The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 737

Chapter 737 Subtle Misunderstanding

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Su Yu turned around and took a closer look at the noble woman, whose rear view was graceful and marvelous. Her skin was as glossy as jade, and as the bonfire’s faint light shone upon it, it glowed with a faint luster.

Even though she was extremely beautiful, Su Yu’s eyes were still filled with nothing but disgust as he looked at her.

“What’s going on with you?” the noble woman asked as she furrowed her brows.

When her younger sister hadn’t spoken for quite some time, she detected that something was amiss. So, she turned her head and looked back subconsciously.

However, it was not her younger sister that appeared before her eyes, but an aged man, whose entire body was drenched. The man also had very disheveled hair.

“Ghost!!” the noble woman screamed, while her pupils contracted.

Su Yu’s was in a sorry state. His whole body was drenched. His long hair covered his cheeks, so that just his eyes were exposed. He really was quite frightening and scary on such a dark night!

It was only now that Su Yu realized that the noble woman must have mistaken him for someone else. However, when he saw that she was about to cry out once again, Su Yu pounced at her decisively, while shoving her head down in the reeds. He then used his right hand to cover her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

Even though his body was frail and weak at the moment, he figured that he could still manage to control a small and delicate woman, especially since the woman didn’t appear to have any cultivation base. Unfortunately, he had underestimated the situation, as this woman didn’t just possess a cultivation base, she even had quite a powerful one!

“Rapist!” The frightened noble woman assumed that Su Yu wanted to sexually assault her, so she fought back instinctively, condensing a ball of Vital Energy in her palm and striking Su Yu’s shoulder with it.


Su Yu was sent flying by her palm strike. When he fell, he landed among the reeds. This scuffle attracted the attention of the nearby guards, who were patrolling the surroundings.

The noble woman tidied her clothes quickly, then came out of the reeds. Upon seeing her mistress, whom she had followed here, the noble woman’s maid asked with concern, “Young miss, what happened?”

Surprise appeared on the maid’s face of the maid, as she soon realized that the current situation was anything but reassuring. She then ran to the noble woman, looked at the dark reeds, and shouted, “Come! The young miss has run into some danger!”


Upon hearing the maid’s cry, a group of armed guards quickly came over. A man, who was about thirty and was clearly the leader, asked with a sharp gaze, “Young miss, what happened?”

The noble woman pulled at her clothes wordlessly, while her lovely body shivered. It was obvious that she still hadn’t recovered from the shock of whatever had occurred.

“I’m okay,” the noble woman finally replied after she had a few moments to calm down. “It was probably just a water beast that scuttled into the reeds.”

The leader of the guards then said, “It’s my fault, as I didn’t handle the affair properly. It was due to my negligence that you suffered such a shock. Please, punish only me.”

The noble woman shook her head and said, “It’s fine. I know that your manpower is limited. As such, it’s unavoidable that you would overlook some things. Quickly, go back to doing your job.”

The guards’ leader then looked at the reeds and asked, “Why don’t you let me order my men to sweep through the reeds? After all, if the water beast was poisonous, it poses a danger to you.”

“There is no need. We will set out first thing tomorrow, so there is no need to waste time on that. Just go back to doing your job,” the noble woman said, while she shook her head.

The guards’ leader didn’t insist any further, but quickly followed her directions and led his men out. Once all of them had left, the noble woman’s calm expression became ice-cold.

Then, a killing intent appeared in her eyes as she said, “Xiao Tao, kill the rapist in the reeds in secret. I am pretty sure that I have already injured him, but you must still finish him off. But, remember to do so cleanly, not leaving any bloodstains behind.”

The maid was startled by her words. She couldn’t believe that the young miss had really run into a rapist! This was no small matter!

The young miss had a noble status, and if word of her running into a rapist while she was bathing spread, people would criticize her and make up wild stories about her! This would be quite harmful to her pure and chaste reputation!

More importantly, the young miss was engaged, and if such a matter reached her fiancé’s ears, it would be quite troublesome. It was due to this reason that the young miss had pretended like nothing had happened just moments ago and had sent the guards away.

Xiao Tao’s expression became slightly cold. “What a daring rapist! He unexpectedly dared to covet our young miss’ body! Young miss, you can set your mind at ease, as I will surely handle this!”

Xiao Tao entered the reedy area, planning to look for the rapist that was mentioned by the young miss. The reedy area wasn’t big, and after she swept through it twice over, she still didn’t manage to find any trace of him.

