The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 75

Chapter 75: The Nine Deadly Poison Devil


Su Yu charged forward. His eyes were a dazzlingly dark-green which illuminated half of the forest.


Amidst the mournful screams of Du Lin, his soul was successfully controlled by Su Yu. With the damage inflicted to his soul plus his bodily injuries, his ability was only slightly stronger than a Level Seven Lower Tiermuch weaker than Level Seven Upper Tier.

Su Yu retrieved the spirit elixir from Du Lin; including the previous three elixirs, they had a total of four! Su Yu and Xia Jingyu each had twoenough to breakthrough to Level Six Peak!

"Senior Sister Liu, ahead of us is the inner peripheryit's dangerously unpredictable, you ought to speedily retreat." Su Yu said with his fists cupped.

Senior Sister Liu gratefully bowed and sighed with a wry smile; "After this, I really don't intend to go any deeper into the forest. The opportunities are plenty in the Evil Forest, but they're more than I can manage. Junior Brother Su, Junior Sister Xia, thank you for your kindness in saving me; I, will not cross over!"


Senior Sister Liu turned away from the forest interior and left the Evil Forest. Su Yu and Xia Jingyu immediately led Du Lin and The Obscurer away from the spot as they looked for a remote hidden place to swallow the elixir and breakthrough to the next tier!

Zhang Mingyi had run in a panic, unaware of where he was going; it was dark when he realized that he'd already accidentally entered the inner periphery.

"Damn Su Yu!" Zhang Mingyi's face was wretched and resentful as he looked around the dark forest, feeling worried. Just then, he discovered a faint flare in the valley ahead. Zhang Mingyi was alarmed instead of happy, his eyes were afraid, he wanted to retreat.

The inner periphery was the territory seized by the slayers, where there was fire, there were people. There was a chance they could be Heavenly Disciples, but there was a ninety percent chance they were slayers!

Furthermore, the Heavenly Sanctuary disciples had enough common sense to not light fires at night, because the firelight in the night was enough to attract the attention of the slayers ten miles away.

Therefore, those who lit fires at night would be slayers, nine times out of ten. Zhang Mingyi, a Level Six Peak of the Martial Path, could not even compare to the lowest level slayers, an encounter with one meant death!

However, Zhang Mingyi suddenly caught a wisp of a fragrance in the breeze. One light sniff immediately paralyzed his entire body, he found it hard to move.


Light and graceful footsteps traveled from the darkness, a dark evil laughter like grating metal drifted to his ears, "Heh heh, very sharpbut you were already poisoned when you discovered the firelight."

A dark palm covered with pus-filled pimples landed on his shoulder and dragged him into a cave in the darkness. A pearl in the cave emitted some light. What made Zhang Mingyi gasp was that there were three corpses turned into pulp inside the cave! The charred bones and the bloody, pulpy flesh gave off an acrid pungent smell. The smell was vomit-inducing.

The scattered clothing made Zhang Mingyi even more horrified; "Sanctuary disciples!"

"Heh heh, not bad; you are the fourth Sanctuary disciple caught by my devil claws!"

Zhang Mingyi clearly saw the other person's appearance in the faint light.

It was not a face of a human. His features were rotten and his cheek was full of watery pus. A pair of eyes blended into his skin, all blood red colored.

"You are... the slayer, Nine Deadly Poison Devil!" Zhang Mingyi croaked as if he was choked, his expression frightened!

The Nine Deadly Poison Devil was known in Baicheng Empire as a fearsome criminal! His ability reached Level Seven Peak, just slightly away from reaching Level Eight! However, what terrified most people was his preferred professionhis poison techniques!

Steeped in poison techniques all the year round, his mind and temperament were wild; he employed cruel means, like using highly toxic poisons to torture anyone who caught his fancy, to death. The three pulpy corpses that lied right there, reeking of blood, were proof enough of the torture that they suffered before their death!

The Empire had dispatched masters to hunt and kill him nine times, and he had narrowly escaped each time; that was how the name Nine Deadly Poison Devil came to be.

"Heh heh, you already know my devil nameyou should know what the devil wants to do next." The Nine Deadly Poison Devil wore an evil grin on his face.


