The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 724

Chapter 724 A Divine Seals Power

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Venerable Fu Gui fell back, as he spouted a mouthful of blood and he ended up rolling around several times in a distressed state because of their strikes. His yellow robe’s hood was torn apart by Shan Xiong’s strike, which caused his hair to hang loosely over his shoulders.

“You are really daring,” Venerable Fu Gui shouted angrily in a deep voice. He wasn’t angry because they had injured him, but because they had betrayed him.

He slightly shook his robe and stood up straight. It was obvious that he didn’t suffer any grave injuries from Shan Xiong’s all-out strike.

“Shan Xiong, I am the one who taught you such a palm technique, yet you still dare to use it against me?” Venerable Fu Gui wiped the blood at the corners of his mouth.

However, when he just finished his words, he spouted another mouthful of blood, and a thorn could be faintly seen within the blood.

“Bloodthirsty Thorns?” Venerable Fu Gui’s expression became grave as killing intent appeared in his eyes. “Wu Yan, you just advanced to Divine Master Realm a month ago, yet you have already managed to control your Divine Seal this quickly? Not bad…”

As he spoke, he spouted another mouthful of blood, which had another thorn in it. The Divine Seal was a seal that was born when someone advanced to the Divine Master Realm. Each seal contained different abilities, and their mights also varied.

One of the reasons why Divine Masters were many times more powerful than Fairy Realm experts was that they possessed a more vigorous Vital Energy, yet the most important reason was that they possessed a Divine Seal. Many Divine Masters would need a long time to condense their Divine Seal after reaching the Divine Master Realm.

Shan Xiong didn’t manage to comprehend his own in an entire year, yet Wu Yan had managed to go so in just one month. She was clearly more powerful than Shan Xiong because she had been able to comprehend her seal.

Most of the injuries that Venerable Fu Gui suffered were inflicted upon him by Wu Yan, and although Shan Xiong’s strike seemed powerful, it didn’t manage to inflict any significant injuries upon Venerable Fu Gui.

Wu Yan’s pupils slightly contracted and fright welled up in her heart. She wanted to explain everything to him, yet Su Yu, as well as the Heaven Eye, was right beside them, so she could only clench her teeth and persevere. “Sir, I’m sorry, but we were all forced to do this, so don’t blame us.”

Venerable Fu Gui laughed sinisterly. “Why would I blame you? By attacking me, you just gave me a good excuse for refining you into Ghost Heads! So, why would I blame you?”

When they heard him, their expressions gravely changed and their faces became extremely pale. The Ghost Heads that he mentioned were like the ones that he had just released. He actually used his enemies’ heads to make them!

Such a technique was forbidden in the central prefecture, so he wouldn’t dare to brazenly hunt and kill Divine Masters for it, but as this was just in Jiuzhou, and now, they were in Zhenlong, all bets were off!

They were extremely frightened when they thought of such a fact, and when they sensed how infuriated Venerable Fu Gui was, they turned and fled in different directions.

“Hehehe…” Venerable Fu Gui laughed evilly as he waved his sleeves and released two other Ghost Heads.

Those two Ghost Heads were much bigger than ordinary Ghost Heads, and they emitted an aura that surpassed even the Fairy Realm. They were at the Divine Master Realm!

“Flying Ghost Heads?” The two of them couldn’t help but exclaim in fright when they saw them.

All of the Ghost Heads at the Divine Master Realm were called Flying Ghost Heads, and not only were they more powerful than ordinary ones, but they were even more ferocious and vicious! It would be impossible for them to confront Flying Ghost Heads with their current cultivations.

Shan Xiong was soon overtaken by a Flying Ghost Head, and it immediately bit his armor. As it cheerfully whistled, the Flying Ghost Head forcefully tore apart half of Shan Xiong’s chest.

As Shan Xiong cried out, he was deprived of any power to flee, as he was torn into shreds by the Flying Ghost Head. He died in an extremely horrifying way! Such a scene made Wu Yan’s scalp go numb, and as she clenched her teeth, she forcefully increased her speed by three folds.

Venerable Fu Gui was slightly astonished. “The second level of a Legendary Cultivation Technique? Hehe, you still hid such a thing? But, it’s a pity that, since I want your head, then nothing will stop me!”

The Flying Ghost Head whistled as it swiftly chased after Wu Yan, overtook her, then bit her. Wu Yan was overwhelmed with horror, and she cried out in a sharp voice, “Su Yu, save me!”

“No one can save you, as he can’t even protect himself now!” Venerable Fu Gui sneered.

However, when he just spoke, an arc of lightning flickered around Wu Yan’s body. Then, the Flying Ghost Head, which was chasing after her, miserably screeched for just a single moment before its body disappeared, leaving only black smoke behind.


At the same moment, a ferocious beast, whose body was flickering with lightning, appeared. Lightning was flickering from its nostrils while it was breathing, and a single wisp of it which fell down on the sea and caused the water to turn into a sea of flames. All of the water then instantly evaporated.

Venerable Fu Gui’s smile and expression stiffened as dread appeared on his face. “A lightning spirit!”

Lightning spirits were beings that were born among the lightning, and they all possessed terrifying and powerful lightning bolts within them. It was even rumored that the lighting, which descended upon the cultivator while he was advancing through a Great Realm, was controlled by a lightning spirit. Lightning spirits were the bane of all evil and dark beings’ existences!

Venerable Fu Gui decisively waved his hand and ordered the other Flying Ghost Head to fly back to him. However, when it started to move, the lighting spirit looked at it, and as it snorted, it crossed a large distance and bit the Flying Ghost Head, then started to eat it! The lightning spirit loathed and hated all dark beings, and even if it wasn’t ordered to do so by Su Yu, it would still assault and attack them!

