The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 748

Chapter 748 A Great Favor

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After he spoke, Elder Liao threw the pill at the red-nosed middle-aged man and the blue-robed scholar.

As they were both intermediate alchemists, they could refine fourth-grade elixirs. Also, they had both enjoyed great success in the world of alchemy.

As the two of them started examining the pill, they began by scratching some of the powder of it. They then sniffed it.

After they had finished examining it, the red-nose middle-aged man couldn’t help but exclaim, “What a pure pill! It’s purer than any other Fairy Expansion Pill I’ve ever seen… By fifty percent!”

Elder Liao asked calmly, “Did you detect it? The reason why it’s this pure is due to its ingredients, which means that the person who made it could purify ingredients to a high degree. Can any of you achieve such a thing?”

The blue-robed scholar replied, “I can, but it’s impossible for me to purify eleven of them in just six days, as purification is a tedious process that takes a great amount of time and effort. Thus, it’s impossible for someone to achieve it in such a short period of time. That is, apart from an alchemist who could make fifth-grade spirit elixirs.”

The red-nosed middle-aged man nodded gravely, confirming this assertion.

“You aren’t mistaken, as this person is probably an intermediate alchemist. It seems like a great person has come to the Blue Mountain Range.” Elder Liao smiled faintly.

The blue-robed scholar’s eyes flickered as he asked, “Elder Liao, what should we do now?”

Elder Liao chuckled as he said, “Since he has appeared in our Soul Seizing Palace’s territory, then he’s obliged to work for our palace, and if he wasn’t willing to do so, then his fate is obvious. After all, my Soul Seizing Palace has never once left talented people alive for our enemies to steal away from us!”

What he meant was that, if they couldn’t rope him in to working for them, they would just kill him!

“You don’t need to worry about what will happen next, as I will personally search for him,” Elder Liao added before he strode forward and left.

During the next five days, Su Yu holed himself up in a secret room and refined elixirs madly. After myriad tries, he finally learned how to fuse the ingredients into a pill, and although he was still inferior to Yuan Yingying, who could easily achieve it, he was still quite pleased that he had managed to successfully refine a pill! The pill that he had refined was the first-grade Fairy Expansion Pill.

Now, Su Yu could finally be considered an alchemist. This excited him, even though he was just one of the lowest grade, which was known as an entry-level alchemist. Now, if he could successfully refine a third-grade Fairy Expansion Pill, then he could become a primary alchemist!

What he needed to do now was to constantly practice and refine his alchemy techniques, as only after doing that could he start using the Extreme Limit Elixir Manufacturing Technique’s fusion extreme limit to try to reach higher heights!

During these past few days, Su Yu had kept consuming the Pure Yang Vital Return Pills, so two-thirds of his internal blood energy channels had already recovered. He could now freely revolve half of his Vital Energy within them, and it was no longer impossible for him to cultivate! However, he knew that he should still wait until they completely recovered before he tried to break through his bottleneck and advance to the Fairy Realm.

Just as Su Yu had achieved great progress in the past few days, such was also the case for Yuan Yingying. After consuming a great amount of third-grade spirit elixirs that specialized in increasing one’s cultivation base, her cultivation had already reached the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm!

However, she didn’t care at all about cultivating, as she was totally engrossed in alchemy alone. As such, her alchemy skills had also improved.

Su Yu felt that even if he didn’t provide her with purified materials, she could still refine third-grade spirit elixirs all on her own. After all, she was already a primary alchemist. As such, Su Yu couldn’t help but admire her talent.

“Yingying, continue cultivating while I go to the market. I will return shortly.” As they had already used all of their materials Su Yu had to go and fetch more.

Soon, Su Yu would be leaving the Yuan family to go and look for the Zhenlong World’s people. Although they had a Divine Master like the King of Darkness protecting them, Jiuzhou was filled with many powerful experts, so it was clearly a dangerous place, where many people would benefit from his pills.

He had determined that he would go there to sell the pills that they had made, then exchange them for a large number of crystals before buying a batch of Fairy Expansion Pill ingredients to prepare for refining a fourth-grade pill, which he would use to advance to the next Great Realm! There were so many things to do!

As Su Yu was planning of all this in his head, he once again came to the plump shopkeeper’s store. He was astounded at the scene.

There were countless Three Crystals Half Fairies within the store, as well as spilling out of it in a line that reached out the door! There were even some Fairy Realm experts among the crowd, as well as some Two Crystals Half Fairies and One Crystal Half Fairies.

Su Yu was still wearing a raincoat, and he put on an act as he entered the store…

“Shopkeeper, can I place an order for some elixirs?” Su Yu came to the front of the store directly. Unlike his past distressed state, the current shopkeeper seemed in high spirits today.

He was no longer the insignificant small shopkeeper who could be disregarded by anyone, but was now a great person, who was protected by the four great underground organizations of the Blue Mountain Range. As such, he was beaming with confidence and feeling great!

However, his expression quickly changed when he noticed Su Yu’s arrival. After all, it was only because of Su Yu’s pills that he had manage to rise up and achieve such profit and notoriety. Without him, the shopkeeper was nothing, so his daring to slight him was like a slap in the face.

“Customer, you have come to place an order for some elixirs? Come with me.” The shopkeeper tried to maintain the same expression and look as he brought Su Yu to the back of the store.

The Poisonous Widow and the Axe Gang’s Master took a single look at Su Yu calmly, then lost interest, not caring about him whatsoever. After all, every customer who came to place an order in advance was taken to the back of the store, so this wasn’t a special event to them.


A crisp sound echoed from a room in the back of the store as Su Yu threw a spatial ring at the shopkeeper and said, “They are all within it.”

