The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 765

Chapter 765 Advancing Into The Fairy Realm

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Su Yu took a step forward and said calmly, “Go ahead… Make a move…” It didn’t seem from his calm attitude like he was about to fight anyone, but more like he was about to teach someone a lesson.

“You are so arrogant!” Tang Feng sneered coldly.

“Blue Sky Demonic Fist!” Tang Feng yelled, while his fists took on an eerie black color, making them look like the malevolent hands of a demonic creature! As he thrust his fists forward, he constricted the flow of air in the space, which caused Su Yu’s cheeks to tingle with pain.

Zhang Fan nodded, then praised him, “The Blue Sky Demonic Fist is a spirit level cultivation technique, and after one uses it, he can strengthen his limbs with demonic energy. Tang Feng has excellent perception power, and he has managed to cultivate it to the lowest tier of the third level. This old man will surely suffer while facing it!”

Then, everyone started to comment on the course of events…

“That’s right, such a fist technique is fairly famous, as it’s one of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ basic fist techniques! If one manages to cultivate it completely, it can increase his power exponentially!”

“Hehe, Tang Feng is really ruthless! Instead of just seeking to drive him away, he is going all-out! Do you think that he actually wants to kill him?”

Su Yu then thrust his hands forward calmly, meeting his opponent’s fists head-on without using any techniques.

Thump! Thump!

When their fists collided, a torrential sea-like power erupted from Tang Feng’s fist and surged into Su Yu’s body. Su Yu fell back just two steps before he tiptoed and regained his balance quite easily. As for Tang Feng, he stumbled back three steps while his body swayed to and fro for quite some time before he finally managed to regain his balance with great difficulty.

His face was filled with shock and confusion as he stammered “You…”

The pupils of the people observing the fight contracted slightly, and an odd look appeared on all of their faces.

“How did he manage to achieve that?” someone from the crowd asked in awe, while shock appeared on many of the experts’ faces.

They all couldn’t help but wonder… Could a Half Fairy obstruct an all-out attack from a Level Three Fairy? After all, there was a large disparity between the Half Fairies and the Fairies, and it would be difficult for them to fight each other without depending upon magical treasures.

Zhang Fan looked at Su Yu, sweeping his gaze over Su Yu’s arms. He noticed that the internal blood energy channel on the back of Su Yu’s hand had a strange golden luster.

Su Yu took back his palms and looked down at them as well. He had a rough understanding of his current power now, and he sensed that it was probably between the three Elephants and three and a half Elephants levels.

This was more or less the same amount of power that the First Dragon Body could provide him, but if he could understand the Dragon Clan’s language, enabling him to read and understand the sequel of the Evil Dragon Divine Body technique, he could probably continue tempering his body even further!

“It seems like someone, who strived hard to join openly, isn’t any stronger than someone like me, who took a shortcut!” Su Yu said with a smile.

Tang Feng couldn’t bear such humiliation, and he clenched his teeth as he shouted in a deep voice, “Let’s continue! I was just being careless a moment ago.”


At that moment, Yuan Yingying stepped forward bravely, holding a long sword. “Let me fight! You aren’t a match for Grandpa Su!”

In her eyes, Grandpa Su was an expert equal to Divine Masters, and as such, he really shouldn’t tangle with such kids. It was beneath him!

Tang Feng’s expression became ice-cold. “Okay, but don’t count on me to go easy on you just because you are a woman!”

A sneering voice drifted over at this moment, “Well? You dare to start a dogfight and cause internal strife, even before the start of the test?” The voice had come from outside the courtyard.

When everyone raised their eyes and looked over there, they saw a woman with a graceful figure standing on top of the courtyard wall. She wore a formal dress and had a delicate and pretty appearance, yet she looked at them all in contempt.

The woman was extremely beautiful, and her skin was as white as snow. Her pretty eyes were as pure as a clear spring, and she had long black hair that fluttered in the breeze and reached all the way down her back. As the sun’s rays shone on her, she looked like an ethereal fairy.

“Young Miss Shangguan!” The people fighting instantly became flustered, and they quickly ran over to greet her in unison, while also saluting her, including Zhang Fan.

Su Yu looked in surprise at the woman on the wall. He was quite baffled by her appearance as he wondered…

Isn’t that Shangguan Qinger? Wasn’t she killed by the Bai family’s father and son in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion? Why has she appeared here now?

