The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 726

Chapter 726 The Arrival Of The Blood Emperor

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Xia Jingyu’s hand trembled slightly when she heard Su Yu’s words, and a drop of wine fell on the table, and left a mark on it, similar to tear stains.

“I’m really happy that you still care about me even at such a moment.” Xia Jingyu revealed a faint smile, which turned ice-cold just after, “But it’s a pity that it’s already too late, Xianer was already burned by me into ashes, and even if you have the Fate Altering Pill, you still can’t save her.”

Madness and sinisterness appeared on Xia Jingyu’s face, “She shouldn’t dream about getting what I didn’t manage to get even after offering my everything for it, hahaha…”

Xia Jingyu threw her head back, and laughed heartily, her laughter was filled with madness, viciousness, and sadness.

She was burned to ashes?


Su Yu stumbled back by two steps, as his calm eyes fluctuated intensely, what he didn’t want most to happen still happened in the end, Xianer was utterly annihilated by Xia Jingyu.

“Are you just lying to me?” Su Yu lowered his head, and his fuzzy vision couldn’t discern what was before him, and whether it was pears, flowers, or just snow.

A faint chillness spread out of his heart, as his thirty meters surroundings temperature dropped drastically, and snowflakes appeared in it, and fluttered along with the pear tree flowers here.

His Icy Heart Core shattered, and his heart was also shattered.

Xia Jingyu looked at the setting sun, as well as the rising moon, as she spoke slowly, “I can lie even to heaven, yet I would never lie to you.”

“You don’t need to look for Xianer anymore, as I already turned her to ashes, and buried her for forever.” Xia Jingyu looked at Su Yu, as she spoke calmly, “Now, do you regret it? It’s as I said to you, I will let you regret it for your whole life.”

Su Yu felt intense pain from his chest, as if something in it was just shattered, and sceneries of Xianer’s everything filled his mind, her mischievous smile, and her willful and lovable nature.

He came here too late, he would never meet that lovable girl once again, as she was now in the world of dead forever.

Grief and sadness welled up in his heart, and it affected the surrounding, and dissolved the snow, and melted the flowers in it.

He couldn’t hear any sound now, and he could just felt intense pain, his last hope was thoroughly shattered, and what remained was just boundless coldness.

“Xia Jingyu.” Su Yu raised his head, his tone was apathetic and indifferent, and although his eyes were filled with tears stain, yet they still seemed like a dead person’s eyes, as they were utterly lusterless.

“Since you can see through the future, then can you see your own future?” Su Yu said, and talked her like as if she was just a stranger to him.

Xia Jingyu didn’t fear him, and she was still composed and calm, as she revealed a bitter smile, “I can obviously see it, and I knew that I will shortly die, die in your hands.”

Since she knew she would end up dead, then why did she still destroy Xianer?

When people were on the brink of death, they would become more virtuous, yet she instead used such ways to let Su Yu regret his actions for his whole life.

“Since you know it, then, just die.” As Su Yu looked at Xia Jingyu, the Heaven Eye, which was above the nine firmaments, which was staring at Su Yu, closed itself, before it snapped open once again.

Even a Divine Master could be destroyed by it, let alone Xia Jingyu.

Xia Jingyu smiled faintly, and revealed a mocking smile, “I will really die in your hands, but I never once said that I will die before you.”

As she spoke, an exquisite phantom appeared at the top of her head.

It was Hong Luan’s remnant soul.

She was now holding the Emperor Tower, while her face was filled with cruelty, and she threw her head back, and laughed heartily, as she looked at Su Yu, “Even someone like you will have such a day? In that time, Xia Jingyu was willing to even marry the central prefecture king to save your life, how moving and touching? But today, she betrayed you, and forced you to try killing her with your own hands.”

“Your heart is really pained now, isn’t it?” Hong Luan laughed viciously and madly, “Great, this is your fate, but such pain is still too easy for you, and it’s still not enough.”

“Isn’t the Zhenlong Continent your homeland? Then if I let you witness its destruction, then you will surely be extremely pained.” Hong Luan almost went mad, and she raised the Emperor Tower, and threw it away.

The Emperor Tower instantly became ten meters-long, and flew in front of the Heaven Eye.

The great destructive power caused by the Heaven eye’s blinking was forcefully obstructed by it, and it couldn’t damage it.

Hong Luan’s eyes became filled with madness and craziness, “I will sacrifice this remnant soul to leave you with a nice surprise, so prepare yourself for it, All of your Zhenlong Continent’s experts would be exterminated.”

As she spoke, she flew up to the sky, and rammed herself against the Emperor Tower, her soul was instantly shattered because of such collision, and it turned into countless light specks, which were absorbed by the tower.

The dim and lusterless Emperor Tower, which lost its teleportation power, started once again shining in resplendent rays, and a teleportation gate was once again opened by it.


When it was opened, the whole Zhenlong World along with its continents, oceans, sky, trembled and its Spiritual Energy went out of control, while lava rushed out of the deepest part of the ground, and burned countless forests and mountains, and countless black spatial fissure appeared in all corners of the world.

It seemed like the whole Zhenlong World would shortly collapse, such a terrifying phenomenon, such sudden disaster, caused all living being in the continent to descend into panic and fright.

Such a phenomenon appeared only once in the past, it was when Su Yu was at the bottom of the Dragon Abyss, and was fighting the Blood Emperor, which tried to come to this world.

But this time’s phenomenon was ten folds greater than the previous time’s, and it seemed like there was some existence descending upon the Zhenlong World, it was an existence which this world couldn’t bear or sustain its presence here.

The face of Jiu Yuanzhou, who was in the Dragon Abyss, became extremely pale, and his whole body shuddered, “Blood…Emperor.”

