The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 728

Chapter 728 Undying Resolve

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The King of Darkness’ eyes became dazed for a moment, and he was almost captivated by the magical treasure. But, he still managed to get ahold of himself in the end.

He then asked in surprise, “Is this a Buddhist Supreme Treasure?”

The Blood Emperor replied, “In the past, it would have been impossible for anyone to face such a devil, but after the past’s accident, the central prefecture’s king started to research devils. As such, he has already found a way to suppress them, which is the Buddhist power.”

He then added, “The Buddhist power can be used to briefly suppress a devil for about the time that it would take to brew a half cup of tea.”

As the Blood Emperor spoke, he struck the wooden fish, and a sonorous Buddhist sound echoed from it, reverberating throughout the whole world. At the same time, a twenty-mile-long Golden Buddha’s phantom image appeared.

As it was illuminated by its golden radiance, fright appeared on the devil’s hideous face. At the moment, it could only emit its whole body’s Demonic Energy to resist the Buddhist Radiance, and it was no longer able to pursue the Blood Emperor.

Such a scene cause the King of Darkness’ heart to sink, as the Floating Life Door was all that he had prepared to use against the Blood Emperor. Yet, he had unexpectedly found a way of dealing with it! If the Jiuzhou Emperor had known of such a method in the past, then he wouldn’t be reduced to this current state!

“It’s done for…” The King of Darkness chuckled bitterly. “Even though hundreds years have passed, I’m still incapable of protecting Lord Shen.”

He could only look on helplessly as the wooden fish that was being wielded by the Blood Emperor suppressed the devil.

Time passed slowly, yet the devil was still incapable of breaking free from the Buddhist Radiance’s suppression. After a few minutes had passed, the devil emitted a resentful roar as it turned into a black light beam and disappeared.

At this moment, the Blood Emperor stopped using his magical treasure. His face was somewhat pale, and it was obvious that using the wooden fish had put a huge strain on him. The wooden fish had also suffered greatly, as it was now filled with fissures and seemed like it soon shatter.

The Blood Emperor took a deep breath and his expression became extremely gloomy. “Good. I really was looking down upon you. If I hadn’t prepared so thoroughly, your scheme may have really prevailed!”

The Blood Emperor’s eyes were brimming with killing intent as he looked coldly at the King of Darkness. The King of Darkness’ eyes were filled with despair as he chuckled bitterly and said, “I have really failed Lord Shen, as not only didn’t I manage to fulfill his long-cherished wish, but I even failed to get revenge. I really should die for such a failure.”

The past Jiuzhou Emperor had already lost his former status long ago, yet there were still such people, who were this loyal and devoted to him! The King of Darkness’ moral integrity was really admirable.

“Die!” The Blood Emperor strode forward, and even though he took just a single step, it seemed like the whole world revolved him at such a moment.

As he instantly appeared just before them, he extended one of his fingers toward the region that was between the King of Darkness’ eyebrows. At such a moment, it seemed like the whole could be destroyed by just a mere wave of his finger, and it was impossible for the King of Darkness, who had already consumed all of his Spiritual Energy, to resist him.

“I hate this!” The King of Darkness, who was at death’s door, shouted angrily, “I hate the fact that I’m too powerless to kill even a lowly traitor like you!”

His eyes, which were filled with radiance, had a raging flame burning within them, and even though he knew that he would die soon, he still looked fixedly at the Blood Emperor and declared, “Blood Emperor, even if I turn into a ghost, I will still not let you off!”

The Blood Emperor sneered coldly. “Then, just turn into a ghost already!”

As he spoke, he tried to poke the King of Darkness with his finger. The King of Darkness’ closed his eyes in despair, as many bitter emotions welled up in his heart.

All of the people within the Dragon Abyss and all living beings in the continent quieted at this very moment. They had assumed that after the King of Darkness came, he would save them. They never expected that someone like him could be defeated!

However, when The Blood Emperor’s finger had almost reached the King of Darkness, a whistling wind blew at him. The Blood Emperor’s pupils contracted as he looked towards it and took back his hand.

His expression became immediately gloomy as he asked, “How dare you attack me?”