Shangguan Qinger was an unofficial disciple of the Red Blood Palace’s Master, Mo Tianxuan, and she possessed a faint trace of the Ancient Spirit Body’s bloodline. She had accepted a mission and gone to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion to bring the Ancient Spirit Body. She had mistaken Su Yu for an Ancient Spirit Body, and had died miserably afterwards in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

Shangguan Qinger jumped down gracefully from the wall and looked at Tang Feng. She then said, “That old man wasn’t mistaken. You don’t hold adequate confidence in your own power. Instead, you just hope to join the Red Blood Palace by pushing aside others. Even if someone like you, who depends solely on luck, manages to join the Red Blood Palace, it will be difficult for him to have any good prospects in the future.” She then added, “You should just leave now, then maybe come back next time.”

Tang Feng’s face turned pale when he heard her words. Shangguan Qinger had deprived him of the right to participate in the test! What was even worse, the next recruitment of the Red Blood Palace wouldn’t be for another three years, and by that time, he would be far older than the 20-year age limit, which meant that he wouldn’t be qualified to take part in it!

As he thought of this, Tang Feng wore a dejected look and left unwillingly. Then, Shangguan Qinger cast a look at Yuan Yingying before she stared at Su Yu, examining him with her bright eyes. She furrowed her brows slightly and asked, “Have we met somewhere before?” Even though Su Yu had an aged appearance now, some vestiges of his youthful appearance could still be seen.

“Young Miss Shangguan, are you cracking a joke? I’m just an insignificant wandering cultivator, so how would I ever get to meet someone as important as you?” Su Yu asked. He was quite a convincing actor!

Shangguan Qinger was still skeptical, but she just pursed her lips and said, “I am probably just remembering someone else, as I am sure that is the case.” She then added, “However, you can also leave. You have already done your duty by escorting her here safely, so you can set your mind at ease and leave her. As this is a special time, outsiders are not allowed here.”

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth twitched slightly upon hearing this, and his aged face blushed with shame as he replied, “But… I also came here to take part in the test.”

Not only was Shangguan Qinger dumbfounded by this revelation, but so were Zhang Fan and all of the other people present.

“What? You?” Shangguan Qinger stammered while she examined Su Yu curiously. “Do you mean that you aren’t older than 20?”

Su Yu nodded. “That’s right. The explanation for my aged appearance is simple… I was stricken with this strange condition while I was cultivating.”

Everyone in the crowd gasped as they wondered… How is it possible that he ended up having such an old appearance just by cultivating?

“Ah! Grandpa Su! Is it true? You aren’t older than 20?” Yuan Yingying was shocked. But, when she thought more about it, she remembered that she had heard Shangguan Yunque calling Su Yu “Brother Su” while they were on the road. At the time, she was baffled by it, and it was only now that she understood it!

Yet, she couldn’t help but wonder… If he is really no older than 20 years old, didn’t he mislead me by letting me call him Grandpa Su? Moreover, I was always kissing and hugging him, not knowing that he wasn’t really an old man! As she thought of this fact, Yuan Yingying glared angrily at Su Yu.

“It’s really true.” A peculiar light shone in the deepest part of Shangguan Qinger’s eyes. “Regarding your outward appearance, you seem like an old man because you lost most of your lifespan, when in fact, you should only be about 20 years old!”

An odd look appeared on the faces of the talented youths after they confirmed that Su Yu was also a qualified participant.

“You should all rest for the day, as you will have to go and meet my father tomorrow. Then, the day after that, an envoy will bring you to the Red Blood Palace,” Shangguan Qinger said before she clasped her small hands behind her back and left in a leisurely manner.

After she left, everyone was conversing together in harmony, and there were even several Level One Fairies who came over to befriend Su Yu. Su Yu dealt with them kindly, as even if he didn’t want to befriend them, he knew that he still mustn’t offend them.

After nightfall, Su Yu consumed his last Pure Yang Vital Return Pill. Its warm energy healed his internal blood energy channels completely, returning them to their peak states.

After Su Yu observed them carefully, he discovered that his internal blood energy channels were stronger than before by a third. This explained why Su Yu now possessed a power that was tantamount to a Level Three Fairy’s.

“It must be due to the Fate Altering Pill,” Su Yu muttered.