“Lad, I want you to have a painful death.” Venerable Fu Gui flew into a rage as he viciously glared at Su Yu, who was holding a multi-colored jade seal.

There weren’t any Ghost Heads in Su Yu’s surroundings, as all of them had been turned into ashes by the lightning spirit. Su Yu wore a calm and apathetic expression on his face as he said, “You should worry about yourself first.”

As he spoke, he poured his Vital Energy into the seal and let it shine with resplendent rays. The ferocious lightning spirit started struggling, while viciously glaring at Su Yu and baring its teeth at him. It was obvious that it was defying him.

But, the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal was a prototype fairy artifact, and it would be difficult for it to defy its control. As it roared loudly, the lightning spirit unwillingly yielded. It then looked towards Venerable Fu Gui and pounced at him.

Venerable Fu Gui’s eyelids shivered, and he quickly evaded it, as he didn’t dare to confront such a terrifying being head-on. However, he was still somewhat late, and his sleeves were bitten by the lightning spirit, which let its lightning flames quickly spread to his yellow robe’s sleeve.

All of the evil ghosts, which he had just raised in his sleeves, screeched miserably for just an instant, as they were all instantly burned by the lighting flames.

“Ahh! Beast!” Venerable Fu Gui was startled, and he angrily roared as he cut off his sleeves and freed himself.

When he observed his sleeves, he saw that they only had ashes left in them, and that all of the ghosts, as well as the other objects which were in his sleeves, had been burnt into ashes. Half of what he had spent his whole life collecting and making had just been destroyed in the blink of an eye!

“Evil beast, I will kill you.” Venerable Fu Gui roared angrily, while two eerie ghost flames flickered in his eyes for a moment. They then shot out of them and flew towards the lightning beast.

The ferocious lightning beast hesitated for moment, while wariness appeared in its eyes, but then pounced at the flames. The two ghost flames possessed an extremely sinister and eerie aura, and they unexpectedly managed to confront the lightning beast for a moment.

Venerable Fu Gui took avail of this opportunity to direct his anger at Su Yu, and as he clenched his teeth, his eyes, which had just lost the ghost flames’ radiance, were wholly black. “I want you dead!” he bellowed.


As Venerable Fu Gui possessed a great movement technique, if there wasn’t anyone around to help Su Yu, then he shouldn’t be able to contend with him. Even as he approached within ten meters of Su Yu, Su Yu still hadn’t detected his presence.

“Bast*rd, die!” Venerable Fu Gui waved his palm at Su Yu’s chest and intended to gouge his heart out of it.

At such a moment, Su Yu calmly turned and said, “I have been waiting for you for a long while.”

As he spoke, a resplendent radiance, which illuminated the whole world, shot out of his left eye, and a purple dragon, which couldn’t be seen by the naked eye, appeared around Venerable Fu Gui, then revolved around him.

“Time Stop!” As the purple dragon revolved around him, Venerable Fu Gui was deprived of his ability to move. It was as if time had frozen! He was currently overwhelmed with shock and horror.

After all, time was the universal, constant rule, and it was a rule that maintained an unending existence. For this reason, he could not fathom how it could not be controlled by a human!

Even though there were people who possessed this kind of time innate talent, none of them had ever managed to stop the flow of time, not like what happened to him just now! His mind was blown…

This lad unexpectedly has such a terrifying and horrifying magical ability!

His eyes, which were filled with fright, helplessly looked on as Su Yu strode forward to him. Then, Su Yu took a thread of thin silk from his sleeves, which couldn’t be discerned by the naked eye. He then twined it around Venerable Fu Gui’s neck.

Although Venerable Fu Gui’s time was frozen, since he was flying forward before it was stopped, he still continued flying forward at an extremely swift speed, even now.


The sound of blood spluttering around echoed in Venerable Fu Gui’s ears, and that was the last sound that he ever heard in his life. This was because his head was already cut off by that thread of fine silk!

One of the prestigious Ten Great Bright Light Guards was unexpectedly beheaded in such a way! It was only at this moment that the Time Stop ability effect came to an end.

At that moment, a headless corpse fell from the air and landed in the ocean, while its head just slowly floated down and a transparent phantom flew out of it. However, this phantom couldn’t be seen by the naked eye, but could only be seen by Divine Masters or souls.

Moreover, the transparent phantom had exactly the same appearance as Venerable Fu Gui! Divine Masters possessed a magical ability, which rendered them capable of letting their soul leave their bodies, so even though Venerable Fu Gui’s body was killed, his soul was still alive.

“Su Yu.” Venerable Fu Gui crazily roared as intense hatred welled in his heart. “I will make you regret this.”

After he spoke, he flew toward the Dragon Abyss, which was sealed by the Heavenly Orchid Silver Sword Bamboo’s golden leaves. Such a seal could prevent anyone from entering, but souls could pass through any objects, and although Venerable Fu Gui’s soul alone wasn’t as powerful as his body, it still could cause an utter disaster there, as almost all of the people in the Dragon Abyss had a low cultivation base.

There were, however, many people within the Dragon Abyss who were acquaintances of Su Yu. As such, he wanted to protect the people here.

“Hahaha, Su Yu, just watch as I kill all of your people, and even your father-in-law! I will let you live your whole life in grief for destroying my body!” Venerable Fu Gui laughed viciously.

Since he was now just a soul body, Su Yu was unable to harm him, so he could only look on helplessly as he slaughtered all of his relatives and friends. However, Su Yu suddenly spoke at this moment, “You have just a soul body left, yet instead of hiding, you still want to harm people?”

He then added, “I didn’t want to bother with chasing after your remnant soul at first, but since you have courted death by your rash words, then I will help you to attain it!” As Su spoke, his eyes took a silvery gray color and two revolving vortexes appeared in them.