The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Holy Decree Transformation

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu made a silent, joint decision as they quickly collected the saint grade spirit elixir before they turned around to kill the slayer suppressing Zhang Mingyi and his team!

At first, Du Lin was glad to receive help. Then, when he found out that the saint grade spirit elixir had been intercepted by Su Yu of all people, he was enraged! He wanted to prevent Su Yu from killing another slayer, but there was still one more slayer attacking him and Du Lin was unable to free himself!

Just as he had been about to kill the slayer attacking him, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu had joined forces and quickly killed the last slayer in order to obtain the saint grade spirit elixir. Within minutes, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu had obtained three saint grade spirit elixirs; Du Lin's team had only gotten one piece.

Logically, Su Yu and Xia Jingyuas long as they both swallowed two pieces of the saint grade spirit elixirs at the same timecould further improve and successfully breakthrough to Level Six Peak. In other words, in order to make a breakthrough they just needed to kill one more slayer!

Although the risks were big in the Evil Forest, the potential for cultivation base improvements was great! Xia Jingyu and Su Yu were happy beyond words.

Full of gratitude, Senior Sister Liu endured her sharp pain and curtsied in respect. "Many thanks to Junior Brother Su and Junior Sister Xia!"

If the two of them had not intervened in time, she would have been doomed!

Feng Hao's face was fearful. Only a few days apart, the two of them had been able to join forces to kill a Level Seven Lower Tier? A tremendous pressure weighed on Feng Hao's chest. They were all newcomers from the Heavenly Sanctuarybut the disparity between their power was already like heaven and earth.

Zhang Mingyi's face turned pale, then red; before their departure, he'd mocked Su Yu and Xia Jingyuhe had said that they would not survive three days without any strong protector. But, now it seemed even with a strong man like Du Lin to protect them it would difficult to survive two days, much less three. Contrastingly, both Su Yu and Xia Jingyu had greatly increased their abilities even without any strong protector!

Su Yu lightly glanced at Zhang Mingyi and Feng Hao before he simply cupped his hands towards Senior Sister Liu. He nodded, about to leave.

"Stop!" A deep roar came from behind them. Su Yu and Xia Jingyu turned back to face the sullen, cold eyes of Du Lin.

"Put down the elixirs!" Du Lin snarled.

Having just seen them kill a Level Seven Lower Tier, Du Lin curbed his bloodlust, afraid of the consequences. Although he was fairly certain that he could kill both of them, he was uncertain that he would leave the battle unscathed. If by any chance, he were to be wounded by the two of them, it could turn bad very fasthe did not want to be wounded in the Evil Forest. Therefore, Du Lin only ordered them to put down the elixirs, instead of immediately fighting them.

"Shouldn't you first thank us for lending a hand?" Su Yu indifferently replied.

Du Lin's face turned red, his expression was exceptionally rude and unreasonable. "I didn't ask you for help! Why should I be thankful to you?"

Su Yu responded with a shrug. "Actually, I didn't even think about saving you. I only made a move for Senior Sister Liu's sake. Otherwise, if you had died I would have only rubbed my palms and laughedyou really don't have to thank me."

"You!" Du Lin's face flushed with anger as he growled, "I'm giving a final chance, put down the elixirs or die!"

Though Senior Sister Liu was weak and attached to Du Lin, her heart was full of righteousness.

"Senior Brother Du, Su Yu has saved us. How can you be this way?" Senior Sister Liu asked resolutely.

"Shut up! I'll kill you too!" Du Lin's cold eyes made Senior Sister Liu's heart jump, and she backed away in fear.

Du Lin glared at Su Yu. "Good! It looks like you do not intend to hand over the elixirs. Therefore I, Du, shall give it a try and see just how powerful you have become." He growled coldly through clenched teeth.

He had already wished to kill Su Yu, and nowprovoked by the three pieces of saint grade spirit elixirhe had finally decided to make his move!

"Iron Horse Glacier!"

