The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 720

Chapter 720 Tao Ties Eye

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“As I expected, it’s in your disposition. You never fear any hardships or difficulties.” Phoenix Master Qiu wasn’t surprised by Su Yu’s reply, as he was always a person who bravely faced any hardship without cowering or shrinking back.

Moreover, Xianer had already died, and even though he seemed composed, he hid a constrained madness behind that calm front Besides, it would be baffling if he refused in such a situation.

“Su Yu…” Phoenix Master Qiu hesitated for a moment before she stood up and sighed. “Regardless of whether you can revive Xianer or not, I hope that you can take care of yourself and stay alive.”

She then added, “Even when Xianer was at death’s door, she still didn’t hate or resent you.”

When Phoenix Master Qiu passed by Su Yu’s side, she left a blue jade box with him. She then descended the mountain, and it was only at such a moment that grief finally appeared in her eyes, while tears streaked down from them.

After all, Xianer was her disciple, and it was really painful for her to witness her disciple dying with regrets in her heart. Although she wore a satisfied smile while she was dying, it was obvious that Xianer wanted to stay with Su Yu.

“Okay, I understand,” Su Yu softly replied with his hoarse yet extremely calm voice, which resembled that of an old man.

Everyone clearly witnessed how calm he was, and it wasn’t because he was heartless, but because he was in a state of despair. At this moment, he didn’t care about anything more. He didn’t even mind the thought of dying.

He had nothing more to hold onto in the world, and there wasn’t anyone who could cheer him up. Hence, there wasn’t any difference between life and death to him now.

If it wasn’t for his still having a small hope of reviving Xianer, he would have already turned into a walking corpse. In fact, his hair, which had turned white over several nights, already perfectly demonstrated his current feelings.

The expressionless Su Yu turned to look at the blue jade box. The moment he touched it, he felt a wisp of ferocious energy transmitting to him, as if some ferocious monster was sealed within the small box.

When he opened the box, a blood-red yet crystal-clear eye appeared before him, which was covered with countless bloody veins. It was as big as a Lychee fruit or an ordinary human eye.

There were some traces of abrasions at the edges of the box, as it had already rusted due to age. Yet, the eye within it was still lustrous and still possessed a high spiritual nature. Even its bloody veins were vivid and fresh, as if the eyeball had just been gouged out.

“Even though it must have existed for countless years, it still hasn’t decayed or rotted. This eye is truly a Real Spirit’s eye!” Su Yu finally confirmed the truth of Phoenix Master Qiu’s words.

This eye possessed immense righteous energy, and it was the bane of all evil creatures’ existences. So, it wasn’t really surprising that it had been named the Evil Destroying Silver Eye. However, he had to wonder at that moment…

Where is the ancient scroll that Phoenix Master Qiu mentioned?

As he looked around, he suddenly noticed a trace of soul energy with his Soul Eyes, which drilled into his eyes immediately! As Su Yu felt a great suction force, he was instantly taken into a strange space.

Now, he was surrounded by nothing but boundless darkness. In fact, the only thing here was a huge, hideous-looking spiritual beast, which was crouching on the ground.

It had scarlet fur all over its body, and it looked like the Red Wool Ghost that was described in children’s stories. It seemed extremely bloodthirsty!

It had a hideous-looking head, which had two sharp white horns, which seemed sharper than any magical treasure that Su Yu had ever seen. Its face was as white as snow, and it had a big mouth, which took up a whole third of its face. Moreover, that mouth was filled with sharp teeth!

It had an extremely odd pair of silver eyes, and it seemed like it was faintly smiling as it looked at the sky. Although the beast before him was just a stone statue, Su Yu still felt a boundless ancient aura emitting from it, as if this ferocious-looking beast had traveled through time, arriving here from ancient times.

The strange feeling that it gave one would would terrify anyone. Yet, Su Yu’s mind was as calm as ever at this moment.

An Ancient Real Spirit? Su Yu got lost in his thoughts when he witnessed those eyes.

And… Where is the scroll?


At this moment, the beast seemed to detect Su Yu’s arrival, and its left eye burst open. A silver ray suddenly shot out of it and engulfed this entire place. Then, innumerable strange-looking characters appeared, and they didn’t seem to belong to any human language.

“Demon Clan’s language?” Su Yu muttered.

In his half-year of secluded cultivation, he had learned most of the languages from the information that Yun Yazi placed in his soul. Now, all of the languages that Yun Yazi had studied, like the Dragon Clan’s language, the Ghost Clan’s language, the Worm Clan’s language, were all in Su Yu’s mind.

So, he managed to recognize the characters in front of him as the Demon Clan’s language with just one look.

“Heaven Devouring Demonic Eyes, one of the ancient times’ nine greatest eyes! They can devour all evil beings, and they can even devour the sun, moon, and stars!” Su Yu muttered in a strange voice, which didn’t seem like it even belonged to a human, but to a demon instead.

“They are actually the Heaven Devouring Demonic Eyes, and it’s only because Phoenix Master Qiu couldn’t understand the Demon Clan’s language that she named them Evil Destroying Silver Eyes because they possessed the power to destroy evil beings.” Su Yu finally understood everything.

When Phoenix Master Qiu got the silver eye, she had also tried to enter its soul space, but because she couldn’t understand the Demon Clan’s language, she had to rely on her instincts to judge that the Heavenly Might contained in the eye could help Su Yu in getting rid of the Heavenly Might remaining in his eyes.

“It’s really extraordinary! Even though she couldn’t understand the Demon Clan’s language, she still managed to conjecture that cultivating this eye technique needed the Undead Herb of the Netherworld, Real Dragon’s Blood, and the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl. She must have expended a great amount of effort to come to such a conclusion,” Su Yu calmly whispered.