After the time that it would take to drink a half a cup of tea had passed, the noble woman furrowed her brows and asked, “He wasn’t there? Are you sure? News of this matter absolutely cannot be leaked!”

After all, her going through with her engagement was extremely important to her and her family’s futures. Moreover, it was only by a great stroke of luck that she had managed to get it! Hence, not a word of this could be allowed to reach her fiancé’s ears.

Xiao Tao nodded and replied, “Yeah, I’m sure! Young miss, is it possible that you killed him with your palm strike? Then, perhaps his corpse sank to the bottom of the lake?”

Did he die? The noble woman mulled this over as she thought back on the encounter for a long while.

Then, she became slightly uncertain as she replied, “It seemed like he didn’t have any cultivation, so it wouldn’t be impossible for my palm strike to kill him on the spot.”

The noble woman was still slightly uneasy, and it was only after she hesitated for a long while that she gave up on the idea and went back. When she passed by the lake, she noticed that her younger sister was still playing in the water and humming an inconsistent song.

The noble woman was displeased by this, and she asked, “Will you please leave the water? After all, it is too chilly in the depths of the night, and if you ended up falling ill, how would I explain this matter to our parents?”

Upon being scolded, the lovely young girl stopped humming and swam back to the shore in a hurry. The noble woman looked at her in displeasure, then went back to her own tent.

“Ah! I made a mistake once again and have displeased my big sister.” The delicate and lovely young girl blamed herself, “I’m really stupid.”

She smacked her forehead in vexation, and after she sat berating herself for a while, she became optimistic and joyful again as she thought to herself…

Since my sister came to look for me of her own accord, doesn’t that mean that she cares about me? Ah! In my sadness, I almost overlooked my sister’s good intentions. I must quickly go back and apologize to her!

As she thought these things, she climbed ashore clumsily. Then, she noticed out of the corners of her eyes that someone else was in the water! He appeared to be a weak man, who was hiding in the water!

If a normal person had such an encounter, he would surely be frightened, but the delicate and lovely young girl had a quite calm reaction, as she asked, “Well? Grandpa, are you also enjoying swimming here?”

While she was speaking to Su Yu, she wore a long white robe and was crouched beside the lake. As she supported her chin with both hands, she looked at Su Yu with a smile as he was swimming to the shore.

Su Yu, who was startled by her voice, soon emerged from the water and observed his surroundings. As he did so, an intense pain shot through his shoulder, causing the corners of his mouth to twitch.

That hateful woman had attacked him quite ruthlessly, and if his fleshly body wasn’t so sturdy, then her palm strike would have crushed his whole shoulder! Su Yu looked at the seemingly dim-witted young girl in front of him, not quite knowing what to think.

“Well? Grandpa, where are you going?” the delicate and lovely young girl asked. “Are you a vagrant, old man?”

Grandpa? Su Yu was startled by the way that she had addressed him. In fact, he found it quite weird! He was only older than the young girl in front of him by a mere two or three years, yet she was calling him grandpa!

“I was just wandering and ended up here. I’m sorry for startling you. I will bid farewell to you at once.” Su Yu’s body was frail, and after his shoulder was injured, he had caught a cold and had become weaker and weaker. He knew that he must quickly look for a warm place to recover.

Upon realizing his awful state, the delicate young girl stood up hurriedly and beckoned to him as said, “Grandpa, quickly come over here. The water is quite cold, so you must come with me to my camp to warm up.”

What? This young girl really doesn’t take any precautions against strangers at all! Su Yu thought, while hesitating.

He then looked at the camp in the distance and asked, “Young miss, may I ask… Who are all of you?”

The young girl replied, “I’m from the Blue Mountain Range’s Yuan family. We are quite an influential family, known for elixir production. My father, my mother, and my big sister all love helping people, so come along with me, as my sister will surely be delighted to render you aid!”

In her mind, her big sister was beautiful, noble, and extremely kind. In fact, she was the person who she held in the highest esteem.

“Young miss, may I ask your name?” Su Yu asked.

The young girl struck her chest, giggled, then said, “Hehe! I’m the Yuan family’s second miss, Yuan Yingying.”

Second miss? Su Yu’s eyes lit up slightly upon hearing this, and tears almost flowed out of them. He couldn’t believe that she was that woman’s close relative!

