The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 729

Chapter 729 World Destruction

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The Fate Altering Resurrection Pill could resurrect the dead and overturn Yin and Yang Laws order. In fact, it was the only Heaven-defying pill capable of altering one’s fated death.

Xia Jingyu left the pill for Qin Xianer in order to help her and Su Yu. After all, Xia Jingyu obviously loved Su Yu too, which is why Qin Xianer had entrusted him to her before her death, then chosen to sacrifice herself.

It was just like how she had sacrificed herself several times before to help Su Yu and Qin Xianer. Her final act had proven that she was still as kind hearted as ever.

Su Yu’s heart was filled with grief and shock. He had misunderstood Xia Jingyu. She was obviously not a heartless or treacherous woman.

Her heart must have been quite pained, especially since Su Yu had stated that he would kill her with his own hands. In the end, she really died like she had foreseen… In Su Yu’s arms. When she was on the brink of death, she was laying in Su Yu’s embrace, and she died peacefully there.

After Su Yu crushed the exquisite tower, the Fate Altering Pill flew out, while emitting a splendid multi-colored divine light. As its light shone upon Xia Jingyu, the wound that had penetrated her body started to heal at a noticeable speed, and the blood that had flowed out of her returned to her body.

The pill was really miraculous, as in just one breath’s time, Xia Jingyu’s body had recovered to its previous state! In that moment, she once again was alive and beautiful!

However, her eyes were still closed. They didn’t even move slightly.

When Su Yu observed her with his Soul Eyes, he didn’t detect her soul’s aura at all, and the inside of her body was empty and silent. Although her body had recovered because of the pill’s life force, her soul had already disappeared from this world, having turned into a crystalline energy, which then dissipated.

As such, it would be impossible to revive her by using the life force that emitted by the pill alone. Instead, she must consume the pill itself.

“It won’t matter if I managed to alter fate and come back from death, as if you don’t exist in this world, then even if my fate was altered, so what? In the end, I would just be like a walking corpse.” Su Yu looked at Xia Jingyu’s serene yet dormant face, affection appearing in his eyes.

Su Yu then placed the pill in Xia Jingyu’s mouth. He knew that her fate could be changed if she consumed this pill.

In his mind, as long as Xia Jingyu and Qin Xianer could live on, it didn’t matter if he couldn’t escape from death in the end. It was at this moment that a thunderous snorting sound rang out near his ears.

“Xia Jingyu, I planned to recommend you to the central prefecture’s king to become his concubine. I did this because you possessed an Ancient Spirit Body. But, you unexpectedly played with me and Hong Luan.” The Blood Emperor’s expression was gloomy as he spoke towards Xia Jingyu unmoving body.

Xia Jingyu had really put on a good act, and neither him or Hong Luan had guarded themselves against her. Moreover, they didn’t even know that Qin Xianer had consumed the other Fate Altering Pill in secret.

“Su Yu, you have been stupid! Did you really assume that a mere pill could save them from death? She could block the first deadly strike for you, but can she block the second one?” the Blood Emperor asked, turning his attention to Su Yu.

While he was speaking, he looked at the Fate Altering Pill in Su Yu’s hand fixedly, greed filling his eyes. “Wouldn’t it be a waste to give such a pill to a person who’s already doomed? Why don’t you give to me?”

He then waved his hand at the pill and used his All Creation’s power to try to snatch it away forcibly. However, Su Yu was already on his guard against him, and when he made his move to steal the pill, lightning flickered around Su Yu’s body.

At that moment, Su Yu used his Lightning Body to teleport away, while yelling, “Don’t even think about it!”

After all, that pill was his sole hope for saving Xia Jingyu, so Su Yu would never let him snatch it away! If he took it, then Xia Jingyu would really die for sure!


As his body was engulfed in lightning, Su Yu crossed space and teleported away. He needed to have just another second in order for him to have enough time to feed the pill to Xia Jingyu. Then, after she consumed it, the Blood Emperor couldn’t turn the dissolved pill back into medicinal energy again.

However, what Su Yu was facing now wasn’t a Fairy, nor a Divine Master, but was a supreme All Creation Old Monster! A cold grin appeared at the corners of the Blood Emperor’s mouth as he asked incredulously, “You are using spatial power in front of an All Creation Old Monster? How ignorant! It’s really laughable!”

