The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 750

Chapter 750 Fourth Grade Spirit Pill

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“Understood, Uncle Su.” Yuan Yingying smiled happily before she kissed Su Yu’s cheek and said, “Uncle Su, you are really too nice to me. I want to stay with you forever!”

Su Yu reached up to touch his cheek and felt quite embarrassed. After all, he was the same age as Yuan Yingying, yet she saw him as some amiable old man.

“Well, grandpa, are you embarrassed?” Yuan Yingying widened her eyes, as she said earnestly, “If you were younger by eighty years, then I’d really be willing to marry you! aI wouldn’t even mind fleeing with you to avoid my arranged marriage. Then, I could live with you forever!”

Su Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard her, as he was just twenty years old!

“Fine, let’s not talk about this right now. We need to start refining pills, and remember, you only have three tries this time.” Su Yu took out three batches of Fairy Expansion Pill ingredients.

He then added, “However, don’t refine a third-grade Fairy Expansion Pill, but a fourth-grade one. Let’s leave one batch as a reserve, which each of us can try to refine!”

“A fourth-grade spirit pill?” Yuan Yingying shook her head. “With my current mastery of the Extreme Limit Elixir Manufacturing Technique, that’s still impossible for me.”

Su Yu revealed a faint smile. “If I helped you, then it wouldn’t be impossible! So, just take a batch of materials and try it.”

As Su Yu urged her, Yuan Yingying received the ingredients from him, while still being skeptical. But when she had just taken them, she was greatly startled. “Ah! What pure ingredients! I can’t feel even a slight trace of impurities within them!”

At this moment, she finally understood that it was because of Su Yu that these ingredients were so pure.

“Uncle Su, how did you achieve it? You are too amazing! How did you manage to purify them? I have never seen ingredients this pure! Even my father couldn’t purify ingredients to such a degree.” Yuan Yingying eyes were wide, revealing her astonishment.

Su Yu said with a smile, “Quickly start refining the pills, if you leave them exposed to the air for a long time, they will absorb its impurities, which will taint their purity!”

Yuan Yingying quickly obeyed and started refining the pills. As Su Yu was already proficient in refining the Fairy Expansion Pill, he quickly became engrossed in this task as well.

After two hours, Yuan Yingying’s face was filled with beads of sweat, but she clenched her teeth and continued. She knew that the purer the ingredients were, the more difficult the last fusion process would be. She could easily complete the fusion process while refining third-grade pills, but now, she couldn’t finish it, even after numerous attempts.

Time slowly passed, and even after another hour had passed, she was still slowly attempting to complete the fusion process. It was only after two more hours had passed that the pill fusion was completed, causing a buzzing sound to echo from the furnace.

Yuan Yingying laid down on the ground, her whole body drenched in sweat. “Sure enough, it’s still extremely difficult for me to refine fourth-grade spirit pills. I only finished refining it just now! How’s it look?”

When Su Yu opened the furnace, an explosive power surged out of it. Su Yu immediately detected that the situation wasn’t reassuring, so he quickly hid Yuan Yingying behind him.

As a medicinal fragrance surged out of the furnace, a purple pill that had four green stripes on it penetrated the room’s roof and flew out of it. After Su Yu confirmed that Yuan Yingying was okay, he rushed to the roof and tidied up the mess that had just been left on it. He then returned to the alchemy room, where the pair hoped that no one would discover what had just happened…

“Uncle Su, will we be discovered by my father?” Yuan Yingying stuck her tongue out, as she was somewhat alarmed. “I really didn’t expect that a fourth-grade spirit pill would put such a strain on the furnace. My furnace isn’t of high grade, so it clearly couldn’t bear it and ended up exploding!”

Su Yu was also dumbfounded. “Regardless, I saw the pill clearly, and it was successfully refined! So, we must go and get a high-grade furnace now, so we can start refining Fairy Expansion Pills that we can consume ourselves!”

Excitement flickered in Yuan Yingying’s eyes, as she nodded repeatedly.

As the Yuan Family’s Master was reading an alchemy book in his study, his expression changed slightly and he looked in surprise in the direction of Yuan Yingying’s room. From there, he saw a bead flying toward him! He was quite baffled by it, so he instinctively extended his hand and caught it in his palm.

A pill? When he opened his palm, an intense medicinal fragrance assaulted his nostrils, and he was quite startled when he finally got a clear look at it. “A fourth-grade spirit pill!” he murmured.

It was a deep purple color, and it had four stripes on it. He was quite shocked by it, as there were no more than three people in the whole Blue Mountain Range who were capable of refining fourth-grade spirit pills.

As he was obviously not the one who refined this pill, he began to wonder…

Was it made by the two guys in the Elixir Production Alliance?

No, that shouldn’t be the case…

At that moment, he suddenly noticed something amiss, and as he looked closer, he gasped. It’s another Fairy Expansion Pill!

The great amount of Fairy Expansion Pills that had recently appeared in the Blue Mountain Range had caused a great uproar, so he had heard many rumors that the Poisonous Widow and the Axe Gang had started fighting and killing each other over them. Moreover, just after they had suffered the assaults of many other factions, three of the Poisonous Widow’s six Fairies had died and serious damages had been inflicted upon the Axe Gang.

As for the producer of such pills, they still didn’t any have clues about him, and the only person who knew him was the elixir store’s shopkeeper, Hu Xiaodie, who had already slipped away! No one even knew where he was now either!

