The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Space Time Reverse Flow

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Su Yu suddenly recalled that when Xia Jingyu was within the Duke of Xianyu’s manor, among the pear flowers and beneath the moon, she drank wine. So, he had to wonder…

Did she consume the deadly poison at that time? She should have known early on that Su Yu would try to use the Fate Altering Pill to revive her, so she must have consumed an elixir that let her body disappear in anticipation of that day!

“Even after her death, she still continued considering my well-being…” Su Yu murmured as his eyes became vacant and grief welled up in his heart. He was touched by her actions.

“But, I still don’t want such an outcome,” he murmured as a resplendent glow shot out of his eyes.


At that moment, a dazzling Milky Way appeared on his right palm, and it emitted a resplendent starlight.

The Blood Emperor was startled and amazed by it. “What kind of object is this?” Even an All Creation expert like him couldn’t recognize what it was.

Su Yu placed his right palm, which flickered in starlight, on Xia Jingyu’s belly. The starlight went through Xia Jingyu’s whole body before returning to Su Yu’s palm, and when it dissipated, a dark purple powder was revealed on Su Yu’s palm. It was the deadly poison, which he had just extracted from Xia Jingyu’s body!

Xia Jingyu’s transparent body started to quickly recover and become tangible once again. In the end, her body was preserved!

“Lad, I will take care of this treasure for you.” The Blood Emperor’s pupils contracted, and although he couldn’t recognize what it was, he could clearly see how amazing it was just from the fact that it had managed to instantly purify the poison within Xia Jingyu’s body!

Su Yu turned a deaf ear to his words as he held Xia Jingyu and quickly stuffed the Fate Altering Pill into her mouth.

“B*stard! Do you think that you or she stand a chance with me here?” The Blood Emperor laughed cruelly as he looked at Xia Jingyu. “Do you think it will so easy for you to get rid of the flames on her body?”

What does he mean? Su Yu’s heart thumped intensely upon hearing his words. He didn’t understand his meaning.


Suddenly, a faint noise transmitted to Su Yu’s ears. It was the sound of some flames burning.

At that moment, he felt that Xia Jingyu’s body was blazing hot, and she had also become lighter. His eyes were filled with alarm as he lowered his head slowly and looked at her in disbelief.

In that instant, Xia Jingyu’s, which was in his embrace, was burned into ashes, which then fluttered in the air and fell into the magma. She was dead.

He had just lost a fairy-like woman, who had risked her life for him many times over. As he realized that her beautiful silhouette was erased from his life forever, an intense pain welled up in his heart.


A faint sound echoed as a black book flew out of his pocket and floated in front of him. It was the low-grade divine artifact, the Starry Sky Heavenly Book.

It was a divine artifact that could store a great amount of memories. It had belonged to Xia Jingyu, who had then entrusted it to Xianer to give to Su Yu when she had suffered dangers in the Dragon Abyss.

This book had a wisp of her will on it, and if it was forcefully opened, it would be destroyed. Only after Xia Jingyu died could it be opened. Now, since both Xia Jingyu’s body and soul were exterminated and she was thoroughly erased from this world, the book opened by itself!

Su Yu’s fuzzy gaze looked at the Starry Sky Heavenly Book, which had just flown by itself and opened itself! At that moment, a fluorescent light shot out of it and formed a screen before him. It was a projection of the memories within the book!

The person who appeared in the screen was none other than Xia Jingyu! Seeing this, the absent-minded Su Yu came back to his senses. As he held the Starry Sky Heavenly Book in his hands, he looked up at her image excitedly.

The book had recorded Xia Jingyu’s life, not missing a single detail of it. She had recorded all of the places she had ever passed by, as well as all of the objects that she had ever seen, like mountains, noisy places bustling with people, and all kind of martial techniques!

Practically everything was within this book! It was almost as if she was touring and exploring the world for another person, then recording all of her experiences in this one book.

Su Yu’s mind was shaken greatly as he recalled a promise that he had almost forgotten. Before Xia Jingyu left Shenyue Island, she had agreed to explore the flourishing Zhenlong Continent for him, using her eyes to observe it for him.

Clearly, she didn’t forget that promise, and she had used the Starry Sky Heavenly Book to record everything that she saw.

The sceneries on the screen continued fluctuating till they reached their last scene, which was at the Dragon Abyss. Xia Jingyu was holding the Starry Sky Heavenly Book, while sitting alone on a stone and looking into the distance.

