The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 745

Chapter 745 Noble As Before

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Yuan Yingying knew everything, in fact, which startled Su Yu. He couldn’t believe that the seemingly silly Yuan Yingying had actually proven herself to be quite clever and smart. As he looked upon her now, he saw that she wasn’t necessarily any less intelligent or capable than her elder sister.

Su Yu gradually understood everything as he observed the elixir production room. If she was really stupid, she could have never have reached her current level in elixir production.

“Grandpa Su, thank you for helping me. I am quite delighted and glad, as no one besides father cares much about me. Thank you again, Grandpa Su.” Yuan Yingying’s eyes filled with tears, and it was unknown to Su Yu whether this was due to grief or gratitude.

As she shed silent tears, she pounced into Su Yu’s embrace. She then started wailing quite loudly. After all, it was extremely difficult for a young girl like her to bear everything on her own for so long.

Su Yu was taken aback by her emotional outburst, and he sighed softly as he stroked her head. He then said, “I told you that I would repay you for the meal. As this was my commitment, you are simply getting what you deserve now.”

He then looked at her and added softly, “I just hope that you can stay as noble as you are now and keep such a kind heart as you walk down the road of alchemy.”

Yuan Yingying tilted her head as she rested in Su Yu’s embrace and cuddled him. Her heart was filled with gratitude and peace.

“However, I also want you to realize that trying to get people’s recognition will be futile.” Su Yu sounded like a grandpa, who was trying to guide the younger generation, as he uttered these sincere and meaningful words, “People only respect dignified people, so if you only show them your soft side and are too friendly to them, you won’t get their recognition, but only their disdain. Then, it will be more difficult for you to be accepted into the family.”

After he finished speaking, it seemed like Yuan Yingying had realized something upon hearing his wise words. She finally saw clearly that she really hadn’t managed to change her situation at all these past two years, regardless of how hard she worked.

“What should I do then?” Yuan Yingying raised her head and asked. Her bright and sparkling eyes were filled with longing.

“Become stronger,” Su Yu said. “Regardless if it’s on the martial path or the alchemy path, you must strive hard upon them, so that you can become stronger. When you are so strong that you can subdue them, causing them only be able to look up to you, then you won’t need try to get their recognition any longer, as it will be them who must try to get your recognition! I hope that you will bear these words in mind.”

It seemed like Yuan Yingying only understood his words slightly, as she replied with some confusion, “But, my talent in the martial path is still quite mediocre, while my alchemy skills can’t yet subdue people. So, what should I do now?”

Su Yu said calmly, “I must first verify a matter before instructing you further.”

After Su Yu mulled it over for a moment, he consumed the Pure Yang Vital Return Pill. Instantly, its warm energy wandered through his internal blood energy channel, while his withered right channel started to become more flexible, and even though it was just by a faint degree, he could tell that it had improved from its previous clogged state.

Thereafter, Su Yu’s coagulated Vital Energy finally started moving slightly, and even though its movement was slow, he could finally use his Spiritual Energy! When he tried to move his Vital Energy in his previous clogged channel, he found it extremely difficult. He also felt an intense pain, as if his body had just been stabbed by countless needles.

However, Su Yu bore the pain, while he revolved his Vital Energy until it reached his eyes. At that moment, his eyes took on a white color.

Meanwhile, a mysterious energy penetrated through Yuan Yingying’s entire being, peeking into her soul,which was hidden within her body. Su Yu’s pupils couldn’t help but contract slightly when he had taken just a single look at it.

He then said, “Sure enough, your soul is totally different than ordinary people’s.”

He saw that she had practiced to only One Crystal Half Fairy Realm cultivation, yet her soul was so powerful that it had already reached Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm Level!

If it wasn’t limited by her low cultivation, then she would probably have already managed to have obtained a Fairy Realm soul, just like Su Yu! Upon realizing this, Su Yu couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration of such a great innate soul talent!

Even though he also had such an impressive innate talent, it was only via the aid of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron and Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air technique that he had been able to attain such an achievement. On the other hand, Yuan Yingying had depended solely on her innate talent to reach such a stage!

She had depended upon her soul power, while fumbling along on her own down the alchemy path. As such, she had managed to display a pretty good talent in alchemy!