Knowing all of these things, the last thing that the Yuan Family’s Master would ever expect was that a fourth-grade spirit pill would one day fly right at him by mistake, much less that this mistake would activate his instinct, informing him that the person who refined it was within the Yuan family’s manor!

His expression became quite gloomy as he muttered, “So, someone unexpectedly used our family’s wealth to secretly practice his alchemy techniques, finally succeeding in becoming an intermediate alchemist capable of refining fourth-grade spirit pills…”

The people who the Yuan Family’s Master was suspecting at the moment were the ten primary alchemists in the manor. Three of them were from the Yuan family, while the other seven had been hired by them at a very high price.

If the person was from the Yuan family, then he would surely be overjoyed. But, if he was really from the family, he shouldn’t have needed to practice in secret. After reasoning it out, he decided that it must be one of the seven alchemists that they hired, who must have used his family’s wealth to practice and become an intermediate alchemist!

Although he was angered by this, he still didn’t dare to go and make inquiries about this person’s identity. Since the person had already become an intermediate alchemist, then he was equal to him, and if disrespected this person, he might leave and join the Elixir Production Alliance, which would place their Yuan family in a dire situation!

As such, he determined that he must somehow to try to keep this intermediate alchemist here…

Su Yu, and Yuan Yingying had no idea about what had just happened in the Yuan Family’s Master’s study, so they continued refining the fourth-grade spirit pills.

After spending the whole day on it, while working their ways through many daunting difficulties, they finally managed to make two-fourth-grade spirit pills. Now, Su Yu could immediately start advancing to the Fairy Realm after his internal blood energy channels recovered!

“Yingying, there are still four days before your family’s great competition. You should reveal your talent then! So, don’t refine any more elixirs til that day, as you must properly cultivate now.” As Su Yu spoke, he took a Cloud Galloping Horse out of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

He then gave it to her and said, “You should consume this object within the next four days. It will help you.”

As she was a member of an alchemy family, Yuan Yingying recognized it with just a glance. “Ah! A Cloud Galloping Horse! It’s rumored that it only grows in places that possess intense Spiritual Energy, and finding it is extremely difficult! It’s supposed to be highly beneficial to Fairies in advancing further on!”

She was so surprised that she couldn’t close her mouth! “It’s my first time seeing a Cloud Galloping Horse in person!”

“Consume it,” Su Yu said, while he took a Pure Yang Vital Return Pill to heal the last of his internal blood energy channels.

Time passed in a flash, and after four days, Yuan Yingying had managed to reach the Three Crystal Half Fairy Realm as she had expected. Moreover, she had even reached the peak of that realm!

It was on this day that the Yuan Family’s competition would start. Such a competition was held four times each year.

In this competition, the core elders would assess and observe their descendants and judge them based on their strengths. This particularly competition was extremely important, as not only did the core elders come to it, but even primary alchemists and the people in charge of the Yuan family’s branches had been invited to it.

The number of people present was larger than any past competition by three times at least. As such, it was quite bustling with noise!

“Why are there so many people here?” A person in charge of one of the Yuan family’s branches wondered aloud.

“It’s really strange. Look over there! Even Elder Pojun is here. I remember that he was sent to supervise that store, so why was he called back?” another onlooker asked.

All of the people present were startled and bewildered, and even the smart and conceited Yuan Wanbi couldn’t understand what her father was planning. After a short while, the Family’s Master arrived.

“Everyone, keep calm and don’t get too excited. The competition will start soon, but first, let me announce something…” The Yuan Family’s Master was beaming. “I’m really gratified that there are many geniuses among my family’s descendants, so I’ve prepared a nice surprise just for them as a prize for this competition. Whoever wins first place will receive it.”

All of the people were astonished. A nice surprise? In the past competitions, the winner had always received twenty crystals and a third-grade spirit elixir. So, people had to wonder… What is the prize this time?

“The prize is a fourth-grade Fairy Expansion Pill!” the Yuan Family’s Master shouted in a loud voice, while he took out a jade bottle, which had a purple medicinal pill within it.

Everyone was startled upon seeing this, as they knew that the Family’s Master was always busy with the family’s matters, so it would have been too difficult for him to find enough time to refine even several of these pills each year.

He could, at most, refine maybe three or four each year, and even then, those pills would all be used in important matters, not for some random competition! Thus, it was hard for them to believe that the Family’s Master had somehow found the time to refine an extra fourth-grade spirit elixir!

“A fourth-grade one! No way! This pill would surely increase one’s chances of advancing to the Fairy Realm by ten percent!”

Amazement appeared in the people’s eyes, as they started to all talk at once…

“No, it isn’t just ten percent! It will increase their chances by fifteen percent!”

“No! This fourth-grade spirit pill could increase one’s chances of advancing to the Fairy Realm by sixty percent easily!”

The appearance of this pill made many youngsters’ hearts skip several beats, while delight appeared in Yuan Wanbi’s pretty eyes as well. Fourth-grade spirit elixirs were still distant dreams to even someone like her, and she looked in gratitude at her father, as this pill should have been prepared just for her, as she always won first place in each season’s competition.

While she was feeling thankful to him, she also couldn’t help but admire and respect him, as he was the only person in the family who could refine fourth-grade spirit elixirs. This was because he was the only intermediate alchemist. She really hoped that she could reach such an impressive rank one day!

Su Yu and Yuan Yingying, who were also among the crowd, both had guilty conscience as they looked at each other in dismay and wondered…

Why does this fourth-grade spirit pill seem just like the one that escaped from us earlier?