The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 734

Chapter 734 Erased From Time

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Su Yu chased the Blood Emperor through countless mountains, while unceasingly bombarding his body into a meat paste. They ended up passing through dozens of cities along the way, causing great disturbances in all of them!

The news that the Blood Emperor was being hunted down by a ferocious demonic cultivator quickly spread throughout the whole central prefecture. Su Yu hunted him down for three days and nights, and the Blood Emperor’s body was destroyed by him countless times. But, he always reformed it by using the Undying Silver Body Technique.

When three days had passed, they reached some snowy plains.

“Lad, isn’t it enough already?” The Blood Emperor’s body was in a sorry state, and his blood and energy were feeble and weak. By this time, he had lost more than a third of his cultivation.

The price of using the Undying Silver Body Technique was the decline of his cultivation. It was extremely difficult to increase one’s cultivation by even a little bit after reaching the All Creation Realm, and now he had ended up losing more than a third of it! This was clearly a high price!

Su Yu didn’t care about his words as he threw the Underworld Pearl at him. This pearl was a deadly weapon, which the Blood Emperor couldn’t confront, and it had unceasingly crushed him during the past few days.

The Blood Emperor was greatly infuriated by this, yet he was still obliged to try to evade the attack. He then swallowed his anger as he said, “Lad, let me truthfully inform you where we are. We are now close to the central prefecture’s territory, which is filled with countless experts. So, if you dare to continue chasing me till we get there, then you will surely end up dead. As for me, I will be obliged to just use the Undying Silver Body Technique, which will only cost me part of my cultivation base. So, do you really want to risk your life against me?”

Su Yu’s gaze became grave. He didn’t realize that they had almost reached the central prefecture! As he turned his head around and looked at the blood fog behind him, he saw that all of the people within it were tired and exhausted.

As Su Yu stared at them, he worried that if they suffered an ambush in the deepest part of the central prefecture, they might be too tired to flee. But, he also knew that he could not allow the Blood Emperor to go free.

After all, if they let the Blood Emperor go, then before he even attacked them, the central prefecture’s king wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice anything to exterminate all of them! As this was the Jiuzhou World, it was obvious that any king of one of its prefectures would be very strong and menacing indeed.

As such, Su Yu knew that their presence mustn’t be discovered by the central prefecture’s king, and for that to be ensured, the Blood Emperor must die. Otherwise, all of Zhenlong’s living beings would suffer his relentless pursuit!

However, it was difficult for Su Yu to kill the Blood Emperor, who possessed the Undying Silver Body Technique. Thus, in such a short time, there was only one way of achieving such a feat…

As a decisive look appeared on Su Yu’s face, he opened his mouth, and a pill that flickered in four splendid colors floated out of it. Seeing this, Xia Jingyu’s pretty eyes flickered as she exclaimed in surprise, “The Fate Altering Pill! But, most of its medicinal power has already been lost.”

An intact Fate Altering Pill had nine patterns on it, which all flickered in different dazzling colors. But, the one before them had just four patterns. This was because Su Yu had used this divine pill’s life force to reverse the flow of time and space. While he consumed his life span to use such a technique, he had replenished the life force that he lost with this pill.

If it wasn’t for this pill, it would have been impossible for Su Yu to reverse the flow of space of time. As this pill still had four patterns left on it, he would at least be capable of reversing time and space flow by using its life force.

Su Yu took a deep breath as his eyes’ scarlet radiance disappeared. Then, a purple radiance took its place, spreading out for millions of miles.

“Time Reverse Flow!” Su Yu shouted in a deep voice, as the time of all places engulfed that was engulfed by the purple radiance started flowing backwards.

Unlike his past Space-time Reverse Flow, this time, he reversed only the flow of time, and since he didn’t use any space power, the surrounding space didn’t experience any changes. Thus, time was the only thing that flowed backward.

Many giant trees in the surroundings could be seen quickly shrinking into mere saplings before turning back into tiny seeds. Then, they were soon thoroughly erased from the world.

The time flowed back to a period when they still hadn’t even appeared in the world, and in just an instant, time flowed backward by several hundred years! The price for all of this was the disappearance of one of the Fate Altering Pill’s four patterns, as it had lost a fourth of its life force.

As for the Blood Emperor, he had now turned from a middle-aged man into a youth! Regaining his youth was something that should have excited he Blood Emperor, yet he was just extremely terrified and appalled by it.

“You! You want to let time flow back to a period where I was not even born yet?” the Blood Emperor shouted at Su Yu.

Su Yu nodded. “Of course, as it’s only in this way that I could render your Undying Silver Body completely useless!”

This time, the Blood Emperor became really alarmed, and he teleported around madly as he tried to leave the range of the reversing time flow. All the while, he entreated Su Yu, “All of this happened because I didn’t consider such a matter properly. I admit that I made a mistake, so why don’t we just stop here?”

It seemed like he had suddenly realized the real reason why Su Yu wanted to kill him, and he spoke hurriedly, “I won’t inform anyone of your presence here, and I will not look for trouble from now on! How about that?”

Su Yu replied coldly, “It’s out of the question. I prefer to trust a dead person.”

As he spoke, time flowed backward by several hundred years more and the Blood Emperor’s robe became looser on him. This was because his body had already returned to its teenage years.

As he sensed this great crisis that he was facing, the Blood Emperor was both startled and angered. “Su Yu, are you really determined to kill me?”

