The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 723

Chapter 723 Fighting Fu Gui

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Su Yu’s words caused Wu Aoyue’s heart to thump once again, and she suddenly realized that when Ran Guang was healing himself, Su Yu had just stood quietly in his place, observing them calmly. So, she had to wonder…

Could it be that he didn’t do anything because he was waiting for Ran Guang to heal himself… And then… He was going to kill him?

Even Wu Aoyue couldn’t believe that she had just had such a ridiculous thought. The power of the pearl was just one of the reasons why Ran Guang had suffered such injuries. The main reason was that he was too careless.

Ran Guang was so infuriated that he laughed, while his pupils contracted slightly. He then began to ask, “Ignorant lad, do you think that I would fear you…”

Su Yu interrupted him calmly before Ran Guang could manage to finish his words, “Whether you fear me or not won’t change anything.”

As his words echoed out into the surroundings, the entire world’s weather changed. The whole sky darkened as a large number of black clouds gathered. Then, a vast and mighty Heavenly Wrath started emitting from among the clouds.

“Heavenly Wrath?” all of the Divine Masters exclaimed in unison.

As they were still in a collective state of shock, an opening appeared among the black clouds, and an illusory giant eye was revealed. The eye seemed like a sun or a moon, and it floated proudly in the sky, overlooking the human world.

“Heavenly Eye?” the three people exclaimed in unison.

They were dumbstruck, and they felt as if they had just received an electric shock. The eye was filled with a terrifying Heavenly Wrath, and it was enough to cause even Divine Masters like them shiver with fear.

Their hearts were crazily thumping, as if they were warning them that if they made just a single rash movement, that eye could kill them easily! Such a scene didn’t appear just here, as all of the people in the entire Zhenlong Continent also witnessed the Heavenly Eye atop the firmament.

The face of Venerable Fu Gui, who was rushing at them at high speed, became gloomy as he asked, “A Pure Divine Decree? Wasn’t it already sealed by Gu Taixu? Why has it appeared once again?”

He then added, while horror appeared on his face, “It’s awful! Wu Yan and the others will be in danger!”

At that moment, a tall man was standing at the precipice of a giant mountain’s peak in the middle of the continent. His cold eyes flickered like lightning, and as he raised his head, he looked fixedly at the Heavenly Eye in the firmament.

He wore a faint smile on his face as he said, “We meet again, Pure Divine Decree.” After he spoke, he took a step forward and disappeared among the clouds, leaving a cold wind behind him.

Above the Dragon Abyss.

“Kill him!” As Su Yu gave the order solemnly, the entire world went into turmoil, as if such a sound was emitted by Heaven itself. It was mighty and imposing!

The Heavenly Eye blinked slightly as it started opening once again. Its seemingly casual blink caused the whole world to descend into silence.

Ran Guang, who was protected by Wu Yan and Shan Xiong behind them, became motionless, while a cracking sound was being transmitted from his body. As they detected something unusual, the two of them turned their heads back and were instantly petrified in their places.

This was because they saw that Ran Guang’s eyes were lifeless, and he didn’t even a trace of life force left! At that moment, his body started disintegrating, like burning wood being turned into ashes.

After his body disintegrated, it turned into particles, which fell into the Dragon Abyss. Just like that, an unrivaled Divine Master had died!

Wu Yan and Shan Xiong didn’t dare move, as they could feel that the eye in the firmament was staring right at them. They felt like they were being engulfed by death itself, and that if they were to act rashly, they would suffer the same fate as Ran Guang!

A nervous gulping sound echoed from Shan Xiong’s throat, while beads of sweat appeared on Wu Yan’s forehead. The two Divine Masters didn’t dare to even fight back now.

At first, they had looked down on Su Yu, yet now, they had lost even the will to fight back. Such a great change was really fascinating!

At the moment, Wu Yan’s heart shuddered and throbbed unceasingly, while she bit her red lips and signs of an internal struggle appeared in her eyes. She clearly wanted to beg for mercy.

