The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 749

Chapter 749 Heaven Son's Soul Control

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After Su Yu returned to the city, he started walking toward the Yuan family’s residence. However, he stopped after he had only taken a few steps. He then turned around and went back to the outskirts of the city before wandering into the wilderness.

“There isn’t anyone here, so you can show yourself,” Su Yu said calmly, while his gaze looked at a place that was about three thousand meters away. The entire place descended into silence for a while, as if there wasn’t anyone around to reply, but Su Yu was still remained looking at that same exact spot.

“Hehe, what a strong and astonishing perception you have!” A black demonic fog suddenly surged out of the ground from that very spot before it formed a human-like shadow.

After the black demonic fog scattered, a black-clothed old man was revealed. He had yellow eyes, which flickered with a cold glint.

“Are you from the demonic path?” Su Yu asked, while he furrowed his brows slightly.

“I’m an outer sanctum’s elder from the Soul Seizing Palace. My surname is Liao. What is your name?” Elder Liao asked.

Su Yu replied calmly, “You don’t need to know my name, and I also don’t need to know how you managed to track me down. I just want to know why you are trailing me?”

Elder Liao wasn’t infuriated by his question, which was clear as he chuckled and said, “You really are a straightforward man! Since that is the case, I won’t hide anything from you.”

He took a breath, then said, “Sir, you are an intermediate alchemist, and by living in the Blue Mountain Region, you will end up wasting your skills and talent. So, why don’t you join the Soul Seizing Palace? Then, you could display your talent and ability there, and you will also get many benefits!”

Su Yu knew that he could choose to join some faction and continue his cultivation and training. After all, Jiuzhou was filled with countless experts, and with Su Yu’s current cultivation, even if he went back to Zhenlong’s living beings’ domain, he would still be incapable of protecting them.

Thus, if a faction was willing to take him in and help him cultivate and grow stronger, Su Yu would obviously not reject its offer. Moreover, the Soul Seizing Palace was one of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ greatest factions, and it was still a powerful demonic faction, which was ranked among the most elite ones. Hence, Su Yu really ought to join it.

But, it was a pity that he held many grudges against the Soul Seizing Palace, as he had killed many of their talented disciples in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. He had even killed Qiu Zeming, who was thought of quite highly by them. Thus, if he really went to the Soul Seizing Palace, Su Yu figured that it would be tantamount to his going into a tiger’s den!

“What if I refuse your offer?” Su Yu asked.

Elder Liao still wore a smile at the corners of his mouth, but his expression gradually became colder as he replied, “I can then only apologize to you, as I will have to put an end to your life. After all, it would be better for me to just bury you here than let another faction get you!”

Su Yu chuckled when he heard his words. ” I see that your Soul Seizing Palace is still as overbearing as ever.”

Elder Liao furrowed his brows. “What? It seems from your tone like the Soul Seizing Palace has offended you in the past.”

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders. “It didn’t really offend me, as I have already killed all of the people who dared to offend me!”

“Can you please tell me who you are?” Elder Liao asked again, while he squinted his eyes slightly.

A playful smile appeared at the corners of Su Yu’s mouth. “Why don’t you ask the Soul Seizing Palace’s talented youths who died in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, such as Qiu Zeming?”

Su Yu’s words left no doubt in Elder Liao’s mind, as even though more than thirty Soul Seizing Palace’s disciples had died in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, Qiu Zeming was killed by a specific person, who had even auctioned off the former’s high-grade divine artifact dagger in front of a large crowd!

It was rumored that this person had also almost killed Gu Taixu’s clone, who was at the Level Nine Fairy Realm. Moreover, this same man had also killed the clone of one of the Red Blood Palace’s two great Palace Masters, elder Zi Qianchou, who had a Level Six Fairy Realm cultivation! This person, who was quite famous in the Soul Seizing Palace, was none other than Su Yu!

“You are Su Yu!” Elder Liao’s pupils contracted, while fright welled up in his heart. If he was really Su Yu, then someone like him, who had only the fighting prowess of the Level Seven Fairy Realm, would surely not be his match!

A playful smile appeared on Su Yu’s face, which was hidden beneath the hood of his raincoat, as he said, “Congratulations, you have answered the question correctly.”

