The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 731

Chapter 731 Destruction And Rebirth

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As space-time continued flowing backward, the scenery around Su Yu constantly changed. It went backward from the time Xia Jingyu was burned into ashes to when she was still being burned by the fireball and falling to when she was just captured by the Blood Emperor. It then rewound to when they were in the underground ruin, and she was dying peacefully in Su Yu’s embrace.

“I wish… That… You two will… Live together… Happily.” Xia Jingyu, who was on the brink of death, used her mind to transmit her last wishes in life to Su Yu. Then, her hand, which held Su Yu’s palm tightly, gradually let go.

It was at this moment that Xia Jingyu’s soul was being erased from the world. However, time still continued flowing backward even further as she uttered her last words…

“I… Am… Really… Glad… It was really painful for me to treat you coldly, brother Su Yu. You must surely hate me now. “I saw the world’s end and Zhenlong’s fate. All of its people will die, and their fates can’t be altered. But, those two Fate Altering Pills, which can revive the dead, can also change fate. Hence, those who possess them can survive such a disaster.”

Her eyelids fluttered as she concluded, “It’s because of this that I am leaving one for Xianer and one for you, so that you can live with Xianer and grow old together.”

After Xia Jingyu informed him of the truth, she left Su Yu and Qin Xianer her best wishes. After she had breathed her last breath, the scenery continued going backward even more.

Finally, it went back to the moment when the Blood Emperor had just pointed his finger at him, and her beautiful body was in front of him. It was because she had stood up for him that Xia Jingyu died. In this way, everything returned to the moment just before Xia Jingyu’s death.

The Blood Emperor, who was just about to attack and kill Su Yu, shuddered intensely, but he finally managed to break free of the backward flow of time-space constraints, and his face became filled with horror, “How is this possible?”

Xia Jingyu, who had just stepped forward bravely to protect Su Yu from such a deadly strike, was also confused.

“What’s going on? I felt like I just experienced a part of the future, and it seems like I already died?” Xia Jingyu furrowed her brows as she asked in surprise, “How’s this possible? Did a deviation appear in the path of the future that I foresaw?”

She had already witnessed a future where the world was destroyed, leaving just silence and destruction behind. But now, the future that was being predicted by her Path Divine Decree wasn’t one of destruction, but was just a fuzzy and vague picture.

Still, she knew that it was impossible to change the future, as everything would follow its rightful path. People would be born, grow old, get sick, die, prosper and decline as was already ordained.

However, what occurred before her shocked her greatly! Since the future path had become fuzzy, it meant that it was full of possibilities! Hence, a similar future as she foresaw might occur, yet another completely different future might also occur!

“Who managed to change the future?” Xia Jingyu was greatly shocked.

She suddenly felt a burst of spatial power behind her, which engulfed her and teleported her for more than a hundred miles away. All the while, her shoulder was held firmly by a powerful, calm, and steady hand, which had an eerily familiar aura. She didn’t even need to turn her head back to know that it was Su Yu!

“Did you do this, Brother Su Yu?” As Xia Jingyu turned to look back at him, her eyes flickered and became tearful. The person reflected in her eyes had the same facial features as before, but his past graceful gray hair had now turned white.

“Why did you do it? I obviously died already, and I even bid you farewell! So… Why did the future change?” Xia Jingyu couldn’t understand it.

Su Yu extended his hand and touched her face softly. His hand was trembling, as if he feared to discover that everything before him was just an illusion.

But it was real. Xia Jingyu had come back from the dead! Su Yu’s heart shuddered, and his inner world, which had almost crumbled, immediately recovered.

“Welcome back,” Su Yu whispered in a hoarse voice.

He then extended his arm and embraced Xia Jingyu tightly, as if he feared to lose her again. Xia Jingyu was caught off guard by him, as he was hugging her so tightly!

But, she didn’t feel any pain. As she wept with delight, she felt so grateful to be near him. She felt like she had been separated from Su Yu for several centuries.