While he spoke with him, the Blood Emperor continued to teleport away, however, Su Yu, who also possessed the All Creation cultivation now, pursued him closely. Su Yu was careful to force him to always remain in the range of the reversal of the flow of time.

When Su Yu heard him, he replied coldly, “When you were trying to destroy the Zhenlong World in the past, did you ever consider sparing us? No! But now, when it’s your turn, you are trying to entreat me to forgive you? Even if you apologized now, it’s already too late, and for Zhenlong, the Jiuzhou Emperor, and all of those heroes who died while fighting you in the past… You must die!”

The Blood Emperor started regretting his actions when he realized that his pleas were falling on deaf ears. Many thoughts whirred through his mind…

Why didn’t I just leave the Zhenlong World when I had such a restless feeling? If I had spared Zhenlong’s living beings and didn’t force Su Yu into such desperate straits, then he wouldn’t be relentlessly pursuing me now!

However, both regrets and and thoughts to escape were useless at this moment, as in just a brief moment, the Blood Emperor had turned from a teen to a mere child!

“Su Yu, if you want to kill me, then just do it!” The Blood Emperor, who was just the size of a small child now, was engulfed by his own armor.

His immature face was filled with hatred as he opened his mouth and spouted out a black badge, which had a sun and moon and the two words, central prefecture, on it. Although Su Yu didn’t know what the badge was, since it was being used by the Blood Emperor while he was on the brink of death, Su Yu figured that it must be extremely dangerous.

So, Su Yu quickly retreated, while still making sure that the Blood Emperor was remaining within the range of Su Yu’s time reverse flow. The Blood Emperor’s body was quickly becoming smaller and smaller, and he went from being a small child to a toddler! At this point, it was extremely difficult for the current Blood Emperor to even properly hold the badge.

“It’s already too late.” The Blood Emperor emitted a childish snorting sound, which made Su Yu’s pupils contract when he heard it.

“Disappear from this world!” Su Yu shouted.

As the purple radiance shone upon him, the Blood Emperor turned from a toddler to a wee one-year-old! In the end, he took on the appearance of a newborn! But, even though he was just a baby, his eyes still contained a great amount of hatred within them.

“All of you will die!” Those were the last words that the Blood Emperor uttered before he thoroughly disappeared. All the while, the time continued flowing backwards.

All living beings within the blood fog let out long breaths and were finally able to relax. Su Yu had pursued him from the Zhenlong World to Jiuzhou, killing him countless times before he had finally used time power to erase him from this world forever!

However, they still couldn’t relax completely, as the black badge that was left behind by the Blood Emperor just before his death made them all somewhat restless. Su Yu looked at the black badge for a moment before he ordered all of the people to leave, “Let’s quickly leave this place!”

Then, Su Yu, who possessed All Creation’s power, traveled through space and led them all to teleport away. However, even though they traversed millions of miles, the black badge had followed them closely the whole way! It was as if it had teleported with them!

Su Yu’s pupils became extremely grave upon seeing this, as even though he had traversed more than a billion miles, the badge was still behind them, and he couldn’t throw it off their trail! Su Yu stopped in his place and raised his hand. He then took the blood fog, which filled the surrounding space, into his body.

“Brother Su Yu, can’t we escape from it?” Xia Jingyu flew to Su Yu’s side and stood beside him. She looked gravely at the black badge, which gave her an extremely restless feeling.

Su Yu shook his head for a moment, then nodded and said, “Actually, I’m the only one who can’t escape from it, as this badge is locked onto my aura alone.”

Xia Jingyu immediately understood what Su Yu meant. “Brother Su Yu, let them all fly around in different directions, and I will stay here and accompany you.”

Everyone understood Su Yu’s intentions. He wanted them to escape, while he would stay here alone to deal with the peculiar black badge. Xia Jingyu was offering to stay and help him.

However, Su Yu rejected her proposition, “No, all of you should leave. Moreover, you should all stay together! The Jiuzhou World is vast and filled with many dangers! So, you must all stay together and look for a place to settle down and live within.”

Su Yu turned his head around and swept over them with his gaze before adding, “As our status is special, you mustn’t expose the fact that you come from Zhenlong, as it may invite a great disaster upon all of you. So, from now on, forget your past status and blend into Jiuzhou as one of its own.”

Everyone was quiet as they listened to Su Yu’s plans for them. They knew that these may be his last words to them.

Su Yu continued telling them his plan, “According to what I observed along our journey, there are many towns and villages here, and the cultivations of their inhabitants are more or less like yours. So, all of you must pretend that you are simply migrating from another region.”

He then added, “After settling down, you must all choose youngsters with excellent aptitudes and send them to some of Jiuzhou’s factions to train them. In this way, you can secretly strengthen your power in hopes that you will one day get an opportunity to return to the Zhenlong World to protect your world properly. This is my last command to you as the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master.”

Old Chen turned around and looked at the 100,000 people behind him and shouted in a loud voice, “Did all of you hear him?”

The people looked at Su Yu with gazes that were full of respect and gratitude.

“Since all of you heard him, then go away. As for me, I will stay here too…” Old Chen wanted to stay behind, as he didn’t want Su Yu to face such a crisis alone.

However, he was interrupted by Su Yu, “No, I said that all of you should leave. I don’t want any one of you staying behind!”

His resolute and firm command startled all of the people present.