I must run away! Elder Liao thought in a panic. He was shocked, and he turned around and fled.

His heart almost exploded from fright, and his face almost turned green with regret. He had come here to recruit an alchemist, yet had ended up running into a young monster!

“Hehe, you really came here just in time, as there are some matters that I can’t take care of by myself. So, you can take care of them for me.” Su Yu said as he revealed a smile.

He then raised his hand and waved it at the fleeing Elder Liao. Immediately, black clouds surged in the sky, while an extremely giant eye hung within the dome of heaven.

A boundless Heavenly Wrath surged out of it, which contained a power that was great enough to destroy an entire world. It greatly resembled the Heaven Eye.

Elder Liao’s body shivered as the eye stared at him. He stopped in his tracks instinctively, not daring to budge even an inch. He then raised his head and looked at the sky, while horror and shock welled up in his heart.

“Heaven… Heaven’s eye?” he stammered. His instinct was informing him that just a thought from such an eye was enough to erase him from the world!

“Become my slave or die!” Su Yu walked over and said calmly, “You have just three breaths time to consider this.”

“I will become your slave!” Elder Liao shouted, not even considering it for even a moment.

As a demonic path’s cultivator, he was open to everything, as long as it didn’t threaten his life. After all, the demonic path’s cruel and severe environment showed them clearly how precious one’s life was.

“Not bad! Don’t let your mind resist it!” Su Yu said, clearly satisfied with his answer.

Bitter emotions welled up in Elder Liao’s heart, but he still didn’t dare to defy Su Yu. In that moment, he gave up resisting him completely.

Su Yu took in a breath of air, then used Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air technique’s Soul Control Level. The Soul Control Level would allow Su Yu to control the soul of an expert, whose cultivation was higher than his by a whole realm.

It could also enable him to kill such an expert with just a thought, as well as control his mind. In fact, it was so powerful and seamless, the other party might not even realize that he was being controlled by someone!

In the battle against the Saint Masters in the bottom of Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds in Zhenlong Continent, Su Yu had once ordered the Sixth Saint Master, who was under his control via this method, to revolt. This had resulted in the Fifth Saint Master to be injured heavily.

At that time, even the Sixth Saint Master himself didn’t know that he was being controlled by someone. As such, it would be impossible for Elder Liao to break free from Su Yu’s control unless the former managed to advance into the Divine Master Realm.

“If you are obedient, I will allow to keep your own consciousness. I may even give you back your freedom in the end. But, if you don’t know what’s good for you and obey me, then I will just erase your consciousness, thus turning you into my puppet! So, if you think that you want to defy me, you should consider it carefully,” Su Yu warned him.

Elder Liao smiled bitterly as he wondered… What sin did I commit to cause me to end up running into this young monster?

“I… Well, master, I will surely obey your instructions,” Elder Liao stammered.

Su Yu nodded. He didn’t fear that he would find a way to break free from his control, as if it was really easy to do, Su Yu would be obliged to reassess Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air technique.

“You can just call me young master. Moreover, how many of those materials can you get for me?” Su Yu asked, while he gave him the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid’s recipe.

As Elder Liao looked it over, his eyelids shook slightly. “A middle-grade elixir recipe?, Hmm… From its tempering conditions, it doesn’t seem like it is from this era. Is it an ancient elixir recipe?”

He had recognized the elixir recipe’s origin with just a single look! Su Yu was slightly astonished, and he had to wonder… Is Elder Liao an alchemist?

After Elder Liao recovered from his initial shock, he furrowed his brows and said, “Young master, I can get the other ingredients, as they are quite mainstream, even nowadays in the alchemy world. But, there is one ingredient that is already extinct, the Heartbroken Zither Grass.”

He shook his head, then added, “This grass contains a deadly poison, which is quite harmful to people’s souls. It’s rumored that ancient times’ alchemists used it to make poison pills, but in the current era, it is never used. In fact, since Jiuzhou’s current environment is so different from the ancient times’, this ingredient is actually extinct, so it’s impossible to find!”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu furrowed his brows. He could not let this go, as this was an exceptionally good elixir for tempering one’s soul power!

“Isn’t there even a single blade of such an ingredient left?” Su Yu asked.

