The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 732

Chapter 732 A Deal With The Evil God

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Wu Yan wore a bitter expression. In the Blood Emperor’s eyes, she was just a dispensable ant, and even though he knew that she was here, he still didn’t try to save her. Instead, he intended to erase her from the world as well!

Jiu Yuanzhou sighed softly and closed his eyes, while he waited for the world’s destruction once again. All of the living beings despaired, as while they were facing the god-like Blood Emperor, they could only helplessly look on as they were exterminated. They were utterly incapable of resisting him.

Xia Jingyu wore a bitter smile as she looked at the palm seal that was approaching them. She held Su Yu’s palm tightly and looked at him with eyes that were filled with affection. “Brother Su Yu, our end isn’t really so sad. At the very least, I can die while holding your hand.”

She sighed, then added, “It’s really too blissful.”

Xia Jingyu revealed a bright smile of delight as she leaned her head against Su Yu’s shoulder. This was the best end that she could possibly imagine.

Su Yu held her hand as he asked her in a soft voice, “Are you satisfied with just this? You still haven’t gotten to explore other worlds apart from Zhenlong for me yet, right?”

Xia Jingyu was startled by his question, and she looked up at him in surprise and wondered…

Did he really possess a way of confronting All Creation’s power?

Su Yu revealed a faint smile and closed his eyes slowly, while letting his soul enter his soul space. When he entered it, he found himself surrounded by pitch-black darkness, and as he clasped his hands behind his back, he spoke calmly, “Come out.”

This space was still as silent as ever, so there wasn’t anyone who replied.

“Do you need me to force you to come out?” Su Yu’s ice-cold eyes flickered like lightning as he looked towards a distant place. He was a bit perplexed, as this was a soul space that he had made himself, so he wondered how someone could hide themselves within it without his noticing.

“What? What a rare visitor! Why did you suddenly interrupt this old man? Did you come here to talk about life and the universe with an old man like me?” A bright drop of blood yawned as it teleported before Su Yu.

After Su Yu swept over it with his eyes calmly, he said, “I see that you have recovered some of your vigor. Then, this must mean that you have already eaten Venerable Fu Gui’s soul on the sly?”

“What? Eaten it on the sly? I’m one of the ancient times’ all-powerful Evil Gods! That’s right! I’m an Evil God! In my past years, I was eating suns, moons, and stars, and I was even slaughtering many worlds! Moreover, as the Heaven Destroying Divine Sovereign, I have killed everything that stood in my way, from Gods to Buddha!”

He grinned menacingly. “In the past, I was even eating Ancient Real Spirits and sleeping with beautiful women who all possessed an Ancient Spirit Body. I was also playing with myriad stars in the palm of my hand, so what’s a trifling Divine Master’s soul to me? You still even dare to say that I ate it on the sly? Hey, what are you doing? Don’t be like this… I’m the Heaven Destroying Divine Sovereign, a Divine Sovereign…”

Before he even finished his words, he was stamped down by Su Yu’s foot!

“A Heaven Destroying Divine Sovereign? You really don’t seem like one.” Su Yu said as he stood over the drop of blood before him.

The drop of blood gasped for breath, then said, “You shouldn’t judge people by their appearances! Once I reform my fleshly body, I will once again become the Heaven Destroying Divine Sovereign! Then, I will sweep through the whole starry sky and universe… Hey! Stop stamping me! I’m already too old, so go easy on me!”

Su Yu looked at him coldly. “Shut up! I came here to make a deal with you.”

After Su Yu lifted his feet off of it, the drop of blood revolved in the air and mumbled to itself for a while. It then looked at Su Yu and got straight down to business. “Okay, little guy, what kind of deal you want to make? Why don’t you describe it to me? I was always fond of taking care of juniors and helping them.”

Su Yu spoke directly and used brief words, “I want you to lend me your power.”

The drop of blood rejected him outright, “Absolutely not! I have a boundless and great power, and even a thread of my hair could destroy suns, moons, and stars, so how can I lend it to you? No, I won’t lend even a thread of my hair to you. Hey! You’ve started once again! Go easy on me! If you have something to say, then just speak! Don’t use your legs to communicate!”

