The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 741

Chapter 741 Pretending To Be A Divine Master

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Yuan Yingying was the Yuan Family’s Master’s commoner daughter, who had been left behind outside. Two years ago, her mother died from an illness. At that time, Yuan Yingying became homeless. It was only then that the Yuan Family’s Master brought her into the family and announced her status.

At that time, the matter of recognizing her was met with great opposition, as everyone believed that her bloodline wasn’t pure and her status wasn’t legitimate. They determined that she mustn’t be allowed into the Yuan Family. However, the Yuan Family’s Master stood firm and opposed the opinion of the masses, which ultimately resulted in Yuan Yingying’s becoming the Yuan Family’s second miss.

“Family Master, let’s talk about business now. I heard that the eldest miss led the guards and killed the Demonic Ape, which was posing a great threat to our Blue Mountain Range. Is this true?” A sixty-year-old man interpreted seamlessly as Yuan Yingying shared some affectionate time with her father and looked with a smile at Yuan Wanbi.

The Yuan Family’s Master let go of his daughter’s hands, then went back to his seat. His face was filled with gratification and delight as he said, “Wanbi, you did well this time, and you have brought honor to our Yuan Family! Someone, raise the Demonic Ape…”

At that moment, four men brought a three-meter-long Demonic Ape onto a platform. As all of the family members present looked at the Demonic Ape, who still had a ferocious air about it, they were both astonished and delighted.

One onlooker exclaimed, “This is the evil beast, which has brought such calamity upon our Blue Mountain Range. We have paid quite a price due to its attacks these past years. Who would have ever expected that it would be killed by the eldest miss?”

“The eldest miss has indeed made a great contribution, which mustn’t go unnoticed!” another onlooker exclaimed.

Many praises echoed through the air after that, and the flattering comments were all directed toward Yuan Wanbi. Meanwhile, they all ignored Yuan Yingying on purpose, leaving her standing alone beside Su Yu.

Yuan Yingying bit her lips as she looked at her big sister, who was now the center of attention. She admired her, envied her, and also felt slightly bitter towards her.

Yuan Wanbi then said modestly, “Uncles, you are just cracking jokes now. With my meager cultivation, how could I have managed to kill the Demonic Ape? In fact, it was a powerful senior, who had just happened to pass by, who killed it. He even gave me directions to lead our people and chase it into its cave! It was only then that I managed to bring back its corpse. As you see, I didn’t really do anything.”

Although her words seemed truly modest, she did still mention the fact that the powerful expert gave her directions, which served to boost her image in front of her people. The reality of the situation, however, was that Su Yu didn’t just give those directions to her, but to the whole team. Yet, Yuan Wanbi had presented it in such a way to make people assume that she had some sort of relationship with this powerful expert!

After hearing her words, everyone became completely silent. They had already expected that the Demonic Ape hadn’t really been killed by Yuan Wanbi, and even if it actually had been, they simply assumed that it was killed by a random stroke of luck. However, when they heard that it was a powerful expect, who had helped them in defeating the Demonic Ape, they understood everything.

The Yuan Family’s Master’s gaze flickered. “Wanbi, why did that powerful expert save all of you, without any apparent reason? Do you know who he is? Does he have any history with our family?”

As the power of someone who could kill the Demonic Ape was surely extraordinary, at the very least, the Yuan Family’s Master wanted to know this expert’s identity. After all, even he himself didn’t have the ability to kill such a cunning Demonic Ape!

Yuan Wanbi furrowed her brows, then shook her head and said, “The senior didn’t show himself to me. We only heard his voice, but didn’t get to see him.”

The Yuan Family’s Master’s eyes flickered upon hearing this. “He heavily injured the Demonic Ape, then left him half alive in front of all of you, without even showing himself?”

The pupils of many people in the room contracted when they heard this, and they had to wonder… What kind of divine ability is this?

The Yuan Family’s Master muttered irresolutely, “There are only two ways to achieve such a feat. The first explanation is that his cultivation was so high that he could cross space and kill the Demonic Ape from far away. As for the other explanation, he may have been just a Soul Body, which means that he was a Divine Master senior.”