She revealed a faint smile. Then, as if she was able to see to the other side of the screen, and seeing Su Yu, who was now observing her, she towards his direction with an affectionate gaze and said, “Brother Su Yu, when you see this recording, I will no longer be alive. I simply hope that I managed to die in your embrace.”

As she spoke, her cheeks became flushed. She seemed especially beautiful at such a moment.

She clenched her teeth, then said, “Brother Su Yu, I don’t know whether I informed you about my feelings for you before I died or not, but in any case, the fact is that I have always loved you.”

She then asked, while regret appeared on her face, “My words should have scared you… Did they? I’m probably too selfish, as even though I know that you have Xianer, I most likely still troubled you with dealing with the knowing of my own love for you.”

After she pondered for a moment, Xia Jingyu shook her head. She then forced herself to continued, “In any case, I’m already dead, so you don’t need to care about it any longer.”

Her smile was bitter and lonely as she said, “Brother Su Yu, farewell. As these will probably be the last words that I will ever say to you, please don’t be aggrieved by my death. It’s only because of you that my world became more colorful and filled with expectations. I lived contentedly and didn’t have any regrets.”

Xia Jingyu then stood up and said, “I will express my good wishes for you one last time. I hope that you and Xianer can grow old together. Farewell, my beloved brother Su Yu.”

As her voice slowly faded away, the Starry Sky Heavenly Book’s fluorescent light disappeared. It then closed itself and fell on Su Yu’s palm.

Su Yu tried to grab the disappearing woman in the screen subconsciously, but what he managed to grab was just an illusory image. Su Yu’s gaze became fuzzy as tears fell from his eyes onto the book, thoroughly drenching it.

“Petty and low beings always love to comfort each other with those so-called emotions, without knowing that such things are just a waste of time!” The Blood Emperor spoke coldly as he raised his palm and sucked the Fate Altering Pill toward him.

However, just when the pill just started flying, it was grabbed by a palm! Su Y had stored away the Starry Sky Heavenly Book in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl before he raised his head and looked at the remaining ashes on his palm, he then took back the Fate Altering Pill!

His white hair hung loosely and covered his face, covering his current expression, which was filled with hatred and killing intent. “I want you to die!” Su Yu yelled.

A Half Fairy Realm lad like him wanting to take the life of an All Creation Old Monster would seem like just a joke to most anyone, but the Blood Emperor still felt restless and nervous for an instant when he heard his words. In fact, he felt his heart becoming quite heavy.

He had already cultivated for innumerable years, and his Divine Decree had already fused with the world, so he could faintly sense ominous occurrences before they happened. As such, the heavy feeling which he had a moment ago was an ominous premonition! He knew that he mustn’t stay in the Zhenlong Continent for much longer!

“I should first kill you before considering it.” The Blood Emperor’s gaze became grave. He knew that his a power was capable of killing Su Yu on the spot.

However, Su Yu raised his head, opened his mouth, and swallowed down the Fate Altering Pill at that very moment! This pill contained tremendous life force, and it was like the deadliest of poisons to living people. So, if Su Yu ate it, he would surely die!

“Lad… You…” The Blood Emperor was startled and angered, as he felt like Su Yu had truly gone crazy.

His hatred raged on even more as he saw the pill’s medicinal power begin to spread throughout Su Yu’s body. This made him become ever more wary of Su Yu.

After all, the most terrifying people in the world weren’t peerlessly powerful enemies, but madmen! This was especially true if it was a madman who didn’t even care about his life!

After the Blood Emperor lost the pill, the restless feeling in his heart became even more intense. Although he knew he must quickly leave this place, that fact that he still hadn’t finished his mission of killing Shen Yichen weighed on him.

“I don’t have enough time left, so I should just destroy this world another time, along with Shen Yichen.” After the Blood Emperor spoke, he teleported instantly to the starry sky and looked at the blue planet before him.

He then took a deep breath, and as a dragon’s roar echoed from his body, a boundless All Creation’s power surged out of him. A dazzling moonlight appeared on his left palm, while peerless sun’s rays appeared on his right palm.

His palms held the sun and the moon, and they controlled the greatest Yin and Yan objects in existence. At the same time, a crown, which contained a sun, moon, and stars appeared above his head.

His upright and tall body seemed like the body of a heavenly god, and a dazzling radiance shone out of his palms, illuminating the dark outer space around him. A dazzling radiance of a moon and sun appeared here, and it seemed like they wanted to rival the real moon and sun!

“Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm,” the Blood Emperor shouted.

A long time ago, the Zhenlong Continent had suffered a great disaster, which had left giant palm prints on it until this day. The palm print that destroyed the Zhenlong Continent was the last move of the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm Technique. It was the Bright Light Divine Palm, and such a palm had now appeared once again!

In the past, the Jiuzhou Emperor had recreated the continent and saved this world. But, there was no one here to save it today.

“Disappear!” As the Blood Emperor waved his palm down at it, a palm seal, which flickered with the moon’s and sun’s radiances, traversed the starry sky and flew toward a blue planet. As it made its way, it turned all of the meteorites in its path into ashes.

Each corner of the Zhenlong Continent was engulfed by this dazzling radiance. It was a radiance that announced the end of the world!

As the palm seal fell down, everything from the ocean to the southern continent was stamped down and engulfed by it.


Then, a destructive power swept over the whole world, and everything that it passed was shattered into nothingness. In that moment, the whole Zhenlong Continent instantly disappeared, and Wu Yan, the King of Darkness, and the people within the Dragon Abyss were all exterminated along with the world, as the whole blue planet turned into nothingness and was erased from the starry sky. The whole world descended into silence at such a moment, as all of the experts within the continents were instantly exterminated.

The Blood Emperor took back his palm and said, “Those lowly beings should all be exterminated now.”

However, just after he finished speaking, his pupils contracted. He saw that there was something within the silent ruin that was left in the outer space. There appeared to be two powerful life forces emanating from there!

When he looked closer, he found that there were two intact bodies there, which were floating within the silent starry sky. One of them was a lovely woman, who seemed like she was sleeping peacefully. Her whole body was filled with a great life force, and all of her injuries that had been by such a destructive power had all been instantly healed.

The other figure was a white-haired youth, who stood calmly among the ruins, while his scarlet eyes emitted a terrifying killing intent. His body was brimming with a terrifying life force, which even the menacing destructive power couldn’t affect.

The Fate Altering Pill was really capable of enabling them to survive such a world-destroying disaster! It was just like Xia Jingyu had said!

However, he didn’t want just himself alone to be saved. As he lowered his head and looked at the ashes on his palm, he laughed. Even though his world was destroyed and his surroundings had descended into eternal silence, he still laughed loudly.

His laughter reverberated in the starry sky. It was a laughter that was filled with sadness, yet also with decisiveness.

He shouted crazily, “Jingyu, as you sacrificed yourself for me, then why don’t I will return the favor. I never once believed in fate throughout my whole life. In fact, I always defied fate as I proceeded forward, and this time, I will even upturn the wheel of fate for you!”

A burst of frantic laughter reverberated in the starry sky as the glow within the Blood Emperor’s eyes fluctuated. His restless feeling also became even more intense.

“It isn’t up to Heaven whether someone should die or not, and it’s also not up to fate, it’s up to just me alone.” Su Yu pointed his finger at heaven as he shouted loudly.

He had a pair of crimson eyes, one of which shone with a violet light, while the other shone with a scarlet light. Their radiances illuminated the starry sky. He was about to use both his time and space powers at the same moment…

“Wheel of Life and Death, Space-Time Reverse Flow,” Su Yu shouted in a loud voice, while the expansive starry sky was covered by his time-space power. He was causing everything to return to a past space-time node!

“How’s is this possible? Time and space were forever going forward without stopping, so how could they flow backwards?” the Blood Emperor wondered aloud, as he didn’t believe his eyes!

However, in the next moment, he became petrified and froze in his place. As a scarlet and purple radiance engulfed the space in which the world had just been destroyed world, everything started returning to its previous state!

The Zhenlong Continent returned from ruins to its previous state. The explosions also disappeared as the stars became intact and complete once again. Also, many experts who had just died, like Wu Yan, the King of Darkness, and Jiu Yuanzhou, returned to their previous states pre-death!

The Bright Light Divine Palm, which had caused all of this devastation, started swiftly retreating. In that moment, everything returned to its previous state.

Actually, it wasn’t returning to its previous space, as it was space-time, which was flowing backwards. So, he actually ended up returning to the past, before the destruction of the world ever first occurred!

However, it still didn’t stop even at such a moment, as time was still flowing backwards! Su Yu wanted to return to the moment before Xia Jingyu’s death!