The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 733

Chapter 733 Hunting The Blood Emperor

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The fishes all jumped out of the water, the worms came out of the earth, and the ants and the moths were competing against each other as they charged at the fog. The warm blood of all the intelligent living beings started boiling, as they all offered up their own powers.

At this time, the whole Zhenlong World descended into absolute silence for a moment. Not a single aura of any being was left in it, as all of them had gathered within the blood fog.

Xia Jingyu stood beside Su Yu and looked at his face. She then chuckled and said, “Brother Su Yu, we all believe in you.”

After she spoke, she also entered the blood fog. It was at this moment that the palm seal, which had come to destroy the world, engulfed them.

Su Yu also opened his eyes at that moment, as a feeling of great power, which he had never experienced before, overwhelmed his senses. The blood fog that he emitted had the power of all of Zhenlong’s living beings within it. From the weakes to the strongest, they all ad entrusted Su Yu with their powers!

As Su Yu’s current power had reached an unprecedented degree, he felt like he could easily tear the world apart and even shatter the stars. The Blood Emperor now seemed like an ordinary person in his eyes, and the world-destroying palm seal seemed mediocre and harmless.

“I can also use the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm!” Su Yu said as he raised his head and thrust his palm forward.

The blood fog, which was scattered around the entire Zhenlong World, started quickly condensing here. Then, it turned into a huge palm seal, which was as big as the world-destroying one!

All of Zhenlong’s living beings were within it. It was like they all had joined hands and fused their powers, then turned into a palm seal, which now faced the world-destroying palm seal!

A rumbling sound reverberated throughout the whole world, and when the world-destroying palm seal collided with the blood fog palm seal, it was shattered by the blood fog seal instantly! Then, the blood fog seal continued flying forward, shattering the starry sky as it went.

Horror appeared on the Blood Emperor’s face as he retreated in a panic. His sharp eyes flickered as he shouted loudly, “You are just a group of ants!”

He then thrust out his palm and yelled, “Draconic Eight Trigrams Palm!”

Su Yu shook his head and said calmly, “A single spark can set an entire prairie on fire, and even ants can destroy heavenly bodies if they joined their powers together.”


At that moment, the blood fog palm collided with the Blood Emperor with an irresistible force.


The Blood Emperor’s arm was shattered, and he was sent flying away, slamming against many meteorites as he went.

“I won’t be defeated by mere ants!” The Blood Emperor didn’t believe that a prestigious All Creation Old Monster like him could be weaker than such an ordinary group of ants.

“Come at me again!” he shouted loudly. As his All Creation’s power surged crazily and the heavenly bodies crown atop his head started revolving, he confronted the blood fog palm.


Once again, the blood fog palm sent him flying. This time, his body was nearly shattered, and it almost crumbled!

Su Yu wasn’t mistaken, as a large number of ants could indeed bite even a huge elephant to death, and what the Blood Emperor was fighting now wasn’t just a colony of “ants,” but all the living beings of the whole Zhenlong World!

“We will not only be able to defeat you… We will kill you!” Su Yu shouted as he crossed ten thousand miles in outer space with just a single movement.

Then, a crown of revolving suns and moons unexpectedly appeared on Su Yu’s head, as his cultivation base reached the All Creation Realm after he condensed the powers of the whole Zhenlong World’s living beings.

“Underworld Pearl!” Su Yu cried out as he sucked the Underworld Pearl toward him. It had just crossed a billion miles via teleportation and landed in Su Yu’s palm.

After he just got ahold of it, he threw it away, and the stars river was instantly swept away by it. At the same time, countless stars were shattered and turned into dust.

It was impossible for the Blood Emperor’s body, which had almost crumbled, to bear such a strike, so he was turned into a bloody fog by it on the spot. However, an angry shout, which reverberated throughout the entire realm, transmitted from the bloody fog, “Undying Silver Body!”

Immediately, the bloody fog started turning into pieces of meat, which converged together and reformed the Blood Emperor’s body! The Blood Emperor was shocked by this, and he couldn’t help but admit that it was impossible for him to exterminate them. In fact, if he hadn’t cultivated the Undying Silver Body, then he would have been killed by them!

“Su Yu, you and your Zhenlong’s ants, listen to my words… If I want you left alive, then even Heaven can’t let you die, and if I want you dead, then even Heaven can’t keep you alive! You have luck on your side this time, but next time, I will surely exterminate all of you, unless you can keep up such a fused state forever.” The Blood Emperor took out the Emperor Tower, while his gaze flickered with hatred and resentment.

He had decided to retreat temporarily and wait for them to separate, as once they were separated, they would be incapable of condensing their powers together. Then, he planned to come back and kill them!

“Open!” the Blood Emperor shouted as he activated the Emperor Tower. He clearly intended to use it to go back to the Jiuzhou World.

However, just when the Blood Emperor started to activate it, Su Yu crossed the stars river and chased after him. Su Yu then said, “I already said that I will kill you and erase you from the world forever!”


After he spoke, he thrust his palm at the Blood Emperor, and a palm seal, which contained the whole Zhenlong World’s power, bombarded his body and shattered it.

“Ah! Su Yu, I will surely bear this in mind.” As the Blood Emperor shouted at Su Yu angrily, he condensed his shattered body and escaped into the vortex that had just been formed by the Emperor Tower. In this way, he fled back to the Jiuzhou World.

The Emperor Tower disappeared along with him, and just a vortex, which was slowly dissipating, was left behind. Su Yu knew that, if they let the Blood Emperor escape this time, then they wouldn’t get another opportunity to kill him.

Su Yu’s gaze was ice-cold as he looked back at the blue planet, which was all of the living beings’ home. He then said, “Zhenlong’s living beings, unless we get rid of our enemy, we can’t go back home. So, all of you, please follow me into Jiuzhou, and let’s turn its land upside down and kill him!”

