The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 727

Chapter 727 Summoning A True Devil

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After the Blood Emperor spoke, he took another look at him, and Su Yu instantly suffered a destructive power assault. However, Su Yu didn’t just wait for death this time, and as he raised his eyes, the vertical blood thread between his eyebrows opened, while a third eye appeared there.

The eye had a silver eyeball, which seemed like a bottomless pit, and the destructive might that was emitted by the Blood Emperor’s gaze was absorbed by it completely. Su Yu wasn’t harmed by it at all!

“What’s this?” Shock appeared on the Blood Emperor’s face, and as he looked at Su Yu’s third eye, it gave him an inexplicably odd feeling.

Su Yu didn’t reply, and as he stood up and strode toward the Blood Emperor, fresh blood seeped out of the corners of his mouth, while his eyes were calm and lusterless. He then said, “Killing me won’t be that easy.”

The Blood Emperor was stunned for just a moment before he recovered his usual cold look and said, “It turns out that you are a person whose heart has already died. That’s really boring.”

After he spoke, he waved his sleeves at Su Yu, causing the surroundings to crumble and and space to turn into a pitch-black void. It was at this moment that an extremely terrifying mountain peak, which seemed like a giant spear, fell from the sky and shot toward them from outside the firmament.

At that moment, the space crumbled, mountain and rivers were destroyed, and the whole Zhenlong World shook violently. This strike’s might wasn’t any weaker than the Blood Emperor’s!

Upon seeing this, the Blood Emperor raised his brows and used the strike that had been directed at Su Yu to block the ancient mountain peak that was charging at him. When the two of them collided, they didn’t make any noise, and while the giant ancient mountain peak was shattered, a twenty-mile-long spear was revealed within it.

“The fairy artifact… The God Slaughtering Spear?” The Blood Emperor’s gaze became grave as dread appeared in his eyes. It seemed like he was familiar this spear.

Su Yu looked at the shattered mountain peak. If his memory served him well, then this should be the Empire of Darkness’ giant mountain peak, which had nine layers of space within it.

Moreover, a fairy artifact was unexpectedly hidden within the mountain peak. As the fairy artifact charged at the Blood Emperor, his expression became gloomy and he thrust his palm out at it, while yelling, “Draconic Eight Trigrams Palm!”

The Blood Emperor had just used his All Creation’s power to use a fairy cultivation technique! At that moment, there was a tall, black-clothed person behind the twenty-mile-long God Slaughtering Spear, which was at the end of the sky.

The person shouted softly, “Blue Dragon’s Eyes Speck!”

At that moment, the fairy artifact and the fairy cultivation technique collided, causing the whole Zhenlong World to shake. In fact, it felt as if it would shortly crumble!

Such a terrifying might, which was great enough to destroy the whole world, dazzled all of Zhenlong’s living beings’ eyes. They all knew that Zhenlong’s last days had arrived.

Cough! Cough!

When the two collided, the Blood Emperor just stood in his place motionlessly, while the land beneath him disappeared. Now, only a pitch-black boundless void remained.

At the moment, the tall, black-clothed person, who was behind the twenty-mile-long God Slaughtering Spear, was now coughing heavily. He had lost and was injured.

“Jiuzhou’s Emperor’s past divine weapon, the God Slaughtering Spear,” the Blood Emperor murmured as he looked at the twenty-mile-long spear.

Flames of greed burned in his eyes as he said, “This spear’s name alone was able to shake all of Jiuzhou! It’s a pity that a Divine Master Realm junior like you can’t wield even a hundredth of its might. Do you still dream about using it to deal with me?”

After hearing this, Su Yu looked at the tall man, and although he had never seen him before, he knew that the only person who had a Divine Master Realm cultivation in the entire Zhenlong Continent was the past number one expert in Zhenlong, the King of Darkness!

This king had stayed in secluded cultivation for several hundreds of years, and today was the first day that he had ever stepped out. Who would have expected that an Almighty Divine Master would be born in the Zhenlong Continent? After all, it barely had a few Fairies!

With such a fairy artifact in his hands, he became more powerful by many folds. However, it was a pity that he could barely use such power to face an All Creation Old Monster.