When Su Yu was in desperate straits, she had berated him righteously. Back then, she told him that, even if he was about to die, he should still try to die with dignity. But now that she was facing such a situation, she wanted to beg for mercy!

Thump! Thump!

A sound of footsteps echoed from behind them, causing Wu Yan’s heart to thump even more intensely. As her heart rose up to her throat, she didn’t dare move.

It was only when the footsteps got nearer to them that Su Yu’s indifferent voice echoed out, “Do you want to live or die?”

If it was before, they would have felt like his question was just a joke that could be uttered by just a naive child, as how ridicule was it for a Half Fairy to ask Divine Masters whether they wanted to live or die? But, as for now, things were entirely different!

“I want to live! We said it a moment ago… There are no grievances between us, so please spare us.” Shan Xiong’s face was pale.

When Su Yu averted his gaze from him, Shan Xiong immediately felt like the pressure upon him lessened. It appeared that Su Yu decided to let him off. Shan Xiong felt his whole body went soft, while a faint pain transmitted from his heart because it had been throbbing so intensely just a moment ago.

“What about you?” Su Yu’s gaze fell on Wu Yan.

Wu Yan bit her lips. She wanted to reject his offer, but when she actually spoke, she accepted it. “I want to live,” Wu Yan said.

Su Yu’s face was still expressionless, as if subduing two Almighty Divine Masters wasn’t something worth rejoicing about. “Fine, when I ask you to do something later, you must follow my orders obediently, and if you dare fight back, then you will die on the spot!” Su Yu instructed them indifferently.

Their bodies were drenched in sweat, as if they had just passed by the gates of hell, and they both nodded hurriedly. Even though they were really Divine Masters, in the face of death, they were still no different then mere mortals.

“You should go now,” Su Yu said.

Their pupils contracted upon hearing his words, and their expressions became extremely unsightly as they hesitated. However, when they raised their heads and looked at the Heavenly Eye that was hidden among the clouds, they nodded bitterly and agreed to follow his orders. After all, they knew that just a mere thought from Su Yu could kill them instantly.


After the time that it would take to brew a half cup of tea, a thin man, who had hollow eyes that had two burning ghost flames within them, flew over. The man’s whole body gave one an extremely sinister feeling. He was Venerable Fu Gui, one of the Ten Bright Light Guards.

There were countless Bright Light Guards in the central prefecture, but there were just of the Ten Great Light Guards (hence the name). Each of them was a peerless expert, chosen from among the Bright Light Guards, and their talent, experience, and gifts were all among the top. It could be deduced from the fact that Venerable Fu Gui was chosen to be assigned the task of looking for Shen Yichen that he had some extraordinary gifts.

“My lord!” Wu Yan and Shan Xiong said in unison.

Both of them had bloodstains at the corner of their mouths, and their eyes were filled with fright and dread. They moved around Su Yu, then flew back to Venerable Fu Gui’s side.

Venerable Fu Gui, whose expression was somewhat gloomy, looked at their states and said, “I told you to just surround him, not try to kill him! Who authorized you to attack him of your own accord?”

Wu Yan’s expression became unsightly as she spoke bitterly, “We really did follow your orders, but this kid provoked us! Ran Guang was so infuriated that he attacked him and started the fight.”

Ran Guang? Venerable Fu Gui became somewhat confused after he heard this piece of news.. Since he was the one who had summoned those three people, then he obviously knew what kind of people they were!

Although Ran Guang seemed hot-headed, he was actually an extremely prudent person. So, one had to wonder how it was possible for him to attack him rashly?

However, as he thought back on the careless looks that they revealed when he ordered them just to surround Su Yu and not kill him, he understood everything. Ran Guang had still ended up underestimating his opponent in the end.

As Venerable Fu Gui surveyed his surroundings, he looked at the Heavenly Eye in the firmament. His face became gloomy as he asked, “Then… Doesn’t this mean that Ran Guang is dead?”

Wu Yan blamed herself. “My lord, it’s because I didn’t protect him properly.”