Many replies echoed out from the blood fog…

“Kill him!”

“Let’s charge into Jiuzhou together!”

“We pledge to follow Alliance Master Su and kill our enemy.”

Su Yu’s body flickered, and he left only an afterimage behind him in outer space as he entered the vortex just before it disappeared. Then, the whole starry sky descended into silence. In fact, the whole planet fell silent at this moment.

Su Yu didn’t know how many dimensions he crossed after he entered the vortex, but he figured that he should have already crossed more than a trillion miles! As he crossed such an outrageously long distance, Su Yu felt like he had probably passed several hundred years there.

This travel continued on until an extremely rich spiritual energy assaulted his face. At that moment, an extremely beautiful world appeared before their eyes.

Many spirit herbs, which they had never seen before, were growing everywhere, and each of them could be considered an expensive worldly spiritual treasure in the Zhenlong World. There were also many kinds of birds and beasts that were flying in the air, and the cultivation of the weakest of them was at the Half God Realm realm! There were even many Half Fairy Realm birds among them!

There were also many grotesquely shaped worms that were moving around on the hillside, and their cultivations were unexpectedly at the Holy King Realm. Moreover, one of them had almost reached the Dragon Realm!

All of those creatures could become overlords governing expansive regions in the Zhenlong World, but here, they were just like some insignificant insects that one would pass by on the roadside.

All of the people within the blood fog were shocked by this scene, and they all looked blankly at this new realm. Everything they saw flew directly in the face of their common knowledge, and it stunned them.

They all felt like they were just country bumpkins, who had arrived in the big city. Their familiar Zhenlong and the world before them were really drastically different!

“Is this another great continent? Perhaps… The otherworldly experts’ homeland?” someone finally asked in a soft voice.

Excitement appeared in Jiu Yuanzhou’s eyes as he said with a sigh, “Jiuzhou… I haven’t seen you in ages. I finally came back.”

They had finally made it to the Jiuzhou World! Shock flickered in Su Yu’s eyes for a moment, but he still didn’t forget that there was a powerful enemy on the loose, which he still needed to kill!

As he swept his gaze throughout the surroundings, he saw an outrageously giant city, which stretched as far as the eye could see. Even Su Yu’s gaze, which could observe ten thousand miles, couldn’t see the edge of the city. Its expanse was so large that it was tantamount to the whole Zhenlong Continent!

He suddenly recalled that Wu Hen had once said that the Zhenlong World’s expanse could be compared to just a single one of the Jiuzhou World’s big cities. Su Yu didn’t believe it when he heard it back then, so he was greatly shocked to see for himself that it was actually true!

The Blood Emperor must be in that city! Su Yu thought.

“Follow me, and let’s go kill the Blood Emperor,” Su Yu shouted loudly as he took the blood fog, which filled the whole sky, and charged toward the west.

If one looked at him from afar, he would see a white-haired youth, who had scarlet eyes, flying through space, being followed by a sea of blood! Su Yu was engulfed by a great evil energy, and he seemed like a peerless Devil King. As such, all living beings quickly made way for him and retreated when they saw him coming their way.

When his aura transmitted to the boundless city, a commotion rose within it. Everyone began shouting and turned to flee…

“What? An All Creation’s aura? He still possessed another extremely evil aura?”

“It’s awful! He’s probably an evil cultivator at the All Creation Realm! He must have come here to capture people to use them in his cultivation. Quickly, we must flee!”

If one looked at the scene in the city from afar, then it would seem like a beehive, which had just been prodded by someone. A large crowd of people was fleeing in terror, flying and running in every direction!

Su Yu didn’t care about them. Instead, his gaze was focused on an inconspicuous corner of the city. He then asked, “Blood Emperor, did you think that you had managed to escape?”

Shock appeared on the pale face of the Blood Emperor, whose whole body was drenched in blood. At the moment, he was hiding in an alleyway.

The Blood Emperor then asked in shock, “What? You chased me all the way here?”

His face was filled with both shock and anger. He never once had expected that Su Yu would dare to chase him so far!

“Su Yu, you have really gone too far,” the Blood Emperor shouted angrily as he soared into the sky. However, as he just soared upward, a yellowish blue pearl hit him from out of nowhere!

“Ah!” A miserable scream echoed throughout the area as the Blood Emperor was once again pounded into a meat paste.

“Undying Silver Body!” The Blood Emperor roared angrily.

Once again, he used this technique to reform his body. He then fled toward the west at full speed.

Seeing his run away like a coward, Su Yu snorted coldly before he crossed space and chased after him. After the two great All Creation Old Monsters left, a commotion rose in the city once again. All of the people were panic-stricken, and they all began to shout at once…

“The Blood Emperor is being hunted down by someone!”

“Impossible! Did I mishear? The Blood Emperor reached the All Creation Realm a hundred years ago, and his fighting prowess was equal to the power of any prefecture’s king! Only he could kill other people, and never would anyone dare to try to kill him!”

“Yes! Who would dare to hunt the Blood Emperor in the central prefecture?”

“Well… I can confirm it… The person who fled was surely the Blood Emperor!”

“But… Which All Creation Old Monster was hunting him? Why have I never seen him before?”

“He had white hair and scarlet eyes, and he possessed an evil energy, which was powerful enough to destroy a whole world! Is he from the demonic faction?”

“This matter must be reported to the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands immediately!” At this moment, a late stage Divine Master’s eyes were filled with shock, and he left hurriedly to report back to his higher ups.

The other people in the city also left to return to their factions and share the shocking news. This would surely cause a sensation in all of the nine prefectures, as the Blood Emperor was a top-notch existence, even among All Creation experts. Hence, the person who dared to hunt him must surely be a peerless expert!