The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 735

Chapter 735 The Central Prefectures King

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“You should stay here, as it will be difficult for me to use my whole power if I need to look after someone. Also, if I go on my own, it will be easier for me to escape if I run into danger,” Su Yu said confidently.

Xia Jingyu bit her lips. She wanted to speak, but stopped herself from doing so. Su Yu held her shoulders with both hands and kissed her forehead in front of a hundred thousand people. Such a public display of affection revealed his intentions to all of Zhenlong’s living beings.

As she felt his warm lips, Xia Jingyu’s body shuddered. She blushed as she stood motionlessly, somewhat in a daze.

“Jingyu, take care of Xianer for me, okay? If I survive, I will come back for you,” Su Yu said.

This was a request that Xia Jingyu knew she couldn’t refuse, as she was the only one who could take care of Qin Xianer for Su Yu. After she hesitated for a long while, Xia Jingyu looked in Su Yu’s eyes, then nodded lightly as she said, “Fine, I promise. But, you must also promise me that you will come back.”

Su Yu nodded.

After a short while, thanks to the King of Darkness’ protection, everyone was able to escape to the eastern side. After he saw them off, Su Yu looked at the black badge. He tried to fly away, but just as he expected, the badge locked onto him, like a magnet, and it followed after him closely.

However, he wasn’t he worried by it. Instead, he heaved a sigh of relief, as he now knew that Xia Jingyu and the others would be safe.

Su Yu looked at the badge fixedly, while pondering its purpose. It was at this moment that the black badge began to shine with a bright black light. Then, the boundless black light shot out and formed a thin light screen before him.

There was a crystalline throne being projected upon the light screen, and a youthful man was sitting upon it. He wore a long yellow robe, which had nine dragons depicted on it. These dragons were vivid and lifelike, and they possessed an astonishing spiritual nature.

A boundless imperial aura assaulted Su Yu as he gazed upon this scene, and it seemed like the youth in front of him was the human world’s emperor As Su Yu looked at him fixedly, trying to get a clear look at his face, an intense pain transmitted from his eyes, and he found himself incapable of gazing directly at his face.

“Since the Blood Emperor used the Death Badge, then he’s probably already dead…” The emperor on the screen was calm and indifferent as he spoke. It seemed like he wasn’t at all affected by anything, even the death of such a top-notch All Creation expert like the Blood Emperor!

Su Yu’s gaze was calm as he asked, “Who are you?”

“Well… The Blood Emperor was my Bright Light Guard’s head, so… Who do you think I am?” the emperor replied calmly with a question of his own.

The Central Prefecture’s King! Su Yu was astonished, as the emperor in front of him was unexpectedly the Central Prefecture’s King!

“Tell me who killed the Blood Emperor! Since the Blood Emperor marked you before his death, then you should surely be aware of what happened.” Although the Central Prefecture’s King spoke calmly, his tone sounded like a somewhat harsh order.

Su Yu averted his gaze, tapped the ground with the tip of his foot, and wanted to escape. However, when he made the slightest motion, the Central Prefecture’s King looked at him.

His gaze sent chills down Su Yu’s back, and every inch of his blood coagulated, rendering him unable to move an inch. Even an All Creation Realm expert wasn’t this terrifying! So, he had to wonder… What kind of realm has this Central Prefecture’s King reached?

“Fine! I’m busy with cultivation, so if you aren’t willing to speak, I won’t ask you anything else,” the Central Prefecture’s King said calmly.

As he spoke, he waved his hand at Su Yu, and even though there was just a light screen linking the two of them, Su Yu still felt his soul shuddering. Then, as if his soul was held by something beyond his control, it started to gradually be pulled out of his body!

What kind of magical ability is this? Can he unexpectedly seize souls from such a far distance? Su Yu was beside himself and in a panic. After all, the light screen before him was just a projection, and the true Central Prefecture’s King should be far away from, a billion miles at least! Yet, he could somehow still disregard such a distance, easily seizing Su Yu’s soul!

Su Yu’s soul started struggling, and even though it tried to return to his body, it couldn’t shake off the mighty power that held it. As he watched his soul being dragged toward the light screen, Su Yu’s instincts told him that once his soul was completely dragged away, he would surely end up dead!

This whole time, as the Central Prefecture’s King was trying to kill Su Yu, he possessed a careless and casual attitude, and from beginning to end, he didn’t emit any killing intent. It was as he was casually crushing an ant.