The plump shopkeeper’s palm shivered as he asked, “Old mister, may I know how much you brought this time?”

Su Yu replied, “I didn’t count them, but you can count them if you want.” He had been preoccupied with refining elixirs, so he hadn’t counted them yet.

The plump shopkeeper’s heart became filled with expectation. Then, when his soul observed the ring’s contents, the plump shopkeeper’s whole body stiffened, while many expressions appeared on his face, one after another.

He was first startled, then overjoyed, pained, and agonized. At last, he wore a bitter look as he said, “Old mister, are you trying to make me laugh or weep? There are more than two hundred here, and even if you sold them all to me, you wouldn’t get enough money for what they are truly worth.”

Su Yu chuckled as he looked at the shopkeeper’s strange expression. “I could wait for you to sell them, then you’d just have to pass the crystals to me after selling them.”

Hearing this logical deal, the plump shopkeeper felt like he had been relieved of a great burden. He was overjoyed and repeatedly bowed to Su Yu. “I’m really grateful to you for your great kindness.”

With these pills’ reputation, the shopkeeper knew that Su Yu could sell them to anyone, so the fact that he was selling him to a penniless person like him made the shopkeeper all the more grateful.

As Su Yu looked at the plump shopkeeper, he spoke gravely, “However, you should also know that, after selling them, you must leave this place, and there will no longer be any place for you in the entire Blue Mountain Range.”

Su Yu told him this because he knew that, with the sudden fame and wealth that the selling of the pills would surely bring to the shopkeeper, he would be just like a fat sheep, waiting to be butchered by the greedy masses! Moreover, his past actions and shameless seeking of publicity had unintentionally offended many Half Fairies, so a disaster would shortly befall him if he stayed.

“Hehe, thank you for caring about me. I have already prepared an escape route, and after I finish selling them, I will immediately escape to the White Cloud Lake, where I will hide and cultivate quietly.” The plump shopkeeper revealed a meaningful smile.

Su Yu nodded, “Okay, that’s fine. I just don’t want to see that my past partner has been turned into just a corpse lying in the street after tonight!”

He then instructed, “Prepare three batches of Fairy Expansion Pill’s ingredients for me!”

The plump shopkeeper suddenly felt lonesome for some unknown reason, and as all kinds of other emotions welled up in his heart, he took out the ingredients and handed them over to Su Yu. “Old mister, it was only because of your help that I managed to change my whole life. So, as long as it’s within my abilities, I will surely pay you back in the future.”

Su Yu chuckled. “Fine, but quickly take care of those pills, then, as you promised, leave immediately.”

The plump shopkeeper nodded and immediately took the pills. After being gone for only four hours, he came right back.

Seeing him, Su Yu raised his brows and asked, “Why were you so quick?” After all, two hundred pills wasn’t a small amount to sell in such a short period of time.

The plump shopkeeper chuckled. “How could I tarry, while holding such troublesome treasures? I sold all of the pills for forty-three crystals a piece to the Poisonous Widow and the Axe Gang’s Master. Although my profits will be decreased by three or four hundred crystals, it is still worth it, as it will give me an opportunity to get away from here!”

He then added, “But, let’s not talk about this now. You should leave with me, as the Poisonous Widow and the Axe Gang’s Master will have already prepared some assassins to target us!”

As the plump shopkeeper spoke, he lifted up the carpet to reveal an underground tunnel beneath the flooring! It was obvious that it was made only recently.

“Three days ago, I made this tunnel, which leads to just outside of the city. Once we leave the city, it will be extremely difficult for them to find us!” As the shopkeeper had already anticipated the arrival of such a day, he had prepared an escape route in advance!

After he spoke, he took the lead and entered the tunnel. Su Yu suddenly furrowed his brows, as he felt several Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts rushing to the back of the store. Although he didn’t fear them, he certainly didn’t want to trouble himself with them, so he also jumped into the tunnel before immediately blocking its entrance.

After half a day, they managed to successfully reach the outside of the city. Upon exiting the tunnel, they found themselves in a spacious and empty place.

“Old mister, here are your share of the crystals that I managed to get from the sales of the pills.” The grateful plump shopkeeper passed Su Yu the crystals, which he had stored in a spatial ring.

He then added, “Old mister, it’s only because of you that I managed to start my life anew, and I will surely never forget this, even after all of my teeth fall out from old age.”

The plump shopkeeper was extremely grateful, as he was just an ordinary shopkeeper, and when he was about to go bankrupt, Su Yu had helped him. He had given him an opportunity to rise up and become a wealthy man!

His share of the crystals would be enough to last his entire life, and if he wanted to start a business once again, then he could open a big store with them. The sky was really the limit!

Su Yu looked at the crystals, but didn’t take all of his share. Instead, he left another thousand crystals for the shopkeeper and said, “I have never once taken advantage of someone, so take these. Consider it as compensation for being forced to leave your home because of me, as well as financial aid for your future business endeavors!”

“This…” The plump shopkeeper was stunned at Su Yu’s generosity.

Without waiting for him to finish his sentence, Su Yu took the spatial ring and placed it in his pocket. “Take care of yourself.”

As Su Yu turned and left, the plump shopkeeper looked blankly at Su Yu’s back. His heart filled with warmth, as he was accustomed to being treated by people coldly, and there was never once someone who treated him in such a kind way throughout his whole life.

The plump shopkeeper bowed towards Su Yu’s retreating back as warm tears streaked down his face. “I, Hu Xiaodie, swear that I will surely repay you one day!” he murmured.

What happened here was just a small interlude within Su Yu’s vast lifetime. In Su Yu’s mind, he had simply helped a shopkeeper who was struggling. He had never once expected that his actions would result in the rise of a great and influential person!