The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 760

Chapter 760 A Mysterious Organization

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Yuan Yingying’s expression was calm. “Sister, what do you want to do to me?”

Yuan Wanbi replied coldly, “I obviously want to…”

She obviously hated her younger sister, yet she found herself confused at this moment. She didn’t quite know what she wanted to do to her… Do I want to kill her? She had obviously thought about it often, yet now, while she was right in front of her, she couldn’t bring herself to utter those cruel and harsh words.

But, how can I get my revenge if I don’t erase my younger sister from this world?

“Yuan Wanbi, speak. What do you want to do to her? Whatever you wish will be fulfilled.” Shangguan Yunque clearly took her side completely.

Yuan Wanbi became somewhat anxious, and as she looked at the Yuan family members before her, she started regretting her previous impulsive actions.

After hesitating for a moment, Yuan Wanbi clenched her teeth and said, “Just have her apologize to me.”

Just an apology? The Yuan Family’s Master’s eyelids shivered, and some of the disappointment in his eyes instantly disappeared.

Many of the Yuan family members were startled. It was hard for them to imagine that the Eldest Miss had come all the way here just to demand an apology.

Yuan Yingying said, “Sister, what do you want me to apologize to you for?”

Yuan Wanbi was stumped by her question.

What do I want her to apologize for? What did she even do to me in the first place?

Should I make her apologize for the fact that she is more outstanding than me?

Yuan Wanbi became even more distraught with anxiety as she pondered the question in her head.

“Wanbi, speak. What do you want her to apologize to you for?” Shangguan Yunque asked her.

Yuan Wanbi shook her head as her enthusiasm waned. “Just forget about it. She doesn’t need to apologize to me for anything, young master Shangguan. Many thanks for your help, but I’m fine.”

“As for him?” Shangguan Yunque looked at Su Yu.

Yuan Wanbi looked at him deeply, yet she couldn’t bring herself to hate Su Yu any longer.

“Just forget about him, too. I’m fine. I appreciate your kindness,but let’s just let it end here.” Yuan Wanbi’s anger and resentment were completely gone in that moment.

“Aren’t your worried that your sister will always be ahead of you?” Shangguan Yunque asked.

Yuan Wanbi shook her head as she took out a jade bottle, which had a fourth-grade Fairy Expansion Pill in it. She then said, “I can depend on my power to advance to the Fairy Realm. Then, I will defeat her fairly.”

Pap! Pap!

At this moment, Shangguan Yunque laughed heartily and clapped his hands. “Haha! That’s interesting! That’s really an unexpected ending!”

Hm? Hearing this the Yuan family members were startled, and so was Yuan Wanbi, who quickly asked, “What kind of ending are you talking about?”

“It’s obviously your ending!” Shangguan Yunque replied calmly. “Did you really assume that I would help you in taking your revenge for no reason?”

Fright and alarm welled up in Yuan Wanbi’s heart, while she slowly backed away from him and asked,”What are you trying to say?”

Shangguan Yunque looked at her and spoke calmly, “I took a trip here to observe your character, and during the past ten days, I have been in the city scouting out information about what kind of person you are… Your past deeds, your reputation… And even street rumors about you. As such, I already know everything there is to know about you.”

Yuan Wanbi retreated several steps more and covered her mouth, as she couldn’t believe that this was true. “Were you just testing me?”

“I know about your secret trysts with Zhao Yin, and I also know that you tried to seduce Su Yuxian, as I personally witnessed it with my own eyes. Need I say more?” Shangguan Yunque asked.

What? The Yuan Family’s Master’s widened his eyes as flames of anger raged in them. “Disgraceful thing! You unexpectedly engaged in a secret relationship with Zhao Yin, while he was your younger sister’s fiance? You really are shameless!”

He was furious! After all, when Zhao Yin had asked her hand for marriage, she had refused him, as she knew that she would suffer many hardships if she was married into this family. In the end, after her younger sister helped her by replacing her, she had dared to engage in a secret relationship with Zhao Yin!

She wanted everything sweet for herself, yet let her younger sister bear all of the hardships for her! Moreover, she tried to seduce Su Yuxian!

“You are really a shameless and indecent daughter.” The Yuan Family’s Master was furious, and as he raised his palm in the air, he yelled, “I… I will kill you!”

When the Yuan family members saw how angry he was, they were truly worried for Yuan Wanbi’s safety. As Yuan Wanbi’s cultivation was vastly inferior to her father’s, she knew that it would be impossible for her to evade his strike. So, she raised her hand subconsciously and placed it in front of her body, while remorse and fright welled up in her heart.


When he slapped with his hand down, surprisingly, she didn’t feel the painful strike that she had expected!

“Yingying!” The Yuan Family’s Master was the first one to return to his senses and recognize what had just happened.

As it turned out, just as he was bringing his palm down to strike Yuan Wanbi, Yuan Yingying jumped in between them and took the slap for Yuan Wanbi! After Yuan Yingying was slapped, she was flung back and blood seeped out of the corners of her mouth.

After he realized what had just happened, the Yuan Family’s Master quickly ran to her side and helped her up. “Sweet daughter, why are you always this silly?”

Even though her older sister had come here to look for her trouble, it was Yuan Yingying who still bore everything for her like usual. Yuan Yingying smiled, but the pain showed on her face, and she couldn’t help but groan.

She then said, “It’s because I’m her younger sister. I can’t just watch while my older sister is beaten!”