A yellow and blue bead revolved in the air, then flew back to Su Yu’s hand. “What? You expected me to just wait for death?” Su Yu spoke calmly, his gaze still as calm and indifferent as ever.

The Blood Emperor snorted coldly. “In that case, I will let you die first!”


He waved his finger at Su Yu, and as Su Yu didn’t have any fairy artifacts, he knew that he would surely die if his finger touched him. But, Su Yu still didn’t try evading it, but just opened his mouth and uttered a few cryptic and incomprehensible words…

“Qing, Ling, Tian, Nai, Gai, Si…”

Such words contained a raging killing intent, as well as an intense Demonic Nature. They were clearly an incantation! When he uttered them, Su Yu’s soul rumbled slightly, and a palm seal, which had slept in his mind for a long time, slowly floated out if it.

“A Floating Life Door?” The Blood Emperor was shocked. “How’s this possible, why do you have a Floating Life Door?”

Su Yu had gotten this Floating Life Doors from an ancient ruin within the Twilight Mountains.

The King of Darkness was also startled when he saw it. “What? This is Venerable Wu Xin’s Floating Life Door!”

In the past, when the Jiuzhou Emperor created another new continent and was close to death, he took out the remaining four Floating Life Doors that he had and passed them to his Four Great Guards. These guards were the King of Darkness, the First World Senior, Abyss of Wutong’s Master, and the Twilight Mountains’ Venerable Wu Xin.

Besides the King of Darkness and the First World Senior, who passed down their Floating Life Doors, the Floating Life Doors of the other two people disappeared after their deaths.

It wasn’t like the King of Darkness didn’t go to the Twilight Mountains to look for it, but when he went there, what he found was just a pile of rubble. So, he had to wonder…

Why did this object land in Su Yu’s hands? And… Why was it within his soul? He really hid his cards deeply!

What astonished him even more was that the words that Su Yu had uttered just now were part of a cryptic language, which was completely different than the one that had been used by the King of Darkness.

“Did you also study the language written on it?” The Blood Emperor sucked in a breath of cold air, as he was greatly astonished.

Regardless if it was the King of Darkness or the central prefecture’s king, they had all expended a great amount of effort and had wasted dozens of years to achieve such a thing. So, it was perplexing as to how Su Yu had managed to comprehend it.

Su Yu nodded calmly. “It is the Devil Clan’s language.”

After he had learned how to use the Floating Life Door, Su Yu had observed the palm seal in his mind. He ended up discovering something that he had overlooked in the past.

He assumed that what was depicted on it was just some meaningless patterns, but after he observed them more carefully, he found out that it was the Devil Clan’s language! The Devil Clan’s language was also among the Clans Languages knowledge that Yun Yazi had given him, which was why he had been able to read a part of the Floating Life Door’s words easily.

When he recited the incantation, the palm seal emitted an extremely dazzling radiance as it flew out and bombarded the sky. As it went, it left a black fissure on the sky.

“Hehe…” Horrifying laughter transmitted out of the black fissure. It was yet another devil!

Su Yu looked calmly at the Blood Emperor and asked, “Since you are already prepared for facing devils, then why don’t you try fighting this one? I really want to see who can persist longer, your wooden fish or this devil!”

The Blood Emperor was infuriated by Su Yu’s words, which caused him to hate Su Yu even more. But, he didn’t dare to tarry at such a moment, and although he wanted to kill Su Yu, he could only ignore him now. He then used the wooden fish once again to summon the Giant Golden Buddha.


It was only at this moment that the devil reached this world. It was a huge, and it emitted a terrifying Demonic Energy. As it appeared, it laughed nastily and looked menacingly at the Giant Buddha.

The Blood Emperor unceasingly poured his All Creation’s power into the wooden fish to activate it, while he looked at the devil nervously. As time passed, beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, as he had consumed a great amount of his All Creation’s power.

A few breaths’ time passed as the Giant Buddha and the devil confronted each other like before. However, this time, the Buddha Radiance was becoming weaker, as many fissures appeared on the wooden fish. In the end, it ended up being overwhelmed by the devil.