His words fell heavy upon the onlookers, and the room’s ambiance suddenly became grave, as regardless of which possibility it was, such a powerful expert wasn’t someone they could afford to provoke. This was especially the case if it was the second possibility, meaning that he was an Almighty Divine Master! After all, all people, whose souls could leave their bodies, were surely Almighty Divine Masters… Or even more powerful experts!

“It’s a pity that we didn’t get to invite such a powerful senior to be a guest in our Yuan Family.” The Yuan Family’s Master felt quite regretful about this, while his gaze was still fixed on Yuan Wanbi. He was hoping that she knew something else.

Yuan Wanbi’s eyes flickered slightly, and she wore a look of enlightenment as she said, “Oh right, father, it seemed like that senior was always in the Demonic Ape Mountain Range’s vicinity, yet he still didn’t kill the ape. It was only when I ran into danger and was captured by the ape that he finally attacked it.”

Her unspoken implication was that the senior had intervened on her behalf. She purposefully omitted the fact that Yuan Yingying had also been captured along with her.

“Moreover, I also found his voice slightly familiar-sounding, as if I had once heard it elsewhere, or had perhaps seen him before,” Yuan Wanbi said. This matter wasn’t really a lie, as she really had found it to be slightly familiar-sounding.

Su Yu, who was standing to the side, couldn’t help mutter in a low voice, “Of course it sounded familiar… After all, didn’t that sound belong to an old lecher like me?”

Even though Su Yu had lowered his voice’s pitch on purpose, his words did not escape the ears of many people present. Upon hearing his telltale words, the eyes of the Yuan Family members lit up slightly as they all wondered…

Did that senior intervene on her behalf and kill the Demonic Ape for her?

They exchanged several glances amongst themselves, while trying to hide the faint delight that instantly appeared on their faces. Yuan Wanbi had indeed brought with her many nice surprises today. If the Yuan Family could befriend a Divine Master because of her, then besides the Shangguan Family, no one else in the entire nine mountain ranges’ territory would dare to offend the Yuan Family!

“Wanbi, regardless of everything, you still did well this time. You brought honor to us by bringing back the Demonic Ape’s corpse, and it may still be possible to befriend a powerful expert because of you.” The Yuan Family’s Master’s face was filled with a big smile.

He then added, “The Yuan Family always properly rewards and punishes people for all matters related to both domestic and foreign affairs. As such, we must surely reward you generously!”

Yuan Wanbi rejoiced secretly when she heard him. She couldn’t get a reward arbitrarily from the family, even if her father was the Family Master, and even though she was the Family Master’s daughter, she must still follow all of the rules and make a contribution in order to get such benefits.

“As Yuan Wanbi made a third-grade contribution, she will be allowed a single entry into the Elixir Pond. She will also be awarded two Seven Stars Precious Crystals and twenty regular crystals,” the Yuan Family’s Master announced.

The Elixir Pond? Yuan Wanbi was overwhelmed with delighted, as the Elixir Pond was the Yuan Family’s secret grounds, where many precious elixirs were placed throughout the year. This meant that it was brimming with the Elixirs’ power, meaning that it would be extremely likely for one’s cultivation to raise by at least one level if they cultivated within it just once!

There was also a slight possibility that Yuan Wanbi, who was at the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm, could advance into the Fairy Realm while she was within it! As for the Seven Stars Precious Crystals, they were an extremely precious elixir, which was made by refining a Demon Core. This was also helpful in achieving a breakthrough.

As for the last reward, the twenty crystals, such an amount was considered to be a vast windfall of wealth. Such rewards satisfied her greatly.

“Ah Qing, since you are the chief of the team, you will be rewarded with two Green Jade Shell Elixirs, as well as ten crystals. As for the other guards, they will all be rewarded with a single Green Jade Shell Elixir, as well as one crystal,” the Yuan Family’s Master announced.