As the drop of blood was stamped yet again by Su Yu’s foot, it started screaming miserably over and over again, “You should respect the old and cherish the young! Respect the old and cherish the young… Respect the old and cherish the young! I repeated it three times because it’s extremely important!”

Su Yu looked at him coldly. “There is a peerless powerful enemy outside, and if I am killed by him, then you will be stranded in this dead space forever. Then, you won’t have any more opportunities left, and you will be stranded here until you die. So, lend me your power, and as long as I don’t die, you will still have an opportunity to flee.”

The drop of blood shouted its reply, “It’s out of the question! After all, it’s just a single drop of blood that is left of me, and every time I use my power, my Primordial Energy becomes weaker! I’m already too old, so how can I withstand your extravagant usage of it?”

Su Yu squinted his eyes. He could read between the lines, so he knew that the drop of blood just wanted to ask for some benefits for itself to sweeten the deal. “I will gift you a soul to supplement your Primordial Energy. How about that?” Su Yu offered.

The drop of blood declined, “It’s still out of the question! A trifling All Creation soul wouldn’t be enough for filling even the gap between my teeth!”

All Creation’s soul? Su Yu’s face darkened as he thought to himself…

If I was capable of catching an All Creation’s soul and gifting it, then why would I need to borrow power?

Moreover, this Evil God didn’t want just a single All Creation’s soul.

“I will give only give you a Divine Master’s soul. It’s up to you to accept the offer or not.” Su Yu stared fixedly at the drop of blood.

The drop of blood immediately protested yet again, “No way! I said an All Creation’s soul!”

“But… I said only a Divine Master’s soul!” Su Yu’s gaze became ice-cold.

The drop of blood snorted angrily. “When I was slaughtering myriad worlds in the past, there wasn’t anyone who dared to argue against or haggle with me!”

Suddenly, the drop of blood felt a foot stamping it on the ground. “Hey, you almost crushed my frail heart! Let’s just speak peacefully! Okay, a Divine Master’s soul is just fine. I won’t be picky.”

Only then did Su Yu lift his foot up and reveal a faint smile. “Then, it’s a deal.”

In the outside world, the world-destroying giant palm was gradually nearing the Zhenlong Continent. As it did so, the ground burst open, while flames rushed out of it, and the continent became engulfed by a sea of flames. Many living beings closed their eyes in despair, as in the end, they still couldn’t escape from such a fate.

However, at such a moment, Su Yu’s eyes suddenly snapped open. A peculiar scarlet radiance flickered in them, while a blood-red substance permeated out of his pores.

The substance was like a liquid, and it seemed to be fresh blood that had just flowed out of him. Yet, it didn’t have the reeking scent of blood, but instead emitted an Evil Energy.

The Blood Emperor observed the Zhenlong World’s destruction from the cold starry sky, while wearing a confident smile. However, he suddenly furrowed his brows, as he had just detected something, which he immediately started looking for.

It’s the same Evil Energy as the one in the formation… What could it be? A treasure… Or a person?

If the Evil Energy was from a treasure, then it wasn’t too worrying, but if it was coming from a person, then it would be too horrifying, as that Evil Energy gave him an extremely restless and uneasy feeling!

Xia Jingyu was also startled, and she left Su Yu’s embrace and pointed at the radiance, shouting, “It’s your Evil Ghost Bloodline!”

Accurately speaking, it was now his Evil God Bloodline! Su Yu wore a faint smile as he maintained some distance from Xia Jingyu, while letting the bloodline within his body erupt out.

Immediately, the blood fog that was now around him reached an astronomical size. The blood fog first engulfed the ruins around him, then moved to engulf the Twilight Mountains, the Xianyu Prefecture, Shenyue island, the northern continent, the whole continent and the boundless ocean!

If it was looked at from the starry sky, then the blue planet in which they were all within presently, would seem like it had been smeared red with blood! However, the blood fog couldn’t confront the destructive seal, as it didn’t possess any power of its own, bu only possessed a devouring ability.

