The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 763

Chapter 763 Blue Water Nine Heavens Wings

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Shock appeared on Shangguan Yunque’s face as he soared into the sky. As he was a Level Seven Fairy, his movement technique’s speed was much faster than Su Yu’s. Thus, he was able to overtake him in just three breaths’ time.

“Brother Su, I will take you with me…” he said.

At this moment, the birds that were sleeping in their nest suddenly opened their eyes, which had nothing but brutal and ominous glints in them. The two creatures that Shangguan Yunque had brought both had sharp senses, and when they noticed that the current situation was anything but reassuring, they flapped their wings and flew away.

However, before they managed to flee very far, nine ferocious birds, which were at the Level Three Fairy Realm, pounced on them and tore them apart with their sharp beaks. Their wings were torn, and their feathers, which were smeared with their red blood, drifted through the air like snowflakes.

The scent of blood attracted more ferocious birds, and in just three breaths’ time, the two mounts had been completely devoured by the birds. There weren’t even any bones left!

Shangguan Yunque’s facial expression became grave as he witnessed this scene. “Something is amiss. Although those birds have an unruly nature, they still shouldn’t be this brutal. Someone is clearly controlling them.”

Su Yu nodded, then grabbed Yuan Yingying and fled, not hesitating for even a moment. It was fortunate that the two mounts had attracted their attention, as it gave Su Yu and the others the opportunity to place some distance between themselves and the birds. Otherwise, if several hundred birds had attacked them at the same time, they would have suffered the same fate as the mounts!


A sharp, shrieking sound suddenly echoed out, then swept over them like a wave. Yuan Yingying groaned softly, while blood seeped out of her ears.

The four Level Seven Fairy Realm birds had already discovered them, and they flapped their wings as they chased after them. Their speed was many times faster than ordinary Fairy Realm birds. They were even faster than Shangguan Yunque!

“This is awful!” Shangguan Yunque’s facial expression became gloomy. He knew that he could easily deal with any one of the four birds, but if all four of them came at him at once, he feared that he wouldn’t be able to hold his own against them.

Moreover, if they were detained by the birds for even a moment, even more birds would catch up with them. Then, they would suffer the same fate as their bird mounts!

“Da*n! Who is behind this?” Shangguan Yunque clenched his teeth as he tore his splendid white clothes, revealing his bare back.

If one looked closely, he could see that the flesh on his back was wiggling strangely. Then, two bones, which seemed like the bones of a bird’s wing, shot out of his back!

At the same time, wisps of his Vital Energy started turning into feathers, which soon covered the bones. Two snow-white wings had appeared on his back in the twinkling of an eye!

“Brother Su, leave with me… Now!” Shangguan Yunque grabbed Su Yu and Yuan Yingying as he shook the wings on his back, which caused a gust of strong air currents to swirl through the air.

As they streaked across the space, they were moving so fast that it seemed like they had disappeared into thin air. When they finally slowed their pace, they had already traveled more than a million miles! They had managed to escape, as it was impossible for even early stage Divine Masters to reach such a speed, let alone the four Level Seven Fairy Realm ferocious birds.

Yuan Yingying looked at the wings on Shangguan Yunque’s back with a flickering gaze. She then sucked in a breath of air and asked, “Are these the legendary Blue Water Nine Heavens Wings… The spiritual artifact, which can fuse with a human’s flesh and costs more than a hundred thousand crystals? I’ve heard that hey can travel more than ten thousand miles in just a single breath’s time!”

Her eyes grew wide as she added, “But, I also heard that they are a one-time use artifact, and as such, they will disintegrate after being used. Only a great faction like the Shangguan family could afford such a treasure!” After all, a hundred thousand crystals was the monthly income of the entire Yuan family.

Su Yu’s expression remained calm, even after hearing this. It didn’t surprise him. After all, it would be strange if such a wealthy young master like Shangguan Yunque didn’t have any life-saving means up his sleeve.

“Brother Shangguan, many thanks for saving us.” Su Yu cupped his fists and thanked him.

Although Su Yu had his own ways of escaping from such a danger, Shangguan Yunque had protected them at such a precarious moment, so he deserved Su Yu’s sincere thanks. It was also for this reason that Su Yu call him “Brother Shangguan” instead of his usual “Young Master Shangguan.”

Shangguan Yunque’s face looked somewhat pale, and the wings on his back had clearly started to decay. In fact, they looked like they were beginning to dissipate into a black smoke. This was clear evidence that such an object could indeed only be used one time, and in doing so, it would consume a great amount of the user’s Vital and Spiritual Energies.