As Su Yu looked at her in surprise, he felt like the young girl in front of him was indeed a peerless genius, who was definitely in the wrong place! If she was at a more famous sect and her soul potential was unearthed, then she would be of working toward extremely high achievements in the future.

“Grandpa Su, what just happened?” Yuan Yingying blinked her innocent and naive eyes, clearly unaware of the terrifying potential that was hidden in her body.

Su Yu shook his head and said, “It’s nothing, but I still want to teach you a soul secret technique, which will enable you to injure or kill those with a cultivation that is higher than yours. It won’t be of great help to your cultivation for the moment, but it will allow your strength experience to rise exponentially. At the very least, you will become stronger than your elder sister.”

Yuan Yingying was overjoyed to hear this, and she asked, “Are you serious? I want to learn it right now!”

Su Yu nodded, then started patiently teaching her how to sense souls and use the technique. He even gifted her half of the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s soul flame. Now, it would be impossible for Three Crystals Half Fairies to withstand her eyes power, and it would also be the case for even early stage Fairies!

This teaching session lasted for three days and nights. He taught her everything during this time, and after she had completed it, Yuan Yingying’s gaze became more reserved, and her simple and honest now bearing hid a sharp nature behind it.

“Many thanks, Grandpa Su. I will never forget your kindness.” Yuan Yingying kowtowed to Su Yu as she paid her respects solemnly and respectfully.

Su Yu smiled. “You deserve it. You should continue making elixirs. I need a large number of Pure Yang Vital Return Pills to heal my internal blood energy channel, while you need an elixir for increasing your cultivation. After all, there is only half a month left until your family’s test, and you need to amaze the crowd at that time!”

Yuan Yingying nodded resolutely and replied, “Okay!”

However, she furrowed her brows just after that and said, “But, I don’t have any medicinal ingredients left, as I usually buy them with my allowance, but I don’t any money now. So, I will need to wait for half a month to get my forty crystals reward.”

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth twitched upon hearing this. Alchemy was really a profession that burned through money, and it would be impossible for the Yuan family to provide them with assistance so that they could continue making elixirs. Hence, the fact remained that they could only depend on themselves at the moment.

As Su Yu looked at the two pills in his palm, he asked, “What’s the current market price of the Fairy Expansion Pill in the Blue Mountain Range?”

Yuan Yingying’s eyes lit up as she asked, “Are you planning to sell the pills that we have made to get money?” In the past, Yuan Yingying wouldn’t even dare to dream of doing such a thing, but now, her heart thumped wildly as she considered it.

“The Fairy Expansion Pill is a fairly common, low-grade spirit pill. The market isn’t short of it now. What it is short of are the high-grade ones. As such, a first-grade Fairy Expansion Pill can be sold for just two crystals, while a second-grade Fairy Expansion Pills can be sold for nine crystals. As for a third-grade Fairy Expansion Pill, its price isn’t any lower than forty crystals!” she explained.

She then added, “Its price becomes higher by several folds with each increase of its grade. Hence, if it’s a fourth-grade, its price won’t be any lower than a hundred and fifty crystals! However, the only people who can make such a pill, besides my father, are the Elixir Production Alliance’s two alliance masters. As such, it isn’t available for sale on the market!”

Su Yu remembered that these crystals possessed great power. Hence, they were in high demand within the Nine Prefectures. In the past, he had managed to sell a high-grade divine artifact for just four crystals, but now, a hundred and fifty crystals could buy even a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact!

“Fine. I will go out for a while, but I will come back shortly. In the meantime, you should rest for a while,” Su Yu said.

He then changed his clothes, left the courtyard, and went to the Blue Mountain Range’s main shopping street. It was filled with a sea of people and was extremely bustling. Scenes of prosperity and flourishing wealth could be seen everywhere he looked.

Martial path’s experts were also everywhere, and Su Yu also saw numerous Half Fairies. He even noticed many complete Fairies.

Since there was such a large number of martial artists gathered here, it made sense that there was also a multitude of various elixir stores. Su Yu avoided the larger elixir stores, while he looked for a place with fewer people in it.

After all, the larger stores always took advantages of their customers. Hence, he figured that he might not manage to sell a third-grade Fairy Expansion Pill for a good price there.

As for the smaller stores, which lacked excellent alchemists, they usually only made second-grade spirit elixirs. Hence, they had a greater need to purchase third-grade spirit elixirs from outside parties.

