The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 736

Chapter 736 The Changes In His Body

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“Find him! Bring him to me at all costs! The last place he appeared at was at our border with the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands,” the Central Prefecture’s King said calmly.

The five Golden Light Old Monsters, accepted his order. Then the one who took the lead asked, “May I ask whether you want him alive or dead?”

“It doesn’t matter whether he’s alive or dead. I just want his corpse!” the king replied.

The young woman looked at the youth on the light screen and asked, “Teacher, what great crime did he commit for you to personally issue an order for hunting him down?”

Warmth appeared in the Central Prefecture’s King’s apathetic eyes as he looked at the young woman and said, “He’s an extremely vicious and evil person. He killed the Blood Emperor, and I’m worried that he may harm the Central Prefecture’s citizens. Because of these things, he must be captured and brought to justice!”

The young woman was startled. “Uncle Blood Emperor is dead?”

The Central Prefecture’s King sighed, while grief appeared in his eyes. “Yes. He already suffered this lad’s vicious assault.”

The young woman clenched her fists and grit her teeth, while her eyes started brimming with tears. “How could he kill someone as kind and nice as the Blood Emperor?”

Hatred appeared in the young woman’s eyes as she looked at Su Yu’s picture. “Teacher, let me go and kill him with my own hands! The Golden Light Guards’ cultivation isn’t any stronger than the Blood Emperor’s, so they may also be harmed by him. Let me deal with him by myself instead, as I will surely succeed.”

The Central Prefecture’s King shook his head as he looked at the young woman. “There is no need for you to do that. You just need to cultivate peacefully and quickly to complete the Jade Maiden Heavenly Frost Technique. Leave this matter to the Golden Light Guards. I will even your senior brother to capture and kill this criminal.”

As the Central Prefecture’s King noticed that the young woman was reluctant to accept this order, he revealed a warm look and sighed softly. “I know that the Blood Emperor once saved your life in the past, but you still must deal with all matters rationally, and cultivating this cultivation method is the highest priority at the moment. All other matters can be left till later on.”

“Understood.” The young woman gave up and nodded.

The Central Prefecture’s King also nodded. “Okay, you can leave now.”

The young woman turned around and left. While she was passing by the light screen, she couldn’t help but look at Su Yu’s picture out of the corners of her eyes. As she did so, an ice-cold killing intent appeared in her eyes.

In a lake that was a billion miles from them, giant waves rose up. A spatial cyclone appeared above the lake, and a white-haired man jumped out of it, then fell into the lake.

This man was none other than Su Yu, but his current appearance had changed beyond recognition. Many pieces of his skin were falling off of his body. It was as if he was shedding his skin!

His smooth, youthful skin became extremely rough and filled with wrinkles, and his face seemed even more aged. His blood and energy had deteriorated, and his muscles had become withered. He seemed like an aged old man who had reached the end of his life and had one foot in the grave.

Su Yu crawled out of the lake with great difficulty. He was soaking wet and was in a sorry state. As he stood beside the lake and looked at his reflection in the lake, Su Yu’s expression was still calm and composed, yet bitter feelings welled up in his heart.

The Fate Altering Pill’s life force was completely consumed in the end, and he needed to consume his own life force to continue reversing the flow of time. Although he had managed to successfully survive such a crisis, such a seemingly short control of time had consumed almost a hundred years of his life, transforming him from a youth into an old man instantly!

“Central Prefecture’s King, I will surely avenge this feud,” Su Yu murmured through clenched teeth.

Su Yu was determined to get rid of the Central Prefecture’s King! However, what he was most worried about now was Xia Jingyu and the others…

Did they manage to successfully fool people and establish a place for Zhenlong’s living beings? And… Where are they now? How can I find them?

As the spatial cyclone could teleport him to a starry sky that was billion of miles away, he currently had no idea where he was now.

“It will be all up to their luck.” Su Yu sighed, deciding that he had to start caring about himself first from now on.

He sat cross-legged and started observing his body’s current state, and he was really scared by what he discovered. His body was wholly withered, and it was especially the case for his internal organs and flesh, as they almost couldn’t even support their own weights!

As his internal organs had aged and weakened, they had become quite frail. Even breathing was somewhat difficult for him, and his muscles had also been greatly weakened.

Although the past Su Yu’s body wasn’t particularly well-built or muscular, his muscles and blood had still contained a terrifying physical power. But now, his muscles had withered and he felt like his whole body didn’t have the slightest trace of power. Even while he was standing just now, he felt like his knees would give out from under him at any moment.