Zhang Mingyi went soft at the knees and knelt on the ground. His entire body trembled in fear as he groveled; "Lord Poison Devil, please let me go! I... whatever you want me to do, I'll promise you all!"

The Nine Deadly Poison Devil, evil grin still as wide, pulled out a bottle of black powder from his shirt.

Zhang Mingyi's stomach dropped and suddenly something sparked in his mind; "Lord Poison Devil! I know where there are more Heavenly Sanctuary disciples, they have four pieces of saint grade spirit elixir in their hands!"


"Four pieces?" The Nine Deadly Poison Devil blood-red eyes flashed red hot, the bottle in his hand bottle was unconsciously crushed.

Zhang Mingyi saw from the corner of his eyes that the jade bottle inlaid on the Nine Deadly Poison Devil's back had been opened and the spirit elixir inside had disappeared without a tracethis led him to think of the death of the three Heavenly Sanctuary disciples.

The answer came to him; there were two reasons for why the Nine Deadly Poison Devil had hunted and killed Heavenly Sanctuary disciples here.

Firstly, it was to get the jade hammer, open the jade bottle on his back and to retrieve the elixir. Secondly, to cut down the Heavenly Sanctuary disciples and plunder their elixirs!

"Lead the way!" The Nine Deadly Poison Devil licked his lips, the terrible breath of a Level Seven Peak vaguely wafted past.

Eventually, they arrived at the location of the battle between Su Yu and Du Lin.

The Nine Deadly Poison Devil's bloody eyes looked around as some black poisonous powder sprinkled from his hand.

The poisonous powder was sensitive to blood and breath; it formed a thin line on the ground which pointed out the direction of Su Yu's hidden cultivation spot! Du Lin had bleeding wounds, this was the reason for their discovery!

Somewhere around a rock formation in the forest, Su Yu commanded Du Lin and The Obscurer to stay hidden and guard the spot. He and Xia Jingyu then began their breakthrough. After two saint grade spirit elixirs were swallowed, pure boundless energy imbued their flesh. The lightning speed of their breakthrough was visible to the naked eye for both of their cultivation bases!


However, there was suddenly the sound of urgent footsteps!

"Enemy attack!" The Obscurer and Du Lin exclaimed at the same time as they emerged from their hiding place and blocked Su Yu and Xia Jingyu.

At that moment, just as the two of them were at the crucial point of their breakthroughs, the enemy invaded! The Nine Deadly Poison Devil appeared, his pus-filled eyes slowly rotating as he fixed his glare on Su Yu and Xia Jingyu's persons. The Dine Deadly Poison Devil became exceptionally angry! The elixirs were gone!

"Fine, while your elixir power is still in the blood, drinking your blood will have the same effect!" The Nine Deadly Poison Devil licked his lips, ferocious and inhumane.

"Invisible Kick!" The Obscurer brazenly attacked!

An airtight formation of kicks created a succession of residual images. The full-blown power of a Level Seven Lower Tier was astounding. The corner of the Nine Deadly Poison Devil's mouth curled up into an indifferent sneer. Both his hands were tucked into his sleeves, they did not move one bit.


The Obscurer's leg swept forward in a lethal blow to the Nine Deadly Poison Devil's heart.


But, the obscurer screamed once and flew backward! The extent of his right leg's corruption by the watery black blood was visible! The poison spread from his leg to his entire body; in a blink of an eye the Obscurer's body turned pitch black, his breath died out, and he perished on the spot!

A moment later, his flesh became watery blood! The bloody and savage scene made one's blood run cold! Du Lin looked grave; he knew not to touch the Nine Deadly Poison Devil.

"Iron Horse Glacier!"

His whole body poured into his Holy Decree, Du Lin was like the general of an army of ten thousand!

His magnificent momentum was crushing and vast!


Not far behind was Zhang Mingyi, both of his legs weakened under the crushing and earth-shattering momentum. He collapsed, throwing up blood.

The Nine Deadly Poison Devil's eyes were mocking as he jeered; "Cheap tricks!"


The Nine Deadly Poison Devil was merely seen to flick his finger once and a wisp of black dust fused with his vital energy and ejected.