By reading the characters present here, Su Yu understood that this technique really belonged to the Demon Clan, and that cultivating this technique had two requirements. The first requirement was that one had to possess a Real Spirit Body, as only such a body could sustain the Heaven Devouring Demonic Eyes.

The second requirement involved the transplanting of the Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye. After reading up to this point, he finally understood everything!

This technique must have been created by a Demon Clan’s member, who wanted to transplant a Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye into his body. So, he must have created it because he had somehow gotten his hands on such an eye!

The Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye in the blue jade box must belong to the hideous-looking monster in front of him, and it must have been obtained by some powerful demonic being! He must have been preparing to transplanting it, yet for some unknown reason, he had lost the box, which must have been when Phoenix Master Qiu had found it!

However, all of this didn’t really concern him, so he left this space just after this realization. After all, he now understood everything about what Phoenix Master Qiu had prepared.

A Real Spirit Dragon’s Blood came from a Real Spirit, and it contained a Real Spirit’s aura, while the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl was an extremely robust and firm natural object, which could become a carrier for transplanting the Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye. As for the Undead Herb of the Netherworld, it could serve as a cushion between them, and it would allow the Real Spirit Dragon’s Blood to fuse with the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl.

It was only by going through such steps that a human could become capable of sustaining a Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye. After he understood the principle behind all of this, he immediately started following the same process.

He ground up the Undead Herb of the Netherworld and stored its juice in a container before he put the Real Spirit Dragon’s Blood and the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl in it as well. Since they were both Extreme Yang objects, their collision would cause a great explosion, but because of the Undead Herb of the Netherworld’s presence, they were able to coexist. Then, they gradually started fusing together.

After six hours had passed, the Undead Herb of the Netherworld’s juice, the Real Spirit Dragon’s Blood and the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl disappeared, and only a silver and green pearl, as big as an eye, remained within the container. Their complete fusion had formed a entirely new object! This object was the vessel that would sustain the Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye!

Su Yu calmly held the Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye and the silver and greenish pearl, then brought them together. The silver pearl opened by itself and contained the Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye within it, and with this, they fused together.

Su Yu suddenly felt his hand become heavier as after they fused together. This was because the pearl had become heavier by more than ten folds, and the eye had started to emit a terrifying Heavenly Might, which seemed like it would annihilate all evil beings!

A ray of light suddenly appeared in Su Yu’s blind eyes, as a part of the Heavenly Might in his eyes was erased by it.

“Just the last step is left. I must fuse this eye with my body!” Su Yu murmured as he put the silver greenish pearl on his forehead.

At that moment, he felt an intense pain, which caused his whole body to start to convulse. But, despite all of this, he still wore a calm and composed expression on his face, as if he couldn’t feel any pain at all.

A thin slit was forcefully opened in Su Yu’s forehead as the silver greenish pearl drilled into it. Such an action was akin to cutting off a part of Su Yu’s flesh in order to make space for the presence of an alien object. It was obviously a painful process.

However, it seemed like Su Yu, who had already gone through the great pain of reconstructing his Dantian, didn’t feel any pain at all. After the fusion ended, the slit slowly closed itself, leaving only a peculiar-looking vertical thin red scar on his forehead.

Once he finished fusing with it, the Heavenly Might left in Su Yu’s eyes was instantly scattered by the Heavenly Might of the Heaven Devouring Demonic Eye. It was like the Heavenly Might possessed by it was the true and real one, while the one that was left by Gu Taixu was just a mere fake!

In the outside world…

Su Yu, who had just gotten over the pain that was transmitting from his eyes, slowly opened his eyes. When he opened them, his eyes, which had already become blind and had lost their luster, reclaimed their past vigor, and he could finally see the world once again!

Although, he never really experienced true blindness because he had his Soul Eyes, there was still a difference between the world that was seen by his Soul Eyes and the world that was seen by the naked eye. He finally was able to view familiar-looking sceneries, and it warmed his heart.

As Su Yu blinked his right eye, a resplendent scarlet ray shot out of it and soared into the sky. Then, as he blinked his left eye, a dazzling purple radiance shone out of it. At that moment, he had finally reclaimed his space power and his time power!

“Did they really experience any changes?” Su Yu muttered.

He was quite familiar with those two powers, so he could easily judge whether or not they had experienced any changes just by slightly using them. After the scarlet liquid filled the third dragon, his past space and time powers became even more powerful.

As such, he was no longer restricted to using them just one time each day. In fact, he could now use them twelve times a day, but he would still need to wait for two hours between each use.

Moreover, he could now use his time flow speeding ability for ten breaths’ time rather than just three breaths’ time, and he could use the Time Stopping ability for three breaths’ time rather than just a single breath’s time. Also, he could instantly teleport for more than a hundred miles rather than the mere ten miles of the past.

Moreover, he felt that he had greater control over those three abilities. But, he still needed to test them in a fight to know for sure.

Su Yu, whose gaze was calm and serene, slowly stood up and looked at the deepest part of the sky. He wanted to leave, but he knew that he still lacked something.

As he flipped his hands over, a multi-colored, faintly glowing jade seal appeared on his palm. It possessed an intense destructive power, and any arc of lightning or thunder within it was greater than all Disastrous Thunders combined.

“The lightning spirit was finally successfully refined? I can finally use this prototype fairy artifact’s power to the fullest!” Su Yu murmured.

It was the Dark Su Yu who had fused the lightning spirit with the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, and it was impossible for the current Su Yu to defeat and seal such a lightning spirit. Since his prototype fairy artifact was finally completed, then he had now greater odds of success!