The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 758

Chapter 758 Shangguan Yunque

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The Yuan family’s servants respected and envied the Second Miss’ servant. In the past, when the Second Miss was in dire straits, they would never have envied the old man, no matter how well she treated him.

This was because was pushed aside by the family, so they wouldn’t get any benefits by becoming her servants. But, the current situation was different, as the Second Miss had risen in statu and had become the greatest genius in the family. As such, she would probably enter the Soul Seizing Palace’s Inner Sanctum in the future.

Now, the whole family was treating her like a precious princess, so the position and status of her servants would naturally be higher than those of the young masters of some of the family’s other branches.

Su Yu, who was now the center of attention, entered the Yuan family’s manor.

“Where were you last night?” the Yuan Family’s Master asked him angrily. However, he still restrained himself, as he didn’t dare criticize Su Yu too much. After all, when his little daughter had been in dire straits, it was Su Yu who had accompanied her.

Su Yu replied, “I was just taking care of some matters for the young miss.”

He then looked at the nervous experts and asked, “What’s happening here? It looks as if you have all seen a ghost!”

The Yuan Family’s Master gave him a stern look, clearly annoyed that he was still in the mood to say such flippant remarks, even in such an intense situation. “Quickly, go inside. The Elixir Production Alliance will be here shortly.”

Su Yu was startled. “What? The Elixir Production Alliance? I just heard that it’s in a complete mess now, and its primary alchemists are carrying a great amount of wealth as they run away!”

Hearing this, the Yuan Family’s Master really wanted to choke Su Yu to death… How come this old man is so thoughtless? After all, this is no time for cracking jokes or speaking nonsense!

Su Yu shook his head helplessly. “I never lie…”

Ignoring him, the Yuan Family’s Master waved his hand at him in dismissal. “Quickly go inside!”

It was at this very moment that a person, clad in a blue robe, flew to him from the sky. He was one of the spies that had been sent to the Elixir Production Alliance’s vicinity to observe their movements.

“Family’s Master, it’s awful! Flames have engulfed the Elixir Production Alliance’s manor, and all of the alliance’s experts have descended into a panic. When I left, they were all stealing some wealth before fleeing!” the spy reported.

“What? Repeat what you just said!” The Yuan Family’s Master held the spy’s collar, as he couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

As the spy had run all the way here, he was extremely exhausted, so when he was grabbed by the Yuan Family’s Master, he almost fainted. “Cough! Cough!… They started fighting amongst themselves, while many of them ran away.”

After a short moment, four other people flew in from different directions, each coming to notify him of this same occurrence. It was only after they all came and corroborated the initial spy’s story that the Yuan Family’s Master thoroughly believed it.

If it was just a single spy who reported it, then he would surely suspect it. However, since so many people had just reported the same exact news, then it was obvious that the Elixir Production Alliance had run into some trouble.

“Half of you come with me. If this matter is true, then our Yuan family may experience some great changes.” The Yuan Family’s Master calmed down his throbbing heart forcefully as he led a group of people to the Elixir Production Alliance.

When they arrived, they saw that the scene at the Elixir Production Alliance was exactly as the spies had reported. Flames were raging within it, while many of its members were fleeing. Some of them were even primary alchemists.


The Yuan Family’s Master took hold of a primary alchemist and questioned him in a loud voice, “What happened? Where are the two old fools?”

The primary alchemist wore a bitter expression as he answered, “Yuan Family’s Master, please save me! Zhao Yinghao and the others were all killed! Even their servants and relatives were all killed. The alliance’s martial artists then took such an opportunity to rebel and plunder our wealth, and many of my companions got killed amid the chaos!”

The Yuan Family’s Master’s pupils contracted when he heard him… All of them died?

If he hadn’t witnessed it with his own eyes or heard about it with his own ears, then it would have been impossible for him to believe such shocking news! After a moment, he came back to his senses, while his eyes lit up in a resplendent glow.

He then clapped his hands and laughed heartily. “Hahaha… Zhao Yinghao… Looks like the Elixir Production Alliance unexpectedly had quite a bad day!”

Then, he activated his Vital Energy and shouted loudly, “Everyone, stop right where you are! All of the Elixir Production Alliance’s members and wealth are now officially the property of my family, and anyone who dares take even a single crystal will be hunted down!”

He then added, “Guards, obey my orders and put the Elixir Production Alliance under our control. Kill anyone who dares to resist or oppose us.”

The Yuan Family’s Master led a great number of martial artists as he rushed in and killed anyone who caused trouble, while also protecting the wealth and capturing the precious primary alchemists. It was only the next day, around noon, that they finished taking complete control of the Elixir Production Alliance.

“Elder Pojun, I will trouble you with looking after them as I go in to see what happened.” After the Yuan Family’s Master went into the hall, he immediately saw the three heads in it.

His pupils contracted slightly… Were they killed instantly?

Zhao Yinghao and the red-nosed middle-aged man were both Level Six Fairy Realm experts, and they both possessed a strong fighting prowess, yet they had been killed! This shocked him.

“Which great expert attacked them?” The Yuan Family’s Master asked in a deep voice. “Will he harm our Yuan family too?”

His heart rose up to his throat once again and became heavy and burdened with worries. When he returned to the family’s manor, he found his eldest daughter standing in the garden, and she seemed quite distressed and pitiful.

“Wanbi, what are you doing here? Why don’t you go help Elder Pojun take care of our financial affairs? You are quite proficient in handling such things,” he said.