After speaking, the Blood Emperor didn’t make any great movements, but just casually waved his sleeves, which caused the surroundings to crumble. At that moment, a large pitch-black void appeared, while wisps of a terrifying space current whistled through the black abyss.

Su Yu, who had just tried to teleport away, could only stop his teleportation because the spatial power was too chaotic. Thus, he had to return to his former place.


Since his technique was broken off mid-teleport, Su Yu had suffered an intense backlash, which had shaken his body’s internal blood energy channels. At the moment, he opened his mouth and sputtered out a mouthful of blood. The golden internal blood energy channels that were inside of his body then intensely expanded and shrank down continuously.

“Well? It appears that you weren’t torn apart by the space power, even though your teleportation failed. Moreover, it seems like your fleshly body is quite special,” the Blood Emperor spoke calmly as he looked at the golden internal blood energy channels that had just emerged on the surface of Su Yu’s body.

Since his teleportation had failed, Su Yu waved his sleeves decisively, causing something to fly out of them. It was the Underworld Pearl!

This was Su Yu’s only remaining treasure, and it was the one which the Blood Emperor dreaded the most! Upon seeing it, the Blood Emperor’s expression became solemn and he immediately turned around to evade it.

Su Yu took this opportunity to soar into the sky, and after he passed through the underground channel, he fled toward the outside at full speed. What Su Yu wanted wasn’t to escape, but to just gain enough time to allow Xia Jingyu to consume the pill. After all, he knew that he wouldn’t be capable of helping Xia Jingyu, who had already lost her soul, to consume it while he was engaged in battle.

At such a juncture, Su Yu was even willing to give up the Underworld Pearl. This wasn’t surprising, as he would give up anything for Xia Jingyu.

Delight appeared in the Blood Emperor’s eyes upon realizing this. He knew that, if he could take such an object for himself, it would surely become one of his most powerful magical treasures.

However, the Blood Emperor didn’t take it immediately for two reasons. The first reason was that it was extremely heavy, and even someone like him didn’t dare to touch it rashly without making proper preparations beforehand. After all, the memory of the destruction of his arms and legs by this pearl in the past fight was still vivid in his mind.

The second reason was that what he cared about most now was the Fate Altering Pill, as getting such a heaven-defying divine pill was tantamount to getting another life. If he wasted time on the Underworld Pearl, thus leaving Su Yu with enough time to take a breather, then the pill would surely be fed to Xia Jingyu!

For these reasons, the Blood Emperor didn’t give a second thought to it before he chased after Su Yu. Although strictly speaking, he didn’t really chase after him, but teleported toward him.

It was only with great difficulty that Su Yu managed to finally pass through the tunnel and reach the outside world. When he got there, he was greeted by the sight of a person, who was wearing a blood-red suit of armor. It was the Blood Emperor!

“Kid, where are you running to?” the Blood Emperor asked as he thrust his palm at him.

Su Yu’s pupils contracted, but he didn’t panic, as he was already prepared for this circumstance. At that moment, he emitted a scarlet radiance out of his right eye as he shouted, “Spatial cyclone!”

Then, a spatial cyclone appeared before Su Yu suddenly. In the past war, within the Hundred Territories Alliance’s domain, he had used a spatial cyclone to help Zi Dong escape.

Su Yu’s had two spatial abilities, which were spatial teleportation and the spatial cyclone. The first was used for short-distance teleportation to a precise place, while the other was used for long-distance teleportation to a random place.

Since the Blood Emperor had already shattered the space within a hundred-meters, Su Yu knew that he couldn’t complete short-distance teleportations. So, he could only carry long-distance teleportations. Once the spatial cyclone appeared, Su Yu entered it.

Upon seeing him, the Blood Emperor’s palm strike landed on thin air and surprise appeared on his face as he screamed, “This is awful!”

However, there wasn’t panic on the Blood Emperor’s face. Instead, a cold expression appeared on it as he yelled, “You are courting death!” As his words echoed throughout the space, he disappeared.