After he finished explaining the rewards, the Yuan Family’s Master looked at his youngest daughter, Yuan Yingying, affection immediately appearing in his eyes. But, he still maintained a stern look as he said, “As for Yuan Yingying, she also led the team, along with Yuan Wanbi, Hence, she also must be rewarded in the same way, thus being allowed to enter the Elixir Pond…”

Someone immediately spoke up in opposition to this decision before the Yuan Family’s Master had even managed to finish his words. A white-haired old man stroked his beard and said, “Family Master, there are less than two months left until the Yuan Family Competition. At that time, the people ranked among the top ten will be allowed to enter the Elixir Pond, and if the pond’s medicinal power is too greatly exhausted before that time, rendering it insufficient for those ten people’s use, many of our branches’ people will become dissatisfied and resentful.”

The white-haired man sighed, then added, “As Yuan Wanbi has adequate prestige in the family and is undoubtedly our family’s pride and joy, if she gets to enter the Elixir Pond, the branches’ people will unlikely have any objections to it. But, Yingying is…”

The white-haired old man paused for a moment, then shook his head and said with great hesitation, “Forgive me for speaking honestly, but it will be difficult to justify her entry into the Elixir Pond to the masses. Moreover, any contributions have mainly been made by young miss Wanbi, with Yingying just following behind her. As such, her contributions can’t be counted along with her elder sister’s.”

When the white-haired old man witnessed the Yuan Family’s Master’s expression becoming gloomy, he spoke again, “Family Master, if you really want to reward her, then why don’t you wait until the Family Competition the following month. At that time, if Yingying manages to seize a quota, she will leave the branches’ people at a loss for words.”

After he expressed his opinion, everyone nodded, signaling their agreement with what he had just said. They then spoke, one after another, all of them treating Yuan Yingying like a complete stranger. At this moment, the Yuan Family’s Master’s expression was gloomy, as he faced a great amount of pressure now.

“Father, grandpa Pojun isn’t mistaken. In fact, my big sister deserves all of the credit, as I really didn’t do anything. As such, I mustn’t accept any rewards,” Yuan Yingying stood out, opened her bright eyes widely, and said.

After she spoke, the white-haired old man praised her, “Yingying can really see the bigger picture. Not bad! I think quite highly of you now.”

Since even Yuan Yingying had agreed to what the white-haired old man had said, the Yuan Family’s Master could really say no more. “Fine. Yingying, you can leave for now. Go and cultivate.”

The Yuan Family’s Master’s heart throbbed in pain as he looked at his youngest daughter, who had just been pushed out. He had done his best to take care of her, but the family still didn’t recognize her, which left Yuan Yingying in a difficult situation.

As Yuan Yingying returned to Su Yu’s side, her body was shuddering, and her small hands, which were hidden in her sleeves, were trembling violently. She wasn’t trembling because of anger or rage, but because of grief, the grief of being crowded out by everyone.

“Fine! Let’s finish the meeting,” the Yuan Family’s Master announced, though his interest in it had waned.

However, at this moment, a faintly discernible voice echoed from the sky, “So, it was actually here…”

The voice startled everyone, and the Yuan Manor’s guards immediately charged in.

“Who’s here?” The Yuan Family’s Master stood up abruptly, while he swept the surroundings with his sharp gaze.

As the faintly discernible voice echoed out again, it seemed both near and far away from them, “I came here just to check whether that evil beast was really eradicated. I had been occupied the past few days, as I went over to take care of a matter, but am now back to verify it. Since I see that it’s already dead, I won’t stay here any longer.”

What? Is this the powerful expert? The Yuan Family’s Master looked at Yuan Wanbi quickly, and the latter nodded at him, excitement apparent on her face.

The Yuan Family’s Master was delighted, “Senior, wait for a minute…”

He could faintly feel a soul power, which shocked him greatly. It was obvious that it belonged to an Almighty Divine Master’s Soul Body, which was in the vicinity.

“What’s the matter?” the faintly discernible voice asked.

The Yuan Family’s Master replied, “Senior, I’m expressing my gratitude to you for saving my two daughters on behalf of the whole Yuan Family. I hope that you can show yourself to us, as only then can I repay you properly for your kindness.”

