The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Eighteen Blessed Lands

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“How awful! We were completely fooled by it. The Demonic Ape was following us all along, having entered the central region of the Demonic Ape Mountain Range right along with us!” Horror appeared on Chief Ah Qing’s face.

If the Demonic Ape was in the outermost surroundings, they could still turn back and look for an opportunity to escape. But now that they were already in the depths of the Demonic Ape Mountain Range, when faced with the complexity of its terrain, they couldn’t possibly manage to escape.

They had already heard early about how cunning the Demonic Ape was, and it seemed that the rumors were all true! However, what surprised Ah Qing the most was how the Demonic Ape managed to see through their ruse and follow their tracks!

The Demonic Ape Mountain Range had a complex terrain, which was quite advantageous to the Demonic Ape. However, that same complex terrain also worked in their favor, as it help them by providing clever hiding places as they moved.

Hence, Ah Qing had to wonder… How did the Demonic Ape manage to find us?


At that moment, a black shadow, which was about three meters tall, suddenly jumped out from the peak of a mountain. It then spreads its four limbs out like a giant bird before it fell directly onto the carriage.


Upon impact, the carriage sunk into the ground, unable to move an inch. As Su Yu raised his head and looked at the creature, he saw that it was a giant ape, which had black fur that covered its whole body. It was as big as two humans put together, and it had four long limbs, all of which had bulging muscles.

Its giant head was also covered by shaggy, black fur, and its eyes had a human-like playful and cruel glint in them. The creature laid on the carriage’s roof arrogantly, while looking disdainfully at the guards.

The guards all ucked in breaths of cold air, while many of their legs and hands went soft in terror. They were now facing the terrifying Demonic Ape, and their minds were filled with all of the stories that they had been told of how it had slaughtered dozens of Fairies in the past. If their chief hadn’t been here with them, they might even have started to flee and scatter in all directions.

“Don’t panic. Let’s charge at it and save the eldest and second misses.” Ah Qing was the closest to the carriage, so he took the lead and jumped off of his horse, tapped the ground with his foot, then flew at a low altitude toward the carriage. He then thrust his palms forward and bombarded the carriage’s side, making a hole as big as a person.

“Young misses, come out! Quickly!” Ah Qing shouted loudly.

At this moment, a black blur swept towards him at an extremely high speed. Surprise appeared on Ah Qing’s face, while he used his high-grade divine artifact to block it reflexively.


His blade broke apart as a light noise echoed out. At the same time, five indentations, which were so deep that his bones could be seen, were left on Ah Qing’s chest. He was sent flying and slammed against a stone wall.

He had been severely injured by the Demonic Ape’s palm strike in just the twinkling of an eye! As he was the chief, he was the strongest of them all, so they the guards had to wonder… What will be our fates?

As all of the guards encircled the creature and charged at it, they were sent flying away, like mere pebbles, while their miserable screams echoed throughout the sky unceasingly. In that short span of time, eight Three Crystals Half Fairies guards had already been heavily injured. In light of this, the remaining Two Crystals Half Fairies would probably be killed in the twinkling of an eye!


The Demonic Ape stood straight on the carriage’s roof, then struck its chest with both hands, while its sharp eyes flickered with a playful and cruel glint. It was ridiculing and jeering at the Human Clan’s weakness.

The Demonic Ape then lowered its head, raised its long arm, and tore open the roof of the carriage, thus exposing the two women within it, who were trembling in fear.

“Big sister, I’m scared!” Yuan Yingying was so frightened that she wept. She had clearly heard about the Demonic Ape’s evil reputation.

However, the eldest miss was even more scared her younger sister. Her face was deathly pale, while her eyes were filled with panic and fright. Her lovely body was shivering, and she was frozen still, unable to budge even an inch!

Screech! Screech!

The Demonic Ape struck its chest excitedly, and its eyes had an human-like bright glint to the, as it raised its arms and embraced both of the women.

Upon seeing this, Ah Qing flew into a rage. “Let go of the young misses! Ahh! I will risk my life to fight you and save them!”

He tried to use his angry shouts to scare the Demonic Ape, but as this ape had a high intelligence, it just looked at Ah Qing disdainfully, threw its head back, and emitted a crazy roar of laughter. It then tapped the ground with both feet, and its black body rose up into the air as if it was a giant bird before it jumped toward a group of mountains.

Once it escaped into the mountains, Ah Qing knew that it would impossible for them to find the eldest and second misses. If that happened, the sisters would end up becoming the Demonic Ape’s women, thus being endlessly tormented by the furry beast!