Her simple and honest reply touched the hearts of all of the Yuan family members. Even though her older sister had treated her in such a way, she was still the same sweet girl as ever.

As they looked at the injured Yuan Yingying, many elders couldn’t help but sigh. They felt somewhat ashamed of themselves as they recalled how they had treated her in the past.

Yuan Wanbi stared at her younger sister in amazement. Despite everything that she had done to her, Yuan Yingying still cared about her! At that moment, some frail place in her heart was touched by her younger sister’s actions, and all of the bitter emotions that had been poisoning her heart disappeared like a puff of smoke.

As she looked at Yuan Yingying, her father, and her other family members, as well as Shangguan Yunque, she felt so embarrassed. Unable to bear the thought of having to face anyone at the moment, she covered her mouth, tapped the ground with her feet, and flew away.

“Young miss, wait for me!” Her maid, Xiao Tao, quickly followed after her.

Hearing her, Yuan Wanbi stopped in her tracks and landed on the ground outside of the city. She then turned back and said, “Xiao Tao, go back. There is no need for you to follow me, as I don’t plan on coming back. The family will take care of you and find you another position.”

Xiao Tao sighed. “Eldest Miss, you have always treated me kindly, so I will follow you wherever you go. But, by leaving like this, without taking any money with you, how far can you possibly get?”

Yuan Wanbi smiled bitterly. “You forget that I’m still a primary alchemist, so I could refine third-grade spirit elixirs. Moreover, I’m proficient in some of the Yuan Family’s elixirs, and I could make a living by selling them.”

Xiao Tao asked, “Young Miss, can you remember all of the Yuan Family’s elixir recipes? I recall that they have a great number of them, so can you remember all of them?”

Yuan Wanbi shook her head. “I obviously can’t remember all of them, but I still remember the most important and precious elixir recipes.”

She then looked at Xiao Tao with a warm gaze and said, “Xiao Tao, I have only you left now. You have accompanied me since childhood and are like a sister to me. Since you want to follow me, then let’s explore the world together. I can’t give your glory, splendor, wealth, or a high status, but I can still give you a peaceful and easy life. Let’s never return to the Yuan family’s manor. There are just too many bad memories.”

Xiao Tao said, “I will surely follow you, but I still must say something to you…”

“What do you want to say?” Yuan Wanbi was surprised, and she assumed that Xiao Tao wanted to urge her to go back home.

Xiao Tao came closer to her and spoke in a low voice. All of a sudden, Yuan Wanbi felt a sharp pain at her waist as her whole body’s Vital Energy congealed. At this moment, her body was stripped of its power and become exponentially weaker.

As she fell down on the ground, she saw Xiao Tao before her, wearing a faint smile. “What I wanted to say is… Many thanks to you for treating me like your sister, but it’s a pity that you are as blind as a bat and misjudged me!”

The current Xiao Tao didn’t seem at all like the past devoted and loyal maid, and she wore a cruel smile as she took off Yuan Wanbi’s spatial ring. After she opened it and observed its contents, delight appeared on her face. “Haha, sure enough, the elixir recipes are really here! Eldest Miss, you really didn’t disappoint me!”

Yuan Wanbi couldn’t move even an inch now, and even speaking was quite strenuous for her. “Xiao Tao? Who… Who are you?”

Greed appeared on Xiao Tao’s face as she looked at the big pile of recipes. “Who am I? Hehe! I’m a spy! Zhao Yinghao sent me into the Yuan family to get your treasured elixir recipes, especially the ancient elixir recipe, Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid! That’s a recipe that the Elixir Production Alliance has always wanted to get, but had never been able to steal to this day!”

“What? You are from the Elixir Production Alliance?” Yuan Wanbi couldn’t believe that this maid, who she grew up with, was actually a spy! But, the undeniable truth was right before her eyes.

Yuan Wanbi felt that she was in great danger, so she tried to reason with her maid. “Xiao Tao, the Elixir Production Alliance has already fallen, so you don’t need to serve them any longer, much less take the elixir recipes away! Moreover, I can compensate you with crystals. Besides, you aren’t an alchemist, so the elixir recipes are useless to you.”

Xiao Tao said, “It is indeed true that I don’t need to continue carrying out the Elixir Production Alliance’s mission, but there is still another mission that I have yet to finish.”

“You still have another mission? Are you working as a spy for two factions?” Yuan Wanbi was quite shrewd and smart, so she guessed her situation immediately.

Xiao Tao chuckled as she replied, “You are right! I still have another status… I am a member of the Severed Fairy Cliff!”

Yuan Wanbi’s pupils contracted until they became as thin as needles when she heard her. “Severed Fairy Cliff?”

Intense fright appeared on Yuan Wanbi’s face when she heard this name. The Severed Fairy Cliff was a name that would frighten anyone!

It had great influence and power, and it was always hidden in darkness. No one even knew where its headquarters were, nor who was its head or how many members it had. All that they knew was that its members were spread in all corners of the Jiuzhou World!

Its members were all moving in the dark shadows, working as assassins, mercenaries, robbers or thieves. They were also involved in underground money farming and underground casinos. Basically, it was involved with everything that shouldn’t be exposed to the public!

In fact, the Severed Fairy Cliff’s assassins were famous throughout the whole continent. As long as they accepted a mission, then even if that mission’s target was an All Creation Old Monster, it still wouldn’t escape death!