The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 767

Chapter 767 The Welcoming Envoy

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After Su Yu mulled everything over for a moment, he said, “Let’s wait and fight over this tomorrow. However, if we are still unable to convince the Shangguan Family’s Master, we can only settle for the second best option, which is to join the Soul Seizing Palace.”

Su Yu and Yuan Yingying could easily join the Soul Seizing Palace’s outer sanctum because they had planted Elder Liao as an agent there. But, it was regrettable that all of the inner sanctum’s elders knew what Su Yu looked like, as this made things quite dangerous.

As such, he decided that he needed to disguise himself. After coming up with this plan, Su Yu’s heart calmed down a bit.

Early the next morning, a maid came to them and issued an official invitation to the drawing room, where they had gone the day before. However, at the moment, only the Shangguan Family’s Master and his son and daughter were there now.

“Sirs, have you considered this properly?” the Shangguan Family’s Master asked, while he swept his gaze over all of the people in the room. He felt especially apologetic toward Zhang Fan, as he was the most affected person among them.

All of the people looked at each other, then declared their decision. Specifically, as seventeen people were willing to stay in the Shangguan family, yet there were just ten quotas, they had decided that they must pass the Shangguan family’s test.

Zhang Fan’s eyes flickered as he declared, “Shangguan Family’s Master, if you will give me a chance, assuming I manage to get some success in the future, I promise to work for the Shangguan family for ten years. I’m even willing to take an oath to prove it.”

The Shangguan Family’s Master was taken aback by his words. He didn’t expect that Zhang Fan would still not give up, as he seemed was incapable of going against the trend.

“You have just two choices… You can leave, or you can join the Shangguan family,” the Shangguan Family’s Master said, instantly rejecting his proposition.

Zhang Fan’s gaze dimmed, while a bitter smile appeared on his face as he said, “Fine. I will stay in it.” His future prospects were completely ruined now.

“And… What about you?” The Shangguan Family’s Master then turned to look at Su Yu and Yuan Yingying.

Shangguan Yunque could only sigh at this moment, as he felt too ashamed to even meet Su Yu’s gaze. Su Yu was also left without a choice, as even Zhang Fan was incapable of convincing the Shangguan Family’s Master, even though he was prepared to make a solemn oath!

“Shangguan Family’s Master, thank you for your kindness. We are sorry for disturbing you, so we will take our leave now,” Su Yu said. He figured that, if they contacted Elder Liao now, they could probably still join the Soul Seizing Palace in time.

Are they really choosing to leave? The Shangguan Family’s Master said, “Wait, my son is indebted to you, and if you stay here, I will give you both important positions.”

Su Yu cupped his fists at him, but shook his head. He then pulled Yuan Yingying behind him as he left the drawing room.

The Shangguan Family’s Master felt like this was a great pity. His son had said that Su Yu possessed mysterious techniques and was capable of killing even Level Six Fairies in a single night! As for the lassie, she was a talented woman, who could make fourth grade spirit elixirs, which meant that she would be a great help to them if she stayed.

A group of youngsters, all of whom wore magnificent clothes, stood outside the drawing room. They were all dressed quite properly and had impressive bearings.

Many of them also had high cultivations, and they even had a Level Three Fairy youth among them. As he was just eighteen years old, he was considered his generation’s most outstanding talent in the entire Shangguan family.

They were waiting outside leisurely, and they relaxed slightly when they saw Su Yu and Yuan Yingying exit the drawing room. They were all worried that the Shangguan Family’s Master’s heart would soften, causing him to give their quotas to the others.

“Well… It seems like there aren’t any issues, and the Family Master will still honor the promised quotas. He is clearly willing to focus on the big picture!” a Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm young girl said with a smile.

The Level Three Fairy youth, who was their leader, looked proudly at Su Yu and his companion as he said, “Only that guy named Zhang is even passable. As for the others, they would just waste the quotas. Hence, it will better for them to give way to our Shangguan family’s youngsters. After all, it isn’t like we owe them anything!”

Since Su Yu and his companion only had Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm cultivations, he really looked down on them. Su Yu didn’t cast even look at him, but simply turned a deaf ear to them and didn’t care about them at all! However, it seemed like his apathetic attitude irritated the youths.