Venerable Fu Gui averted his gaze from the eye and shook his head slowly. “I don’t blame you for it, as this lad’s Pure Divine Decree could carry punishments on behalf of Heaven, and even if I had been here, I still wouldn’t have been able to save him.”

Wu Yan’s and Shan Xiong’s faces fell when they heard such words, and they glanced at each other quietly. Since even Venerable Fu Gui couldn’t save them, then they could only obey Su Yu’s orders for now.

Venerable Fu Gui raised his eyes, which had Ghost Fire in them, and looked at Su Yu with a cold stare. “You are shocking me more and more. After your Dantian was destroyed, not only didn’t you lose your cultivation, you became even stronger than before! I can’t even discern whether your cultivation is at Half Realm or Fairy Realm now.”

He had assumed that even if Su Yu showed himself, he wouldn’t be a problem to them because his cultivation base was crippled. No one expected that Su Yu would get another lucky chance after the destruction of his Dantian! Moreover, after he showed himself, Su Yu had even killed a Divine Master!

Su Yu’s gaze was apathetic. “Since you still have an opportunity left before you, then tell me where Xia Jingyu took Qin Xianer’s corpse.”

When Su Yu mentioned Xia Jingyu’s name, killing intent appeared in Su Yu’s eyes. Although Qin Xianer didn’t die at Xia Jingyu’s hands, many accidents had occurred as a result of her betrayal.

Other people still believed that Xia Jingyu was controlled by Hong Luan, while Su Yu, who had Soul Eyes, knew that Hong Luan didn’t control Xia Jingyu’s soul at all. Instead,

everything was done by Xia Jingyu herself!

“I already extracted her bloodline power, so just a pile of bones is left of her. If you can resurrect even those bones, then I can be merciful for once and return them to you.” Venerable Fu Gui laughed sinisterly.

However, Su Yu’s gaze was still calm and apathetic. “Since you already replied, then I’ll send you off,” Su Yu said indifferently. His voice was thunderous, and seemed like it possessed a heavenly might.

The dark clouds in the sky scattered and revealed the Heavenly Eye, which blinked as it looked at Venerable Fu Gui. At that moment, a blood-curdling screech echoed out, as if something had just been killed.

However, Venerable Fu Gui was still standing in his place safely, while a large amount of black powder sprinkled down from his sleeves. “Hehe, this Pure Divine Decree is really powerful, and it would be quite useful for dealing with other Divine Masters! But, it’s a pity that it just so happens that I’m the bane of its existence!”

As Venerable Fu Gui sneered, he waved his sleeves, and ten ferocious Ghost Heads flew out of them. The Ghost Heads had hideous-looking features and long fangs, and their eyes had an ominous glint. Moreover, each of them was at the Level Nine Fairy Realm!

When Venerable Fu Gui was on the brink of death a moment ago, he let a Ghost Head take the Heavenly Eye’s killing strike for him. “Eat him!” Venerable Fu Gui commanded the Ghost Heads, while he retreated slightly. He wanted to maintain a distance from Su Yu in case Su Yu had any other strange techniques that he might want to use.

Su Yu’s gaze was calm. In fact, he looked as if he wasn’t baffled by the failure of the Heavenly Eye at all.

As a soft chuckle echoed through the air, a scene that caused horror to appear on Venerable Fu Gui’s face occurred. Wu Yan and Shan Xiong suddenly attacked him with their strongest techniques!

“Bloodthirsty Thorns!” Wu Yan yelled as she thrust out her palm, which contained a profound power. It was a mysterious power that could only be used by Divine Masters.

At the same time, Shan Xiong also thrust his palm at Venerable Fu Gui’s back, while yelling, “Heaven Burning Sun Destroying Palm!”

Shan Xiong’s palm contained powerful Vital Energy, and it seemed capable of toppling mountains and overturning seas as it battered Venerable Fu Gui’s back. As for Wu Yan’s palm strike, it injected a mysterious power into Venerable Fu Gui’s body.

Venerable Fu Gui had been ambushed by his own people suddenly! He had been still caught off guard by them and had suffered two sneak-attacks!