The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 753

Chapter 753 Ardent Flame Mark

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Early the next morning, beneath an azure sky.

The Blue Mountain City’s banner fluttered in the wind as the noisy crowd and countless martial artists made their way toward the city’s central plaza. This was the Blue Mountain City’s biggest martial arts plaza, and it had existed ever since the city was founded. As such, it had a rich history and was considered sacred ground to all of the Blue Mountain City’s martial artists.

Many martial artists fought in the city daily, and their powers would gradually rise as they fought. This day was the most glorious day of the year in the Blue Mountain City, as this was the day that the Blue Mountain Meet was being held.

The Soul Seizing Palace was responsible for hosting it, and the purpose of the yearly event was to recruit the Blue Mountain City’s most talented youth. Whichever youth won first place in the meet would get to join the Soul Seizing Palace and become an outer sanctum disciple.

His status would then experience a meteoric rise, and he would be like a carp that jumped over the Dragon Gate, turned into a dragon, then soared high into the sky! He would be able to avail himself of a large-scale faction’s education and training, thus becoming a true dragon among men! Needless to say, all of the hundred and eight factions in the city were full of expectation.

The reason why the Yuan family and Elixir Production Alliance had managed to rise above the masses was mostly because they had raised such a large batch of Soul Seizing Palace’s outer sanctum disciples throughout the years. After the disciples returned to the Blue Mountain Range, they would focus their efforts on supporting their families’ faction and helping it rise quickly. It was only through the efforts of several generations that those two factions had been able to attain their current achievements.

This explained why such a day was extremely important for the Yuan family and the Elixir Production Alliance, as they still needed to stabilize their foundations. After all, a single mountain can’t accommodate two tigers, and they had already fought both openly and in the dark for several hundred years. During this time, the gap between the two factions gradually grew, and just a single Soul Seizing Palace’s quota was enough to increase this gap even further.

The Yuan family was especially determined to get the quota this year. After all, if it won, it would get one of the Elixir Production Alliance’s markets. This was an immeasurable source of wealth, so needless to say, the Yuan family was determined to win at all costs.

All of the Yuan family members became nervous when they reached the martial arts plaza, as they were full of expectation about this upcoming battle. The gazes of many people focused on Yuan Wanbi, as the people had all entrusted their hopes in her.

“Wanbi, just do what you can. Don’t place any needless pressure upon yourself, as it’s fine, even if you lose.” The Yuan Family’s Master clearly felt sorry for his daughter, and he tried to console her by speaking to her with a soft voice.

Yuan Wanbi clenched her fists. She desperately wanted to win the prize for her family in order to improve her family’s unfavorable situation. At the moment, her father’s kind words moved her and touched her heart.

But, when she got a glimpse of Su Yu, her heart became ice-cold and indifferent once again. After all, her future was even more important than the benefit that her family coud gain.

She knew that this person must die so that she could preserve her pure and chaste reputation and marry into the Shangguan family. This was the only way for her to get the chance at having a better future.

Moreover, a single market was vastly inferior to what the Yuan family would get if she married into the Shangguan family. Therefore, she knew that she must lose in this battle, no matter what.

What set her mind at ease about this tactic was knowing that, even if she went all-out, she would mostly likely lose, as the Elixir Production Alliance’s had the powerful Zhao Yin in its corner. He was almost twenty years old, which meant that he had almost surpassed the upper range of the age limit for the recruitment. Yet, he was still just barely eligible to participate in the battle.

Currently, he had a Level Two Fairy Realm cultivation, which meant that the odds of success for the Yuan family were very slim with him here. In fact, it seemed like they had already lost the battle before it had even started!

Yuan Wanbi even relaxed more as she thought of this. But, when she looked around the giant martial arts plaza, which had a million people in it, she got nervous all over again. However, when she glimpsed the aged back of the old man in front of her, a boundless courage welled up in her heart.

Grandpa Su, I will surely save you from them! Yuan Yingying swore inwardly.

As Su Yu stood in front of her, his eyes were closed. He was pondering the strange event from the day before.

