The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 746

Chapter 746 Buying The Whole Supply

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Su Yu revealed a faint smile. “Shopkeeper, didn’t I just say that I’m not an alchemist? I’m just responsible for selling the pills for him! So, do you want to buy any?”

“How many do you have?” The shopkeeper’s gaze was filled with expectation.

Su Yu pointed at the pill on the table and said, “Just this one.”

Disappointment appeared on the shopkeeper’s face when he saw this, as he was clearly hoping for more.

Seeing his grimace, Su Yu quickly added, “However, if we work together, then I can start selling them to you regularly!”

After hearing Su Yu’s offer, the plump shopkeeper’s eyes lit up and were filled with delight., “Good! I will accept this deal!”

“The price of this pill on the market is forty crystals, and the big elixir stores would offer you no more than thirty-five crystals. If you are willing to swear that you will continuously provide these pills to me from now on, then not only will I buy them from you for forty crystals each, but I will even give you a twenty percent discount on all of the materials that you buy from me,” Su Yu offered.

“Then, I will buy the third-grade Fairy Expansion Pills, which you have promised to provide me later on, for sixty crystals. This is a price that you certainly couldn’t get from any big elixir store!” the shopkeeper said.

Su Yu approved of this shopkeeper’s procedure. It was clear that he had a good business sense.

Although Su Yu wouldn’t gain even a single crystal while selling those third-grade elixirs, his reputation would soar, which meant that he would attract more customers. This was because Third-grade Fairy Expansion Pills were quite rare in the market, and even when they did appear, they were pills which only large scale business industries, like the Yuan family and the Elixir Production Alliance, could sell.

If Su Yu’s small store started selling them, then it would make great waves in the industry, resulting in him being able to quickly sell all of his pills! Then, he might even be able to raise the price, thus making a profit!

The benefits that he would get out of such a deal would far outweigh what the costs! By just sacrificing four or five crystals and a twenty percent profit via a discount, Su Yu could really change his situation for the better! In any case, his elixir store would shortly go bankrupt unless he tried something, so there was no harm in giving it a shot!

“Fine, then I will sell this third-grade Fairy Expansion Pill to you. But, I don’t want forty crystals today… I want materials instead!” Su Yu then threw a list of items at him, which included the ingredients for the Fairy Expansion Pill and the ingredients for the Pure Yang Vital Return Pill.

The plump shopkeeper took the list, then said, “Fine, I will go and fetch them for you.”

After a short while, the shopkeeper came back with a bag that was filled with twenty batches of both of the pills’ ingredients. As just the equivalent of forty crystals was capable of enabling him to buy enough ingredients to make forty pills, it could be seen just how great crystals’ purchasing power was!

“I will take my leave now, shopkeeper. I will come back within the next three days,” Su Yu said, then turned around and left.

“Old mister, you forgot this second-grade Fairy Expansion Pill!” The plump shopkeeper suddenly noticed that Su Yu had forgotten a pill.

Su Yu waved his hand at him without turning back and said, “I will gift it to you, as it’s just a second-grade spirit pill.”

Just a second-grade spirit pill? The shopkeeper couldn’t help but shake his head, as second-grade spirit pills were extremely precious treasures to most martial artists. As was to be expected of an alchemist, the plump shopkeeper believed that this old man, who possessed a mysterious air of otherworldliness, was surely a primary alchemist.

After Su Yu returned to the Yuan family, he went into seclusion with Yuan Yingying, where they both passed the whole day making pills. Su Yu’s forty batches of ingredients were enough to keep them busy during that entire time!

While they were making pills, Yuan Wanbi was diligently cultivating…

“Eldest Miss, the competition at the end of the month has a generous reward. It’s a fourth-grade elixir that was personally refined by the Family’s Master. It is said that it can even early stage fairies to advance! You will surely win this elixir!” Xiao Tao said.

Yuan Wanbi, who was engrossed in cultivating, spoke calmly, “The family’s competition doesn’t matter, as my stage is the whole Blue Mountain Range. Regardless, I must get the number one position, as it will allow me to meet the quota for becoming a Soul Seizing Palace’s outer sanctum disciple. Moreover, it will also raise my status, and my engagement with the Shangguan Family will become more stable.”

She then paused for a moment before continuing, “But, if I don’t get first place, then it will be difficult to appease the Shangguan family’s opposition of such a marriage.”

The Shangguan family’s members would surely oppose such a marriage that joined them to a small and insignificant family like the Yuan family. So, she knew that they would put many obstacles before her, and she didn’t want to suffer the same fate as Yuan Yingying after marrying into the Zhao family!

As she thought of her sister, she asked, “What’s Yuan Yingying doing now? And… How’s that old man?”

“Eldest Miss, it seems like she holed up in her room, as she hasn’t been seen for a long time. She’s most likely trying to make elixirs or something,” Xiao Tao said.

Yuan Wanbi sneered when she heard this. “Making elixirs? She’s really not willing to give up, is she? She doesn’t even have an elixir manufacturing technique, so how can she succeed? It’s really extremely foolish of her.”

She shook her head, then added,”Continue observing her! You must notify me of all of her movements until the day I marry into the Shangguan family!”

Three days passed, and in those three days, two people were crazily making elixirs. Yuan Yingying was drenched in sweat, and she seemed both drunk and stupefied as she gazed with delight at the third-grade pills that were before her, which were being made by her own hands!

Su Yu had done well in those three days, as he went from being a mere rookie, who couldn’t even get over the flames control step, to reaching the pill fusion step! However, after he reached this step, he started failing once again, as he didn’t have enough experience in how to fuse the ingredients into a pill.

