The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 756

Chapter 756 Dropping In To Collect Debts

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The Yuan Family’s Master, who noticed Zhao Yinghao’s gaze, brought Yuan Yingying off the stage as he instructed, “From today onward, Yingying will move to the courtyard beside me. Elders, please protect Yingying properly, as Zhao Yinghao won’t give up. He would surely use some extreme measures to try to kill her.”

After all, it would be too baffling if the Elixir Production Alliance actually kept the peace after such a great victory for the Yuan family. They would surely not try to take back their market, as they had handed it over in public. Hence, the only person in real danger was Yuan Yingying.

“We should quickly recruit some experts. Otherwise, it would be impossible for us to protect the Second Miss if the Elixir Production Alliance brought a great number of experts to fight us,” Pojun said.

He knew that the Elixir Production Alliance had great influence and power. As such, it would be impossible for the Yuan family to depend on its power alone to confront it. Only expert recruits could undertake such measures.

“Then, immediately start recruiting them, and don’t spare any price! Regardless if it via elixirs or crystals, recruit all of the experts in the city to protect Yuan Yingying until we escort her safely into the Soul Seizing Palace.” The Yuan Family’s Master was always bold and resolute.

Even if he didn’t love his daughter dearly, just the mere fact that she was now an Outer Sanctum disciple of the Soul Seizing Palace was enough for him to sacrifice even half of the Yuan family in order to protect her. At this moment, the whole Yuan family was united in complete agreement in this matter.

Once the Second Miss entered the Soul Seizing Palace, she would surely end up becoming a great expert, and in the future, it would be possible for the Yuan family to rule a great territory with her help. Thinking about this, many people couldn’t help but sigh.

As they looked at Yuan Yingying, they were baffled that, in just a mere month, she had gone from an unnoticeable ugly duckling to the Blue Mountain Range’s genius girl. Her great change made all of them feel like they were living in a dream. On the other hand, the Yuan family still believed that her change was solely due to the training of her far-sighted Divine Master senior.

Yuan Yingying, even though she had just been subjected to the whole world’s attention, was quite calm and serene at this moment. As she glanced behind her, hoping to see Su Yu, she realized that he had already disappeared. He was now standing before the Elixir Production Alliance’s splendid gate, his eyes flickering with a cold glint.

Why did Zhao Yin want me? And… Why… From that time onward… have I always had a restless feeling in my heart? As these questions continued to run through Su Yu’s mind, he decided that he needed an explanation for all of this!

However, at this moment, a beautiful woman came up to him. She had a tall stature and a beautiful face, as well as eyes that were as clear as ice. Just with a single look, anyone could judge that she was an exceptionally attractive woman.

“Eldest Miss, what do you want?” Su Yu asked.

Yuan Wanbi replied, “I want to talk to you, but let’s go somewhere else.”

Su Yu furrowed his brows and felt hesitant, but he still followed behind her. When they had come to a secluded dark alley, Yuan Wanbi turned to him and asked, “Senior, I know that it was you who helped my sister, right?”

Su Yu didn’t acknowledge it or deny it, but only remained silent.

Seeing that he would not answer her, she continued speaking, “My sister’s changes started from the moment we ran into you. At first, I assumed that it was because an Almighty Divine Master was helping her in secret, but after thinking about it more carefully, I realized that the Divine Master appeared just after you appeared.”

She looked at him with narrowed eyes. “I don’t believe that it was just a coincidence, as before you were here, my sister was mediocre and inferior to me in every way. But, my question now is… How could an Almighty Divine Master’s senior suddenly appear out of nowhere and become so fond of her and help her in such a way?”

She shook her head, clearly frustrated. “I knew that this matter surely had another explanation for it, and it was only after observing my sister’s performance today that I finally understood that the person who helped her change wasn’t some Almighty Divine Master. It was you, as she never mentioned her Almighty Divine Master teacher… She only mentioned you, her Uncle Su Yu!”

She then peered at him with a gaze that seemed to see right through him as she asked, “So, there isn’t any Almighty Divine teacher, and you helped my sister, right?”

Since she already clearly had found him out, Su Yu didn’t continue to conceal anything. “Yes, but so what? Did you come here just to inform me of this, or to kill me and vent your anger?”

Delight appeared on Yuan Wanbi’s face. It was obvious that she had expected such a reply.

“No. But… You are extremely powerful, aren’t you? After all, you could even control Elder Liao. As far as I know, Elder Liao had a high position in the Soul Seizing Palace, and even Divine Masters might not be capable of blackmailing him, but you somehow managed to do it. So, how could I dare try to harm you?” she asked.

Su Yu furrowed his brows.”Then, why did you look for me?”

Yuan Wanbi suddenly smiled sweetly and came close to Su Yu. Then, while her sweet fragrance assaulted his nostrils, she extended her finger and gently passed it across his chest. Her finger’s warmth, as well as its movements, had an enticing charm.

She wore a charming look as she let out a slow breath, then said, “Since you can make my mediocre sister a peerless genius, then you can surely make me even more outstanding than her. After all, I’m better than my sister at anything, and I’m also more obedient than her, so I will obey all of your orders.”

As she spoke, her soft body embraced Su Yu, while her ample chest was pressed against him. Su Yu curled up the corners of his mouth and revealed a mocking smile. “Eldest Miss, are you even willing to offer your body to an old man like me?”