However, it seemed like Wanbi didn’t hear what he had said at all. Instead, hatred and fright appeared in her eyes as she murmured, “It’s him… It’s surely him… He did it.”

She had witnessed Su Yu with her own eyes walking toward the Elixir Production Alliance, and that same night, the alliance had been destroyed! So, how could such a coincidence occur? It was obvious that he had done it!

She was afraid of Si Yu’s power, yet she also resented herself for being too weak and incapable of seeking revenge against him.

“Wanbi, are you okay?” The Yuan Family’s Master patted her shoulder, clearly concerned.

It was only at this moment that Wanbi came back to her senses and quickly changed her expression. “Father, I’m fine.”

“If you are exhausted, then why don’t you go to your sister? After all, although fame and profit are important and precious, family ties and love are priceless,” the Yuan Family’s Master said.

Are family ties and love really priceless? Yuan Wanbi couldn’t help but mutter in her heart. She still loved her father, but she had only hatred in her heart towards Yuan Yingying.

“Okay, but, father, there’s still something that I must tell you, and I hope that you will make a firm decision about it,” she said.

The Yuan Family’s Master was startled by her serious tone. “What is it?”

Yuan Wanbi’s gaze became slightly cold as she said, “I was once assaulted by Su Yuxian. I never told anyone but Xiao Tao, as I knew that, if news of it spread and reached the Shangguan Family’s ears, then my engagement would come to an end. I didn’t want to be the reason for not connecting our families by marriage.”

Anger appeared in the Yuan Family’s Master’s eyes. “What? He did such a thing to you? Why didn’t you mention this earlier?”

“Father, what you must focus on now is how we should handle this matter going forward. Why don’t we dispose of him before this news has a chance to spread?” A cruel glow appeared in her ice-cold eyes.

Dispose of him? The flames of anger in Yuan Family’s Master’s eyes died down slightly as he looked at Yuan Wanbi and asked, “What exactly did he do to you? Before you speak, remember that I am your father, who knows you well, so don’t try to tell me any lies!”

The Yuan Family’s Master knew how scheming his daughter could be, while Yuan Wanbi knew how much her father hated deceit. So, Yuan Wanbi bit her lips, and although she really wanted to slightly alter her story, she still respected her father’s orders and informed him of what happened truthfully.

When he heard all of it, most of his anger disappeared. He wore a thoughtful look as he said, “It seems like it was just a misunderstanding. This old man’s eyes are clear and honest, and he has a righteous air. He doesn’t seem like a lecher to me…”

“Father, you can’t judge a person just by his appearance… Won’t you…” Yuan Wanbi still refused to give up.

But, the Yuan Family’s Master interrupted her, “Even if such was the case, it’s still not a good reason to kill him! But, rest assured, after a short while, I will personally question him.”

Yuan Wanbi became anxious. “Father, we don’t have enough time for to wait! Even if you don’t kill him, you should at least drive him away! If the news that my purity was defiled spreads, then I won’t be able to marry into the Shangguan family!”

The Yuan Family’s Master replied calmly with words that greatly disappointed her, “Even if you can’t marry into that family, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure that the Shangguan Family’s Master is quite troubled by such an engagement anyway, as he has surely faced much opposition from other family members.”

He then added, “As for our Yuan family, we have already gotten rid of our troubles, and since we also have such a talented descendant as your sister, even without marrying into them, our family can still flourish. Besides, if he were to refuse to marry you because of such a slight misunderstanding, then your fiance really isn’t worthy of you.”

Yuan Wanbi felt her vision darkening at this moment… Isn’t my future worth anything in my father’s eyes? Does he only have Yuan Yingying alone in his heart?

She was both angered and aggrieved as she rushed out of the garden.

The Yuan Family’s Master was concerned about her, so he ordered two guards to follow her in secret. As worry appeared in his eyes, he murmured, “I hope that she can quickly get over this matter…”

Yuan Wanbi ran into the distance freely, and when she came back to her senses, she realized that she had already left the Blue Mountain Range. Her eyes were flushed and hatred for Su Yu, Yuan Yingying, and even her father filled her heart. None of them wanted to help her.

“Su Yuxian… Yuan Yingying… It won’t end up like this!” Yuan Wanbi yelled into the sky.

As her words echoed throughout the space, the pleasant-sounding voice of a gentle and refined man reached her ears, “Hehe, the great fiancee of the Shangguan Family has allowed herself to be bullied to such a degree?”

Yuan Wanbi was startled by the voice, and when she turned around, her pupils contracted. “Young master Shangguan?”

The person before her was a handsome youth, who wore magnificent white clothes and a jade crown. He had rosy lips and sparkling white teeth, and his facial features were extremely handsome. He had outstanding noble bearings, and while standing among the crowd, he stood out like a crane, and all the passersby couldn’t help but gaze at him in awe.

“Why did you come here?” Yuan Wanbi’s body stiffened as she looked in surprise at the man in front of her.

He was the Shangguan Family’s young master and her fiance, Shangguan Yunque. Just a few days had passed, yet he had already come to the Blue Mountain Range. This surprised her.

He smiled at her and replied, “If I hadn’t come here, then I might never have known that my fiancee was being bullied until she was forced to leave her home! The Yuan family really isn’t taking our Shangguan Family seriously! Come with me. I will seek justice for you and question the Yuan family. They must answer for daring to treat the future young mistress of the Shangguan family in such a way!”