The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 743

Chapter 743 Extreme Limit Elixir Manufacturing

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The word ‘ancient’ held great significance, as the ancient era was an almost riddle-like and extremely mysterious period, in which many almighty existences were born and numerous emperors fought over supremacy. It was a splendid, dazzling, and extremely prosperous time.

In fact, one could say that it was a legendary era. As such, all of the objects that remained from this era each possessed an unfathomable power. Although their mystical powers varied, every object still had its own special and peculiar charm.

Su Yu looked very carefully at the elixir recipe that was in front of him. He then read murmured, “The Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid can increase cultivation, and it possesses even Dantian nourishing and Vital Energy Condensation effects for middle-stage Fairies! Moreover, if it’s consumed for a long period of time, it can even temper one’s soul and increase one’s soul power. After using such an elixir, one could possess a soul that is more powerful than ordinary people’s by three-tenths!”

Su Yu glanced at the bottom of the recipe and saw that there was a line of small characters, which read: Note: people with innate soul talent will experience double the effects after consuming this elixir for a long period of time.

Upon reading this, Su Yu’s pupils contracted slightly as he thought… If it is able to increase the cultivation of middle-stage Fairies, it could be considered a relatively high-grade elixir, but it still couldn’t be classified as ancient. However, it must be noted that its strengthening effects on the soul were extremely rare results.

After all, a person’s soul power determined his level of perception ability. Specifically, the stronger one’s soul, the quicker he could comprehend cultivation techniques, and he could then walk further on the martial path. Such awarenesses were common knowledge for those traversing the martial path.

In most cases, one’s soul power would increase after each cultivation breakthrough, thus reaching a degree that matched the current level of cultivation. This was because it was extremely difficult to raise the soul power even more than its base level. For example, it was extremely difficult for someone at the early stage of the Fairy Realm to increase his soul power to the Fairy Realm middle-stage level.

Even Su Yu had possessed a soul power that was only equivalent to the early stage of the Fairy Realm when he was at the peak of the Half Fairy Realm. Moreover, he had only been able to reach this level due to the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron’s tempering, as well as the Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air technique power accumulation.

Even then, it was only through tireless cultivation for countless years that he was finally able to reach such a step. If it had been any ordinary person, it would be impossible for him to have reached the same state as Su Yu was at currently. After all, such a person could be considered extremely brilliant, even in Jiuzhou.

After he read the small note, Su Yu’s heart throbbed even faster. He could barely believe that people with innate soul talent could receive double effects from the elixir!

In other words, if Su Yu consumed it for a long time when his soul was in the early stage of the Fairy Realm, this meant that he could probably get a soul at the late stage of Fairy Realm! In such a condition, Su Yu would be able to comprehend every technique more easily. Also, if he added his time acceleration ability to that, he would become a person with truly matchless talent!

Su Yu became extremely excited as he thought about it. At the moment, he could only try to repress his excitement as he tried to memorize the elixir recipe, as well as its method of production way. After a short while, he was able to do so completely, without omitting even a single word.

“I really never knew that the Yuan family had hidden such a heaven-defying elixir recipe!” Su Yu couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration, as this night’s gains had far surpassed his expectations.

In the depths of the night, Su Yu’s soul swiftly left and returned to his body. He had obtained three elixir recipes throughout his travels. These recipes were for the Pure Yang Vital Return Pill, the Fairy Expansion Pill, and an ancient elixir called the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid.

When Su Yu observed the three recipes carefully, he discovered that he didn’t recognize any of their ingredients, as they were all spirit herbs, which had yet to appear in his continent. Moreover, even if he was familiar with them, as they were very rare, it would still be difficult for him to get his hands on them.

After all, he had already spent all of the crystals that he had obtained from the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. So, since he was incapable of purchasing the rare ingredients, he knew that he must look for another solution.

As he had been constantly on the move for the whole day, Su Yu was slightly exhausted at the moment. So, he closed his eyes and rested until dawn.

“Grandpa Su.” When he woke up and had just finished washing his face, Su Yu heard a sweet-sounding call from outside.

When he opened the door and looked over, he found that Yuan Yingying was standing before the door, wearing a big smile. Her eyes were bloodshot, and it seemed like she hadn’t slept at all last night. Even though she was delighted by her change of fate, she was also deeply hurt by the fact that her elder sister had misunderstood her.

