The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 738

Chapter 738 The Cunning Demonic Ape

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“Sister, what did you just say? What happened to you? Did you catch a cold? Here, wear this mink fur,” Yuan Yingying spoke hurriedly.

Suddenly, the noble woman’s expression became ice-cold. “There is no need.” She then looked at Yuan Yingying, hesitation flickering in her eyes for a moment before she said in a deep voice, “You shouldn’t breathe even a word of what he told you. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being too ruthless!”

Yuan Yingying didn’t understand why her sister was angry, but it was clear that she had somehow unknowingly offended her, so she repeatedly nodded and said, “Sister, I won’t tell anyone about it.”

“You should behave yourself better!” the noble woman replied coldly, then went to her tent angrily. As she passed by Su Yu’s tent along the way, she gave him a meaningful look.

She knew that he must have snuck here because he recognized their Yuan’s family flag, and since he had his own motives behind such actions, then he would surely not dare to expose last night’s matter in the meantime

So, as long as she didn’t rashly kill him, then there shouldn’t be any problem. In that case, she determined that she would just have to wait until they returned to the Blue Mountain Range before looking for an opportunity to dispose of him quietly.

“Young miss, we are now between the desolate forests and mountains, and before us is the notorious Demonic Ape Mountain Range. The closest human town is 100,000 miles away. So, don’t you feel that it’s strange that an old man, who doesn’t have any cultivation base, suddenly appeared here?” The eyes of the maid, Xiao Tao, lit up as she asked the noble woman beside her.

The noble woman had also thought of such a matter, as this lascivious old man was truly too strange! However, she didn’t dare to rashly take action against him for the time being.

“Let’s just bide our time. Then, we will reassess matters after we return to the Blue Mountain Range,” the noble woman instructed her.

Su Yu, who was in the tent, was thinking about the Yuan family. As the family was an elixir refining family, they should have a profound knowledge of medicine, including how to nurse his body back to health. Moreover, they would most likely have many elixirs that were suitable for treating his current condition!

So, he figured that it would be in his best interest to continue mingling with this caravan, as staying in the Blue Mountain Range should be better than staying in this desolate place! As for the woman who wanted to kill him, Su Yu didn’t care about her. In fact, if Yuan Yingying hadn’t barged in, she would already be just a corpse!

The night passed without incident, and when the sun rose, they continued their journey. Su Yu slept contentedly in a small tent that Yuan Yingying had provided for him.

From the moment the Zhenlong World was destroyed till now, he hadn’t closed his eyes for even an instant, so he was really tired. Hence, such a satisfying sleep caused him to become much more spirited and vigorous.

He took out a set of clothes that Yuan Yingying had sent him. They were the standard clothes that were worn by the guards.

They were quite close-fitting and they facilitated movement. They were both soft and elastic, and they even possessed some defensive powers.

After he put them on, he combed his disheveled white hair and pulled it into a bun with a wooden hairpin, while letting the rest of it drape loosely over his shoulder. When he looked at himself in the mirror, Su Yu was somewhat startled.

Although the old man in the mirror was somewhat too thin, he was still tall, and at least his snow-white hair was properly combed! It could be seen from his face that he must have been extremely handsome when he was in his youth, and even though he was already aged, he still had retained some of his youthful charm.

At this time, he was completely different than any ordinary old men, as he no longer seemed to already have one foot in the grave. Instead, he seemed alert, sharp, and knowledgeable, with an air of otherworldliness.

“Grandpa, we will leave shortly,” the Second Miss, Yuan Yingying, called to him sweetly from outside the tent.

Upon hearing her, Su Yu lifted open the tent flap and exited the tent.

“Ah! Who are you? Are you grandpa?” Yuan Yingying widened her small mouth as she looked in shock at the snow-haired old man before her, who possessed an air of otherworldliness.

She was really adorable, so he couldn’t help but smile at her as he asked, “Second Miss, did you already forget about me? You picked me up yesterday! I’m Su…” Su Yu suddenly realized that he still hadn’t informed this girl of his name.

And, as the Central Prefecture’s King had already set his eyes on Su Yu, he surely mustn’t continue to use his true name! After he pondered this dilemma for a moment, he decided to give her a random name.

“I’m Su Yuxian, but you can just call me Old Su,” Su Yu said calmly.

As Su Yuxian had Su from Su Yu, Yu from Xia Jingyu, and Xian from Qin Xianer, he was able to take a word from each of their names to form his fake name, which expressed how much he cherished them. This warmed Su Yu’s heart.

“So, you are Uncle Old Su!” When Yuan Yingying heard his voice, she let out a breath before she started sizing him up with her big eyes, which were filled with curiosity.

She then asked, “Su Yuxian? Your name means rain immortal… Uncle Su, are you really rain immortal? In other words, can you make rain descend upon us?”

Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh. This Second Miss was really naive and innocent, and she reminded him of the past Xianer. For a moment, he even mistook her for Xianer, which only made him become more fond of her.

“Yingying, won’t you get into the carriage?” As the carriage passed by them, its curtain opened and the Eldest Miss peeped her head out.

When her gaze fell upon Su Yu, she was startled, as she couldn’t at connect the current old man before her, who now possessed an air of otherworldliness, with yesterday’s lecher and ghost-like old man with disheveled hair! It was only when Su Yu looked towards her that she recognized his eyes.

But, she quickly snapped back to her former cold demeanor. After all, since she hated him, she would surely not treat him nicely! Soon, she pulled down the curtain and gave them no further attention.

Yuan Yingying stuck out her tongue and waved at him as she also got into the carriage. It had been decided that Su Yu would ride a horse that he would be sharing with another guard.

