The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 751

Chapter 751 Extreme Evaluation


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After the Yuan Family’s Master brightened the mood, he announced the official start of the competition. Knowing that there would be a Fourth Grade Spirit Pill rewarded to the winner excited and stimulated all of the contenders to fight even harder.

Su Yu stood quietly outside of the stage, nodding occasionally. The contenders’ fighting prowesses were indeed worthy of praise, and their cultivations were surprising as well.

A tenth of the thousand total Yuan family participants were at the Half Fairy Realm. This was quite a rare occurrence in the Zhenlong World!

The fights continued from early the morning until well into the evening. In the end, just ten people were left in the competition.

Yuan Wanbi was matchless when it came to sword skills, which made it difficult for someone who was even at the same realm as her to face her. There were just two other Three Crystals Half Fairies besides her. The others were all just Two Crystals Half Fairies.

Just as the competition had been narrowed down to the ten strongest people, a commotion suddenly erupted on the stage. Immediately, the gazes of all the people present fell on a single person. It was the second miss, Yuan Yingying!

As she was a One Crystal Half Fairy, her cultivation wasn’t to be underestimated. In fact, it was higher than many of the clansmen, who were the same age as her. But, despite all of this, she had never even managed to get into the top hundred in the past. Hence, the fact that she was suddenly standing among the top ten astounded the crowd.

Even the Yuan Family’s Master was taken aback. He had focused all of his attention on the seven primary alchemists, not even noticing that his youngest daughter had overcome all obstacles in order to reach the top ten. He was both shocked and delighted by this surprise.

The family’s older generation was also shocked, but they still didn’t question the matter even though they were greatly surprised. This was because they all knew about her teacher, the Almighty Divine Master expert.

It was obvious to them that her success was only due to his teachings. Only because of his tutelage did Yuan Yingying manage to advance by leaps and bounds to reach her current level.

Yuan Wanbi, who was also on the stage, was equally shocked. Currently, she was looking in disbelief at her younger sister.

Just half a month ago, Yuan Yingying was a weak and useless girl, who always followed her around. In fact, Yuan Wanbi had abhorred her because of this.

But, here Yuan Yingying stood, right along with her, ranked among the top ten! Jealousy, resentment, anger, and worry welled up in her heart at this moment.

“Good! Now, we’re down to the last fight.” The Yuan Family’s Master’s gaze was filled with expectation. He was paying extra close attention to Yuan Yingying’s match.

What he witnessed then shocked him greatly. Yuan Yingying took the victory effortlessly. In fact, she almost crushed her opponent entirely. This showed that she could easily defeat all of the Two Crystals Half Fairies who ran into her.

He was quite familiar with Yuan Yingying’s cultivation technique, so he knew that it didn’t have any outstanding qualities. What really shocked people was Yuan Yingying’s current cultivation.

“The peak of the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm?” The Yuan Family’s Master exclaimed. He found this to be absolutely unbelievable.

Many of the family’s older generation widened their eyes. They all looked as if they had just seen a ghost.

After all, just half a month ago, she was still at the One Crystal Half Fairy Realm, and now, she had managed to reach the peak of the Half Fairy Realm in such a short time! Moreover, she was just half a step from reaching the Fairy Realm!

Apart from being shocked, the crowd also envied her. After all, having a Divine Master teach you was a great honor, and it could even lead one toward a future of great prominence.

As Yuan Wanbi was incredibly powerful, she defeated all of her opponents in just a few moves. They fighting continued, and in the end, just the two sisters were left.

“Not bad, sister. It’s difficult for me not to envy you, no matters how hard I try, as my ten years of arduous cultivation doesn’t rival your single stroke of good luck.” Yuan Wanbi never expected that her useless younger sister could one day hold her own in a fight against her.

Yuan Yingying sighed as she wondered… I wish people could know how hard I have strived and worked to achieve this!

The way that saw it, she had only achieved success through a stroke of good luck. In reality, the advancement in her cultivation within the last half a month was mainly due to how hard she had strived in making elixirs, not because of some Divine Master teacher!

The only person who really understood her was Su Yu, the grandpa she held so dear to her heart. In fact, Su Yu was the closest person to her besides her own father.

