The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 725

Chapter 725 Soul Space

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“Soul space!” As Su Yu shouted softly, an intense devouring power erupted out of the vortex in his silvery gray eyes.

Venerable Fu Gui, who was about to pass through the golden leaves seal, was blown back by it, like a fallen leaf that was fluttering in the wind.

“Ah! What is this?” Venerable Fu Gui was shocked, as even though he had a powerful soul, he was gradually sucked in by it. The hatred and rancor in his eyes turned into panic at that moment.

“I’ll send you to hel*!” Su Yu shouted coldly as his silvery gray eyes became even more dazzling.

As a swooshing sound echoed through the air, Venerable Fu Gui’s soul was compressed by it, becoming only as big as a small spark of fire. It was then absorbed by the whirling vortex.

“Su Yu! Don’t get delighted yet, as you and all of the Zhenlong Continent’s people will still die! No one can escape!” Before being absorbed, the desperate Venerable Fu Gui shouted at Su Yu angrily.

However, Su Yu’s face was still calm and indifferent as he said, “You don’t need to care about that. Just rest in peace.”


Then, Venerable Fu Gui’s soul was completely absorbed, and it fell into a space that was forged by Su Yu’s soul. It was a boundless, empty space, which had no one else in it and was deathly still.

“A space forged by his soul? How is this possible? Even All Creation Old Monsters cannot achieve such a thing, let alone a mere Half Fairy!” Venerable Fu Gui was stunned.

A hoarse and evil voice suddenly transmitted out of this silent world, “Hehe, a newcomer? I also had the same questions as you in the past.” A drop of blood slowly flew over at him from the darkness.

“Who’s there?” Venerable Fu Gui’s hair stood on end, as such an evil aura frightened him.

The drop of blood floated quietly in front of Venerable Fu Gui. “I’m obviously your predecessor. We are all sealed in that lad’s soul space.”

Venerable Fu Gui’s pupils contracted, and as he looked at the drop of blood, his gaze fluctuated. It was only after a long while that his expression become calm once again.

He then asked, “Sir, do you also have a great feud with the lad?”

The drop of blood chuckled. “A great feud? I guess that could be considered the case, as I did almost possess the lad’s body.”

Hearing this, Venerable Fu Gui relaxed slightly, while his gaze flickered. “Sir, since you have been trapped here for a long time without managing to escape, why don’t we join hands and look for a way out together?”

The drop of blood replied meaningfully, “A way out? Even if you found one, so what? What do you plan to do?”

Hatred appeared in Venerable Fu Gui’s eyes as he answered, “I will obviously go to look for a new body, then start cultivating once again before going back to burn that lad into ashes!”

The drop of blood didn’t reply, and Venerable Fu Gui, who assumed that it had been slightly convinced by him, continued on, “If you are willing to join hands with me, then after completing this matter, you will surely get many benefits. After all, I’m one of the central prefecture’s Bright Light Guards, and my backer is the central prefecture’s king, so I can easily look for a body for you. So, why don’t you join hands with me?”

Even after hearing about such benefits, the drop of blood was hesitating. Meanwhile, expectation appeared in Venerable Fu Gui’s eyes. After all, regardless of how fiendish the drop of blood was, it should still know that they must cooperate in order to face their common enemy.

However, the drop of blood chuckled at the next moment, clearly declining his offer.

Hearing its careless chuckle, Venerable Fu Gui’s expression became slightly gloomy as he asked the drop of blood, “Don’t you want to take revenge? I don’t believe that you don’t resent that lad for trapping you here. Moreover, I already promised to give you a new body, and it would be, at the very least, a Fairy Realm body. In fact, it may even be possible for me to get you a Divine Master Realm Body.”

“Hehe, hate him? That lad’s teacher is quite extraordinary, and even if I wanted to hate him, I should first see whether I had enough courage to do so,” the drop of blood said. “Moreover, you are incapable of giving me a body that is satisfactory, as only that lad’s teacher could help me in that way.”