“Traitor! You finally came! From the moment I discovered that Gu Taixu’s clone was hiding in the Zhenlong Continent, I started waiting for your arrival. Today, it’s time for you to die!” the King of Darkness said with a deafening voice.

In the past, he had gone to the northern continent as the King of Darkness to annihilate all of his enemies troops. But he had suddenly retreated thereafter, then went into secluded cultivation for several hundreds of years.

This matter bewildered the whole world and was never understood before now. Apparently, when he went to exterminate the Yue Clan, he discovered that Yue Zhong was one of the central prefecture’s guards.

After he fought him, he managed to escape after sustaining heavy injuries. Later on, he even discovered some traces of Gu Taixu’s activities there!

In short, he discovered the central prefecture’s plot, went into secluded cultivation to prepare for an imminent conspiracy. This cultivation then continued until today.

“In the past, Lord Shen treated you like his own child, and from the moment you left the Fairy Mountain, he put his whole heart into training you. However, you betrayed him after that vile man betrayed him, as you felt that his situation was far from good. You even attacked your past fellow apprentice, Tian Jizi, who also came from the Fairy Mountain. You left him on the brink of death! You are really worse than a beast!” Such words were heard in all corners of the entire Zhenlong realm, and all living beings heard them clearly.

Su Yu knew many details about this matter. It turned out that the Blood Emperor was one of Shen Yichen’s people, and he also came from the Fairy Mountain, like Tian Jizi. Tian Jizi had already said that he belonged to the same faction as the Blood Emperor. Although the Blood Emperor was extremely powerful, in the end, he was just a treacherous person, who even sold out his own teacher!

The Blood Emperor’s expression was calm, and mockery appeared on his face as he said, “A fine bird chooses a robust tree to build its nest. It was obvious that he would end up killed because he didn’t manage to adapt to new circumstances.”

He then added, “As for you, many years have already passed, yet you are still loyal to that fallen king. Your loyalty is laudable, but it’s a pity that he’s already crippled. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have handed over his fairy artifact for your use.”

At that moment, filling intent filled his eyes as he said, “Fine… I will first kill you and that old b*stard, then destroy the whole Zhenlong Continent!”

After he spoke, the Blood Emperor attacked once again, while the King of Darkness held his spear and confronted him head-on. As the two of them fought, they destroyed many parts of this world, turning many areas into fragmented spaces. This was an epic battle, which lasted for two whole hours.

Even though the King of Darkness, who held the God Slaughtering Spear, possessed an astonishing fighting prowess, he was still not an All Creation Old Monster. Hence, it was difficult for him to manage to last for two hours.

In the end, his Vital Energy was consumed completely, and he was sent flying by a slap from the Blood Emperor. As he flew, he shattered many parts of the world’s space, then fell in the direction of Shenyue Island.

Su Yu took a step forward calmly and caught the King of Darkness. Su Yu groaned softly at that moment, as his body was almost shattered by bearing the impact force of All Creation Power that was left in the King of Darkness’ body.

When he took a look at the King of Darkness, he saw that his body was badly mutilated, and even his soul was heavily injured. It was clear that the Blood Emperor’s days were numbered. In fact, he most likely wouldn’t live more than ten years.


The King of Darkness coughed heavily, while spitting out fresh blood. His hand, which still held the God Slaughtering Spear, was shaking unceasingly. He had clearly reached his limit.

Although the King of Darkness was in a distressed state, he was still as elegant and graceful as before. He was looking at Su Yu, and although it was their first time meeting each other, they both knew who each other was.

At this moment, a gaze that possessed an intensely destructive power swept over both of them, and the King of Darkness raised his spear and blocked it. The Blood Emperor looked at them coldly. Even though he had just gone through a long battle, he still didn’t suffer any injuries. He had just consumed a part of his power.

“This should come to end now. It would ideal to send you both to the underworld at the same time,” the Blood Emperor said calmly, while he started weaving hands signs with both of his palms in order to use the Draconic Eight Trigrams Palm once again, thus killing both Su Yu and the King of Darkness.

However, the King of Darkness laughed heartily at this moment. He then said, “Blood Emperor, it’s really wishful thinking for you to hope for things to end this easily.”