As Su Yu arrived at a store, he met a slightly plump shopkeeper, who had a pair of shrewd eyes.

“Well? Old mister, what do you need to order?” The shopkeeper examined Su Yu carefully, clearly not taking him lightly.

As Su Yu observed the surroundings, he noticed that the store was quite unfrequented. At the moment, it only had a few customers, as even the elixirs it sold were quite average. The store didn’t have even a single high-grade third-grade elixir!

“I’m not here to buy, but to sell,” Su Yu informed the man bluntly.

The plump shopkeeper was slightly disappointed when he heard this. After all, there were many martial artists who came to sell elixirs, and the elixir stores would only accept some of them.

“Old mister, I’m afraid that you have come too late.” The plump shopkeeper chuckled bitterly, “Does it seems to you like this store can still continue being in business much longer? To be honest with you, it’s almost the end of the month, which means that it’s time for me to pay the rent. After making this final payment, I am leaving the store for someone else to rent. At the moment, I’m selling all of my elixirs at a discount. So, you should take advantage of this and buy some elixirs.”

Su Yu revealed a faint smile as he asked, “Ah, but you haven’t seen my product, so how can you know that you don’t want to buy it?”

As Su Yu spoke, he took a jade bottle. When the plump shopkeeper saw it, his eyes lit up.

“A second-grade Fairy Expansion Pill? Sir, I didn’t know that you were an alchemist!” The plump shopkeeper was slightly surprised, as all alchemists who could make second-grade spirit elixirs had adequate status in the Blue Mountain Range, which meant that they could, at the very least, get part-time work in the Yuan family’s enterprises, or work for the Elixir Production Alliance. Regardless, it was rare for such talented alchemists to be forced to sell their elixirs for money.

“You have misunderstood, as I’m merely selling such items on behalf of someone else. Shopkeeper, what do you think?” Su Yu asked.

The plump shopkeeper considered it earnestly before he shook his head and said, “It’s really a pity, as a second-grade Fairy Expansion Pill could be sold for quite a good price in ordinary times. But, as I told you, I will be forced to close the store shortly, and if I couldn’t sell it in a short time, it would be left with it in my hands, which would mean that I would suffer a loss. Old mister, it would better for you to look for another store…”

Su Yu could see that he really did find it a pity. After all, the Fairy Expansion Pill could help one advance into the Fairy Realm, and the higher its grade, the better. As such, second-grade ones were quite rare on the market, which meant that he could get a good profit from selling it. But, it was indeed a pity that business wasn’t too good for shopkeepers these days, and this shopkeeper was clearly incapable of making such a purchase at this time.

“Then, what about this one?” Su Yu asked, while he took out another jade bottle.

The plump shopkeeper didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry when he saw it. “Old mister, it isn’t a question of the elixir’s quality, it’s just that I’m truly…”

His pupils contracted suddenly, while his speech came to an abrupt end. In that moment, his small eyes shone with a shrewd glint, and he looked fixedly at the jade bottle and exclaimed, “A third-grade spirit pill!”

When he finished his words, his plump body became as lively as a monkey’s, and he jumped over the counter vigorously, strode quickly toward the gate, and closed it. It was only then that he turned around, cupped his hands in amazement, and exclaimed, “I was really blind, as I didn’t manage to discern your noble status before! Please forgive me. Old mister, please come with me to the rear hall to discuss this further!”

Su Yu chuckled as he followed him calmly. He wasn’t really worried about whether the shopkeeper would dare to murder him for his wealth. After all, he seemed smart to understand that this was a golden opportunity for him.

In the rear hall, the plump shopkeeper offered him a cup of his best tea, then started exchanging conventional greetings with him, “Old mister, I wonder… Where you are working now?”

The shopkeeper was actually brooding inwardly over such a matter. There were no more than thirty primary alchemists in the whole Blue Mountain Range, ten of whom belonged to the Yuan family, while the other twenty belonged to the Elixir Production Alliance.

Both parties would always try to win over the new primary alchemists. Many times, they would even fight over them fiercely. Hence, all of the alchemists would usually look for a job in one of those two factions. Hence, someone like the old man in front of him, who adopted such an arduous and strenuous task of selling his elixirs by himself, was an extremely rare sight.