Upon realizing this, Su Yu figured that, since she wanted to help him of her own accord, then accompanying her group would surely be danger-free. Su Yu didn’t hesitate any longer before he agreed.

He was then immediately brought into the camp by Yuan Yingying. Once they arrived, she said, “You should warm your body first, while I go to ask for some food from my big sister’s maid.”

Yuan Yingying took light steps as she went to search for the maid. She came back after a short while with two pieces of dried meat.

Su Yu was really hungry, as he hadn’t had a decent meal in a long time. So, he immediately started eating heartily.

“Hehe, do you still want some more? I will go get more.” After Yuan Yingying witnessed Su Yu’s color returning after he finished his meal, a sweet smile appeared on her face.

Su Yu waved his hand at her in refusal as he said, “There is no need. I’ve already had enough. Young miss, thank you for feeding me. I will surely repay you in the future.”

“You don’t need to do that, as it was just two pieces of dried meat!” Yuan Yingying became slightly embarrassed, and as she looked at Su Yu’s worn out and tattered clothes, she spoke hurriedly, “Grandpa, wait here. I will go to look for some better clothes for you.”

Su Yu nodded, while following her with his gaze. All of a sudden, Su Yu squinted his eyes as he looked at a place that was just outside of the tent.

“Who’s there?” he asked.


A flurry of footsteps echoed, while four armed and powerful guards came and surrounded Su Yu. Thereafter, a maid lifted open the tent door as a tall and beautiful woman, who wore an ice-cold look, entered and said, “It’s no wonder that Yuan Yingying asked for dried meat! It turns out that it was for you! I can’t believe that it is really you.”

When she saw Su Yu, her expression became even colder as she commanded the guards, “Drag him out, then kill him!”

This woman intended to kill Su Yu, without even having a discussion with him first! Although Su Yu was completely unaware of this woman’s status, he was quite clear about why she wanted to kill him.

She wanted to kill him simply because he had taken several glances at her! She had not even tried to understand the truth of the circumstances! She was really ruthless!

As Su Yu observed them, he discovered that the four guards were all at the Half Fairy Realm. Specifically, the majority of them were Two Crystals Half Fairies, while the woman was a Three Crystals Half Fairy.

As for the maid, her cultivation was even lower, as she was just at the One Crystal Half Fairy Realm. Thus, he knew that it would be easy for him to burn them to death if he used his Soul Flame.

“Young miss, shouldn’t you first consider the consequences before recklessly killing people just to prevent them from divulging a secret?” Su Yu was hoping to not have to resort to killing any of these people, especially since the outer party had a large number of people in it.

Upon hearing his loaded question, the noble woman’s pupils contracted and her gaze became even colder. “Are you threatening me?” she asked. She immediately assumed that Su Yu wanted to divulge the fact that he witnessed her bathing.

“You could choose to see it as that way,” Su Yu said. Even though he was surrounded by them, he still wore a composed look.

In fact, he looked fearless and seemed quite confident. After seeing this, the noble woman became even more apprehensive.

As she pondered what to do next, telltale signs of her internal struggle appeared in her eyes, and while she was still hesitating, the head of a frail person squeezed into the tent, almost knocking the noble woman down!

“Oh! Big sister! Why did you come here? Moreover, why did you bring the manor’s guards here? Why are you threatening grandpa by brandishing your blades at him?” Yuan Yingying asked in surprise after entering the tent and seeing the scene.

The noble woman’s whole body shook, and as she looked at Yuan Yingying, she forced herself to keep calm. “Yingying, follow me outside.”

Once the two sisters were outside of the tent, the noble woman asked bluntly, “What did he tell you a moment ago?”

Yuan Yingying tilted her head sideways, as she was quite puzzled why her big sister was asking such a strange question.

“He told me a little bit about everything. Big sister, what is it that you want to know exactly?” Yuan Yingying blinked her eyes. In her eyes, she was telling the truth, as Su Yu had indeed informed her about his status and origin.

Thud! Thud!

The noble woman took two steps subconsciously, while her lovely body shuddered and she clenched her silver teeth. She was so infuriated that she shivered as she muttered, “That shameless and despicable lecher is actually using my sister to blackmail me!”

It was obvious that she had misunderstood Su Yu, as she had assumed that he had told her younger sister of everything as a precaution in case he was killed. Now, at least in her mind, if she wanted to kill him in order to protect her secret, she must also dispose of her sister!