Su Yu raised his head, and looked calmly at the revolving Emperor Tower, “Is it the Blood Emperor’s main body?”

Xia Jingyu chuckled calmly, while the flowers surrounding her were all shattered and turned to countless fluttering petals, while in face of such terrifying pressure.

Xia Jingyu, who stood among them, drank all of the wind in her cup in one go, “This is the scenery, which I witnessed, the destruction of the whole world, and the death of all people, without a single exception.”

“You, me, sky, earth, ants, common people, and all living beings would turn into just ashes after the arrival of the Blood Emperor, that’s what I saw, I saw the end of the world.”

It seemed like she already saw the end of the world early on, and she saw just a single scenery, a scenery of destruction and desolation.

All living beings would be exterminated by the Blood Emperor’s palm seal, and all struggle would be meaningless.

Would all people die? Su Yu didn’t doubt such a thing, as the Blood Emperor was really capable of exterminating all people, and it was his main body, which was coming to this world now.

Hong Luan used her remnant soul’s power to activate the Emperor Tower to its fullest, and let an All Creation Realm Old Monster’s main body arrive here.

So it was like this? Su Yu looked up to the sky, and revealed a faint smile on his apathetic face, but it was an extremely bitter smile, “Xianer, in the end, I would still descend to look for you.”

Since the Blood Emperor would come here, then even if he saved Xianer with the Fate Altering Pill, it would still be useless, as they would all die in the end.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

An extremely giant spatial fissure suddenly appeared in the sky, and it streaked for ten thousand miles in the sky. It was like the sky was a mirror, and a fissure, which streaked across it from its middle appeared on it.

The flames in the deepest part of the ground rushed out of it, and the ocean, and the whole continent was instantly engulfed by blazing lava, and all weak living beings were instantly killed.

The Zhenlong Continent was about to be destroyed by the blazing sea of flames, it was about to be destroyed like the world, which was destroyed by the Blood Emperor’s palm strike in the past.

“Hehe, it’s really still the same, it’s still an extremely weak world, which couldn’t bear the slightest wave.” A mocking voice reverberated through the whole world, and it reverberated in all living beings’ ears.

An upright and tall man came out of the Emperor Tower’s vortex, he wore a blood-red cape, and a blood-red armor, and he had a long hair, which was draped loosely over his back, and was fluttering in the wind.

It seemed like his eyes had revolving stars, sun, and moon, they seemed boundless and distant, and it seemed like all phenomena of nature, and all creations were contained within them.

A faintly visible illusory crown was floating above his head, and the suns, moons, stars, and a boundless universe picture was depicted on it.

It was like his upright and tall body was a heavenly pillar supporting a whole world, and his appearance caused the Zhenlong World to be torn apart, and countless giant spatial fissures appeared in it, and they were continuously spreading further on it, and destroying the whole world.

All Creation, this was an All Creation’s expert, an expert, which could cause the Zhenlong Continent’s destruction without even moving a single finger.

He was the Blood Emperor, his eyes seemed like they continued a starry sky, and he seemed like he carried a whole starry river on him, as he stepped upon this world.

Just a single glance from him could exterminate myriad creatures.

The Blood Emperor wore a thoughtful look, and a faint smile, as he observed Zhenlong, and everything his eyes swept from mountains, grass, fishes, birds, and beasts, were all burnt to nothingness.

Just by sweeping the whole world with his eyes, a fourth of the world destroyed, and billions living beings were killed.

This was the power of just his gaze alone, his main body was thousands folds more powerful than his phantom image, which was passing through the world’s bridge in the past.

After he scanned his surrounding with his gaze, it fell on the end on the Heaven Eye above him, even the sky was shattered by his gate, yet the Heaven Eye still continued floating there.

“I hate being overlooked by anything,” the Blood Emperor said calmly.


When his words just echoed, blood spluttered out of the Heaven Eye, as it immediately burst open, and exploded.

Su Yu groaned in pain, as blood seeped out of his right eye, just several words from him destroyed his Heaven Eye.

After the Blood Emperor averted his gaze from it, he looked toward Su Yu.

Su Yu felt like he was bombarded by a whole world at such moment, and blood seeped out of the corners of his mouth, as he was sent flying by a hundred miles, and he destroyed many mountains in his way.

“I didn’t expect that we will meet once again,” the Blood Emperor spoke calmly with a seemingly slightly cold tone.

At that time in the Dragon Abyss’s teleportation formation, he sacrificed a fairy artifact to teleport to this world, yet while he was still in his way to here, he was sneak-attacked by Su Yu, which used a treacherous scheme to cut off one of his hands and legs.

So how could he forget such humiliation? And because of it the first matter he would do after coming here would be none other than killing Su Yu.

The gaze of Su Yu, who was heavily injured by him, was still calm and indifferent, as his heart already died, and he didn’t care about life or death anymore.

“Well? Your bore my gaze without dying?” The Blood Emperor exclaimed in surprise, his gaze could destroy a fourth of a whole world, yet it still couldn’t kill a Half Fairy Realm lad.

He squinted his eyes, as he exclaimed once again in surprise, “This silk is the…Chaos Multicolored Butterfly’s silk?”

A silk, which couldn’t be seen by naked eye, fell off Su Yu’s chest, it was this silk, which saved his life. And not only did the Blood Emperor manage to notice it, he even identified it.

“The silk of the Ancient Spiritual Worm, Chaos Multicolored Butterfly, lad, after the Ghost World’s Great Emperor’s Underworld Pearl matter, you surprised me once again.” The Blood Emperor spoke calmly, and the gaze in which he looked at Su Yu was distant, and he looked at him as if he was just an ant, “So, I’m even more obliged to kill you.”