The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 757

Chapter 757 The Wanted Criminal

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“It’s you!” Zhao Yin, Zhao Yinghao, and the red-nosed middle-aged man all cried out in alarm at the same time. They all couldn’t help but wonder…

Is this person the wanted criminal they were looking for? Why has he appeared in the Elixir Production Alliance’s main hall?

Moreover, why is Elder Liao standing respectfully behind him, like a servant?

The hearts of the three people thumped, while a guess, which they didn’t dare to believe, emerged in their minds…

Is this Yuan family’s old man the person who is coercing Elder Liao?

“Who are you?” Zhao Yinghao asked, his expression instantly becoming gloomy.

Su Yu looked down at him with his profound gaze, which was very intimidating. In fact, it scared all three of them.

As they looked at the current Su Yu, they felt like they were gazing at a great king. His aura was quite outstanding.

“I’m just an old man,” Su Yu replied.

He then looked at Elder Liao, who was behind him, and said, “They’re here now, so you should speak…”

Elder Liao bowed, then took a picture scroll from his pocket and passed it to Su Yu, saying, “Young master, please take a look at this.”

When Su Yu opened it, he was startled by what he saw. The picture scroll had a person’s picture on it, but what made it so surprising was that the image depicted looked exactly like Su Yu! Moreover, several big and conspicuous words were written in the upper portion of the scroll…

Wanted criminal. Ten million crystals will be awarded to the person who manages to kill him.

“This is a wanted criminal’s picture, which was sent to me by the Soul Seizing Palace five days ago. After I received it, I asked them to immediately start looking for him,” Elder Liao said.

He then added, “Zhao Yin stated that he had once seen you, but since you were hiding under the protection of the Yuan family, he didn’t want to alert their enemy by making any rash moves. Therefore, he proposed a challenge so that he could take you away openly before taking your life and bringing you back to the Soul Seizing Palace.”

Elder Liao then shook his head, while he said with regret, “Young master, at that time, I didn’t recognize you. Please forgive me.”

Elder Liao really wanted to curse those people, and he couldn’t help but wonder… Are the fools inside the palace trying to send me to my death?

Su Yu was instantly curious about this matter, as he remembered clearly that he had never once been to the Soul Seizing Palace.

“Is this the Central Prefecture’s King’s official arrest warrant?” Su Yu asked.

Elder Liao nodded, unsure of what else to say.

“But, I remember that the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands were hostile to the Central Prefecture, so why was the Central Prefecture’s King’s order of arrest posted in the Soul Seizing Palace?” Su Yu squinted his eyes as he asked.

Elder Liao swept his gaze over Zhao Yin and the other two as he replied in a low voice, “Our Soul Seizing Palace is situated on the edge of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ territory, and the Palace Master wanted us to curry favor with both sides.”

This matter’s significance was quite obvious. It meant that the Soul Seizing Palace was wavering between both sides, and ultimately, it would favor the side that could offer it more benefits.

“Then what’s going on with this picture scroll? It clearly depicts my current state, but the Central Prefecture’s King only saw my youthful appearance. Surely, he mustn’t be aware of my current appearance,” Su Yu said.

Elder Liao blushed with shame as he explained, “It was drawn by the Soul Seizing Palace’s Master, he’s gifted with an ancient technique, which can simulate what a person’s appearance will look like dozens of years in the future. Hence, as long as he can get a good look at a picture from one’s youth, he can easily simulate one’s current appearance.”

The Soul Seizing Palace’s Master? Su Yu’s gaze became fierce as he said, “He’s really a devoted dog, having spent so much energy currying favor and doing the Central Prefecture’s King’s bidding!”

“How many of such orders have been posted?” Su Yu asked as his heart became heavy. It seemed like he might be obliged to change his appearance in the future.

Elder Liao shook his head, then answered, “Not many. Since the Soul Seizing Palace is still a part of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands and is affiliated with the Red Blood Palace, its people didn’t dare to help the Central Prefecture’s King look for you openly.”

He then added, “In fact, only a few members of the palace had a similar scroll with your current picture. Moreover, I’m the only outer sanctum’s elder aware of this matter, and the other people aware of it are only the Palace Master and the inner sanctum’s nine elders. As for the others, they remain unaware.”