His internal blood energy channels, which were crucial to his cultivation, had also aged and deteriorated, which caused the Vital Energy within them to stagnate. Moreover, it was practically impossible to revolve it, so he couldn’t revolve even a wisp of Spiritual Energy!

All of these things had occurred because he had cultivated the First Dragon’s body and his internal blood energy channel had reached Fairy Realm level. Otherwise, they wouldn’t just deteriorate, but would have instead been directly torn apart.

The only things that were still in good condition were his Dantian and his soul. The six Vital Crystals in his Dantian were undamaged and intact.

In fact, they hadn’t been affected at all, and they were filled to the brim with vigorous Vital Energy. Hence, once his internal blood energy channel recovered, he could immediately start trying to advance to the Fairy Realm.

As for his soul, it wasn’t affected at all because the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron was there. Those were the only things that somewhat comforted Su Yu at this moment.

What he needed to do now was use his worldly treasures to nurse his body back to health and let his internal blood energy channel recover, as only then would he be capable of advancing to the Fairy Realm. Once he advanced to the Fairy Realm, his life span would greatly increase and his aged appearance would recover to its former youthful state.

His current condition wasn’t reassuring at all, as his fleshly body was on the verge of death. He was even weaker than a mortal old man!

As he couldn’t use his Vital Energy, he was incapable of using most of his treasures, and techniques. So, he could only use some soul techniques, such as letting his soul leave his body, using soul flames, or using the Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air Technique’s Soul Control.

At the moment, his top priority was to look for a town where he could get some spirit herbs to nurse his body. When Su Yu stood up and surveyed his surroundings, he was dumbfounded to see that he was now within a valley that was surrounded by tall steep mountains, and there was only one old mountain road leading into it! The mountain road was filled with weeds, which almost obstructed it from view, and it was obvious that not many people ever came here.

As Su Yu current body was frail and weak, he couldn’t walk a long distance. Also, since he couldn’t use his Vital Energy, he couldn’t fly either.

“Will I just die here?” Su Yu murmured.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked blankly at his surroundings. He could hardly believe that a solemn Half Fairy Realm expert like him, who had just killed an All Creation Old Monster, would unexpectedly end up trapped amid desolate mountains and forests!

Thud! Thud!

A distinct sound of horses’ hooves suddenly transmitted to his ears from the surroundings.

How could such coincidence a occur, where people just happened to pass by here at such a time?

As Su Yu strained to listen to them, he was bewildered by what he heard. It was the sound of galloping horses!

Bandits? Su Yu smacked his lips and guessed that it was a group of bandits, as only bandits would inhabit such a desolate forest. But, even if they weren’t bandits, it would still be better to not meet them, as he didn’t know their statuses or whether they were vile or benevolent people. Moreover, as he was now in his frailest state, he had to be careful in every moment.

After he observed his surroundings, he found that this valley was flat, making it impossible for him to hide from a group of people. When he suddenly looked at the lake that was behind him, his eyes lit up and he moved his frail body to submerge himself in the lake! He decided that he would hide there, and then he would crawl out of the lake when they left!

Thud! Thud!

As the sound of the horses’ hooves neared him, several ripples appeared on the lake. Su Yu started inwardly counting, as he knew he couldn’t stay in the lake’s cold water for too long. Hence, he knew that he must quickly get out once the group passed.

However, as he continued to listen, the sound of the horses’ hooves actually grew fainter. Then, there was no sound at all! This was because they all had stopped right beside the lake!

“It’s almost nightfall, and the Demonic Ape Mountain Range is just before us. The Demonic Ape may be roaming its surroundings now, and we will be at a disadvantage if we were to fight it at night. So, we mustn’t proceed forward. We will set up camp here and wait till morning before continuing our journey.” A group of youthful and robust guards, who all held blades in their hands, rode their horses over imposingly.

The speaker was a middle-aged man, who seemed in his thirties. He was the leader of the group, and his cultivation was at the Level One Fairy Realm.

He had a calm demeanor and scorching eyes, and he looked fixedly at the mountain range before them as he waved his hands at his companions and asked them to stop and rest beside the lake.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

At this moment, a carriage that was surrounded by guards slowly came over. The carriage was exquisite. It was made from high-grade incense wood, which emitted a sweet fragrance and contained wisps of Spiritual Energy.

From the fact that it was protected by so many Half Fairy Realm guards and one Fairy guard, its owner must be at the very least of noble descent. They might even be quite wealthy.

The Fairy Realm chief rode his horse up to the carriage’s side and said, “The Demonic Ape Mountain Range is before us, and for our safety, it would be better for us to stop here, then continue traveling in the morning.”