The Blood Emperor was overwhelmed with shock, and his expression became gloomy. But, he knew that fortunately, after the time it would take to brew a half cup of tea, this would shortly pass. But before it passed, the wooden fish burst open as a faint explosion echoed throughout the air.

The Buddhist Image disappeared, while the Otherworldly Devil waved his hand at the Blood Emperor and tried to grab him while laughing nastily. It seemed like he was infuriated by the Blood Emperor’s actions.

The Blood Emperor’s scalp became as he turned around and fled. But, the devil’s hand was quite swift, and when the devel found that he couldn’t catch him, he snorted angrily and swatted at him instead.


The Blood Emperor was swatted into the deepest part of the continent, and the whole continent vibrated at such a moment. The Blood Emperor burst into shreds, his body unexpectedly destroyed by just a single strike of that devil!

After the Otherworldly Devil killed the Blood Emperor, he turned his gaze toward Su Yu and the King of Darkness. After he licked his lips, he pounced toward them.

However, after only a few seconds, while roaring resentfully, the devil turned into a light beam and flew into the void! The whole world descended into silence at this moment, and just the sound of boiling magma remained within it. No one could believe that the Blood Emperor, who was a great All Creation Old Monster, had really been killed!

Many people felt like they were in a dream, as it was really unbelievable. Even the King of Darkness found it hard to accept such a fact. The Blood Emperor had been killed, and the Zhenlong people were now safe.

The King of Darkness’ gaze flickered with a resplendent glow. “Let’s go have a look at him and verify whether he’s really dead or not. After all, this old traitor is cunning and deceitful…”

Su Yu nodded and went with him to the place where the Blood Emperor was killed. There, they found only a mass of meat paste. He clearly couldn’t be more dead! Even his soul had disappeared!

After they confirmed this, both of them let out breaths of relief and finally relaxed.

“Lord Shen, the Blood Emperor is already dead,” the King of Darkness murmured as he knelt toward the northern continent. His eyes were filled with tears, as he had finally gotten rid of the weight that had burdened his heart for such a long time.

“Su Yu, what will you do now?” The King of Darkness looked at Su Yu.

As Su Yu gazed at the shattered sky and ground, he shook his head blankly and said, “I don’t know.” His heart had already died, and no matter how great and vast the world was, he didn’t have any more interest in it.

“Why don’t you follow me and Lord Shen? You can cultivate in seclusion with us.” The King of Darkness’ eyes were filled with concern. “You shouldn’t waste your great talent.”

However, just as he finished speaking, a faint noise fell on their ears. The meat paste beside them had started to wiggle around! It then gathered together to form the Blood Emperor’s body once more!

A mocking and cold chuckle transmitted from that body. “Hehe, that old bast*rd Shen Yichen is really still alive.”

The sneering sound, which suddenly echoed out, made the King of Darkness’ whole body shudder. He looked in disbelief at the Blood Emperor, while his pupils contracted till they became as thin as needles.

He then exclaimed, “The Undying Silver Body! You… You unexpectedly managed to successfully cultivate it?”

The Undying Silver Body was a heaven-defying technique, which could allow one to reform his body. It was a technique that had been cultivated only by the Jiuzhou Emperor.

No one else had managed to cultivate it in the central prefecture. Yet, the Blood Emperor had unexpectedly managed to cultivate it!

The Blood Emperor’s body recovered in the twinkling of an eye, and as he opened his eyes, a resplendent glow shone out of them. He then thrust his fists Su Yu and the King of Darkness at the same time. It was impossible for them to evade his attack, as he had attacked them suddenly and at such a close distance.

“Be careful.” The King of Darkness’ expression changed gravely, and he raised his God Slaughtering Spear to protect Su Yu, who was behind him.

However, he could not manage to block the All Creation’s expert’s attack at such a close distance…


As if they had just been bombarded by a meteor, the two of them were sent flying away, and the King of Darkness’ face became deathly pale, while despair filled it. He swept Su Yu with his gaze and clenched his teeth, then patted his shoulder and imbued Su Yu with a wisp of his Vital Energy, which he had just managed to recover.