“Brother Su.” The sadness and delight of her heart turned into tears, which flowed out of her eye sockets. As her soft body laid in Su Yu’s embrace, she cried loudly.

Su Yu’s mind was finally free from worry, as he already had gotten back everything that he desired. A dazzling silver light appeared in his palm, then extracted the deadly poison from Xia Jingyu’s body quietly. The whole world was silent at this moment, as if it was wordlessly wishing the best for this pair of lovers, who had been separated by death.

All living beings in the Dragon Abyss and the Zhenlong Continent were confused at this moment, as they all still held faint memories of the terrifying destructive palm seal that had destroyed the whole world, including them! So, they couldn’t help but wonder…

Why did everything suddenly go back to the beginning?

Jiu Yuanzhou’s eyes were also filled with confusion, as he was incapable of understanding what had just happened. Such was also the case for the King of Darkness.

In the sunken northern continent, in the Xianyu Area, which had sunken in the boundless deep sea, an aged man was calmly standing among the ruins. He was Fan Haisheng, and his illusory body was on the brink of vanishing.

“Space-time is flowing backward… It must be the power of the Ancient God, Jiulong, who controlled the flow of space and time in ancient times.” Fan Haisheng’s gaze was ardent, and his aged face was filled with gratification.

“The Ancient God Jiulong’s inheritor has finally appeared in my Zhenlong World. This is good, very good. I really didn’t make a mistake when I handed over the World Shaking Dragon Bow to you.” His illusory body started gradually disappearing as he gazed at Su Yu, who was extremely far from him.

He then sighed softly and said, “Jiulong’s inheritor, I will entrust everything to you. I’m already so tired, and now, I can finally rest in peace.”

After he said that, his body turned into fluorescent crystals, which drifted out into the ocean. The body of the King of Darkness, who was far from him, shuddered as he looked in the northern continent’s direction.

He then knelt and kowtowed as he said, “Farewell, Lord Shen, may you rest in peace.”

Then, two streams of hot tears streaked across his cheeks before they fell on the ground and turned into crystals.

All of the Zhenlong Continent’s people suddenly felt empty inside, as if they had just lost something. Su Yu detected it too, and grief welled up in his heart. He felt as if he had just lost an extremely important kindred family member.

Moreover, an aggrieved cry transmitted from the sky, as if even the heavens were mourning this loss, and snow fell in all corners of the Zhenlong Continent, as if the sky was shedding icy tears.

Only the Blood Emperor was delighted at this turn of events. “Hahaha, it is really as I expected! Only a remnant soul was left of Shen Yichen! When he used his body’s essence blood to create the continent in the past, he paid his life as the price for it, leaving behind just a remnant soul, which lived reluctantly until now. As I now killed it just a moment ago, I’ve caused it to disappear forever!”

Apparently, as Shen Yichen’s cultivation realm was too high and he had already surpassed a certain realm, Su Yu’s time-space reverse flow couldn’t affect him. So, even though he had already reversed the flow of space-time, he couldn’t bring back his soul, so he died in a river of time, which could never be reversed.

He had sacrificed his life in order to create the continent and let Zhenlong’s people live on. As such, it could be seen that all of Zhenlong’s living beings were his descendants. It was for this reason that all of the living beings instantly experienced deep feelings of grief when he died.

Xia Jingyu’s face was filled with grief, and as she left Su Yu’s embrace, she bowed in the northern continent’s direction and said, “Thank you for saving us.”

When she looked at Su Yu out of the corners of her eyes, she saw that he was just standing there motionlessly. So, she asked, “Brother Su Yu, won’t you pay your respects?”

Su Yu closed his eyes and shook his head slightly. He then said, “There should be at least one person who, instead of bowing to grief, will go and take revenge for his sake!”

When Su Yu opened his eyes once again, they were filled with a shocking killing intent. His gaze penetrated space and time as it glared at the Blood Emperor directly. He then yelled, “You have already destroyed Zhenlong twice, so I swear to kill you on behalf of Zhenlong’s myriad living beings!”