Elder Liao then took a deep breath before saying, “We have been searching for you just in secret, and we didn’t dare inform the disciples, as once such news spread, our Soul Seizing Palace would be looked down upon, seen as the weak dog of the Central Prefecture. If that happened, the Red Blood Palace’s Master would surely be tempted to initiate a blood purge in our palace!”

According to his account, it seemed like no more than ten people in the Soul Seizing Palace were aware of this matter, and they didn’t dare to inform any disciples. After all, once such news was leaked, the dark fate that awaited them would be the Red Blood Palace’s blood purge!

The Red Blood Palace was one of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ two greatest factions. As such, they ruled all of the factions that were affiliated with them. The Soul Seizing Palace was affiliated to the Red Blood Palace, and since the latter was a demonic path’s faction, their means of dealing with them would not be merciful.

In light of the fact that so few arrest warrants had been issued thus far, it seemed like Su Yu could now set his mind slightly at ease. As long as he didn’t run into the Soul Seizing Palace’s inner sanctum’s elders, he didn’t appear to be in any imminent danger.

However, since he now knew that the Soul Seizing Palace’s Master was working for the Central Prefecture’s King and was responsible this simulated picture, which had put him in a dangerous position, Su Yu would surely not forgive him.

This finally explained why Zhao Yin gave him an intense, uneasy feeling. It was because everything was already exposed and danger was right around the corner!

However, as long as Su Yu didn’t go near the Soul Seizing Palace, they wouldn’t be able to find him. Moreover, the only people aware of the arrest warrant in the entire Blue Mountain Range were those few people in front of him at the moment… Elder Liao, Zhao Yin and his father, the red-nosed middle-aged man and their personal guards.

At that moment, Elder Liao’s whole body quivered, while his face pale. He didn’t even dare to even breathe as he waited for Su Yu’s response.

“What do you think I should do now?” Su Yu asked calmly after he sipped a mouthful of tea.

Elder Liao clenched his jaw as he replied, “Kill them to prevent them from divulging this information!”

Su Yu replied calmly, “Since you knew that this is the course of action you want to take, why did you not already do so? Moreover, you must remember to not leave anyone besides you alive!”

His last words caused Elder Liao to heave a huge sigh of relief, as they revealed that his young master had decided to spare him. Horror appeared on the faces of Zhao Yinghao and the others. After all, the current situation was anything but reassuring!

“We must leave! Quickly! Elder Liao has defected, so we must notify the Soul Seizing Palace immediately!” Zhao Yinghao was terrified.

The old man, who had an air of otherworldliness, had unexpectedly fought the Central Prefecture King in the past. This meant that he was one of the kings who reigned over the nine prefectures!


The three of them quickly rushed out of the main hall, then fled in three different directions, as only then could they deliver the news of Elder Liao’s betrayal in time! As he watched them leave, anxiety appeared on Elder Liao’s face.

It was clear to him that the current situation was quite troublesome. He wasn’t confident about how to deal with all of them, as Zhao Yinghao’s and the red-nosed middle-aged man’s cultivations especially weren’t to be underestimated.

However, a scarlet radiance shone throughout the scene at this moment, and Zhao Yinghao and the other two, who had just fled, were suddenly teleported back to the main hall by a spatial power.

“A spatial divine ability?” Elder Liao was shocked, as he wasn’t away that he still had such a move! However, this set his mind at ease, as he knew now that he probably could leave them all here forever.

Zhao Yinghao and the other two were horrified as they wondered… What kind of divine ability is this?

Zhao Yinghao clenched his jaw when he saw Elder Liao charging at him. “Let’s go down fighting! As long as we can obstruct him and alarm the guards outside, they will surely send reinforcements sooner or later. Then, we can subdue him!”

Elder Liao furrowed his brows, as he wasn’t really confident about his being able to kill them before said reinforcements arrived.

“Get it done quickly!” Su Yu, who sat on the main seat and was watching them, spoke calmly.

Elder Liao felt bitter inside as he thought of Su Yu… You are making matters difficult for me on purpose!

However, Elder Liao did not have too much time to think about this, as he was astounded in the next moment by a purple radiance that shone from behind him, then swept the whole hall, confining the time of everything besides him. Even the particles of dust in the air were motionless in an instant.