As she looked at her elder sister, who hated and resented her in secret, Yuan Yingying’s desire and need to earn her sister’s recognition and approval lessened. She decided that even if she didn’t manage to get her sister’s recognition, it didn’t matter, as she had her father, Grandpa Su, and her beloved alchemy techniques! These things were enough for her.

“Attack! Show me how powerful you have become this past half a month.” As Yuan Wanbi looked at the prize, which was a Fourth Grade Spirit Pill, a strong desire for victory shone in her eyes.

If she could get that pill, she would have the chance to advance to the Fairy Realm! For this reason, she was determined to get it.

However, she was startled when she heard Yuan Yingying chuckling calmly. Yuan Yingying then said, “I admit defeat. You can just take that pill and consume it yourself.”

As she spoke, she descended from the stage before the crowd’s shocked gazes. It wasn’t just the family’s older generation who were taken aback, as even Yuan Wanbi was perplexed by her actions. She had assumed that her younger sister would also do her utmost to obtain such a precious pill.

As he gazed upon the scene, the Yuan Family’s Master sighed, while deep affection and guilt welled up in his heart. He knew that his youngest daughter had done this because she didn’t want to damage the relationship between her and her sister. Thus, she had willingly given up on in the same way that she had sacrificed in accepting the engagement for her sister’s sake in the past.

However, even such a sacrificial action this still didn’t win her elder sister’s gratitude.

When Yuan Wanbi returned to her senses and fully understood Yuan Yingying’s intentions, she smiled and said, “I see that you are still as cowardly as you were in the past. Seeing this characteristic in you is as loathsome to me as it was before.”

At that moment, as Yuan Yingying descended from the stage, her body shook. She clenched her fists tightly for a moment, then gave up, making her way silently to Su Yu’s side.

“Why didn’t you fight? She couldn’t withstand even a single strike of your soul technique!” Su Yu said.

Yuan Yingying lowered her head, looked at her feet, then forced herself to reveal a faint smile as she replied, “It’s because we are sisters, and if my elder sister wants that pill, I must let her have it. In any case, now that you are here, I won’t be short of elixirs.”

Su Yu smiled kindly at her, then said, “I knew that you would make this exact decision when I taught you the soul attack technique. Although I am sad that you had to sacrifice so much, I’m grateful to see that you can persevere and keep your kind and innocent heart, not being blinded by hatred.”

After hearing his kind words, Yuan Yingying’s mood instantly improved. She playfully stuck out her tongue at Su Yu and asked, “Are you praising me or criticizing me?”

However, Su Yu didn’t reply, as he was too busy observing the last section of the competition, which was the award ceremony.

The Yuan Family’s Master stood up and smiled at the crowd before announcing, “Everyone had a brilliant performance! Let’s hope our Yuan family’s talented children always perform like this! Our highest honor and award this time is granted to Yuan Wanbi! Congratulations!”

The Yuan Family’s Master held a jade bottle, but he didn’t hand it to Yuan Wanbi immediately. Instead, he continued speaking, “There is one more piece of good news to share… A second intermediate alchemist has appeared in our family!”

After hearing this, everyone present flew into an uproar, clapping their hands wildly and cheering.

“What? An intermediate alchemist? Another intermediate alchemist?” someone in the crowd cried out in shock. The crowd was even more shocked by this than they had been at Yuan Yingying’s placing in the top ten!

“Who is it?” Who is the family’s new intermediate alchemist?” another person shouted.

Soon, everyone in the crowd was crying out all at once. It could be said that this was the Yuan family’s happiest occasion in the past decade!

One of the reasons why the Elixir Production Alliance could keep the Yuan family in check was due to their superior number of primary alchemists. However, the main reason was that they had two intermediate alchemists. But, now that a new intermediate alchemist had appeared in the Yuan family, it meant that the Yuan family could finally make a comeback!

The Yuan Family’s Master wore a big smile as he looked at the crowd and said, “Everyone, please calm down. This is indeed a happy occasion, and a banquet will be held for the whole family after the end of tomorrow’s Blue Mountain Meet.”

He didn’t inform them of the identity of this new intermediate alchemist, as even he didn’t know it yet. Even so, he wanted to take this opportunity to show the intermediate alchemist the Yuan family’s sincerity, as well as provide him with a warm welcome.

The faces of the seven primary alchemists were all filled with envy as they applauded. Su Yu and Yuan Yingying also wore odd looks as they conversed about this new piece of news.