“Hey, it seems like this old man isn’t convinced by your words!” A young girl looked at Su Yu with displeasure.

“Well… That’s only natural. If I was in his place, I wouldn’t be willing to accept such a thing either, even though he surely knows that if he participates, he will just be wasting his time!” another youth said, clearly mocking Su Yu.

Then, another youth added, “Well… Isn’t he the strange participant who lost most of his lifespan and seemed to be eighty years old, even though he was still just eighteen years old?”


At that moment, a cool breeze drifted over from the drawing room suddenly, while three resonant slaps echoed through the air…

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Before anyone knew what was happening, a red palm print was left on the faces of each of the three youths who had just mocked them! Before they could even get angry, they witnessed a person, who was clad in white-feathered clothes, standing before them. He was clasping his hands behind his back, and his cold eyes were filled with disappointment.

“Ignorant people are really fearless!” Shangguan Yunque scolded them. “I see that you really have no qualms about taking their quotas! Not only didn’t you show any remorse for such a thing, you even spoke to them quite rudely! You have really disgraced our Shangguan family by going directly against its core principles.”

The Level Three Fairy youth, Shangguan Fei, spoke up, “Big brother, he was the one who held us in contempt at first, thus displeasing my three younger brothers and sisters. This is the reason that their words were harsh. Please forgive them.”

Shangguan Yunque cast a glance at him, then said calmly, “I am more familiar with Brother Su’s character than you, and even if he really held you all in contempt, he’s still qualified! Hence, you should all regret the fact that you just lost a powerful helper in the test!” He knew that Su Yu hid numerous means, as he had already witnessed with his own eyes the Elixir Production Alliance’s destruction in just a single night!

After hearing this, Shangguan Fei’s facial expression stiffened, and he could scarcely believe it as he wondered… Even a trifling Half Fairy is qualified to look down upon us?

“Big brother, are you cracking a joke? As I’m here with them, I will surely protect all of our family’s brothers and sisters, while trying to pass the test. Also, even if they won’t have me, the family has still invited many helpers, who will all help us. So, things really aren’t as bad as you stated.” Shangguan Yunque looked at them all calmly, then shook his head.

He then walked over to Su Yu and cupped his fists at him, while wearing a look of shame on his face. “Brother Su, I’m really sorry. The family was resolute, so I wasn’t able to convince my father. It appears that you have made a trip to here in vain.”

Su Yu revealed a faint smile as he replied, “If they don’t want us, then there is surely some other faction that will want us. So, you don’t need to worry yourself, but thank you for your concern.”

Shangguan Yunque’s character was really commendable. “Well, it is only because of you that I survived, and I don’t know how to pay you back. So, I will gift you the Blue Water Nine Heavens Wing, so that you can protect yourself with it.” Shangguan Yunque was quite straightforward as he gifted Su Yu the exquisite pair of wings.

The wings’ feathers were as white as snow. They were so vivid, it seemed almost like the pair of wings was a true living organism.

Yuan Yingying widened her eyes in surprise. After all, this was a one-time use spiritual artifact, which had a value that surpassed a hundred thousand crystals! As such, Shangguan Yunque would probably hate to use it even for himself, yet now, he had gifted it to Su Yu!

Shock appeared on all of the faces of the Shangguan family’s juniors, who were standing not far from them. They all wondered how he could so easily gift such a precious treasure to Su Yu.

Su Yu was taken aback by the extravagant gesture, and he hesitated slightly before finally accepting it. As Shangguan Yunque pushed it into Su Yu’s hands, he insisted that he accept the gift, “Brother Su, this land situation has become quite strange recently, and you may not be safe on the road back. So, you must accept this spiritual artifact, which can help you escape if you find the need. Knowing that you have it will set my mind at ease.”

As Su Yu accepted it, he looked at Shangguan Yunque’s and saw his sincerity. He was grateful for his kindness as he thanked him, then said, “I hope to see you again. Take care of yourself!”

After Su Yu left the giant island, he identified the Blue Mountain Range’s direction and was about to start traveling back to it. However, he raised his brows suddenly, while he opened his spatial ring in surprise. There, a purple badge had appeared in his palm!