Du Lin growled as he focused his body into a wonderful state.

Holy Decree! A Top Grade Holy Decree!

Whereas Su Yu's Holy Decree was similar to entering a painting, Du Lin's Holy Decree was like entering a monumental moment in time!

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu felt as though they were watching an army of a thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses, trampling on a winter glacier. The army was destructive, crushing and destroying everything within ten thousand millesover rivers and mountains!

Faced with such an imposing force, Su Yu's heart throbbed. Uninvited despair leaked into his chest; his confidence had diminished before the fight even began! This was Du Lin's Holy Decree: intimidate in order to weaken the enemy's fighting power!


Su Yu resisted the fear in his heart with great difficulty as he held the soft body of Xia Jingyu. Xia Jingyu's palms shivered and her face flushed. She wanted to retreat, but she could feel the warmth and strength of Su Yu's big hands and, surprisingly, her heart gradually became calm and peaceful; her fear completely vanished. As long as Su Yu was around, she had a safe haven from hurricanes and storms of any sort.

Deeply calm, Xia Jingyu's snow-white cheeks turned crimson. She took Su Yu's hand and deeply savored the enriching moment of peace. At the same time, Su Yu fell into the state of his Holy Decree. He became disassociated from the material world, melting into a picturesque portrait of himself.

Xia Jingyu, who stood with him and held his hand, involuntarily entered the painting realm as well. In that instant, the two of them were like a celestial, immortal couple as they faced the incoming danger. Xia Jingyu's clear eyes slightly closed as she merged into Su Yu's Holy Decree. Her mind went into a state of emptiness. She could feel the power of his Holy Decree with her supernaturally powerful insight.

Just like that day amidst the pear blossoms under the moonlightthey held their hands together in the same way, comfortable and at peace with each other.

When her pretty eyes slowly opened she felt a profound sense of enlightenment which reverberated in her heart. Su Yu was shocked; Xia Jingyu had actually managed to comprehend his holy decree instantly!


There was no time to thinkSu Yu and Xia Jingyu made their move together!


Both Holy Decrees were superimposed; the endless painting realm spread outward in all directions, swallowing everything within a mile radius.

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu took one look at each other. Their hearts connected, they took their shot at the same time! Their conjoined hands shot forward and hit outward with a punch.


It was clearly only an ordinary punch, but it had caused the entire painting realm to tremble like it was going to crack. In that instant, Du Lin's Iron Horse Glacier momentum was annihilated in a puff of smoke!


Du Lin's mouth opened and spurted out a mouthful of blood as he fell back a few steps, his face deathly white. His internal organs had suffered several violent jolts, he was seriously injured! His eyes filled with deep horror!

Two Level Six Upper Tiers had joined forces together and had unexpectedly seriously injured him, despite his powerful condition!

Covering his abdomen, Du Lin was indescribably horrified; the two of them, joined together as a united force, created a formidable team!

Most chilling to see was Su Yu and Xia Jingyu enter a state of comprehension after they had used the Holy Decree.

Just from that single majestic blow, Su Yu was able to comprehend his previously stagnant Holy Decree. Ever since the Holy Meet, his comprehension of the Holy Decree had deepened, profoundly and incomparable. There was a continuous flow now, along with this new comprehension.

Even more wondrous was that Su Yu's and Xia Jingyu's Holy Decrees had come from one source. Now, both of their holy decrees had fused and become superimposed. This led to Su Yu's and Xia Jingyu's comprehension merging, they had achieved mutual awareness! Xia Jingyu's superb powerful insight caused Su Yu's deep and profound comprehension to deepen and transform.


A nameless whirlwind reverberated around their two bodies. Their joined Holy Decree comprehension surged and soared!

Su Yu's eyes glazed over as he slowly raised his finger and muttered, "So this is the Holy Decreedeliberately harmonizing with nature... Just merging into the painting realm eventually had its flaws, only when the heart and body belong to nature can every movement in the painting realm become part of the natural realm.."