He then shouted loudly, “Hide! Cover up your aura and avoid this disaster that will befall the entire continent!”

While he spoke, his God Slaughtering Spear quickly shrank down and became as big as a palm. He then put it in Su Yu’s pocket.

“The God Slaughtering Spear has an independent space within it, which can hide all auras. You won’t be discovered by him if you hide within it.” the King of Darkness spoke quickly, while he spouted a mouthful of blood.

“The Zhenlong Continent has only you left within it, so if you manage to survive, don’t forget to avenge us!” The King of Darkness chuckled bitterly, while he pushed Su Yu away.

Su Yu, who was still flying after suffering a strike from the Blood Emperor’s, began to fly at an even quicker speed, like a fireball, and he soon crossed a large distance.

“You still dare to cause trouble, even as you face death.” The Blood Emperor waved his hand at the King of Darkness, causing his body to become even more drenched in blood. This nearly killed him right then and there!

But, as he still needed to interrogate the King of Darkness by torture, he didn’t kill him, but let him fell on the land while he looked toward the flying Su Yu.

But, just as he was about to move, a sweet-sounding voice echoed from behind him, “Senior, let me take his life.”

When the Blood Emperor looked toward its source, he saw Xia Jingyu. He furrowed his brows slightly before he nodded and said, “Fine, Hong Luan’s remnant soul has already informed me of your matter, and after this affair comes to an end, come back with me to the central prefecture and I will recommend that you see the king. As for Su Yu, I will let you take care of him. That way, you can take the credit for it in front of the king.”

He then added, “However, you mustn’t face him alone, so you should come with me to take his head.” After saying that, the Blood Emperor waved his sleeves and took the lead.

Xia Jingyu revealed a bright smile and saluted him gracefully as she said, “Many thanks, senior.” She then followed behind him.

After the time it would take to brew a half cup of tea, the Blood Emperor landed in a desolate forest that was filled with mountains. Nearby, there was a giant pit, which seemed to have been left by a giant fireball.

The pit was extremely deep, and it seemed like it reached some ancient ruins underground. Those were the ruins under the Twilight Mountains.

Xia Jingyu revealed a playful smile as she murmured, “Is he here? In the past, he saved me here, and now I will kill him here, hehe.”

She then followed behind the Blood Emperor and jumped into the pit. The underground ruins’ expanse wasn’t vast, and Su Yu, who had fallen into them, was now leaning against a giant boulder, surrounded by boiling magma.

After he sensed the arrival of the Blood Emperor and Xia Jingyu, he opened his eyes, which were as calm as a lake. He then asked, “Did you come to take my life?”

Xia Jingyu replied calmly, “Yes.”

Su Yu didn’t try to resist them, and it was already too late for him to try to hide within the God Slaughtering Spear’s space.”

The Blood Emperor clasped his hands behind his back as a cold look appeared on his face. “A trifling Half Fairy Realm lad like you unexpectedly forced me to use the Undying Silver Body Technique. You are the first person who ever managed to achieve such a thing. So, you should be proud of it and die peacefully.”

The Blood Emperor had become extremely wary of Su Yu after his many encounters with him. So, he attacked him ruthlessly by just pointing his finger at Su Yu’s chest, while carefully staying some distance from him.

His finger’s strike contained a powerful Sword Energy, which Su Yu couldn’t block at all.

Su Yu’s gaze was still calm and indifferent, even at such a moment, and he just closed his eyes slowly and took a last look at Xia Jingyu, while muttering in a soft voice, “Farewell, my beloved…”

The terrifying finger strike streaked across the air and went after Su Yu’s chest, but even after a long while, Su Yu still didn’t felt the pain that he was expecting. Instead, he felt a warm liquid falling on his face.

When he opened his eyes, a beautiful woman was standing before him. She had a familiar aura, which he would never forget in his whole life. She had a bloody stain on her back, which was gradually enlarging.

Her legs shuddered slightly as she fell into Su Yu’s embrace. Her mouth, which was filled with blood, as well as her face, which wore an apologetic expression, instantly appeared before Su Yu’s eyes.