In a flash, Du Lin was punctured in the chest, strong poisonous powder infected his chest and turned into a huge blood hole; he took his last breath on the spot!

Two strong Level Sevens, wiped out in a snap!

The Nine Deadly Poison Devil with his poison techniques and Level Seven Peak ability was extremely terrifying!

Without any more obstruction, the Nine Deadly Poison Devil, with an evil glint in his eyes, darted towards Su Yu and Xia Jingyu!


Taking advantage of his nearness, his two pus-filled hands reached out to grab both of their heads!


Just as he reached them, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu had their breakthroughsjust in time!

The breakthroughs created a violently strong cyclone that hindered the two giant hands for a moment!


The two of them struck the ground and leaped back. A sweeping glance at the poisoned Du Lin and The Obscurer more or less surmised the recent fight.

A Level Seven Peak was the strongest enemy they'd encountered!

"His body is highly poisonous, do not touch him!" Su Yu's revolving pupils detected that his body was covered with a faint layer of poisonous mist, which made it difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

The Obscurer, unable to detect the mist, had made contact with the poisonous mist and turned to watery blood on the spot.

If they could not attack at close range, then attacking at a distance was the only way! The two, with their deep connection, naturally held hands and stood.

"Icy Heart Core"

"Reverie of Dewdrops"


Ten chilly dewdrops pierced the sky.

The Nine Deadly Poison Devil's evil grin froze and his expression turned somber for the first time as he coldly shook his head. "You've some skills, what a pity, it was too weak." His hoarse voice crowed.


The Nine Deadly Poison Devil opened his mouth and spewed out ten drops of highly poisonous blood.


Ten dewdrops were melted by the acid rain! Su Yu's and Xia Jingyu's pupils contracted; even the blood in his body was that toxic? A grave look emerged in their eyes.

They glanced at each other once before the two nodded and held hands as they prepared to attack!


Together, they both instantaneously created a vast painting realm, enveloping everything within a mile radius. Even the Nine Deadly Poison Devil became part of the painting realm.

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu held their hands together to strike!

They delivered an ordinary, singular punch which contained an inexplicable rhythm.

The Nine Deadly Poison Devil gasped and gravely uttered; "Saint Grade Holy Decree!"

Holy Decrees were divided into a lower grade, middle grade, and top grade; Su Yu and Xia Jingyu had never heard of a saint grade above top grade before!




The Nine Deadly Poison Devil suffered a blow from the virtual rhythm; an enormous blood gouge appeared in the pit of his stomach and he spurted out blood into the air.

Thud, thud, thud

Falling a few steps backward, the Nine Deadly Poison Devil's bloody eyes intensified with graveness. He was hurt by this blow, but not seriously. If he were an average slayer, he may have retreated by nowas he had realized that these two disciples would prove challenging. However, no one could speculate on the rationale of the Nine Deadly Poison Devil's ferocious nature.

Completely infuriated, the Nine Deadly Poison Devil ominous glint was revealed.

"Heaven's Annihilation!"


The Nine Deadly Poison Devil's body shook violently. The poison powder around his body quivered as his surroundings blurred.

Leaves rapidly withered and rotted.

Grass quickly shriveled and died.

Insects were swiftly twisted and perished. Under the shroud of the black poison powder, all living creatures in heaven and earth belonged to the deathly stillness.

"Oh no!" Su Yu and Xia Jingyu were shocked at the same time!

They decided their next choice as one and made their move together.

"Icy Heart Core!"

"Reverie of Dewdrops!"


The vapor around them solidified into a thin layer of ice. The incoming poisonous powder was absorbed by the ice which melded into a black liquid and snaked along the ice wall. The crystal clear ice wall instantly turned pitch black. The terrifying poisonous powder was temporarily warded off, but with more and more poisonous mist coming in, it was hard for the ice wall bear!


The ice wall, unable to withstand such poison, started to crack! The situation was critical; Su Yu's expression was grave.

The Nine Deadly Poison Devil was an unprecedented, formidable enemy!

"Jingyu, I need to take a risk and try something; if I make a mistake, it will be up to you!" Su Yu uttered through clenched teeth.

Xia Jingyu felt uneasy. Not waiting to hear her objections, Su Yu, eyes flashing, struck!