Xia Jingyu shared Su Yu's comprehension; her heart was joyful, she had relied on her extraordinarily powerful insight which had now deepened and transformed, making her comprehension deeper and clearer. The two held hands as they entered the wondrous state.

Du Lin's eyes were cold as he growled, "You three, go ahead and take this opportunity to kill them!"

Zhang Mingyi and Feng Hao hesitated; there was no life or death hatred between them and the two standing before them, so there was really no need to kill them. But when they thought of the saint grade spirit elixir, their hearts became greedy!

Eyes flashing, Zhang Mingyi and Feng Hao charged to kill!


A beautiful shadow blocked them; it was the seriously injured Senior Sister Liu!

With her dignified expression, Senior Sister Liu admonished them, "Don't you have any conscience? Without them, the three of us would have already died at the hands of the slayers!"

"Move aside!" Zhang Mingyi could not help but feel angry at Junior Sister Liu.



Without another word, Zhang Mingyi immediately rushed forward against Senior Sister Liu! Feng Hao sneered and bypassed the two of them. He quietly sneaked up to attack Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, who were both still in a trance.

Feng Hao's heart lamented as he gazed at Xia Jingyu's alluring figure, but his eyes immediately clouded over. "Junior Sister Xia, don't blame me for being cruel. If you want to place blame, then blame yourself for choosing the wrong man."


A dagger appeared in his palm. Both of his eyes looked vicious and ferocious as he stabbed at them, seeking to cause harm!

"No!" Senior Sister Liu was enraged!

Zhang Mingyi sneered. Eyes filled with venom, Du Lin's sneer was vengeful!

Just as it seemed Su Yu and Xia Jingyu's lives were in true danger


A sharp wave of vital energy wooshed outwards!


Feng Hao's smirking face distorted with pain as he let out several terrible screams. The vital energy pierced his heart and caused his chest to burst!

A figure who had remained hidden in the distance abruptly came forward! The Obscurer!

Su Yu had taken several precautions before he had involved himself. He had arranged for The Obscurer to hide in the dark, instructed to only strike if there was a crisis.

"A Level Seven Lower Tier slayer?" Du Lin paled.

Zhang Mingyi felt fear strike him as The Obscurer's eyes landed on him.


With a shriek, Zhang Mingyi was scared witless and his whole face turned dark crimson. He shoved back Senior Sister Liu and frantically fled! The Obscurer wanted to take chase but stuck near Su Yu and Xia Jingyu instead.

Their comprehension took an hour. When they opened their eyes, a wondrous scene greeted them. Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, with no change to their cultivation bases, emerged with totally different temperaments. It was as if they had gained an additional, inexplicable temperament.

Xia Jingyu became more alluring and beautiful than any celestial beauty. Du Lin and The Obscurer were both startled; they were deeply entranced by Xia Jingyu and only recollected themselves after a moment.

"What... what is it? Just one look and I'm hypnotized?" Du Lin was horrified!

Su Yu, with his flowing purple robes and starlike, limitless eyes now carried an air of synthetic artistry around himhis skin, eyes, and hair all seemed hyper-real, as though he had just stepped out from a painting.

Senior Sister Liu's beautiful eyes fixed on Su Yu's body as she was immersed in the inner meaning of the painting realm which encircled him. Su Yu was also, undoubtedly, a handsome manand, like handsome men tend to do, his presence made her blush and her heart skip a beat. He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu smiled at each other; their Holy Decree journey had made new progress! They had intended for it to happen, but they had fully ingrained themselves with their Holy Decreesthey now lived in a state of hyper-reality, every movement carrying a strand of their Holy Decrees. They looked like celestial immortals among men.

The power of their Holy Decrees rose dramatically!

Su Yu's gaze swept fell on Du Lin, his eyes cold. He had originally not intended to kill anyone, but Du Lin had gone too far! This man could not remain!

Once again, the sun set as the moon rosemidnight in the Evil Forest arrived above their heads.