When he held the Fate Altering Pill on that day that he had fought against the Blood Emperor, his body was destroyed many times before it was reborn due to the pill. Such a cycle of destruction and rebirth had stimulated his internal blood energy channels greatly, thus strengthening them.

In fact, it wasn’t just his internal blood energy channels that had become stronger, but his whole body had increased in strength as well! Once his body recovered, its power should raise by another level, which should make it, at the very least, reach the three and a half Elephants level, maybe even the four Elephants level!

Since his internal blood energy channels were now unclogged, he knew that he must start advancing into the Fairy Realm. A light flickered in Su Yu’s palms as the Cloud Galloping Horse appeared in his left hand, and the fourth grade Fairy Expansion Pill appeared in his right hand.

“It’s time to advance into the Fairy Realm!” Su Yu yelled as his eyes flickered. He then swept his gaze over his left and right hands before he decided to consume the Cloud Galloping Horse first. The Cloud Galloping Horse had an extremely pure energy, which would cause his Vital Crystals to undergo a transformation.

As he opened his mouth and swallowed the Cloud Galloping Horse, he felt an ice-cold liquid pass down his throat, reach his belly, then turn into a tremendously pure energy, which then passed through his veins and entered his Dantian.

Su Yu’s Dantian was divided into two layers, which were the Heavenly Dantian and Earthen Dantian. The pure energy flooded his External Dantian, and as it started to fill it, it placed a great pressure on the Dantian. An intense pain transmitted from his External Dantian as more energy surged into it, and it seemed like the whole Dantian would soon burst open.

When all of the Cloud Galloping Horse’s energy entered it, the External Dantian couldn’t bear it any longer, and an explosive sound suddenly echoed from it. It seemed like a whole new world was formed inside his pocket-sized External Dantian at that moment, and a new dimension and space that was 2,000 feet long appeared in it.

The three Vital Crystals in it exploded into pieces, and the Vital Energy in them was liquefied, thus becoming a liquid-state Vital Energy, which then flowed into the 2,000-foot-long dimension and filled it. In just the twinkling of an eye, his narrow pocket-sized External Dantian’s space had turned into a 2,000-foot-long lake!

At the same time, the whole world’s Spiritual Energy surged over and was absorbed into Su Yu’s body, flowing instantly into his External Dantian. The Spiritual Energy was constantly being compressed into Vital Energy, and once it was compressed into a liquid state, it then surged into the lake.

After six hours had passed, Su Yu’s Dantian became filled with the dense liquefied Vital Energy. It was as if a rainstorm of Vital Energy had just fallen, and the dried lake was overflowing with its magical drops!

When the Vital Energy finally stopped surging into Su Yu’s body, his whole External Dantian was filled with liquid Vital Energy. Even the purity and unmatched quality of Fairies’ and Half Fairies’ Vital Energies weren’t on the same level as this!

In fact, the might of all of the cultivation techniques that had been cultivated by him in the past would be more powerful by several times if he used them with his current Fairy Realm’s level Vital Energy! However, what surprised Su Yu the most was that the Heavenly Tribulation that he had expected didn’t descend on him, and it seemed like he still hadn’t successfully broken through.

What is going on? Su Yu was confused, and when he inspected his Internal Dantian, an odd look appeared on his face. His External Dantian had actually turned into a lake, but his Internal Dantian was still pocket-sized. What’s more, he saw that there were three Vital Crystals still floating in his Internal Dantian.

Should I expand my Internal Dantian as well, so that I can then achieve a complete breakthrough? Su Yu wondered.

At this moment, Yuan Yingying, having detected a disturbance, flew over. When she got to him, she discovered that Su Yu’s aura had changed, so she asked in confusion, “Brother Su, did you achieve a breakthrough? It seems like your aura became extremely powerful, yet it is still vague. Why can’t I see through your current cultivation?”

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth twitched. He didn’t know what to tell her, as no one could understand his current state. Su Yu pondered for a moment before he consumed another Cloud Galloping Horse. It instantly turned into energy, which surged into his External Dantian. However, it wasn’t capable of reaching his Internal Dantian.

Thus, it appeared that the Cloud Galloping Horse was already incapable of helping him achieve a breakthrough. Upon realizing this, Su Yu was frustrated. His gaze became heavy as he looked at the fourth grade Fairy Expansion Pill that was in his right palm. He could only try the Fairy Expansion Pill’s effects now…