When faced with such a terrifying future, Yuan Yingying wept in fright. She then struck the Demonic Ape’s arm with all of her power as she screamed, “Let go of me. Anyone… Please save me and my big sister! Waah! Waah…”

As for the eldest miss, her face became pale from fright. She almost fainted, and she couldn’t utter even a single word.

Ah Qing, who was below them, could only look on helplessly as the Demonic Ape escaped. He didn’t have enough power to chase after it, and his eyes had already turned bloodshot from glaring at it for so long.

At this moment, an apathetic and awe-inspiring voice echoed throughout the mountain range, “Evil beast, I have already heard about your infamous name, but since it was quite difficult for you to cultivate to such a level, I tolerated you out of kindness and gave you an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. But, you just went right back to your old, malignant ways, harming people!”

The voice then added, “Since I am passing by here today, I will kill you, thus ridding these common people of your corrupt form of evil!”

The mysterious voice startled all of the people that heard it. However, what shocked them even more was the scene that unfolded just the voice spoke…

The Demonic Ape, which had just jumped into the air and was about to go into the depths of the mountains, suddenly screamed out in misery, as if it was suffering an intense amount of pain. Its sharp and ferocious eyes were filled alarm and fright.

As it bore the pain, it staggered along the mountain peak, then turned into a black shadow and fled into the depths of the mountain. Having been dropped during the beast’s torment, the Yuan family’s two young misses used their Vital Energy hurriedly in order to fly back to the cavalry.

The eldest miss, who was still recovering from such a shock, breathed deeply as she was being supported by Ah Qing. As for Yuan Yingying, she was wiping away her tears, while kneeling and expressing her gratitude, “Many thanks for saving us, senior! I will remember this favor for as long as I’m alive.”

The eldest miss had finally returned to her senses at this moment, and she clasped her hands, knelt on the ground, and thanked him as well, “Many thanks for saving us. Can you please show yourself, so that I can pay my respects properly by thanking you in you in person?”

Yuan Yingying’s gratitude was heartfelt, while the eldest miss had ulterior motives behind her expressions of thanks. It was unknown whether the Demonic Ape was still alive or not, or whether it would come back and seek revenge. So, she figured that if she could ask such a powerful senior to travel with them, they would then be completely safe.

When the Demonic Ape had been attacked by this senior, the eldest miss, who had been close to the Demonic Ape at the time, felt such a destructive power that her soul suffered a burning pain. Such a mysterious and magical technique shocked the eldest miss, and it made her respect him even more. She was convinced that he was surely a peerless expert, as she didn’t know any other person who could injure a Demonic Ape in such a way!

“It was an easy and effortless matter for me, so there is no need for you to thank me. However, you should quickly go and chase the evil beast away, as it will probably go back to its cave after being injured, which will provide you with a perfect opportunity to save the other women that was harmed by it,” the faintly discernible voice replied with a word of advice.

The eldest miss averted her gaze as she asked, “Senior, why don’t you come with us?”

The faintly discernible voice said, “You don’t need me, as the evil beast won’t live for more than an hour more. Besides, it’s already incapable of harming anyone else, so you can just go ahead and take care of it on your own.”

The eldest miss rejoiced secretly when she heard his words. She then clasped her hands together and paid her respects to him again as she said, “Many thanks, senior.”

“Go!” the faintly discernible voice said before its echo faded away.

Su Yu, who was riding a horse, opened his eyes slowly, and his face became pale. He was very weak, as letting his soul leave and then return to his body had taken its toll.

When the faintly discernible voice had disappeared completely, the eldest miss stood up. Her ice-cold gaze became filled with delight, as she announced, “Guards, we have an opportunity to make a great contribution. Follow me, and let’s go kill that Demonic Ape!”

There was, in fact, no need for the eldest miss to remind them, as the guards were already aware of this matter’s significance. Even if they disregarded the reward, fame, and glory that they would surely receive if they killed the Demonic Ape, the wealth alone that the ape had accumulated through stealing over dozens of years was already a great figure to all of them.

Even if they could each get just a small share of it, it would be tantamount to five years of their wages as guards! With such a thought in their minds, their group was filled with a great fighting spirit as it followed the tracks that were left by the Demonic Ape.

After two hours had passed, they found a hidden underground cave in an inconspicuous black mountain. The Demonic Ape’s ferocious aura could be faintly sensed from just outside of the cave, and the voices of human women could also he heard.

