The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 752

Chapter 752 Jingyus Warning

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Zhao Yin laughed. “This challenge letter is somewhat unusual, and it mentions a bet.”

“A bet? Please go back home, as there is no need for my family to gamble with you.” The Yuan Family’s Master rejected this firmly.

The Yuan family was now in a vulnerable position, and it had less gambling chips than the Elixir Production Alliance, so a seemingly fair gamble would still place it at a disadvantage. If the Yuan family lost the bet, then its situation would become even worse, and they might even lose any opportunity of making a comeback.

As for the Elixir Production Alliance, even if it lost the bet, it still wouldn’t damage its foundation, and it would still be capable of suppressing the Yuan family. As such, he could definitely not agree to such a gamble, as it would do more harm than good to the Yuan family.

“Hehe, why don’t you first listen to the bet’s parameters first?” Zhao Yin asked. “If your Yuan family wins, then our Elixir Production Alliance will give you a market of your choice out of the nine markets that we own. You should be aware of the yearly earnings of each of those markets, right?”

When they heard the terms of the bet, the angered members of the Yuan family calmed down a bit. After all, the money earned from the rent alone for such a market was more than thirty thousand crystals, so it was a great source of wealth! Moreover, the Yuan family could still sell its elixirs in this market, which bring them great profits in the long-term.

Even the Yuan Family’s Master was tempted by this offer. If they could obtain such a market, then it would greatly improve the Yuan family’s current situation.

“And if we lose? Would we have to give you one of our markets?” the Yuan Family’s Master asked.

Zhao Yin shook his head. “No, if you lose, then we want just one person.”

A person? Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Apart from the Yuan Family’s Master and several core elders, which person is worth a whole market?

“Who?” the Yuan Family’s Master asked.

Zhao Yin sneered coldly and pointed his finger at Su Yu. “I want him.”

The crowd went into an uproar when they heard his words. The Yuan Family’s Master was also bewildered.

He then asked, “Young Master Zhao, did you come here to make fun of us? What do you really want?” He found it hard to believe that Zhao Yin had come here with such a great number of people just to ask for an old man.

Zhao Yin’s expression became ice-cold as he walked towards Su Yu, while speaking slowly, “I… Want… Him! Did you hear me clearly this time?”

The crowd was bewildered and stunned speechless. Su Yu, on the other hand, instantly retreated several steps as he said, “Young Master Zhao, I’m a stickler for clean-living and always being honest, and I don’t have such an inclination, so even if you want me, I don’t want you.”

Hearing his cheeky reply, Yuan Yingying couldn’t help but chuckle. But, she quickly recovered her composure and looked in displeasure at Zhao Yin. “Have you gone crazy? What do you want to do to Uncle Su?”

When Zhao Yin noticed that everyone was now laughing at him, he was quite infuriated. “I just want him to work as a slave for our Elixir Production Alliance.”

Yuan Wanbi blinked her eyes and wore a cold expression as she stood in between Zhao Yin and Su Yu. She then asked, “Zhao Yin, why are you causing trouble for no good reason?”

Seeing that Yuan Wanbi was helping Su Yu by obstructing him, Zhao Yin only became more infuriated Zhao Yin. This only affirmed to Zhao Yin that Su Yu must be holding something against Yuan Wanbi. In fact, he even thought that it was possible that Su Yu had already slept with her and forced her to obey all of his orders!

As Zhao Yin thought of such a fact, he hated Su Yu even more. “I already said that I have just one request. So, Yuan Family’s Master, will you accept it or not?”

The Yuan Family’s Master’s heart throbbed, as exchanging a person who was unrelated to him for a chance to get a prime market was a choice that any sane person would readily agree to. However, before he could answer, Yuan Yingying spoke up.

“It’s out of the question, father. Don’t comply with him. Otherwise, I will kill myself.” Yuan Yingying spoke quite firmly and put up a strong front.

The Yuan Family’s Master looked at his daughter before looking at Su Yu, and after pondering for a moment, he sighed. “Young Master Zhao, please leave. We will not accept this bet.”

He knew that his daughter had grown fond of this old man and had a close relationship with him. So, if they lost the bet, then his daughter would have lost her companion and may even end up hating him.

Despite being flatly denied, Zhao Yin was still determined to get what he wanted. “Is that right? Yuan Family’s Master, I advise you to reconsider. Otherwise, there won’t be any need for the Yuan Family to participate in tomorrow’s Blue Mountain Range’s competition, as you should already be clear about that great person’s relationship with my Elixir Production Alliance.”

After Zhao Yin threatened him brazenly, the Yuan Family’s Master squinted his eyes and killing intent welled up in his heart. The reason why the Yuan family was forced to lower its head to the Elixir Production Alliance and betroth one of their daughters to them, was all because of the intervention of that great person. If it wasn’t because of him, then the Yuan Family’s Master would never be forced to compromise with the Elixir Production Alliance.

The family’s core elders gave meaningful eye signals to him, as they were all frightened of that great person. Seeing that the whole family wanted him to agree, the Yuan Family’s Master started hesitating.

At this moment, Su Yu suddenly spoke, “Hehe, Yuan Family’s Master, what are you considering? Since the Elixir Production Alliance wants to gift you one of their markets, then why don’t you take it? Why are you hesitating?”

Hm? The Yuan Family’s Master looked at Su Yu. This old man, who had outstanding bearings and an air of otherworldliness, always gave him a peculiar feeling. Since he spoke in such a confident tone, the Yuan Family’s Master had to wonder if Su Yu had some secret means of dealing with them.