“Grandpa Su, what should we do? Should I stand up and identify myself now?” Yuan Yingying didn’t know what should she do.

Su Yu shook his head after pondering her question for a moment. He then said, “No. Wait until the banquet. You have already gotten enough attention today, and you should let your family members get over this initial shock regarding your prowess in the competition today first.”

Yuan Yingying nodded obediently, sensing the wisdom in Su Yu’s words. “Yes Grandpa Su. I will obey your instructions.”

So, as it turned out, Yuan Wanbi got the pill in the end. After she got ahold of it, she walked calmly toward Su Yu and Yuan Yingying, while wearing a faint smile. Then, as she looked at Yuan Yingying, she said, “Sister, thank you for leaving the pill for me. I will use it freely, and then the gap between us will only grow larger and larger!”

Yuan Yingying just smiled after hearing her sister’s prideful remark, but didn’t reply.

“Regardless of how your teacher attempts to help you, you were always inferior to me in the past, and now that I have the pill, you will be even more inferior to me in the future!” Yuan Wanbi chuckled as she held up the pill in delight.

She then turned around, planning to swagger off. However, a guard’s urgent report suddenly was heard from just outside the stage area, “It is awful! Family Master, Young Master Zhao has led a group of people here! They just arrived!”

Everyone present knew that the only person called Young Master Zhao was the Elixir Production Alliance’s Zhao Yin. His cultivation was at the Level Two Fairy Realm, and he was even more powerful than many people from the older generation. Everyone knew that was an astonishing talent.

As the group of guards were unable to obstruct them, he effortlessly brought two servants with him as he barged into the martial plaza.

“Zhao Yin, what do took my Yuan family’s residence for? Even your father isn’t qualified to barge in here, yet you dare to show your face? You seem to be even more prideful and overbearing than him!” The Yuan Family’s Master’s facial expression became gloomy as he shouted at the new arrivals angrily.

The Yuan family was really kept in check by the Elixir Production Alliance, and they were even obliged to be linked to them via an arranged marriage, thus sacrificing the second miss. This was all done in order to ease the tension between them.

However, Zhao Yin’s barging into their Yuan family’s territory was a great humiliation, and even though the family was weaker than his own family, they would still not bear such a matter without pushing back!

“Zhao Yin, since you dared to barge in here today, you better be prepared to never leave again! After all, every family has to protect its own honor and prestige, and you have done something that you shouldn’t have… Provoking and humiliating us!” Pojun spoke in a sharp tone and glared at Zhao Yin.

The Yuan family’s people also glared at him angrily. They all felt that this was an intolerable humiliation.

However, Zhao Yin was calm. In fact, he was grinning! He obviously didn’t care about the Yuan family’s people at all.

Still smiling, he took a small badge out of his pocket, then casually threw it toward the Yuan Family’s Master, who took it, then immediately lowered his head to have a closer look at it.

The Yuan Family’s Master’s pupils contracted, and after a long while passed, he threw it back to him and said in a deep voice, “Fine. I will give you an opportunity to explain this, but if you can’t give me a valid reason for your barging into our residence, then regardless of this badge, you should not dream about leaving alive. Rest assured, I always keep my word!”

Zhao Yin, whose expression was still perfectly calm, chuckled after he caught the badge. He then replied, “You are being too dramatic! I just came here to deliver a challenge letter to you, but some of your servants stopped me. Besides, I’m your future son-in-law, so won’t I join the Yuan family sooner or later? Why are you taking this so seriously?”

As he spoke, he wore a smile. He then turned to look at Yuan Yingying, but she quickly hid behind Su Yu, while hugging his arm nervously. She seemed to depend on him quite a lot.

Zhao Yin’s gaze became ice-cold as it turned to focus on Su Yu. He thought to himself, while anger welled up in his heart… Yuan Wanbi was already violated by this old b*stard, and now, he had even charmed my own fiancée!

Zhao Yin sneered coldly and quickly averted his gaze. He then turned to look at the Yuan Family’s Master and said, “As I told you before, I was ordered to come here and deliver you the challenge letter.”

A challenge letter? The Yuan Family’s Master was perplexed, so he asked, “Why don’t you explain to me exactly what you are up to? The Blue Mountain Meet is tomorrow, and if you want to fight, you can challenge anyone there. So, why would you still need to drop in today?”