“Nonsense! Brother Su, it’s me who should be thanking you. If you hadn’t warned me, I might have fallen into their trap,” Shangguan Yunque said as he cupped his fists at Su Yu.

This was true, as if Su Yu hadn’t warned him, he would have been caught off guard and torn to shreds by the sudden attack of the birds. This was because he would have had no time to use the Blue Water Nine Heavens Wings!

Su Yu’s gaze became grave as he commented, “Brother Shangguan, those birds seemed quite strange just now.”

Shangguan Yunque looked at Su Yu curiously and replied, “I also wanted to ask you something. How did you know that our family’s elder was inside the ferocious birds’ bellies?”

Su Yu replied, “It’s just because of some mediocre cultivation technique I have. When I observed the birds, I sensed that they had all lost their minds and become brutal and cruel. It was as if their minds were being controlled by someone else.”

Since he didn’t want to reveal his secret, Shangguan Yunque didn’t ask any more questions. However, he was much more curious about Su Yu, as such a cultivation technique that could see through those ferocious birds’ bellies was quite extraordinary!

“Brother Su, you aren’t mistaken,” Shangguan Yunque said with a serious tone. “They were really being controlled by someone, and if I’m not mistaken, they were being controlled by a powerful Beast Tamer.”

A Beast Tamer? Su Yu gasped, as he had seen such people in the Blue Mountain Range.

“Moreover, since the Beast Tamer was capable of controlling such a great number of demonic beasts, which even had four Level Seven Fairy Realm ones among them, then this means that the Beast Tamer is quite formidable,” Shangguan Yunque said.

He then rejoiced slightly as he added, “It was fortunate that we were able to escape, as if we had to face a Beast Tamer, it would be quite a hopeless situation!”

It was common knowledge in Jiuzhou how terrifying Beast Tamers were. Hence, no one would be willing to face a Beast Tamer, especially when he was in control of such a great number of demonic beasts!

Su Yu nodded, then said, “However, we are still not safe. So, we should leave immediately.”

After the time it would take to brew a half cup of tea, a flock of birds flew over from afar. A youthful man, who wore purple clothes, was standing on the head of a Level Seven Fairy Realm ferocious bird, looking coldly in the direction where Su Yu had just left from.

“It’s really a shame! I should have been able to kill Shangguan Yunque, but he ruined my plan!” The youthful man’s voice was filled with resentment. He then turned around and left in a huff.

After three days had passed, during which they endured a long and difficult trek, they finally reached the center of White Cloud Lake, where there was a giant island that was as big as a continent. It was at least ten times the size of the entire Zhenlong World, and it had many powerful experts and innumerable Fairies living within it.

Early stage Fairies could also be found everywhere, and such was also the case for middle stage Fairies. They even saw several late stage Fairies! Moreover, Su Yu could feel several oppressive auras, which were clearly belonged to Divine Masters.


When they landed in front of the main city’s gate, they found that there a palace had been constructed there by the Shangguan family, just like the one that the Blue Mountain Range’s Yuan family had built. But, unlike the Yuan family’s palace, the palace before them contained a spatial power, which could teleport them to the Shangguan family’s manor!

As Yuan Yingying looked at it, her gaze was filled with admiration. “A spatial formation! It’s rumored that only extremely rare spatial formation masters can set them, which makes their cost astronomical! As such, the wealth accumulated by the whole Blue Mountain Range in ten years would barely be enough to pay for the cost of its yearly maintenance! In the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, besides the eighteen great factions, only several great families like the Shangguan family, could afford such a spatial formation.”

“Hehe… Well… It can only be used for short-distance teleportation on the island, and it’s insignificant in comparison to the great teleportation formation, which can teleport people between prefectures and continents.” Shangguan Yunque chuckled carelessly as he led them toward the formation, then stepped into it.

Once they stepped into the formation, they felt the world spinning around them. They even lost their balances, and they felt like they were drifting along in a deep, churning sea.

When Su Yu’s feet landed on solid ground again, he revolved a wisp of spatial energy skillfully, which weakened the impact of the spatial power and enabled him to steady himself immediately. As for Yuan Yingying, she cried out in alarm, as she had lost her balance and tumbled rather ungracefully! Fortunately, Su Yu had been holding onto her all along and prevented her from falling completely.

“Well… You reacted to that quite well!” someone near them suddenly exclaimed, clearly impressed with Su Yu.