After he pondered this for a moment, the Yuan Family’s Master nodded and said, “Okay, Zhao Yin, if you can represent the Elixir Production Alliance, then I will agree to this bet, but if you can’t represent it, then just go home.”

Zhao Yin sneered coldly. “Be at ease. I already got the Elixir Production Alliance’s consent.”

As he spoke, he took out an Oath Ancient Scroll. Su Yu recognized it immediately. This was an object that possessed great restrictive power, and it would be extremely difficult for Fairies to get rid of its power.

Their bet’s criteria was already written on the scroll, and it also already had a drop of blood of each of the Elixir Production Alliance’s two great heads upon it. All that was left now was for the Yuan Family’s Master to leave a drop of his blood on it.

The Yuan Family’s Master bit his finger, then left a drop of his blood on it. Just after that, the Oath Ancient Scroll turned into two phantom images, which flew to each person’s hand.

“Hahaha, fine. Yuan Family’s Master, we will compete tomorrow. The one who can persist longer will be the victor.” Zhao Yin held the Oath Ancient Scroll as he laughed heartily. Before leaving, he looked coldly at Su Yu.

As Su Yu met his chilling gaze, he had to wonder… What is the Elixir Production Alliance planning? Su Yu felt that something was quite fishy about all of this.

It made sense if it was just Zhao Yin alone who was behaving in such a muddle-headed manner, but it seemed impossible that the two intermediate alchemists of the alliance were also muddle-headed enough to allow Zhao Yin to come and make such trouble! The Yuan Family’s Master also had similar doubts, as he also felt that something was fishy about this situation.

After Zhao Yin left the Yuan family’s manor, the lackey behind him couldn’t help but sneer. “The Yuan family’s people are really idiots, as they assumed that they had really gotten some great advantage. Little did they know that they actually missed a great opportunity. After all, this old man is probably the central prefecture’s most wanted criminal, meaning that his head is worth ten million crystals! Ah! Just thinking about it…”

“Shut up, do you want to expose this matter? If it was known by Elder Liao, then your whole family would be exterminated,” Zhao Yin interrupted him and silenced him coldly.

After Su Yu and Yuan Yingying returned to a room, she wore an apologetic look and said, “Uncle Su, I won’t let them take you tomorrow.”

Su Yu consoled her as he smiled faintly, “I will be fine, as I have my Yingying.”

Yuan Yingying clenched her fists and her eyes were filled with determination. After she left, Su Yu got lost in his thoughts. He felt a heavy sensation in his chest for some unknown reason.

After cultivating for such a long time till today, he was capable of faintly foreseeing the future, and this heavy feeling was an ominous sign, which foreshadowed the immense danger he would soon face.

But, what in the Blue Mountain Range could threaten me?

The arrival of Zhao Yin today had left him with a restless feeling, and he felt like something ominous was on the near horizon. While still pondering this, Su Yu fell asleep.

“Brother Su Yu, it’s me, Jingyu! You must escape… Now!” While he was dreaming, Su Yu found himself in a boundless wasteland, while a voice resounded from the sky. It was Xia Jingyu’s voice.

“Jingyu, am I dreaming?” he asked.

“Brother Su Yu, I used our Divine Decrees to link our minds together, but this can last for only a few moments, so bear my words in mind and don’t forget them,” Xia Jingyu urged him.

Su Yu was startled by her words, as this was really not a dream! Moreover, their Divine Decrees could allow them to communicate, even though they were separated by billions of miles! It was really marvelous!

“Brother Su Yu, you are in great danger now. I suddenly foresaw that your path comes to end, which means that you will die.” Xia Jingyu’s tone became extremely grave. “Although I don’t know the reason why this will happen to you, my foreseeing ability never makes a mistake, so you should take it seriously.”

Su Yu replied, “Since you have seen my path come to an end, does it really mean that I will surely die?”

Xia Jingyu quickly replied, “No, as a purple radiance appeared in your path and covered it. It was extremely powerful, so I couldn’t see through it, but I know that it will give you an opportunity of changing your fate. So, brother Su Yu, if you run into any purple object, then you must get ahold of it! And… You must remember that…”

Her words suddenly halted, as if she was interrupted by something, and she left the confused Su Yu standing all alone in the silent and boundless wasteland. All of a sudden, the sky became extremely dazzling as five golden suns appeared beside the sole sun that was already in the sky.

Those five suns emitted a blazing temperature, and they turned the boundless wasteland into a sea of flames, which engulfed and killed Su Yu instantly. Su Yu was startled, and he suddenly woke up from his dream.

As he opened his eyes, which were filled with bewilderment, he murmured, “What just happened? What did Jingyu foresee? And… What are those five golden suns? Was it really just a dream?”

It seemed like a dream, yet it wasn’t a dream, and it seemed like an illusion, yet it wasn’t one. He was very confused, as his recent vision seemed extremely realistic! It was especially the case for the flames, which seemed extremely realistic, so much so that his own body felt pain at the moment.

Suddenly, Su Yu felt a scalding pain in his palm, and when he lowered his head and looked at it, he found that a scar had appeared on it at some unknown time. This was an injury that had been left by the flames that burned him in the dream. Hence, it was really not a dream!

A billion miles from him, in a boundless wasteland, which was exactly the same one that Su Yu had seen in his dream, five people stood. These people shone in resplendent golden rays. Their eyes were closed as they muttered some incantation, while a crown of the sun and moon was floating above each of their heads.

These were five terrifying All Creation Old Monsters! They suddenly opened their eyes at the same time, while the one who stood in the middle spoke in a grave voice, “I found him! He’s in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands! I already left a mark on him.”

Then, the monsters disappeared, while the wasteland instantly turned into a sea of flames.