Su Yu, who was in the spatial cyclone, felt like he had gone through countless teleportations by the time he finally reached his destination. Once he got there, he discovered that he was among the boundless nine firmaments.

When he lowered his head and took a look around, he saw an extremely blue planet, which was very similar to Earth. He also saw that there was a palm-shaped continent on this planet.

“The Zhenlong World!” Su Yu recognized it with a single glance, as he had once seen a similar scene as he was teleporting from the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion to the Zhenlong Continent.

The Zhenlong World was actually a planet, and although Su Yu wasn’t new to such a notion, he did wonder what it was like.

“I unexpectedly teleported to outer space?” Su Yu was surprised, and it seemed to him like the spatial cyclone had experienced a fundamental change after being sealed for so long.

In the past, Zi Dong had been teleported only as far as the northern continent. But now, Su Yu had been teleported directly to outer space!

Since he was pressed for time now, Su Yu didn’t give any more thought to it, but directly placed the Fate Altering Pill in Xia Jingyu’s mouth. However, a burst of spatial power appeared at that exact moment. As it had appeared quite suddenly, it caught Su Yu off guard.

Then, an extremely powerful space power shook Su Yu, causing him to let go of Xia Jingyu’s body, who had been in his embrace. After that, a giant hand reached out of the spatial storm and held Xia Jingyu. At the same time, a person clothed in a blood-red armor, strode out of the spatial storm!

“Hehe…” after the Blood Emperor showed himself, Su Yu saw that he held Xia Jingyu’s neck!

Then, a cruel and cold smile appeared on the Blood Emperor’s face as he said, “I already told you that using spatial power in the face of an All Creation Old Monsters is ignorant and laughable!”

Su Yu finally stepped out of the spatial storm and stabilized himself with great difficulty. Then, as he looked at Xia Jingyu, held captive by the Blood Emperor, his pupils contracted and his heart thumped fiercely.

“Let go of her! I can give you anything you want besides the Fate Altering Pill,” Su Yu shouted as his eyes remained fixed on Xia Jingyu’s body.

He knew that if her body was destroyed, then he would never see her again. He could not bear that, as she was his only true love! If even Qin Xianer’s death could make Su Yu’s heart become cold and callous, then he could only imagine how Xia Jingyu death would affect him!

The Blood Emperor revealed a sinister faint smile as he said, “I only want the Fate Altering Pill! As for other things that belong to you, I will take them for myself, one by one, including your life!”

Su Yu knew that he wasn’t even qualified to negotiate because his opponent had absolute martial power. So, he felt a bit defeated at the moment, yet he was determined to not give up.

“Lad… Bid her farewell! Haha!” The Blood Emperor laughed cruelly as a fire started burning between his fingers. Then, Xia Jingyu’s body was instantly engulfed by the raging flames.

“No!” Su Yu flew into a rage, as he felt like his heart was being torn apart viciously.

Completely disregarded the spatial power’s menacing force, Su Yu pounced at the Blood Emperor. The Blood Emperor sneered coldly, and opened his palm, causing Xia Jingyu to fall down like a splendid shooting star.

As she fell down toward the planet beneath them, the intense friction that was caused in the atmosphere caused the flames that surrounded her to become even more intense. Due to this, her beautiful body gradually melted among the raging flames.

Seeing this, Su Yu’s gaze became lusterless, and he looked as if he had just sustained a destructive blow. His eyes were bloodshot and seemed wholly scarlet.

He roared crazily and threw himself toward the falling Xia Jingyu, chasing after her at full speed. As he watched him, the Blood Emperor sneered coldly and pointed his finger at him, shooting a wisp of spatial power that landed right in front of Su Yu’s body before it exploded.

At this point, Su Yu went crazy and lost all reason. He turned and charged right at the spatial explosion!


As he made contact with it, his right arm was shattered and his left arm disintegrated. His chest was also torn apart, and some cracks even appeared on his head.

His whole body had disintegrated partially, and the pain that this brought reached such an inhuman level that ordinary people wouldn’t be capable of bearing it. They would probably just have fainted on the spot! But, as Su Yu’ was only thinking of Xia Jingyu, he didn’t feel any pain at all.