It was the Severed Fairy Cliff’s purple badge, which he had gotten from Xiao Tao. At the moment, it was slightly shivering and emitting a purple halo of light.

Then, a line of small letters suddenly appeared on the shining badge: The previous owner has already died, and the new owner must pass a trial mission.

It was only after Su Yu passed a mission that he could turn this badge into a true identity badge of the Severed Fairy Cliff. At that point, his name would be carved upon it.

Xiao Tao had hidden among the Yuan family for many years because she was carrying out a trial mission. However, it was a pity that her efforts came to naught once Su Yu learned of her mission and killed her. Clearly, the Severed Fairy Cliff had already heard of Xiao Tao’s death, as they had sent another trial mission to this badge.

“A trial mission for becoming a member of the Severed Fairy Cliff?” Su Yu exclaimed, while clucking his tongue. He hadn’t really ever considered joining the Severed Fairy Cliff before now.

At that moment, another purple radiance shone from the badge as another two lines of small letters appeared upon it:

Your trial mission is to protect the Situ family’s juniors. The mission will be considered a success if you can protect at least one of them, as well as help him successfully pass the Red Blood Palace’s test.

The mission requirement is that only those people twenty years old or younger are allowed to accept it, and their powers must be at the Level Three Fairy Realm or higher. You are allowed to bring two people with you to help you.

If you agree to the requirements, please come to Sky Castle within the next three days.

Su Yu was taken aback as he marveled… The Severed Fairy Cliff’s mission? He couldn’t believe that he had been invited to take on this mission. Moreover, it seemed like this was a mission that had been sent to several people.

Yuan Yingying asked in surprise, “The Severed Fairy Cliff’s badge? Brother Su, how did you come to possess this?”

Su Yu explained this to her briefly, thus dispelling her doubts.

After hearing his explanation, Yuan Yingying’s eyes became filled with curiosity. She then said, “I have heard about how mystical these badges are, and this mission seems like it is an urgent and temporary one. Brother Su, why don’t we take part in it?”

Su Yu’s eyes lit up as he looked at the mission statement. “Heaven really never bars one’s way!” he exclaimed. “I feel like we might just still have an opportunity to join the Red Blood Palace.”

After a day had passed, the Shangguan family’s envoy took the recruitment test’s participants and left. However, a small incident occurred just before this. The envoy discovered Zhang Fan by accident, then took him to participate in the test.

Moreover, the envoy decided to vent his anger on the whole Shangguan family, and it was rumored that after he left, everyone from the Shangguan Family’s Master to the servant girls suffered from diarrhea for a whole day!

That same day, several people, all of whom were shining with a golden light, descended from the sky outside of the giant island.

“He already left. We must overtake him within the next two days,” the leader of the people shining with golden light said calmly.

The five people then disappeared instantly, and even the Shangguan Family’s Master, who was a middle-stage Divine Master, didn’t detect their arrival.

Two days later, in the Sky Castle.

The Sky Castle wasn’t actually a true castle, but was just one of the Jiuzhou Continent’s strange regions. This vast region had been separated from the continent since ancient times, and currently, it floated in the sky among the moons, which explained its name.

This region was occupied by the Situ family, and the territory that it ruled was only slightly smaller than the Shangguan family’s. In the ranking of all of the factions besides the eighteen great factions, the Situ family was ranked higher than the Ximen family, as it was a super faction that was ranked fourth.

After they arrived at the Sky Castle, Su Yu followed the instructions and came to a wilderness area that was known as the Heavenly Sword Valley. Su Yu and Yuan Yingying covered themselves slightly before going there, carefully concealing their faces in particular.

When they reached the valley, they found that six people were already there. These six people were divided into two groups, and they also were wearing disguises that hid their facial features. It was obvious that they had also gotten the same news and had come here to pass the test and become Purple Members of the Severed Fairy Cliff.

The two groups were slightly alarmed when they sensed the pair’s arrival, but they still kept their silence and waited quietly for their next instructions.


Suddenly, a person appeared quietly above the valley. He wore a white mask, and his whole body was covered with Vital Energy, making it difficult for one to get a good look at his facial features.

“Eight people? This is more than I expected!” the masked man spoke in a hoarse voice, which made it impossible for one to discern his age.