The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 740

Chapter 740 Deep Schemes

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This city was only ranked in the hundredth position? Su Yu was slightly startled by this fact.

Now that he thought about, he really hadn’t expected that he would end up teleporting from the Central Prefecture to the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands by using the spatial cyclone. He had many interactions with the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands while he was in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, as he had met the Red Blood Palace’s Shangguan Qinger, the Purple Cloud Palace’s Lü Chuyi, and the puppet refining master, Yu Tianci.

One of his great enemies, Gu Taixu, was also here. However, Su Yu had only fought against his clones the past two times they met, and he had never once fought against his main body. Now that he had come back to the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, Su Yu wondered if he would end up meeting him again.

Snapping back to reality, Su Yu shook his head and followed the Yuan family as they arrived at the city.

“Dismount from your horses! Ah Qing, notify the Yuan family to send someone to come and get us!” the Eldest Miss gave a few orders while descending from the carriage.

Ah Qing went by himself to the front of the city, where a great palace was built. It was protected by the Yuan family’s people, who all wore uniforms.

“The Eldest Miss and Second Miss have returned! Immediately notify the family to use the Extreme Mirage Cranes to go and get them!” Ah Qing issued orders to the Yuan family’s guards who were protecting the gate. After hearing him, a guard immediately entered the palace and used a voice transmission formation.

The city was extremely vast and great, and it was as big as the whole Zhenlong World. Even if they used the Ten Thousand Miles Galloping Horses, they would still need half a day to reach the center of the city!

It was only because of this that the Yuan family sent the flying demonic beasts, known as the Extreme Mirage Cranes, to go and get them. Those cranes flew at extremely high speeds, and they could reach the Yuan family’s manor in just two hours!

“Uncle Su, since you don’t have any home to return to, why don’t you come with us to the Yuan family’s manor?” Yuan Yingying pulled Su Yu’s hand as she entreated him with her big and bright eyes.

While they had been chatting in the road, she had hit it off with Su Yu. In fact, she had grown quite close with him, so she didn’t want to part from him yet.

However, before Su Yu could even reply, the Eldest Miss spoke, “Yingying, you are acting willfully once again. Mister Su Yu surely has more important matters to attend to, so how could he go with you?”

Although she gave this excuse, the real reason that she did not want Su Yu joining her sister was that she wanted to separate Su Yu so that it would be more convenient for her to find an opportunity to kill him secretly!

Su Yu shot a meaningful look at the Eldest Miss as he spoke calmly, “It’s fine by me, as all of those ‘important matters’ can wait till later on.”

“You!” The Eldest Miss’ gaze became ice-cold and she was greatly infuriated, as this lecherous old man dared to even barge into their family home! However, she was helpless while facing him, as she was afraid that he might expose that day’s matters.

“Oh! That’s great! Sister, did you hear him? Uncle Su Yu has agreed to my request.” Yuan Yingying was extremely excited.

The Eldest Miss just snorted coldly and continued waiting calmly. After two hours, cranes’ cries resounded in the sky as 10 great white cranes flew towards them.

Their speeds were extremely fast, as fast as a Level Five Fairy Realm human’s! There was one of the Yuan family’s personnel on each of the cranes’ backs, and they were in charge of controlling them.

Seeing this, Su Yu asked out of curiosity, “What are those people doing?”

Yuan Yingying was bewildered by his question. “Uncle Su Yu, have you never seen one before? They are Beast Tamers! They use their mental strength to control demonic beasts. There are just a few people who possess such an ability, and our Yuan family spent a great deal of money to invite five One Star Beast Tamers here. In fact, in the whole realm, there aren’t more than 10 of them in total!”

Beast Tamers? It seemed that Su Yu had learned yet another new term.

At that moment, Su Yu noticed one of the cranes that had two people on it. One was a youthful man, who wore magnificent clothes and had a dignified bearing. His appearance and build were average, but he wore a confident smile. Such confidence could only be possessed by someone who had sat in a high position for a long time.

“Haha, Sister Bi, you finally came back!” The youth who wore magnificent clothes came over to them, only looking at the Eldest Miss alone, without paying any heed to any of the other people present.