Venerable Fu Gui was shocked as he wondered… A teacher? Does that lad still have a profound and mysterious teacher?

Since he failed to ally himself with the drop of blood, Venerable Fu Gui could only settle for the next best thing. “Since that’s the case, then I won’t insist on it. Instead, I will look for a way to leave this place in the next few days. So, even if you aren’t willing to help me, please don’t try to obstruct me, as after I find it, you can also leave this place.”

Hearing his plan, the drop of blood emitted a strange and frightening laughter. It then asked, “Leave? Why would I want to leave this place? After all, it is protected by a powerful old man, and I can still get a new body in the future. Moreover, other soul tonics may arrive here at any time, so why would I want to leave?”

Soul tonics? Venerable Fu Gui was frightened, and he instantly wondered… Does this drop of blood consider me as just a tonic?

“Sir, what do you mean? Do you assume that bullying me is quite easy?” Venerable Fu Gui put on a strong front, although his heart was engulfed by fear.

The drop of blood chuckled. “What do I mean? My soul suffered a great loss before, so now it’s in need of nourishment. And… It just so happened that you fell here. Hence, it would be really unacceptable if I don’t eat you and make up for some of my losses.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Venerable Fu Gui shouted sharply before he turned around and fled. After all, the drop of blood was too evil and strange, and he didn’t dare fight it!

The drop of blood chuckled, then yelled, “Stop!”

Venerable Fu Gui was shocked to find that his body was confined! He was incapable of even budging an inch once the drop of blood had bellowed the single word. His soul body also started crumbling at an extremely swift speed before it turned into sparkling specks, which fused with the drop of blood.

“Ah! Don’t…” Venerable Fu Gui emitted an extremely frightened cry before his shout suddenly came to an end. As his soul body thoroughly crumbled, it disappeared from the world forever.

“An early stage Divine Master… He’s still just so-so…” the drop of blood spoke calmly, as its body’s blood-red color became more bright and recovered some of its luster.

“I wonder whether that lad can take it on? Early stage Divine Masters should be his upper limit, and if someone even more powerful comes here, then he will surely die. Then, if he died, leaving aside the body that was promised by that old man, I may even be trapped for eternity in this soul space.” The drop of blood was worried, so it soon became lost in its thoughts.

In the outside world, the people in the Dragon Abyss flew into an uproar. They assumed that Su Yu went had gone to a fight, one in which he would surely die, like a moth flying into a flame.

None of them had expected that Su Yu, who had reconstructed his Dantian, would become this powerful! He could even kill gods and buddhas they blocked his path!

Even Divine Masters and one of the ten Great Bright Light Guards died at his hands!

All of the people were shocked, including Elder Jiu, who wondered aloud “Is he really a human?”

After all, a Half Fairy, who swept his gaze over everything before him and killed even Divine Masters, was quite an incredulous matter! If he hadn’t witnessed it with his own eyes, then he would need to deliberate for a long time regarding the truth of it!

Wu Yan, who stood behind Su Yu, had come here to take Su Yu’s life at first. But now, she didn’t dare budge even by an inch, as she was extremely frightened. After all, even someone as powerful as Venerable Fu Gui was killed by this lad, and not only didn’t his body manage to escape, but even his soul didn’t manage to survive.

As she looked at Su Yu, Wu Yan felt like he was a Devil God, who could slaughter Divine Masters with just a single thought. It would be difficult for her to forget this scene for the rest of her life.

However, Su Yu wasn’t at all delighted to have managed to kill the Divine Masters. He tapped the silk softly and shook off the blood that had been smeared on it. As he did so, it sprinkled amid the setting sun’s rays.

“Xianer,” he murmured, as Qin Xianer was the sole thought left in Su Yu’s heart. In fact, he felt that this couldn’t really be considered a victory since he didn’t get to see Qin Xianer after killing Venerable Fu Gui.