“People of Zhenlong, I’m Su Yu!” Su Yu shouted in a loud voice, which reverberated throughout the whole world.

Everyone who heard Su Yu’s voice was shocked by it, as Su Yu was the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master. He was a great king, who once saved the Zhenlong Continent from a desperate crisis.

Now, as they were facing another disaster, as Su Yu’s voice echoed and reverberated into all corners of the world, everyone quieted down immediately to hear what he had to say.

“The Zhenlong World has been destroyed two times in the past. The first time, the Jiuzhou Emperor sacrificed his own life to save it, thus allowing you to continue living here. As for the second time, I reversed the flow of space and time to buy you some more time. Now… Why should we all be exterminated many times over?” Su Yu asked.

This was a question that was buried in each person’s heart. Everyone wondered why they always suffered from such disasters!

Su Yu then continued, offering his own opinion on the matter, “It’s because we don’t fight back when a powerful enemy comes to destroy our world! We are too weak, so we just wait quietly for the end. We are all cowards, so we just close our eyes in despair!”

His words shocked all of the people, as they truly didn’t try to fight back in such a desperate situation. They saw the enemy as being far too powerful, so they all had just despaired.

“Now, as the world-destroying disaster is approaching us, will you still just close your eyes and let other people decide your fates?” Su Yu asked in a loud voice.

Many living beings’ hearts were shaken by his words. It was true that they had never once tried to fight back, as they were incapable of confronting such a terrifying enemy.

“If you don’t fight now, then you will just die in silence. Do you want to be just a dead world’s ghosts or slaves in the underworld?” Su Yu challenged them.

The people, within the Dragon Abyss clenched their fists and shook their heads. They then looked up to the sky, while raging flames sparked in their eyes. They didn’t want to accept such a fate! Even the ferocious beasts in the forests all roared up to the sky, as they also didn’t want to accept such a fate.

“Since you don’t want that, then fight along with me. This time, we won’t depend upon the Jiuzhou Emperor, nor will we depend upon reversing the flow of space and time, but we will use our own power to make a bright future for the Zhenlong World!” Su Yu spoke in loud voice.

“Now, all of you, please lend me your power!” As his words echoed out, the blood fog, which had engulfed the whole planet, rushed at all of the living beings.

“No matter if you are weak or all-powerful, a noble or of low-birth, please lend me your power!” Su Yu unexpectedly wanted to borrow the power of all of the Zhenlong Continent’s living beings, then combine their powers to fight!

As the blood fog rushed into the Dragon Abyss, Jiu Yuanzhou laughed heartily as he looked up to a person in the sky and said, “The young are really gutsy, as facing the Blood Emperor head-on is really bold! That’s something even I didn’t do! As such, I will lend my whole cultivation to you, so please create a future for Zhenlong Continent.”

As he spoke, he let his body fuse with the fog.

Old Chen laughed carefreely. “As a member of the Heavenly Law Alliance, I already vowed to follow the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master till death, so I will happily lend my cultivation to the Alliance Master.”

After he took the lead, the other ten thousand members of the Heavenly Law Alliance soon followed after him into the blood fog.

“Don’t forget about our annihilation team’s guards,” Luo Xiong shouted, before he led the annihilation team’s guards and entered it as well.

Then, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, Phoenix Master Qiu, Gang Dalei, Zi Yunxiang and many other people all revealed bright smiles as they entered it.

“Hahaha, how could you fight an All Creation Old Monster without me?” After the King of Darkness hesitated for a moment, he laughed heartily as he looked at Su Yu. Then, holding the God Slaughtering Spear, he entered it as well.

After a moment, everyone within the Dragon Abyss had entered the blood fog, willfully allowing Su Yu to use their powers to fight the Blood Emperor. Moreover, all of the living beings in the continent entered the blood fog when they received Su Yu’s call.

Even the trees and flowers all burned themselves and turned into flames, which fused with the blood fog. As they were incapable of moving and were all powerless, all they could do was burn themselves and turn into a faint blaze in response to his call.