While his soul was being pulled out gradually, Su Yu couldn’t fight back. This was because his whole body was in a confined state from which he couldn’t break free.

At such a precarious moment, Su Yu looked at the Fate Altering Pill, which had just one pattern left on it. In fact, upon taking a second glane, he saw that its radiance was extremely dim, and it really only had half a pattern left on it!

When his soul was almost completely pulled out of his body, Su Yu clenched his teeth, while a purple radiance shot out of his eyes.

“Time Reverse Flow!” As he shouted out the command, time immediately started flowing backwards.

Su Yu’s body immediately returned to its previous state. At the same time his soul gradually returned it before entering it once more.

The careless Central Prefecture’s King, via the light screen, couldn’t help but look towards him when he noticed such a rare peculiarity. After he recovered his senses and was able to speak, he exclaimed, “Time Reverse Flow! It’s really unimaginable!”

At the moment, Su Yu was shocked as well, as even though time was flowing backwards, the power that had been dragging away his soul wasn’t affected at all! Apparently, time power wasn’t powerful enough to affect it! In other words, Su Yu’s reverse flow of time couldn’t affect the Central Prefecture’s King, whose power reached a level of unfathomable depth!

“Interesting, I really wanted to see what so strange about you.” The Central Prefecture’s King curled up the corners of his mouth and had an intrigued look on his face.

The power, which was dragging away Su Yu’s soul, immediately became two times stronger than before, and once again, most of his soul was already forcefully pulled out of his body. At the moment, just his soul’s very top portion, like its head, was confined within and linked to Su Yu’s body.

“Well? It seems like your soul possesses something that even I can’t shake,” The Central Prefecture’s King became even more interested in Su Yu because of this, and as his words echoed out, the power that was dragging Su Yu’s soul away became stronger by more than two folds!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

A soft vibration sound echoed out as the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron in Su Yu’s soul continued to be dragged away. This was the first time that the divine cauldron had been moved by force.

“This is indeed interesting! I am getting even more curious now!” The Central Prefecture’s King was astonished. He had already used up two-thirds of his power, yet he still couldn’t entirely pull out Su Yu’s soul!

After all, even if his opponent was an All Creation Old Monster, using just two-tenths of his power would be enough to pull out his soul. The Central Prefecture’s King revealed a faint smile, then used all of his power, thus making the power that was dragging Su Yu’s soul away stronger by five folds!


A dragon’s cry was suddenly heard. It floated across the skies from the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron. Meanwhile, the scarlet liquid inside the Nine-Dragon Cauldron started shaking intensely, like a stormy sea.

The whole Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron was gradually dragged out of Su Yu’s body, along with his soul, and in the end, a part of the cauldron was exposed. The Central Prefecture’s King’s smiling face immediately stiffened the moment he saw a part of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

The emotions that filled his face thereafter were confusion, fear, and anger. He then revealed a pensive look, and after a while, his pupils contracted, while amazement appeared on his face.

“The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron! The ancient god Jiulong’s divine cauldron!” the Central Prefecture’s King cried out in alarm as he suddenly stood up from his throne. His face, which indifferent and calm just moments ago, was now filled with shock, as well as glimmers of ecstasy.

“This divine cauldron unexpectedly fell within the Jiuzhou Continent!” the Central Prefecture’s King exclaimed, his eyes shining with excitement and delight.

He then laughed and said, “Hahaha! Heaven is really helping him, and this divine cauldron unexpectedly fell in my hands!”

Su Yu was now even more shocked than him, as he couldn’t believe that he had recognized the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron! Moreover, Su Yu was wondering…

Who is the ancient god Jiulong? And… Did the divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron belong to him?

However, now was not the time to ponder over this matter, as once Su Yu was captured by him, it would be impossible for Su Yu to survive. After all, his hiding such a secret was reason enough for the king to dispose of him!

Knowing that he must risk his life to go against him, Su Yu looked at the black badge and concentrated all of his purple radiance upon it. The old badge was caught in the reverse flow of time, so it reverted back from its aged appearance to a younger one. Then, it finally reverted to its appearance when it was still brand new, shortly after it had originally been created.