“Lassie, come here. Why are you looking for an old man like me?” Su Yu was quite fond of her, so he spoke to her kindly.

Yuan Yingying opened her clenched fist stealthily, revealed a round, white pill within it. The pill had a single pattern on it, which seemed like it was moving. This made it appear to be quite magical.

The pill also had a mesmerizing fragrance. Su Yu instantly discerned that it was an expensive spirit pill.

“Yesterday, father ordered some people to send my reward to me. The rewards was a set of four Seven Stars Precious Crystals. One is for me, one is for you, one is for my big sister, and the remaining one is for my father,” Yuan Yingying said.

She wore a simple and honest smile on her face. Even though Yuan Wanbi had hurt her the day before, she still cared about her elder sister. Either that, or she was using her own methods to gain her elder sister’s approval and recognition. It was just a pity that her methods had produced the opposite result of what she had desired.

“You should use them for your cultivation, as if you consumed all four pieces, you would probably be able to advance to the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm,” Su Yu said.

Yuan Yingying was slightly baffled by the fact that Su Yu knew her cultivation level, and she shook her head as she replied, “No. Won’t it better for all of us to cultivate together? Take it. It’s for you, Grandpa Su.”

Su Yu chuckled involuntarily, then said, “I’m just a mortal, so such a spirit pill would be useless to me.”

Su Yu stopped for a moment before he added, “Second miss, if you really want to help me, can you fetch me two batches of medicinal ingredients?”

Yuan Yingying’s eyes lit up as she looked at the ingredients from the elixir recipes that Su Yu handed her. She then said in surprise, “Hey, these are our family’s secret elixir recipes for the Pure Yang Vital Return Pill and Fairy Expansion Pill! Grandpa Su, why do you have them?”

Surprise appeared on Su Yu’s face, as he was amazed by her astute perception. Su Yu had assumed that Yuan Yingying was slightly silly before now, but it seemed like that wasn’t really the case after all.

Su Yu had been careful to completely mix up the order of the ingredients in the elixir recipes that he had offered to her. Moreover, he had even added several false ingredients that were completely unrelated to them as a decoy.

By doing so, he believed that it would be difficult for even ordinary alchemists to notice the comparisons between the recipes and the Yuan family’s. Yet, in such a short while, this silly and adorable girl had seen through his ploy with a single glance!

“Is that the case? These recipes were left to me by a powerful senior, who I met while traveling. Does your family really possess them too?” Su Yu blinked his eyes, feigning surprise.

Yuan Yingying scratched her head in confusion, then muttered in a low voice, “That is strange, but fine. I do have all of those ingredients. Grandpa Su, come with me to my room.”

Her room has the elixir production’s ingredients in it? The curious Su Yu followed her into her room, somewhat baffled that she would keep them there.

Even though she had been shunned by the family, she still had a place that was adequate for her status. Her dwelling had an immense courtyard, a martial training room, an elixir production room, a lounge, a living room, a bedroom and a pavilion with a small lake that was filled with fresh mountain spring water. She had everything that she would ever need.

Yuan Yingying brought Su Yu into her elixir production room, which was filled with a dazzling lineup of ingredients, as well as numerous alchemy tools. The enticing fragrances of different elixirs filled the entire room.

It could be clearly be seen that the room was constantly in use. At the moment, the alchemy fire even wasn’t even completely extinguished, which made it appear as if it had been used the day before. This made Su Yu wonder… Is this lassie practicing alchemy daily?

“Our family’s elixir production technique is taught only to our direct descendants. As such, my father and my elder sister are both practicing it. As I want to be of help to them, I started practicing in secret. However, it’s a pity that I’m too stupid and have wasted so many ingredients these past few years, without managing to make anything successfully.” Yuan Yingying shook her head in disappointment as she pointed to a pile of bottles, which were filled with shattered pills, deformed pills, and pills with disordered patterns.

Only she, the Yuan family’s youngest miss, could afford to practice her elixir production technique, without needing to worry about the expense of such repetitive failed attempts. After all, such a great amount of wasted ingredients was enough to deter normal factions or people to try numerous attempts at successfully creating the pills.

Su Yu was greatly shocked upon seeing this, as he had Tianji’s elixir production technique, which he had read. So, he knew clearly that the elixir production technique was critical for a successful result.