The Eldest Miss furrowed her brows and asked, “Zhao Yin? Why did you come with my Yuan family’s personnel to come and get us?”

It seemed like Zhao Yin didn’t feel the Eldest Miss’ displeasure, as he smiled confidently and said, “Sister Bi, don’t treat me like this. After all, we will soon be one family.”

The Eldest Miss’ expression became cold. “Pay careful attention to your words, as I don’t have any relationship with you! Hence, stop using such words, as people will misunderstand you.”

She then added, “Moreover, use my full name when addressing me, especially when you are in front of your fiancee!”

Zhao Yin was startled and embarrassed by her words and tone, and he was also somewhat annoyed and angered by her. Yet, he didn’t dare to get angry in front of so many people.

Instead, he bore his anger and spoke as if he had just noticed Yuan Yingying, “Well, Yingying, you also came back! It’s great that you are okay.”

Yuan Yingying clenched her fists and bit her rosy lips as she lowered her head and hid behind Su Yu. This was not because she was shy, as Su Yu saw sadness appearing on her face for a moment. In his experiences with her, she had always been carefree and cheerful, so he had rarely seen such a sad expression appear on her face.

When he carefully observed Zhao Yin, Su Yu couldn’t help but shake his head, as anyone with a discerning eye could see that Zhao Yin didn’t have any interest in his fiancee, but was instead interested in his future sister-in-law, Yuan Wanbi!

As Zhao Yin was just treated so coldly by Yuan Wanbi, and even Yuan Yingying was now hiding from him, he was too embarrassed to continue staying here any longer. “Then, I won’t accompany you anymore. Let’s just meet on another occasion.” Zhao Yin waved his hands at them and promptly left.

Yuan Wanbi took a look at his retreating figure calmly before she got on the white crane and left. Her maid, Xiao Tao, soon followed closely behind her.

When they had all left, a cold look appeared Zhao Yin’s face as he walked away. He was staring at Yuan Wanbi’s retreating figure fixedly as he mumbled, “What a sl*t! In the past, she was always cheerfully fawning all over me, but now she just treated me so coldly! Her attitude changed so quickly!”

He was somewhat puzzled as to why Yuan Wanbi had changed so much, as before she left, she was still meeting with him in secret, while hiding their relationship from her sister. They had been secretly dating each other for a long time already, and apart from her giving her virginity to him, she also did everything else with him, from holding hands to cuddling and kissing!

But, now that she was back from her trip, he realized that she had changed drastically. It was almost as if she was a stranger to him, and Zhao Yin was both puzzled and angered by it!

As his eyes flickered, he came to a place that Xiao Tao’s foot had stepped on, and there was a fine needle there, which seemed like it had just accidentally fallen from her. Zhao Yin took it and opened it skillfully, while he snorted coldly and mumbled, “Let’s see what happened to her.”

As he exerted his power in his index and middle fingers, he crushed the needle and took a fine slip of paper out of it. When he opened it, he found that it was filled with countless tiny letters. If Yuan Wanbi had been here, she could have easily recognized that those were handwritten by her maid, Xiao Tao!

Did she go to the White Cloud Lake during her secret trip? Confusion appeared on Zhao Yin’s face. What did she go there for? That place is occupied by the Shangguan’s family.

Zhan Yin’s expression became grave when he read the Shangguan’s family’s name, as this family had a great influence that spanned over a million miles! They governed nine mountain ranges, seven great mountains, six blessed lands and five villas. Moreover, the Blue Mountain Range just happened to be one of those nine mountain ranges!

But, what does that have to do with Yuan Wanbi’s great change? When he continued reading it, his expression gravely changed and he became quite gloomy.

What a daring old b*stard! He dared to touch my woman! A cold glow appeared in Zhao Yin’s eyes.

However, just after that, a splendid glow appeared in his eyes. Since that’s the case, then why didn’t Bi’er kill him, but instead brought him back to the Yuan family?

As Zhao Yin pondered this, he squinted his eyes… Did that old b*stard get ahold of something that he could use against her, forcing her to obey his orders with it via blackmail? This would explain her being obliged to pretend that she had already ended her relationship with me!

It couldn’t be denied that he was really smart, as he had managed to guess at least half of the truth correctly.