The crowd was overjoyed upon discovering this, so they went inside immediately. The cave was quite vast, and it stretched for more than three hundred meters.The ground was covered with comfortable wild beasts’ furs.

All kinds of dried pieces of meat were hung upon the walls of the cave, causing a sweet and delicious fragrance to waft throughout the air. There was also a great amount of fruits here that had clearly been gathered in the nearby forest.

Three youthful, naked women were hugging each other in a corner. They were shivering as they looked in fright at Su Yu and the others, who had just entered the cave.

“Drape some clothes over them, then try to console them,” the eldest miss ordered her guards.

She then turned her pretty eyes to look at the lifeless Demonic Ape in the center of the cave. Her pretty eyes flickered as she said, “This Demonic Ape really didn’t survive for long, just like the senior said.”

“Ah Qing, tie up the Demonic Ape. We will bring him with us to the Blue Mountain Range,” the eldest miss said.

Ah Qing licked the corners of his mouth as he thought… Oh my God, this is the same legendary Demonic Ape that has caused so much trouble for many of the Blue Mountain Range’s factions!

Moreover, the Demonic Ape’s whole body was considered to be a precious treasure, and this was especially the case for its Demonic Core, as it could be used to make many elixirs.

In obedience to her orders, four plucky guards immediately pounced on the Demonic Ape’s corpse and tied it up properly. While their actions excited and pleased the crowd, the eldest miss only furrowed her brows.

This was because she was just realizing that there wasn’t any wealth in the cave besides the spirit fruits, and according to the records, the wealth that the Demonic Ape had stolen should have been a great amount! Moreover, the women that it captured had certainly been more than the three that they had found here today.

The only explanation for the women that she could figure was that some of the women, those who couldn’t bear the Demonic Ape’s abuse, might have chosen to end their own lives. As for the wealth, that was a matter that truly perplexed her.

After all, it was just an ape, so it was impossible for it to go out and spend the wealth! So, she had to wonder… Where did the wealth disappear to?

Su Yu also had the same doubts as he carefully observed the surroundings with his sharp eyes. This cave didn’t seem natural, as many of its hidden regions seemed man-made. Some of them even had some traces of human construction.

Su Yu suddenly noticed a black, fine, and long needle beside his feet. If Su Yu didn’t have such perfect eyesight, it would have been impossible for him to discover it.

After he picked it up and sniffed it slightly, an acrid scent wafted into his nostrils. Instantly, his mind became heavy, but since he possessed the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, he quickly was able to return to his senses.

“What an amazing odor! It can even affect one’s mind,” Su Yu muttered, while he calmly put the black needle in his pocket.

“Yingying, may I ask you about a matter?” Su Yu walked in front of Yuan Yingying and asked, “Is there anyone who specializes in poisons or medicine in the Blue Mountain Range’s vicinity?”

Su Yu knew that this wasn’t an ordinary poison cultivation technique, as it was clearly a poison that was targeted at Fairies. Hence, he wanted to learn as much as he could about it.

Yuan Yingying blinked her eyes and asked, “Poisons and medicine? Grandpa Su, are you talking about our Yuan family? We are an elixir production family, so we are obviously knowledgeable of all kinds of medicine. And… Poisons were also a part of our studies…”

Elixir production family? Upon hearing this, Su Yu squinted his eyes slightly and asked, “Who else is there besides the Yuan family that has such knowledge?”

“There are many elixir production factions in the Blue Mountain Range, but the only one that can rival our family is the Elixir Production Alliance, and their elixirs are even more amazing than ours,” Yuan Yingying said.

The minute she finished speaking, she heard an angry voice ask, “Why are you disparaging us? At what time did our Yuan family’s elixirs become inferior to the Elixir Production Alliance’s?”

The eldest miss, who still hadn’t managed to find anymore wealth, was quite annoyed and irritated. So, when she overheard what her sister had just said, she was greatly offended.

Yuan Yingying shrank back as she muttered in a low voice, “The Elixir Production Alliance’s elixirs have always been better.”

“The Elixir Production Alliance?” Su Yu muttered in a soft voice.

After four hours had passed, the crowd, who had finally finished carrying out all of the eldest miss’ orders, carried out the Demonic Ape’s corpse as they left the Demonic Ape Mountain Range.

After a three-day journey, they arrived before a giant beast-like city. They city was gigantic, and it wasn’t any smaller than the cities that Su Yu had seen while he was hunting the Blood Emperor.

“This is our Blue Mountain Range. It’s a middle grade city, which is ranked among the top hundred of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands,” Yuan Yingying said, introducing the city proudly.