The Yuan Family’s Master was quite excited, and this was also the case for the other members of the family. They couldn’t believe that they just might get the chance to befriend such an Almighty Divine Master!

“There is no need for that.” The refusal disappointed all of the family members. However, they had to admit that they found it reasonable. After all, an Almighty Divine Master was a great existence, who couldn’t be expected to take their trifling Yuan Family seriously.

“However, your precious daughter is quite to my liking, as we hit it off after we met. I will still come here often in the future, and If I am in a good mood, I may even take her as my disciple and give her some directions in her cultivation,” the faintly discernible voice promised.

His promise delighted the whole family. After all, after a relationship was announced, no one would dare to harm the Yuan Family in the future!

“Wanbi, why don’t you thank this senior?” Pojun’s face was rosy and filled with delight, while the other elders were also gratified. They all envied her, as Yuan Wanbi had really brought great benefits to the Yuan Family.

At the moment, Yuan Wanbi’s face was flushed, and she was clearly quite excited. She wore a smile as she paid her respects sincerely, “Many thanks, senior. I will surely live up to your hopes and expectations for me…”

The faintly discernible voice interrupted her, asking, “Who are you?”

His sudden question caused all of the people present to stiffen, including Yuan Wanbi, whose smile froze on her face like a piece of solid ice!

After the Yuan Family’s Master returned to his senses, he said carefully, “She’s my precious daughter, Yuan Wanbi.”

“Ah? So, she’s also your daughter? Let me be frank… The precious daughter I was talking about is that small lassie of yours. What’s her name again?” the faintly discernible voice asked.

Yuan Yingying, whose face was filled with bewilderment, stood in her place blankly, and it was only when she was suddenly pushed by someone from behind that she stumbled to the center of the hall.

It was her? The crowd wondered in awe, while the whole place descended into silence. It turned out that the person the Divine Master senior was talking about was unexpectedly the illegitimate child that had been brought from outside!

Only the Yuan Family’s Master was overjoyed at this moment as he exclaimed, “Senior, she’s also my precious daughter! Her name is Yuan Yingying!”

“Yingying, why don’t you quickly come over here and thank the senior?” The Yuan Family’s Master was delighted.

Even though he couldn’t give any benefits to his youngest daughter himself, if they were given to her by the Divine Master senior, the family could certainly not object then! Moreover, a Divine Master’s personal teaching was considered a good fortune, which none in the Yuan Family had yet enjoyed.

Such good luck would probably make the Yuan Family members go crazy from jealousy. In fact, many of them might even change their whole attitudes because of it, causing them to immediately start fawning over Yuan Yingying. This was indeed a turning of the tide of Yuan Yingying!

“Well, okay…” Yuan Yingying was at a loss for what to do, so she kowtowed clumsily and thanked him, “Many thanks, senior. Also… Senior, what’s your name? Why don’t you come out and let us see you?”

Upon hearing his youngest daughter’s bold request, the Yuan Family’s Master almost jumped out of his skin from fright. After all, such a senior’s name was something that should not be asked this bluntly, much less requesting him to show himself!

However, it was fortunate that the Divine Master doted on Yuan Yingying, so he just laughed it off and replied, “My name consists of just a single, long word, so you can just call me ‘Old Long.’”

“Okay, Grandpa Long!” Yuan Yingying giggled.

Grandpa Long? The corners of the mouths of all of the Yuan Family’s people couldn’t help but twitch, as only this silly girl would dare to call a Divine Master by such an intimate term!

Even the corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch when he heard her new nickname for him. After all, he had managed to make a fake identity for himself with great difficulty, yet he was still being called grandpa by this young girl! He really did let her get away with too much!

“Hehe, I’ve just been cultivating with ease recently. So, if I have some free time, I will surely come over to teach you,” Su Yu said.

With that, the faintly discernible voice disappeared far away. The Yuan Family’s people were still shocked, even after the voice had been gone for a long while.

When everyone finally returned to their senses, many sharp gazes looked at the silly Yuan Yingying, who was still in the room. Their gazes were scorching, and it seemed like they wanted to burn her with them!