The King of Darkness, who didn’t have any of his Spiritual Energy or fighting power left, threw a black jade box out of his sleeve at this moment. This jade box was exactly the same as the one that was once held so tightly by the First World Senior.

“Floating Life Door!” the Blood Emperor exclaimed. Immediately, his facial expression became gloomy and he retreated in panic.

The King of Darkness stood with great difficulty, and he laughed heartily as his hair fluttered around. He then said, “You wouldn’t have expected it, but I also managed to comprehend the Floating Life Door after going into secluded cultivation for several hundreds of years.”

“King of Darkness, you old traitor! Your master used the Floating Life Door in the past to summon an Otherworldly Devil in order to injure Lord Shen. This opened up great doors of opportunity for you. Now, I will repay you in the same way!” the Blood Emperor yelled back.

Hearing this, the King of Darkness took a thin paper, which had many extremely strange letters written on it. These letters all had hideous-looking shapes and emitted a terrifying killing intent and a demonic aura.

He then said, “The Floating Life Door is the Devil Clan’s teleportation gate, and if one can read the words that were left in the Devil Box, then he can summon the clone of a devil, which would stay here for seven minutes. I copied the words in the Devil Box, then studied them for several hundreds of years before managing to interpret a small part of them.”

Horror appeared on the Blood Emperor’s face when he heard this, and panic appeared in his eyes as he said, “You’re playing with fire. Once the Devil comes here, it won’t let anyone go! It will slaughter all living beings, and once it flies out of control, it will also kill you!”

The King of Darkness laughed heartily when he heard this, “Hehe, is it possible for you to let us off if I don’t summon the devil?”

The Blood Emperor shook his head, then said, “This will come to end now. King of Darkness, you must face your death.”

“Ling Li Ma? Mao Fa Hong…” The King of Darkness began to utter extremely strange words, which were harsh to the ear and contained intense killing intent.

Horror filled the Blood Emperor’s face as he yelled, “Stop!”

However, it was already too late, as the black jade box had already started opening slowly. After it opened all the way, a twenty-mile-long black light beam shot out of it and soared into the sky.

An ominous aura was emitted from the black light beam, and Su Yu was quite familiar with it. It was the same one that was possessed by the thread of a Devil’s hair, which he had fought in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion! However, the aura of the thread of a Devil’s hair, which was powerful enough to devour even Divine Masters, didn’t rival even a hundredth of the one before him now.

When the light beam disappeared, a twenty-mile-long Devil appeared out of thin air. He stepped on the land, while his head reached the dome of the sky, and his scarlet eyes, which flickered like a sun and moon, overlooked the world.

At this moment, a demonic energy engulfed the whole world. After the twenty-mile-long Devil swept the surroundings with his gaze, it locked its gaze on the All Creation Old Monster, who possessed the highest cultivation here.

It then emitted a horrendous sound. It seemed like it was laughing, but in an eerie cackling kind of way.


Suddenly, the twenty-mile-long Devil waved its leg, which flickered like a black flash of lightning, and kicked the King of Darkness! Fear appeared on the Blood Emperor’s face, but he still managed to summon up the courage to clench his teeth and use the Draconic Eight Trigrams Palm to face it head-on.


When they collided, horror appeared on the Blood Emperor’s face, as when his palm struck the Devil’s leg, he felt like it was just a pebble that was falling in a boundless ocean. More specifically, he felt like he collided against ten thousand stars when he came into contact with that leg!


The Blood Emperor, who hadn’t suffered any injuries until now, spouted a mouthful of blood when he suffered such a strike, and he was sent flying a thousand miles. It was obvious at just a glance who was the strongest of the two.

The Blood Emperor’s expression became extremely gloomy as he said, “You are seeking death.”

“Even a trifling clone of a Devil dares to be this arrogant?” The Blood Emperor took a golden wooden fish out of his sleeve as he shook his head.

The wooden fish had been severely damaged and was quite aged, but it was still brimming with an intense Buddhist power. In fact, if one had just a single look at it, he would feel his heart becoming clearer and would have an impulse to worship it.