This was the very reason why alchemist’s inheritances were precious. In fact, they were even more precious than elixir recipes, which explained why they wouldn’t divulge them to outsiders easily.

It could be said that, without an elixir production technique, regardless of how great one’s talent and aptitude were, he would still be incapable of achieving anything, as he wouldn’t be able to complete even the basic condensation of a pill.

But, more than nine-tenths of the elixirs that Yuan Yingying had tried to make had at least reached the stage of pill condensation. This meant that, even though she had ultimately failed in her attempts, she had indeed only fallen slightly short of completing the tricky task!

What was the most impressive about all of this was that she had managed to get to such a point by only depending on herself. She had no formal training, yet had almost entered the alchemists’ rank!

When Su Yu looked at Yuan Yingying, he suddenly felt like the Yuan family had misjudged her. They had clearly overlooked an alchemy genius!

“Why don’t you inform your father of your progress? I’m sure that he would teach you in secret,” Su Yu suggested.

Yuan Yingying bit her rosy lips as she shook her head firmly and said, “I don’t want to cause any trouble for father, as if the other uncles were to learn of it, they would surely make matters difficult for him. I only want to be an obedient daughter, who won’t make any trouble for her father. So, I was intending to wait until I succeeded before informing father of my progress, as only then would the family’s uncles not object.”

Su Yu looked at Yuan Yingying, then stroked her head as he sighed. Even if she truly managed to become an alchemist, her uncles would most likely still mock her and continue to crowd her out.

She had assumed all this time that people disliked her because she didn’t work hard enough. She was clearly unaware that all of her troubles stemmed from their prejudices against her. Hence, even if she worked harder, it would be useless to change their minds.

“You are really a good child. Why don’t I make some elixirs with you?” Su Yu smiled at her amicably.

Yuan Yingying’s eyes lit up as she asked excitedly, “Are you serious? That would be great! I can’t believe that I am finally spared the loneliness and toil of making elixirs all by myself!”

Pity welled up in Su Yu’s heart at that moment. He felt regret, as she had been bullied many times within the family for his sake. He was a stranger,, which she had known for less than five days, yet he had somehow managed to win her heart. From this, it might be assumed that usually, no one in the entire Yuan family, from her elder sister to even the servants, were willing to pay her any attention.

“Let’s make the Fairy Expansion Pill first. But, as I have only three batches of its ingredients, you must be careful,” Yuan Yingying said as she took the three batches of ingredients from the shelf, then handed one batch to Su Yu.

She then added, “As this place has earth fire, it’s quite suitable for people like us, who don’t have enough Vital Energy.”

Su Yu nodded. As he held the ingredients, he thought back on the Heavenly Mystery Elixir Production technique that he had memorized earlier.

Many types of elixir production techniques were recorded in the technique’s scroll. They were recorded there by Tian Jizi, who had tirelessly recorded them there throughout his whole life. He had made some of the elixirs himself, while others were those that he had collected from other people. As such, the scroll contained numerous, diverse techniques.

One of them was an elixir production technique that Tian Jizi had created at the very end of his life. It was his greatest achievement and the technique that he was the most proud of. Upon seeing it, Su Yu cried out, “The Extreme Limit Elixir Manufacturing Technique!”

The Extreme Limit Elixir Manufacturing Technique was known to be the best technique for elixir production, and it had been created in a forbidden-grade elixir production environment. As such, the materials’ purity’s extreme limit, flames’ temperature’s extreme limit, and the number of fusions’ limit had created an almost taboo elixir production process.

The most critical matters in such a process were the extreme limit states, and even if there was just a slight error, the elixir would be a complete failure. As such, even a great alchemist wouldn’t dare to attempt it. Moreover, the only ones who dared to try such a feat, besides mad men and ordinary people, wouldn’t use such a taboo-like elixir production technique to do so.

But, even though the Extreme Limit Elixir Manufacturing Technique had a high chance of failure, if the production was a success, the elixir’s grade would be quite shocking. The elixirs were divided into nine grades, according to the Heaven Mysteries Elixir Production Technique.

An elixir with a single pattern was a first-grade spirit elixir, while an elixir with two patterns was a second-grade spirit elixir, and so on. Hence, one with nine patterns was a ninth-grade spirit elixir, which could also be called classless spirit elixir.