“What a daring old b*stard! You are already just a pile of bones, yet you still dare to covet my woman!” Zhao Yin mumbled. As he felt like he was almost cuckolded by him, he really hated Su Yu now.

While she was riding the white crane in the sky, Yuan Wanbi asked calmly, “Did you leave a letter for him as I instructed you?”

Xiao Tao, who was beside her, nodded. “I diverted his attention to the old man like you instructed. After he reads the letter, he will assume that it was all because of that old man that you ended your relationship with him. Now, he’ll never know that it was all because you already have an engagement with the Shangguan family’s young master!”

Yuan Wanbi was quite scheming and shrewd, and this was also the case for her maid, Xiao Tao!

“It’s really stupid for Zhao Yin to assume that I will work as a spy for him and supervise my young miss just because of the small benefits that he offered me! I really want to have a look at how Zhao Yin would kill that old b*stard!” Xiao Tao sneered as she spoke.

Xiao Tao had pretended to become his spy, while still being devoted and loyal to Yuan Wanbi! “However, isn’t it risky to let someone else know that you were sexually harassed? If Zhao Yin spread that news and it became known by the Shangguan family, then you would be in trouble, as the Shangguan family cares about virtue and honor greatly. Hence, you mustn’t be careless!”

After hearing her maid’s warning, Yuan Wanbi curled up the corners of her mouth into a smile and said, “From my understanding of Zhao Yin, I know that he cares about his honor greatly, so he would never let people know that the woman he dated in secret was assaulted by someone! Be at ease, and let’s just calmly observe how it all will unfold…”

Xiao Tao nodded and revealed a faint smile.

After two hours, in the Yuan family’s manor.

The Yuan family’s manor was quite vast and grand, and it took up almost a hundredth of the Blue Mountain Range’s entire area. In fact, it was as big as the Zhenlong World’s Shenyue island, and it was filled with many servants, who were constantly bustling with activity.

The houses and rooms within the manor were neatly arranged, and its decor and architecture were majestic and grand, like an imperial palace’s! There were many formations that were set on all of its corners, all of which were converging the world’s Spiritual Energy, which caused the manor’s Spiritual Energy to become more intense than the outside world’s.

Wow! Su Yu couldn’t help but inwardly exclaim in surprise when he saw it. He could hardly believe that even a manor in Jiuzhou was this outrageous!

“Follow me. Let’s greet the Family’s Master together, as your contribution of killing the Demonic Ape mustn’t go unnoticed.” As Yuan Wanbi spoke, she led the guards to meet the Family’s Master. The guards followed after her excitedly and cheerfully.

Su Yu couldn’t help but inwardly praise her, as this woman was really shrewd and knew how to properly handle all matters. For example, her present actions had ingratiated this group of guards deeply to her.

As he looked back at Yuan Yingying, Su Yu couldn’t help but shake his head, as even though she was obviously also traveling with them and should also have her own contribution recognized, the guards were grateful to Yuan Wanbi alone. It would be difficult for her to pass an easy time in her family with such a passive personality.

The Yuan Family’s Master had already convened all of the core members of the family, and he was waiting for them all in the hall. He was a gentle man in his forties, who had refined manners and a pair of deep and bright eyes.

“Father, meet everyone.” Yuan Wanbi presented herself and the others in a very dignified manner.

All of the elders in the room looked at her with gazes that were filled with praise and, and even those who were jealous of the Family’s Master, could still not help but be fond of Yuan Wanbi. After all, Yuan Wanbi was perfect in every aspect.

She was quick-witted and knew how to conduct herself, and she also had great talent in the martial arts. Moreover, her beautiful appearance made it extremely difficult for anyone to find any fault in her.

“Haha, my beloved daughters have finally come back.” The Yuan Family’s Master came over to greet them, and without giving any regard to the hall’s dignified ambiance, he pulled each of them close with one of his hands and looked at them carefully with a fatherly delight.

“Dad, I missed you!” Yuan Yingying exclaimed as she kissed his cheek.

She always just followed her heart and did what she wanted, and there weren’t any hidden motives behind her actions. So, it was clear that this father and daughter duo had deep feelings between them, and the elders here couldn’t help but furrow their brows as they looked at them.