The Fate Altering Pill in his palm emitted a multi-colored radiance, and a boundless life force surged out of it. The life force then entered Su Yu’s disintegrated body, healing it quickly. Its effects were almost comparable to the Blood Emperor’s Undying Silver Body.

Upon seeing this, the Blood Emperor snorted coldly. He then pointed at Su Yu several times, while many bursts of spatial power erupted in front of Su Yu.

But, Su Yu was still safe and sound. At this moment, even though his body was being unceasingly destroyed among the explosions, it was also being reborn among them at the same time. This cyclical process repeated itself over and over again.

Su Yu’s exploded blood smeared the starry sky with a reddish color, like scarlet. The vibrant color seemed quite conspicuous amid such a boundless darkness.

Su Yu disregarded everything and continued chasing after Xia Jingyu. Although the distance between them was just about three thousand meters, it seemed endless, as if they were situated at two opposite ends of the galaxy!

Su Yu felt like he had been chasing after her for several years, and he had to cross several dimensions before he gradually got closer to her in the end. Now, he was a mere three meters away from his beloved!

Su Yu flew over to Xia Jingyu and embraced her, while the flames spread that were surrounded her spread to his body and burned his own flesh before swallowing up his disintegrated body.

At that moment, their bodies fused together, then turned into a giant fireball, which fell down toward the Zhenlong Continent.


As if a star had just died here, the intense collision gave rise to a boundless storm of dust, which engulfed the whole continent. Then, a giant pothole, which was as big as the northern continent, appeared on the main continent.

A blood-red magma surged out of the deepest part of the hole, burning everything around it. In the deepest part of the hole, above a giant boulder that was floating on the magma, Su Yu called out to XIa Jingyu.

“Jingyu…” Su Yu’s voice was hoarse and his eyes were scarlet.

At that moment, a Vital Energy surged out of his body like a tide, extinguishing the flames on Xia Jingyu’s body. Since he had the Fate Altering Pill, as long as Xia Jingyu’s body wasn’t completely destroyed, he could still bring her back from the brink of death!

“It isn’t too late!” Su Yu exclaimed, while his despondent heart recovered its previous hope.

He quickly placed the Fate Altering Pill in Xia Jingyu’s mouth. After the pill entered her body, her burn injuries started to heal. Now, it was just a matter of time before she would completely come back to life!

“Stop! You little b*stard!” the Blood Emperor shouted.

He had just teleported here, but it was already too late. Upon realizing this, he flew into a rage, and as he shouted, he strode forward and wanted to grab Xia Jingyu. “I will have that Fate Altering Pill, even if I need to cut open her belly to get it!”

However, just when he started to move toward her, Xia Jingyu’s body started melting! Soon, her whole body started becoming transparent. It then started to dissipate and transform into sparkling specks of light, which soon disappeared among the world!

She had obviously already consumed the Fate Altering Pill. Yet, not only did she not come back to life, but even her body had now perished!

“Ah! Jingyu!” Su Yu shouted angrily as he poured his Vital Energy into her.

He felt helpless, as he wanted to stop this process, but he saw that it wasn’t of any use. Xia Jingyu was still melting, right before his eyes!


At that moment, the Fate Altering Pill, which Xia Jingyu hadn’t even been able to digest yet, tumbled out of her body, rolling to a stop right in front of Su Yu’s knee.

“What did you do to her?” Su Yu yelled at the Blood Emperor in an accusatory tone, while his scarlet eyes flickered like lightning.

He looked like a wild beast that had lost its mind. When Su Yu glared at the Blood Emperor, even someone as great as the Blood Emperor felt his heart palpitating, as Su Yu’s gaze at the moment did not even look human!

However, when the Blood Emperor finally returned to his senses after such a shock, he became overjoyed and sneered at Su Yu as he replied, “It isn’t related to me! Her body melted because the poison in her erupted out suddenly. She must have consumed a deadly poison earlier in order to prevent you from using the Fate Altering Pill on her after her death!”

He then added, disdain dripping from his voice, “She’s really a foolish woman!”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu’s heart was shaken. It took a long while before he finally managed to return to his senses. When he did, he was soon lost in deep thought, wondering… When could she have consumed such a deadly poison?