As the carriage’s veil was lifted open, a noble and beautiful woman appeared before them. Her hair was pulled into a bun that was fastened by a phoenix-shaped hairpin, and she had long and sharp eyebrows and bright eyes.

She had a sharp nose, cinnabar-like lips, and skin that was as white as snow. She was also tall, graceful, and possessed beautiful curves.

“Okay, then let’s just rest here before setting off again tomorrow,” the woman instructed in a cold tone.

Another lovely and pretty face came out of the veil at this moment. Her face still had some baby fat on it, and she had clear eyes that reflected the sky’s color. Her face was friendly and she smiled often, which was a sharp contrast to the cold woman beside her.

“There is a lake here! That’s great, as I have already traveled with my big sister for days, and I didn’t get to take a bath yet! If I don’t bath now, then lice may start crawling on my skin!” the lovely girl said while giggling.

The noble and graceful woman furrowed her brows. “How indecent! If you don’t know how to talk properly, then just shut up!” It was really lacking in manners to mention her desire to bath in front of a man!

The lovely girl stuck her tongue out at her sister, but then apologized like an obedient child, “Sister, I’m sorry. I made a mistake.”

A trace of disgust and hatred flickered in the noble woman’s eyes for a moment as she looked at her, but then she just left the carriage without saying a word to her.

When Su Yu heard them talking about bathing, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly, as he didn’t know whether he should leave now or just continue hiding, as neither of those choices seemed proper at such a moment!

While chuckling bitterly, Su Yu could only clench his teeth and bear it, while he secretly went into the bushes. He was intending to wait for them to go to sleep before leaving stealthily.

The night quickly fell upon them. After they ate dinner and the maid cleared the plates away, only several female guards stayed beside the lake. In fact, there weren’t any men left in the entire surroundings.

“Sister, won’t you go in with me?” The lovely girl, who was beside the bonfire tried to convince her sister to bathe with her in the lake.

The noble woman, who had draped a ferret fur over her shoulders, spoke calmly, “The water is cold, so I won’t go in it. If you want to go, then you must go by yourself.”

The lovely girl was disappointed, but she complied. She took a change of clothes with her as she went to the lake and started bathing in it. After she left, the noble woman spoke to the maid, “Prepare a change of clothes for me. I will go to the other side of the lake.”

As the maid followed after her, she shot a look at the lovely girl and asked in a mocking tone, “How could that bast*rd child deserve to bath with our Eldest Miss? Did she assume that she was really of noble birth just because we call her Second Miss out of respect?”

The noble woman didn’t reply, but simply turned to observe the lake. She had already publicly refused to take a bath, so in order to preserve her dignity, she mustn’t let her sister see her secretly bathing now. But, as the lake was somewhat small, she was unsure how she could achieve this.

She suddenly noticed some dense reeds, which were extremely suitable for hiding herself from view. “Let’s go over there.” The noble woman smiled as walked quickly over to the reedy spot.

Once there, she quickly took off her clothes and revealed her alluring bare body. She had ample breasts, a thin waist, and long legs, and everything about her was extremely beautiful.

Her jade-like leg touched the cold water lightly, and although it was cold, it wasn’t unbearable. Delight appeared on the noble woman’s face, as she hadn’t been able to bathe for several days.


After she had just gotten in the lake, she suddenly heard a splashing sound from the reeds. It seemed like someone had stepped on them, while swimming over.

The lake had already inspected by the guards, who had verified that it didn’t contain any dangers, and since there were people guarding the surroundings, there shouldn’t have been any evildoers around. As such, the only explanation for such a sound was that her sister, who was bathing on the other side of the lake, had snuck over to her quietly.

She knew how naughty her sister was, and she couldn’t help but furrow her brows, as she was quite displeased by her silliness. But, she still maintained a calm and composed look as she called out, “Did you come over here to join me? Come! Let’s bathe together, but don’t make any noise.”

Su Yu had already been hiding in the reeds for a long time, and his frail body couldn’t bear the night’s chillness any longer. So, he started carefully swimming back to the shore. However, when he just started coming up to the shore, he jumped in fright as he heard someone’s voice.

He had been discovered by that serious noble woman! When Su Yu came back to his senses, he was somewhat dumbfounded by her words that he had just heard…

Bathe together? What woman was this lascivious to invite a man to bathe with her in the middle of the night?

When she didn’t hear any more noises behind her, the noble woman was displeased and she shouted softly, “Why didn’t you come over here? Do you need me to come to invite you over?”

Su Yu was really thoroughly dumbfounded by this loose woman!