Elder Liao shook his head. “It simply doesn’t exist. At least, I have never heard of it appearing within the last ten thousand years. Besides, even if one found it, he still wouldn’t be able to use it, as only experts could manage to do so successfully. Moreover, looking for it is extremely difficult, and the only things that can be found related to it are some remaining seeds.”

Seeds? Su Yu was shocked to hear this. He then asked, “Do you know where to find these seeds?”

Elder Liao was startled by his question, and he wondered… What can he possibly do with just seeds?

As this thought filled his mind, he replied quickly, “My Soul Seizing Palace collected some of them in the past. However, the current primordial energy of the world is different than it was in the past, which means that it’s almost impossible for the seeds to germinate. Young master, why don’t you reconsider your course of action carefully?”

Su Yu’s eyes lit up, while delight flickered in them. “There is no need to do so, as I want am determined to have those seeds! Moreover, you should also look for the seeds of the other ingredients.”

Elder Liao opened his mouth widely to protest, but instantly thought better of it. After all, he knew that finding these other seeds would not be a difficult task for him. After all, even though many medicinal ingredients had short periods of maturity, which meant that if one didn’t pluck them in time, they would wither, that wasn’t the case for most seeds.

“Understood! Young master, should I go to look for them right now?” Elder Liao asked for further instructions.

Su Yu shook his head. “No, you should just stay in the city until I depart the Blue Mountain Range. Also, you should be available to me at any time.”

Su Yu knew that he wasn’t capable of fighting for long durations of time before his internal blood energy channel had fully recovered. Hence, he knew that he must arrange for some assistance. As Elder Liao was a Level Seven Fairy and his power could be considered as top-notch in the Blue Mountain Range, Su Yu felt that he could be more at ease with him nearby.

“Understood!” Elder Liao nodded once more.

The pair then left. They walked some distance apart, pretending not to know each other.

After a short while, a handsome young master, who was wearing gorgeous white clothes, landed nearby. His face was as fair as white jade and was extremely handsome.

He had clear eyes, which had the power to mesmerize countless young girls. His tall body gave him an outstanding bearing and made him let him appear even more heroic and noble.

“Heavenly Wrath?” The youthful young master looked at the Heavenly Wrath that was left in the air, surprise appearing on his face. “Does this small Blue Mountain Range still hide some great and evil existence?”

He asked this because the Heavenly Wrath would only usually appear in places where evil entities roamed. As such, it was extremely strange and unusual for Heavenly Wrath to appear here.

“Young master, should we go directly to the Yuan family and deliver them the engagement gifts?” a man, who had just landed, asked the young master. A short while after the young master had landed, more than a hundred robust men, each of whom carried scarlet-colored gifts, had since arrived.

The youthful young master shook his head. “No, I complied with my father’s wishes and accepted the arranged engagement, but that doesn’t mean that I will accept her without further investigation! Look for a place to settle in, while I go to make inquiries in the city about my fiancée’s morality and character.”

After he spoke, the youthful young master left for the city at lightning speed, leaving just an afterimage behind. At that very moment, Su Yu turned his head back subconsciously, as his intuition felt that a powerful aura had just passed beside him.

His heart shuddered slightly. It seemed like the Blue Mountain Range hid many powerful experts within it. As such, he decided that he must keep an even lower profile from now on. After Su Yu returned to the Yuan family’s residence, he immediately entered the second miss’ room.

“Grandpa Su, why were you gone for such a long time? I was worried about you!” Yuan Yingying hugged Su Yu’s arm affectionately.

Su Yu smiled, and after he pondered for a moment, he took out a spatial ring and put three thousand crystals in it. He then presented it to her and said, “This is your share. If you want to practice alchemy in the future and are in need of ingredients, you won’t find yourself short of money for them!”

Su Yu smiled as he gave the spatial ring to her casually. Yuan Yingying was taken aback, and when her soul scouted the ring’s contents, her eyes widened as she exclaimed, “Wow! So many? I’m even richer than my elder sister now!”

Hearing this, Su Yu felt obliged to warn her, “You shouldn’t expose your wealth in front of others, and you mustn’t let anyone know that you have such a large sum of money!”