He closed his eyes slowly and surveyed the world with the Heavenly Eye in the firmament. All of Zhenlong’s living beings felt a Heavenly Wrath sweep over their bodies at such a moment, and nothing, from lowly ants and moths to Fairy experts, could hide from it.

He could clearly sense that she wasn’t in the ocean, nor in the sunken northern continent, neither was she in the central, western, southern or eastern continents. Xia Jingyu had brought Qin Xianer with her, and had disappeared thoroughly.

“Xia Jingyu!” As Su Yu opened his eyes, he shouted out.

His voice contained a legendary sound wave cultivation technique’s power, and it shook the whole world. Everything from the ocean to the outside of the firmament was swept by this sound wave, and even people in the distant northern continent could hear his shout, which caused all of the people ot descend into a panic and become restless.

They all wondered… Whose shout just shook the whole world?

Su Yu suddenly looked at the deepest part of the firmament that was above the ocean, a cold glint, as well as excitement, appearing in his eyes. He then said, “Stay here, if you dare to do anything, then you will die.”

Su Yu didn’t turn his head back, and as his clothes flickered, he disappeared. His words were obviously directed at Wu Yan, who was behind him, and not only wasn’t she displeased by such a threatening order, but she actually felt more relaxed after receiving it.

After all, it meant that Su Yu wasn’t going to take her life in the end. With his power, it would have been easy for him to take her life in just the twinkling of an eye.

Wu Yan complied hurriedly, as she didn’t dare defy him. At this moment, Su Yu had already reached the deepest part of the ocean, and when he stopped in his tracks, he was unexpectedly in the Shenyue Island’s sky space. Specifically, it was the exact place where Su Yu had started his journey, and it was also where Su Yu had gotten acquainted with Xia Jingyu and Qin Xianer.

Su Yu’s gaze was ice-cold as he followed the trace of the aura that he had detected. After chasing after it swiftly, he finally landed on the ground. He was slightly startled, as that aura had unexpectedly come from the rear courtyard of the Duke of Xianyu’s manor.

The manor had a garden that was filled with pear trees. As it was autumn, the trees should have been withered, but instead, the snow-white pear flowers were all flourishing and filled with pretty flowers. Such a scene was indeed picturesque. However, the most beautiful flower in the garden was none other than the woman within it.

She seemed like a fairy, as she had otherworldly bearings and clearly wasn’t a part of the mortal world. Her back was so familiar, and this place was such a familiar place to Su Yu, yet the people had changed.

“You came.” She turned around as she spoke, revealing her calm face, which was extremely beautiful.

Then, she slightly raised her dress and sat down gracefully before started to drink by herself. The food that was next to the wine was faintly steaming, as if it had just been cooked.

She had already mastered the Path Divine Decree, which is why she already knew that Su Yu would come here at this very moment. She also already knew the fate of Venerable Fu Gui, as well as the three Divine Masters who were summoned by him.

A warm emotion flickered in Su Yu’s eyes for a moment before it was replaced by a coldness. He then said, “Things have remained the same here, but the people have changed.”

Xia Jingyu curled her lips slightly, revealing a mesmerizing smile. Before the setting sun’s rays, she seemed as beautiful as the red cloud at the end of the sky.

“That’s right. Things have remained the same, but the people have changed, and neither you or I can go back to the past.” Xia Jingyu smiled warmly. It was a smile that was filled with an inexplicable loneliness.

Su Yu didn’t reply, and as he strode forward, he looked at her apathetically, as if he was just looking at a stranger. He then said, “Give me back Qin Xianer’s body.”

“Hehe…” Xia Jingyu chuckled lazily as she drank a cup.

Then, as her snow-white cheeks became somewhat flushed, she said, “You are incapable of harming me! Most likely because you are guilt-ridden and pity me.”

Su Yu stood before the stone table and replied calmly, “Neither of those things are true.”

Xia Jingyu raised her eyes and looked at Su Yu, while revealing a mocking smile. “Then what is the truth?”

“It’s because I still love you.” Su Yu’s eyes were as calm as a lake’s water as he replied softly.