It was only when he sat on the horse that he noticed that the horse was somewhat different from Zhenlong’s horses. This horse had an energy that he had never seen before flowing within its body. This energy was extremely powerful, and it seemed like the humans’ Vital Energy, yet it wasn’t quite as powerful.

“Have you never seen one of these before? This is our Yuan Family Ten Thousand Miles Galloping Horse. It’s one of the Demon Clan’s famous grade one demonic beasts, and it can travel 10,000 miles in a day. It’s impossible for ordinary people to afford them.” The Eldest Miss’ maid, Xiao Tao, was riding a horse beside Su Yu when she saw him curiously gazing at his horse. So, she mocked him before swaggering off.

A demonic beast? Su Yu was astonished by her words. After all, there weren’t any creatures called demonic beasts in the Zhenlong World! As such, this was his first time ever hearing those words together… Demonic Beast!

I must find a way to familiarize myself with some of Jiuzhou’s common knowledge! Su Yu thought.

The Ten Thousand Miles Galloping Horses were capable of running even faster than the wind. Thus, they were capable of traversing 10 miles in just three breaths’ time! In this way, their speed was comparable to a Three Crystal Half Fairy Realm expert’s!

Su Yu suddenly noticed that his position was somewhat odd, as he was surrounded by guards from all directions. He surely did not believe that they were protecting him, so he assumed that they were instead surrounding him, as if they were on guard against him. However, he didn’t really care about it, but determined to content himself in travelling peacefully along with them.

After two hours had passed, they had crossed more than 10,000 miles and had reached a black mountain range. Its mountains were extremely tall and steep, and they were very close to each other. If seen from a distance, they would seem just like a mass of blackness, which would give anyone a restless feeling.

Their group stopped in front of those black mountains, and at such a moment, Su Yu felt like the ambiance changed slightly. The guards all became tense, while their pupils contracted slightly and their breathing became irregular.

“We have reached the Demonic Ape Mountain Range, so take out the Heavenly Fragrance Pill.” The chief, Ah Qing, waved his hand at them, while he took a powerful bow from his back.

The bow was black, and it had a light that was flickering on it. Surprisingly, it was a top-grade divine artifact.

The guard who had shared his horse with Su Yu took a bottle from his pocket solemnly. Within the bottle was a single pink pill, which emitted an enchanting fragrance. It seemed like a woman’s fragrance, as it was light and delicate.

Ah Qing received the pill from the guard and put it in his bow before he aimed at the black mountains and shot the pill into them. The pill was sent into the deepest part of the black mountains.

All of the people were quiet as they looked deep into the black mountains, while holding their breaths. One could feel the tension in the air as they all waited…

Squeak! Squeak! Chirp! Chirp!

They suddenly heard noises echoing from the mountains, which caused all of them to shiver. A giant shadow flickered in the mountain at the same time, and it rushed toward the place where the Heavenly Fragrance Pill had just been shot.

Delight appeared on Chief Ah Qing’s face when he saw this, and he shouted in a low voice, “Let’s leave! Follow me.”

While he shouted, he retreated to the carriage’s side, which was where the most powerful guards were situated. He then followed behind them.

They all tried to suppress the carriage’s and horses’ noise as they made their way through the black mountains, while holding their breaths. Su Yu was bewildered by their actions, as the sound that had just echoed throughout the mountain range a moment ago seemed to be the sound of a monkey or an ape.

“May I ask you what just happened?” Su Yu lowered his voice to a whisper so that he wouldn’t cause a disturbance.

The guard beside him replied, “It’s the Demonic Ape Mountain Range’s Demonic Ape. This place once had an old road that was used by merchant caravans. It was originally a very busy road, but after some time, a Demonic Ape suddenly appeared. It immediately occupied the surrounding mountains forcefully and blocked the path. It then started robbing the passersby, and it’s because of this that this place received its name.”

Su Yu smacked his lips when he heard his explanation.

The guard then continued, “This ape didn’t just rob the merchant caravans, but it killed the merchants too! It never once let any of them leave alive! Moreover, this Demonic Ape was fond of capturing women and taking them to its cave to have its way with them. Many women have been assaulted by it, and this has earned it its infamous reputation and made all of the people hate it bitterly.”

Su Yu slightly furrowed his brows, as this was his first time hearing about an inhuman being that was fond of women!

“Since that’s the case, then why hasn’t anyone killed it? Isn’t there even a single Level Three Fairy Realm expert in the whole Blue Mountain Range?” Su Yu asked.

The guard replied with hatred in his voice, “How could there be? The Blue Mountain Range’s three great families joined hands many times and tried to execute the Demonic Ape, but this ape was extremely cunning, as it used its familiarity with the Demonic Ape Mountain Range to hide from them!”

He then added, “Once our Fairy Realm experts went after it, they either couldn’t find it or were killed by it! There was even a youthful Fairy Realm woman who was captured by it, and to this day, her whereabouts are unknown!”

As he spoke, the guard was clearly quite frustrated and angry, “We humans who live in the Blue Mountain Range are really laughable, as we have been humiliated so many times by this ape, yet we still haven’t been able to deal with it.”

Su Yu slightly furrowed his brows when he heard all of this. He was glad that their group was quickly speeding along through this eerie place. He clearly wasn’t the only one who wanted to leave the Demonic Ape Mountain Range as quickly as possible!

After all, the Demonic Ape was extremely dangerous, and if it noticed them after discovering that the Heavenly Fragrance Pill wasn’t a woman like it had first suspected, then they would all be doomed! Soon, they quickly reached the Demonic Ape Mountain Range’s central region, and if they managed to pass through this region, then they would be all able of safely leave the mountain range and continue their trip.

Squeak! Squeak!

However, a horrifying ape-like sound echoed through the whole mountain range at such a moment. It was faint, so it seemed both distant and close. This made it impossible to discern where it was coming from.