“Xia Jingyu?” Su Yu was confused and bewildered…

Why has Xia Jingyu, who obviously hates me and had just now wanted to kill me, just saved me at such a moment? She just died for me!


“Brother… Su Yu… I’m sorry.” The life force of Xia Jingyu, whose chest was thoroughly penetrated, was quickly flowing out of her, and she could only speak in a quiet whisper.

Then, unable to speak further, she raised her palm with great difficulty and held Su Yu’s palm. Both of them possessed the same Divine Decree, and by holding their palms together, they could transmit their thoughts to each other.

“Brother Su Yu, I’m sorry for deceiving you.” Xia Jingyu’s will was quickly becoming weaker, and her once ice-cold eyes were now filled with warmth. They were also brimming with tears.

“I hid Xianer’s body in the Duke of Xianyu’s Manor properly, in the place where your relationship started. I didn’t destroy her body.” Her words left Su Yu’s mind reeling…

She didn’t destroy it! Xia Jingyu didn’t destroy it!

“Brother Su Yu… I didn’t betray you.” Xia Jingyu’s gaze was becoming more dim, and her will was becoming weaker. She was only several breaths away from death.

Su Yu’s pupils contracted and his heart became flurried, while his apathetic eyes were filled with nervousness.

Will Xia Jingyu die? He thought that he hated her, but only now, when she was at death’s door, did he discover how flurried his heart became because of her.

“Where’s your Fate Altering Pill? Quickly, take it out!” Su Yu said. Both he and Xia Jingyu had a Fate Altering Pill.

Xia Jingyu just smiled sadly. “Brother Su Yu, I’m really happy that you still care about me, but I already fed it to Xianer.”

She fed it to Xianer? Su Yu suddenly recalled the Duke of Xianyu Manor’s scenery, remembering how it was filled with flowers and lush vegetation. It was obviously late autumn, so he had to wonder…

Why were the pear trees thriving at such a time?

Such scenery, which was brimming with life, could only be caused by the life force that was emitted by the Fate Altering Pill! The Fate Altering Pill was clearly there, as it must have been digested by Xianer at such a time! It was because of this that the courtyard was brimming with life force and so so lush!

“Since you already gave it to Xianer, then what about you?” Su Yu asked, while his gaze started becoming more fuzzy. He already understood Xia Jingyu’s intention.

Xia Jingyu smiled sweetly. “I don’t need it, so just leave it for Xianer. It’s my gift for both of you… For your wedding. It’s just that I presented it to you late, so please forgive me for that.”

“Why did you do all of this?” Su Yu asked.

Xia Jingyu closed her eyes, which had already lost their luster. “I foresaw the world’s end and Zhenlong’s fate… All of the people will die, and their fates can’t be altered. But, those two Fate Altering Pills, which can revive the dead, can also change fate, and those who possess them can survive such a disaster! It’s because of this that I now leave one for Xianer and one for you, so that you can live with Xianer and grow old together.”

Her eyes fluttered. “It was only because I wanted to get rid of Hong Luan’s supervision and prevent her from seeing my intentions that I treated you coldly just now, so please forgive me… Cough! Cough!… It was really painful for me to treat you in such a way. You must hate me now…”

Xia Jingyu closed her eyes, while her remnant will continued communicating with him. Warm tears streaked down Su Yu’s face, while his hands started trembling.

Xia Jingyu was still the same Xia Jingyu, after all. She was willing to even sacrifice herself to help him and Xianer!

“I don’t hate you! I never once hated you… And… I still love you…” Su Yu spoke in a trembling voice.

“I am happy to hear that.” Xia Jingyu curled up the corners of her mouth slightly and revealed a serene smile before she collapsed in Su Yu’s embrace.

“I wish that you two will… Live… Happily… Together.” This was the last thought that she transmitted in her life, and her small hand, which held Su Yu’s palm, weakly fell down by her side.

She had sacrificed her life to help Xianer, even though she loved Su Yu and desired to live together with him herself.

“Jingyu.” Su Yu embraced her body, which was gradually becoming colder.

He then turned his palm over and took an exquisite tower, which had a Fate Altering Pill that was brimming with life force within it. It was a pill that could revive people who had just died recently.