Zhao Yin and the other two still maintained their same defensive postures as before. In fact, they couldn’t move at all. It was as if they were mere puppets! At this moment, it seemed like they had fallen into a confined river of time.

“Why are you hesitating?” an apathetic voice transmitted from behind Elder Liao, and upon hearing it, his whole body quivered and shock welled up in his heart.

He could scarcely believe that Su Yu had created such a domain, where both time and space were confined! After all, this was a Domain Power that only All Creation Old Monsters possessed. Moreover, he had never heard of anyone being capable of creating a Time Domain!

His terror of Su Yu reached its highest level at this moment, and he no longer held any hope of being freed by him.

As he thought of these things, Elder Liao’s gaze became ice-cold. Then, he charged at the three people, while shouting, “It’s better for you all to die than me! I’m sorry, but I have no choice…”


Elder Liao condensed a sphere of demonic energy at his fingertips, then swept the necks of the three people with it, causing their heads to immediately fly off into the air!

At this moment, the time power dissipated, and the three heads, which were floating in the air, looked around in horror. Up until the very moment that they lost consciousness, they still didn’t know what had just happened. In the twinkling of an eye, the Elixir Production Alliance’s two leaders had died in such a strange way!

Su Yu stood up and started to walk out of the hall. With each step that he took, he left an afterimage behind him. Soon, the entire hall became filled with Su Yu’s afterimages.

As a light breeze blew, all of his afterimages disappeared. Then, even Su Yu disappeared, and only a faintly discernible voice was heard. “Dispose of all of the remaining people, who are aware of this matter.”

Upon hearing this command, Elder Liao’s eyes shone with a cold glint as he prepared to launch a massacre…

The Yuan family was waiting solemnly, and the sky outside of their manor was filled with countless experts. Meanwhile, inside the manor, many experts had blockaded Yuan Yingying’s courtyards, making it impossible for even a housefly to pass through them.

The whole Yuan family was in a grave state, as if they knew that they were about to face a great enemy. Everyone, from the Family Master to the servants, waited nervously for the Elixir Production Alliance to take its revenge.

They had already received news that the Elixir Production Alliance had gathered a large group of experts, who would start attacking them after nightfall. This was indeed a momentous event, as these two forces hadn’t had a great battle with each other for more than a hundred years! This night would surely be a sleepless and unforgettable one for the Blue Mountain Range’s people.

All of the street’s markets in the vicinity had been closed, and all of the people had fled in order to seek safe hiding places and escape the bloody battle between the two great factions. Now, only a whistling wind was left, blowing through the abandoned streets.

The current atmosphere felt quite stifling, and the Yuan Manor descend into a ghostly silence. Soon, the darkness of night engulfed the sky as the last ray of sun disappeared. At that time, bonfires were lit in the Yuan Manor, illuminating it completely.

The people were waiting for a long and cruel battle, and such a tense wait continued for more than six hours. By that time, most of the night had already passed, and soon, the pastel colors of the dawn sky appeared on the horizon.

“Family Master, something seems amiss, as there haven’t been any signs of activity for the entire night. Have they used such a strange stratagem on purpose in order to throw us off guard?” a guard asked.

The muscles of the Yuan Family’s Master face twitched upon hearing this, as he was quite infuriated. He slapped his fist down on the table heavily several times, then asked, “Shut up! Can’t you all just wait for them to come quietly and obediently?”

The guard lowered his head in shame and said nothing more. He couldn’t even meet the Yuan Family’s Master’s gaze at that point.

“Let’s just continue waiting, and don’t let down your guard, as the enemy will surely attack us the second that we assume that we are safe,” the Yuan Family’s Master said.

After hearing his words, the crowd knew that he was right. Thus, they could only depend upon their firm wills as they waited patiently.

Suddenly, a person appeared in the empty and silent street. The guard keeping watch in the sky immediately notified them of the person’s arrival.

Upon hearing the alert, all of the Yuan family members immediately tensed. They all began to wonder…

Who would appear at such a time? This matter seems quite fishy…

“It seems like it’s the old man… The one the second miss brought here!” the guard exclaimed.

Him? The Yuan Family’s Master rolled his eyes, then said, “Let him in. Yesterday, Yuan Yingying was so worried about him that she almost wept.”