“This body is just a pile of bones and skin, so I don’t mind it. Senior, please help me.” Yuan Wanbi put her snow-white arms around his neck, while her rosy lips gradually puckered up in order to kiss him.

However, at that moment, a vigorous Vital Energy suddenly surged out of Su Yu’s body and shook her off. Su Yu’s ice-cold eyes were filled with disdain as he said, “It’s only by respecting yourself that you gain others’ respect! I’m sorry, but I won’t help you.”

After he spoke, he turned around and left. As she watched him leave, Yuan Wanbi’s face became flushed.

She felt both aggrieved and embarrassed, but she was still unwilling to accept such an outcome, so she shouted after him, “What’s so good about my sister? Why are you helping her, but not me?”

Su Yu calmly replied, without turning back, “She’s inferior to you in many aspects, but she’s good hearted and kind, which are two things that you could never rival.”

Su Yu did not wait for her to reply before he disappeared among the dark alleyways.

At that moment, hatred appeared in Yuan Wanbi’s eyes, and even though Su Yu had already left, she still screamed at the top of her lungs, “I swear that I will surely not let you off! It’s because of you that I was humiliated and shamed. It’s all because of you! I will surely pay you back for today’s humiliation!”

In the Elixir Production Alliance.

Zhao Yinghao, whose expression was gloomy, sat before his son’s bed and spoke in a deep voice. “Did you finish assembling the men?”

An ominous glow flickered in the eyes of the red-nosed middle-aged man, who sat opposite to him. “Yes. We have fifty Fairies, five hundred Three Crystals Half Fairies, and you and me. Let’s attack them after nightfall.”

“Then, what’s the Yuan family doing now? It would be impossible for them to not notice that we mobilized such a great number of people, right?” Zhao Yinghao asked.

The red-nosed middle-aged man chuckled sinisterly. “They started spending a large sum of money to recruit the Blue Mountain Range’s experts just after they left the martial arts stage, and I even especially sent several spy Fairies to join their camp, so they will surely give them a nice surprise when the time comes.”

Zhao Yinghao’s expression was gloomy and flames of anger were raging in his eyes. “After causing my Zhao family to suffer such heavy losses, how can they stay safe and sound, not sacrificing anything? Although it would be difficult for the experts we gathered to destroy the Yuan family in a short time, they can still kill that little girl!”

The red-nosed middle-aged man started hesitating when he heard this. “Shouldn’t we inform Elder Liao of this first? His opinion about this matter is still unknown.”

Zhao Yinghao shook his head. “No. Elder Liao has his own troubles. Besides, if we just kill her quietly ourselves, then he could give an explication to the person blackmailing him, saying that he wasn’t aware of anything. Hence, informing now would only place him in great danger.”

He then added, “Regardless, that little girl must die, as we mustn’t let someone with such a high talent live! If she was inferior to Zhao Yin, then even if she entered the Soul Seizing Palace, I could tolerate it, as in the future, she would be a part of our Zhao family and could then be controlled.”

He shook his head. “But, as she will surely soar higher in the future, which will bring great troubles upon us, we can only give up on her and try to find another wife for Zhao Yin.”

At this moment, Zhao Yin suddenly woke up and asked, “Father, where am I?”

Delight appeared on Zhao Yinghao’s face. “Yin’er, it’s good to see that you are okay!”

Zhao Yin, who was stilled quite muddle-headed, listened to his father as he told him all that happened. When he heard that he had lost his opportunity to become an Outer Sanctum disciple of the Soul Seizing Palace, he almost fainted once again. “That’s impossible! I worked so hard for more than ten years… Just for this one day! Was it all wasted, just like this?”

“Yin’er, don’t worry, as tonight, we will take revenge on the Yuan family, and we will kill that sl*t, Yuan Yingying, as it’s only because she injured you that you lost such a chance!” Zhao Yinghao said.

Zhao Yin also hated her, and as his hands held the bed sheet tightly, his gaze became ice-cold. “I want that sl*t to suffer a fate worse than death for destroying my future in the martial path. Father, let me come with you tonight, as I want to witness that sl*t’s death with my own eyes!”

Zhao Yinghao nodded.

Time slowly passed, and as the sun gradually reached the edge of the sky, its scarlet rays looked like blood. A guard suddenly came over to them before they set off. “Master, Elder Liao came here. He wants the two of you to come and meet him, and he asked that you bring the young master with you.”

Delight appeared on Zhao Yinghao’s face. “Elder Liao has come back! Yin’er, let’s go to him, and as long as he recommends you, then you will still have a hope of entering the Soul Seizing Palace!”

Zhao Yin’s heart was full of expectation. “Okay, let’s go to meet Elder Liao before going to kill that sl*t!”

The three of them then went to the meeting hall. When Elder Liao had come to meet them in the past, he had always chosen this hall. As such, there was no need for him to inform them where he was, as they already knew.

As the heavy gate was opened, the three people’s expressions changed immediately. Every time Elder Liao had come in the past, he would sit in the highest seat, as if he was the owner of this place. But this time, he stood respectfully behind that seat.

In that highest seat, that strange old man was perched! He had an aged face and wore a simple yet elegant robe. His long white hair was properly combed, and he had an air of otherworldliness about him.

This old man was currently sipping tea, and his actions had a refined manner to them, similar to those of a great king.