At the moment, Su Yu had already ruined ten batches of Fairy Expansion Pill’s ingredients due to his failed attempts! However, since he was already quite interested and invested in elixir making, he didn’t really care about this, but continued trying determinedly!

On the other hand, within those same three days, Yuan Yingying had managed to successfully make ten third-grade Fairy Expansion Pills, as well as twenty Pure Yang Vital Return Pills! The Pure Yang Vital Return Pills would be used to heal Su Yu’s internal blood energy channel, while the Fairy Expansion Pills would be sold in exchange for ingredients to make more pills!

As Yuan Yingying leaned against the wall weakly, she was quite delighted and cheerful. Even though she was quite tired, she still wanted to continue the work.

After Su Yu swallowed a Pure Yang Vital Return Pill, he found that his internal channels started to recover instantly. Soon, a third of them had already recovered! Seeing this, he figured that, if he consumed two pills each day, then he would be able of completely heal all of them in just ten days!

“Let’s take a trip outside to fetch some ingredients! You don’t need to continue refining the Pure Yang Vital Return Pills. You could just continue refining the Fairy Expansion Pills. Moreover, I must also look for some elixirs that will be useful for your own cultivation,” Su Yu said.

After several hours, Su Yu, who had draped a straw raincoat over himself, traveled slowly among a sea of people as he made his way to the store. He detected that there was something different about the store before he even reached it.

The last time he had come here, the store deserted and empty, but now, it was filled with many martial artists, all of whom were strolling around and browsing the merchandise. However, he noticed that none of them were buying anything. It almost seemed like they were waiting for something.

He even saw several martial artists. All of them were pacing back and forth. They seemed quite anxious.

The shopkeeper was standing calmly in the front of the store, and although he seemed quite composed, Su Yu could tell that he was extremely anxious, as three days had already passed, yet that old man still hadn’t returned! He then turned towards the door…

All of a sudden, his pupils contracted as an old man in a raincoat appeared. The shopkeeper became more spirited when he saw Su Yu, as even though he was covering himself up with his raincoat, the shopkeeper easily recognized that Su Yu was that same old mister from before!

However, just to be safe, the shopkeeper didn’t expose Su Yu’s status, but returned to the counter leisurely. At that moment, Su Yu spoke calmly, “Shopkeeper, do you have any third-grade Fairy Expansion Pills for sale? I want to place an order for some of them. Why don’t we discuss this in detail in private?”

Placing an order for the pills? After hearing Su Yu’s words, all of the martial artists in the store became wary, and they turned to look at the old man with narrowed eyes.

“Haha, old mister, you really came just in time, as the third-grade Fairy Expansion Pills will come in tonight! So, if you want to place an order for them, then please do!” the plump shopkeeper said.

At a room at the back of the store.

The plum shopkeeper was quite delighted. “Old mister, you really have kept your promise! As you really have come back within our three-day window! You ended up saving me!”

After he had sold the first third-grade Fairy Expansion Pill, many ruthless and strong people came to him, demanding to place orders for these pills. The worst part was they didn’t even leave him with an initial deposit!

As of earlier this morning, he knew that, if he didn’t get the spirit pills in time, then he would be forced to pack up everything and flee! However, now that Su Yu was here, he could finally relax.

“Here are ten… Take them.” Su Yu placed ten jade bottles on a table in front of the shopkeeper.

As the white jade bottles rolled around on the table, their radiance almost blinded the shopkeeper.

“Ten? Good!” The plump shopkeeper was overjoyed, and he couldn’t help but laugh heartily. “I’m saved!”

Su Yu looked at him in amusement. If he hadn’t wasted ten batches of ingredients, then he would have been able to bring twenty bottles of Fairy Expansion Pills, not just ten.

“Old mister, do you want crystals or ingredients in exchange for these?” the plump asked Su Yu.

Su Yu replied, “The same as last time, please, but I will give you a different list of items today.”

This time, Su Yu’s list didn’t have just the Fairy Expansion Pill’s ingredients on it, but it also had the ingredients of some spirit elixirs that could help Half Fairy Realm’s experts increase their cultivations.

The plump shopkeeper nodded. “I will immediately go and fetch these items for you.”

The plump shopkeeper didn’t come back for a long time, and when he finally did return, with his face was filled with sweat. He then threw a space ring to Su Yu and said, “Old mister, they are all within it! If you have some elixirs available next time, then don’t forget about me!”

As his store didn’t have enough of the ingredients that Su Yu had requested, it was only by sweeping through the surrounding stores that the shopkeeper had managed to get enough ingredients for Su Yu. However, in the process, he had been severely swindled by those greedy shopkeepers!

But, since the ingredients were for Su Yu, the shopkeeper just clenched his teeth and endured it. Although, he was pretty frustrated about their taking advantage of the situation!

Upon seeing his disheveled appearance and harried manner, Su Yu could guess that it wasn’t easy for him to gather everything, so he smiled at him and said, “Be at ease, for as long as you can afford them, then I will continue to sell all of my elixirs to you. Now, I will take my leave.”

After Su Yu checked the materials, then waved his sleeves and left. Once Su Yu had left his sight, the shopkeeper revealed a crafty smile…

Haha, it’s time to butcher those sheep that have come here to buy from me. It’s time for me to go make some deals!

On this day, a great sensation was caused within the Blue Mountain Range, as ten third-grade Fairy Expansion Pills appeared in a small store in a secluded area. Each of those pills was sold at a viciously high price of forty-five crystals, and even though all of the customers cursed at the shopkeeper angrily, they still fought over the pills and were eager to buy them. In fact, all of those pills sold in just two hours!

Such news infuriated many Three Crystals Fairy Realm experts, who hadn’t heard about this until it was too late to get in on the action!