, it’s quite easy for me,” Su Yu muttered softly.

Su Yu had already cultivated Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air until its Soul Control Realm, so he could easily let his soul leave his body. This was an ability that could be usually only be used by Almighty Divine Masters!

Su Yu started weaving signs with his hands, while his soul left his body through his forehead. He then waved his hand at the Dragon-Slayer Fairy Sword.

His hand went through the sword and entered its insides. He then touched an ice-cold slippery object, which felt like mud.

As the object inside it felt danger, it started struggling and tried to escape Su Yu’s grasp. “Don’t waste your energy,” Su Yu exclaimed as he shook his head.

He then clenched his hand and took it out forcefully. It was a scarlet dragon-shaped object, which was one foot in length.

“A dragon?” Su Yu murmured as he raised his brows.

He didn’t expect that the Dragon-Slayer Fairy Sword’s spiritual nature would take the form of a small dragon! Such a unexpected spiritual nature caused Su Yu to hesitate for just a moment before he placed it into the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl’s embryo.

The lusterless Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl immediately shone in a splendid, dazzling light, which illuminated the whole region of the Dragon Abyss. As Su Yu held the silver pearl, he felt like he was holding a sun, and it was a quite mysterious feeling.

“The Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl?” Phoenix Master Qiu’s health had recovered slightly, and she had come here, while being supported by Wu Aoyue. She had clearly just witnessed the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl becoming complete, and she couldn’t help but gasp in surprise.

A crowd of people had also come here, having been attracted by Su Yu’s roars…

“It seems like Alliance Master Su’s cultivation has recovered, but why can’t I see through it? It seems like it’s at Half Fairy Realm, yet it also seems like it’s in the Fairy Realm…”

“Who cares whether he’s at Half Fairy Realm or in the Fairy Realm? It’s fine, as long as Alliance Master Su can kill Fairies with a wave of his hand!”

“You aren’t mistaken. We all believe that Alliance Master Su can surely get back his wife now!”

Atop the mountain, Su Yu and Phoenix Master Qiu sat opposite each other. “Phoenix Master Qiu, I’m sorry for failing to protect you and letting you get placed in a coma until today,” Su Yu looked at Phoenix Master Qiu’s thin cheeks and apologized.

Phoenix Master Qiu waved her hand at him. “You already saved me many times, and I couldn’t even begin to thank you enough, so how can I blame you for one instance? We are now facing an emergency, so let’s leave such a discussion until later on. Are you really determined to cultivate the Evil Destroying Silver Eyes?”

Su Yu became solemn, and as he waved his hand, he placed three materials in front of her. These were the Undead Herb of the Netherworld, the Real Dragon’s Blood, and the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl.

Each of them was an extremely rare worldly treasure, and it was almost impossible to collect all of them at once, even in Jiuzhou. After Su Yu had spent such a long time searching for them, he had finally managed to gather all of them.

“This matter all depends upon whether my blind eyes can recover, so please teach me how I can cultivate the Evil Destroying Silver Eyes.” Su Yu spoke to her sincerely.

His eyes were related to almost all of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron’s abilities, and they had already been sealed for a long time. Hence, he must get use of them back.

Phoenix Master Qiu nodded, while wearing a solemn expression. “Fine, but I must inform you of something. I assumed that you would never manage to get all of these three materials, so I didn’t explain it to you earlier…”

She paused, then continued, “The Evil Destroying Silver Eyes is just an incomplete scroll that I came upon by chance. It had a mysterious eye technique, which contained a wisp of Worldly Wrath that could eliminate the Heavenly Wrath that is left in your eyes. But, the problem is that this cultivation technique comes from a species of Ancient Real Spirits. In other words, only a Real Spirit could cultivate this eye technique.”

She sighed. “No one knows what the consequence would be if a human tried to master such a technique. No one has ever tested it. So, it’s up to you to make a choice about what you want to do.”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s pupils contracted slightly. Su Yu had heard just how formidable Real Spirits were, and his deepest impression of them was from the dying Real Spirit, which fell on the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. Many All Creation Old Monsters coveted it and went after it, but none of them ever managed to return alive.

Since this technique was a Real Spirit’s cultivation technique, then there was a great downside to it. Humans and such worldly spirit creatures had a large difference in their constitutions, and there wasn’t any cultivation technique that could be cultivated by both of their species.

Moreover, even if one of them cultivated the other’s cultivation technique successfully, then there would surely be a great defect left in his body. However, Su Yu was obliged to face such problems that might arise in order to recover his eyesight and retain the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron’s abilities.

Su Yu was quiet for a long while before he nodded firmly. “With our current situation, I really don’t have any choice. I will cultivate it.”

By cultivating the Evil Destroying Silver Eyes and getting rid of the seal, he could once again get control over his time and space power, as well as his Pure Divine Decree. Moreover, from the moment it was sealed, the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron was unceasingly pouring many drops of the scarlet liquid into his body, and he really wondered whether his sealed abilities had experienced any changes or not.

Regardless, Su Yu was looking forward to getting rid of the seal!