As long as Su Yu continued reversing time, the badge would return to the moment before it was made, when it was still just a batch of mere materials. Then, if he was able to destroy the badge, the light screen would also disappear, which meant that the Central Prefecture’s King would no longer have any means for pulling Su Yu’s soul away! Hence, even though the time reverse flow couldn’t affect the Central Prefecture’s King himself, it could affect the badge!

At this moment, an astonished look appeared on the face of Central Prefecture’s King as he yelled, “Stop!”

However, just as he yelled that single command, a cracking sound was heard. As he looked at Su Yu’s palm, he saw that the Fate Altering Pill had disintegrated and turned into dust!

Apparently, after Su Yu had used it to reverse the flow of space and time several times, its life force had finally been completely consumed. This couldn’t have happened at a more crucial juncture!

Upon seeing this, Su Yu’s heart sank, while the Central Prefecture’s King heaved a sigh of relief. His gaze then became cold as he shouted, “Does someone like you deserve to possess something that I desire?”

As he spoke, he exerted more of his power, and Su Yu’s soul, which was currently on his head, was pulled out a bit further. At the same time, the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron was also moved a bit.

Su Yu knew that, if this continued in this way, then Su Yu’s soul would be truly forced out! At such a crucial juncture, Su Yu clenched his teeth, while the purple radiance appeared once again.

“Time Reverse Flow!” Su Yu yelled.

The Central Prefecture’s King was startled, so he exclaimed in surprise and consternation, “Da*n!”

He quickly thrust his palm at Su Yu. His palm contained a boundless mighty power, which was great enough to shake the whole world, and even though they were linked only by a light screen, Su Yu could still feel the spirit of death engulfing him!

“Spatial Vortex!” At that moment, a scarlet radiance shone out of Su Yu’s eyes, then engulfed his soul and body.

It was precisely at this moment that the black badge gave out and was instantly returned to its semi-constructed state. Then, the light screen started to vibrate intensely, and the Central Prefecture’s King’s power, which was drawing Su Yu, was weakened by more than half. As such, it could no longer drag the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron away.

Su Yu’s soul took advantage of this opportunity to return to Su Yu’s body before he stepped into the spatial vortex. However, the Central Prefecture’s King saw this and was infuriated. In fact, he almost went crazy, as he felt like his most precious treasure had just been stolen from him!

However, the light screen shook slightly at this moment, then disappeared completely. That was lucky for Su Yu, as the Central Prefecture King was surely in a murderous rage.

Meanwhile, a billion miles from this place, in a giant human city that spread across million miles and had a population that was ten times greater than the Zhenlong World’s, a golden and magnificent palace was floating in the sky. Ten All Creation Old Monsters sat calmly, surrounding the palace like stars would surround a bright moon.

In a vast hall inside the palace, an imposing person was sitting upright, while clasping his hands behind his back. He wore a yellow robe, which had golden dragons depicted on it, and a white jade crown was perched on his head.

Multi-colored lights shone behind him for a dozen miles. This happened to be a worldly phenomenon that symbolized longevity.

His eyes, which were as profound as the stars, yet they were cold and apathetic, and it seemed like they looked down upon all beings. It could be easily seen that he was someone who had a high position and possessed great authority. His golden robe made him appear even more noble.

“Teacher, what happened?” A woman in the prime of her youth was standing below the throne, and her eyes were filled with curiosity.

The woman was just eighteen, and her eyes were as pure as snow. They were also quite beautiful, crystal clear, and bright.

Although she was just a young girl, she had a curvaceous body, a slim waist, and a plump chest. She really did have extremely impressive curves!

If one observed her carefully, he would discover that a faintly discernible crown that was marked with the sun, the moon, and stars sat atop her head. That was the telltale symbol of an All Creation Old Monster!

“Call the Bright Light Guards.” The Central Prefecture’s King’s expression was calm and indifferent as he gave the command.

The woman nodded to symbolize her acceptance of his order, bowed, then stepped down. After a short while, she came back, followed by five men, all of whom were clad in golden armor. Each one of them had also had a similar sun and moon crown atop his head.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” the five All Creation Old Monsters said in unison, while they knelt down before him.

“You may dispense with curtseying, as we have no time to waste! I want you to look for someone.” As the Central Prefecture’s King waved his sleeves, a light screen appeared in the middle of the hall.

A white-haired youth was being projected on the light screen. He had a vertical blood-red thread between his eyebrows, and his facial features were so handsome, he could easily be confused for an ethereal immortal!