The Blood Emperor’s expression became grave when he heard Su Yu’s angry declaration. “Lad, I see that you can even reverse the flow of space-time, so I have clearly underestimated you.”

The Blood Emperor spoke calmly, “But… So what? After you reverse it, I can just destroy it once again. Besides, I bet you have to pay a high price to reverse the flow of time.”

Forcing space-time to flow backward was no small matter, as it overturned the rules of life and death, as well as reversed the cycle of reincarnation. As such, it was impossible for Su Yu to achieve such a heaven-defying feat without paying a price.

It seemed like even Su Yu’s hand responded to the Blood Emperor’s words, as it recoiled, while its back cracked open and a part of its skin fell off. When Su Yu looked down at it, he saw that it was a piece of petrified skin.

After that portion of skin fell off, wrinkles started appearing on Su Yu’s hand, and its internal blood energy channel deteriorated. It seemed like his was the hand of an old man, who already had one foot in the grave!

“Brother Su Yu, what has happened to your hand?” Xia Jingyu covered her mouth in surprise, instantly becoming worried.

When she heard that Su Yu had reversed the flow of space-time, she got the answer to all of her questions and doubts. However, this only made her feel more restless.

The Blood Emperor smiled coldly. “I see I am right, and it appears that the price for accomplishing such a feat often is your life!”

He then added, “Time is eternal and unvarying, and it doesn’t usually experience any changes while it flows continuously in the world. The backward flow of space-time in this place should be made up for from another source, which makes sense that it would naturally be taken from its user. You used your own time to change the state of the time in the area around you, and it’s only in this way that you managed to reverse the flow of space and time.”

“That’s right, you aren’t mistaken,” Su Yu confirmed calmly, while his sharp gaze flickered like the stars in the sky.

He then asked, “But, so what? It’s enough for me to just kill you.”

The Blood Emperor shook his head indifferently. “I said that the reverse flow of space-time can’t deal with me, and that I would just be forced to destroy it once again. As you can’t bear reversing it too many times, then the final outcome wouldn’t be altered in the end.”

He was absolutely right, as the reverse flow of space-time couldn’t deal with him forever. And… If Su Yu couldn’t erase the Blood Emperor from this world, then the Blood Emperor would just keep trying to destroy the world over and over again!

Hence, even if Su Yu reversed the flow of space-time once again, the final outcome would be the same. If they continued repeating this cycle unceasingly, in the end, Su Yu’s life force would be completely exhausted, and he would be incapable of reversing the flow of space-time ever again.

At that time, the Zhenlong World would be vulnerable to utter annihilation! After all, the Blood Emperor was too powerful. He was like a peerless heavenly god, who couldn’t be killed!

The Blood Emperor knew this full well, so he shouted in triumph, “All of your plots and schemes are useless in front of my absolute power!”

He then humphed before he bellowed, “I won’t waste any more time with you. I will destroy the world once again, killing all of you at the same time!” the Blood Emperor shouted in an apathetic roar.

As his body flickered, he went into outer space once again, then let out a breath and started using the Bright Light Divine Palm. Soon, the whole outer space was illuminated by the moon’s and sun’s radiances. In fact, the whole Zhenlong Continent was illuminated by this world-destroying light.

All living beings suddenly felt their fuzzy memories becoming clearer. They had already gone through such a destructive period only moments ago, yet it appeared that they were still going to die here in this moment!

“Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm! All of you must die!” The Blood Emperor, who was now in outer space and who was as apathetic and indifferent as Heaven itself, thrust his palm toward them.

At that moment, a giant palm seal, which shone with dazzling rays, engulfed the entire Zhenlong World. The world-destroying palm had arrived once again, filling the hearts of all living beings with boundless terror. It seemed like they just couldn’t break free from such a fate, and they would still be turned into nothingness in the end.

The King of Darkness, whose face was filled with guilt, closed his eyes and smiled bitterly as he exclaimed, “Lord Shen! I’m really useless, as I couldn’t protect this world that you created.”