As he opened his eyes, he looked at the burn mark on his palm, which still hadn’t disappeared, even though a whole night had already passed. In fact, it caused him greater pain now than it had before.

At the moment, a fine and tiny fire could be seen, slowly spreading throughout his palm. The pain, as well as a feeling of dread and foreboding, was also becoming more intense. He felt as if a giant menacing shadow was engulfing him quietly, which made him wonder…

What is the purple object that Jingyu spoke about?

The only purple objects that Su Yu knew of now were the Fourth Grade Fairy Expansion Pill and his left eye’s pupil, which possessed time power. As he thought of these two objects, he wondered… Is it related to one of them?

Su Yu shook his head, choosing to deny this possibility. After all, if such a crisis could be solved so easily, Jingyu wouldn’t have warned him. Moreover, the purple object was so powerful that even she couldn’t foresee its true appearance.

“I must quickly nurse my body back to health and try to advance into the Fairy Realm after the meet, as I will have to leave quickly afterwards,” Su Yu said in a deep voice. He was clearly feeling the pressure.

The meet finally began, and all of the hundred and eight factions’ families’ representatives stepped forward. Each family was only allowed to send ten people.

Su Yu was obviously only paying attention to just Yuan Yingying as she fought ten battles consecutively, taking the victory in each of them. She was indeed one of the black horses among the participants!

The other contender Su Yu was slightly paying attention to was Zhao Yin. He was a Level Two Fairy, which meant that he was way above the others in terms of strength and talent. There wasn’t even a single contender that was at the same realm as him, so it could be said that his victory was almost assured.

The battle rounds continued until late into the evening, and it was only then that the last section was held. Most of this bitter competition’s participants had been eliminated by this point, having lost all hope of joining the Soul Seizing Palace. Now, just a hundred people were left in the arena, nine of whom were Three Crystals Half Fairies, while only one was a Fairy.

The other factions’ people began to feel better as they looked at such a strange competition. With such a peerless genius youth like Zhao Yin here, the Yuan family would surely share the same fate as them.

Their sole consolation at the moment was that the top ten experts could still be evaluated by a Soul Seizing Palace’s elder, and if that elder found that they had an exceptional gift, the elder would make an exception and accept them. It wasn’t like a similar situation had never happened before. Thus, even though they were aware of Zhao Yin’s power, many families still took part in the battle, fighting for the opportunity to reach the top ten.

The gambles that the Elixir Production Alliance and the Yuan family were taking were up in the air at present. It was yet to be determined just who would have the last laugh in the end. After all, even if the Yuan family’s prowess wasn’t on par with the Elixir Production Alliance’s, they would still come out on top if they managed to get a Soul Seizing Palace’s quota in the end.

At the moment, the Yuan Family’s Master was observing the finale battle. This round’s fights were far more fierce than the tests from the day before. Even Yuan Wanbi, who was the number one contender in the Yuan family, still felt pressured in the Blue Mountain Meet, as it wasn’t easy for her to defeat the other opponents, even those at the same realm as her.

On the other hand, the second miss, Yuan Yingying, who was ranked second in the Yuan family, had unexpectedly managed to defeat three people easily, all of whom were at the same realm. In fact, many of her opponents would retreat in defeat before they even gave her a chance to attack.

This shocked many people, and even Yuan Wanbi was amazed and confused by her success. This made Yuan Wanbi wonder whether her father was biased and giving her younger sister treasures in secret.

“The semi-finale will pit Yuan Wanbi against Yuan Yingying,” the announcer exclaimed.

The audience instantly became more spirited, as they had been looking forward at such a battle for quite some time. Everyone started commenting at once…

“The Blue Mountain Range’s most beautiful woman… Against her younger sister? This will surely be interesting! I can’t believe that I get to witness a fight between these sisters!”

“What’s baffling is that I remember that Yuan Yingying’s power used to be quite average. So, how did she manage to reach such a level?”

The only people, who were unaffected by the shock of the situation were the Yuan family members, as they had all witnessed Yuan Yingying’s power during the family’s test. Hence, they weren’t baffled by the fact that she had reached such a stage.

The judge on the stage announced the start of the battle, but the sisters didn’t start fighting immediately. Instead, Yuan Wanbi examined her younger sister for a moment, then said, “It really seems to me that you have been reborn. In the past, you were so obedient and mediocre, yet now you are standing before me at the Blue Mountain Meet, waiting to fight. You really have changed.”

She then added, “However, it doesn’t matter how much you change. Just l like I said yesterday, you weren’t as good as me in the past, and so it shall be in the future. Just accept your fate, as the Yuan family already has me. You are just an illegitimate child, who was born on the outside!”

Yuan Wanbi didn’t even attempt to hide her hatred for her sister as she stated what she had kept hidden in her heart for a long time. However, she still made sure to lower her voice to be sure that no one overheard her saying such cruel words to Yuan Yingying.

In the face of her sister’s mean comments, Yuan Yingying remained calm as she pursed her lips and smiled. She then replied, “Big sister, you are still looking at me in the same way as before. But, it doesn’t matter, as you are my elder sister, and I will always respect you.”

Yuan Wanbi snorted. “I don’t need your respect! Regardless, let’s not waste our breaths talking about this any longer. Will you admit defeat on your own accord, or do you need me to beat you mercilessly first?”

Yuan Yingying then said, “Even if I had gotten the Soul Seizing Palace’s quota, I would still have left it for you. But now, I must defeat you for the sake of a person.” After Yuan Yingying said this, she unsheathed her sword.

“You overestimate your capabilities, and your comprehension of your cultivation method is vastly inferior to mine.” Although Yuan Wanbi wasn’t confident about fighting Zhao Yin, she was still sure that she could easily take down her younger sister.

Yuan Yingying revealed a faint smile as she charged forward with her sword.


The buzzing sound of swords clashing echoed as the two swords’ rays flickered and intertwined with each other for an instant. Then, the two people separated from each other in the blink of an eye.

Yuan Yingying fell back several steps, and once she reached the edge of the arena, she looked down to see that blood was dripping down from her fingers. As for Yuan Wanbi, she landed gracefully.

Then, with a face full of mockery, she asked, “Didn’t I say that you are overestimating your capabilities?”

Yuan Wanbi’s body suddenly shook in the next moment as a stab of pain transmitted from her head. “What’s going on? What did you just do to me?” Yuan Wanbi asked in surprise.

Yuan Yingying waved her sword and said calmly, “I didn’t do anything.”

Su Yu nodded when he witnessed this scene. He was pleased to see that Yuan Yingying was unexpectedly capable of merging a wisp of White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s soul flame with her sword, which would cause anyone who fought close to her to end up being burned by a faint soul flame. Even though this wasn’t deadly, it would still prevent people from being able to display their full power and potential.

Su Yu knew that he hadn’t taught her such a trick. Hence, she surmised that she must have come up with it all by herself. This lassie really was a great talent!

“Poison? Fine. Let’s go again!” Yuan Wanbi activated her Vital Energy Barrier, hoping to use it to keep the poison that had just been released by her opponent at bay.

However, when they exchanged moves again, Yuan Wanbi’s was sent flying by her opponent’s sword energy. When she landed, her head throbbed in pain.

“Big sister, admit your defeat. I don’t want to harm you.” As a swooshing sound echoed, the tip of Yuan Yingying’s blade touched Yuan Wanbi’s forehead.

Yuan Wanbi raised her head and looked at her younger sister. She still had the same lovely and delicate face as before, but her gaze had changed. As Yuan Wanbi stared at her, she found her gaze quite strange.

“I refuse to lose to you!” Yuan Wanbi snorted angrily, then turned around and tried to pull away from her.

However, every move she made caused an intense pain to transmit up from her waist. Then, Yuan Yingying kicked her, sending her flying off the stage!

It was at that moment that Yuan Wanbi knew that if they were in a true battle to the death, she would have already been killed by her sister. The crowd also seemed to know this, as many people shook their heads.