The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 768

Chapter 768 The Masked Divine Master

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“Who are you?” a person who was participating in the Purple Membership’s exam asked

The masked man landed slowly and curbed his aura, but he still emitted a stifling pressure. He was a Divine Master!

“I’m the one who issued the mission,” he replied.

Since he could issue a mission through the badge, then he was obviously already an official member of the Severed Fairy Cliff. Moreover, he must be related somehow to the Situ family.

“You are tasked with protecting three of the Situ family’s juniors. You will also be expected to assist them in passing the test successfully,” the masked man said. “Do you have any questions?”

Su Yu hesitated for a moment before he asked, “Can you please explain to us what the Red Blood Palace’s exam will be like?”

The masked man nodded. “The Red Blood Palace’s exam is divided into two death tests. The first one will be held in a primitive forest, where you will be tasked with killing a demonic beast, whose cultivation is higher than yours by one level. Or, you can opt to kill twenty demonic beasts, whose cultivations are the same as yours. All of those who achieve either of these will be considered as having passed the first test.”

Such high expectations seemed really severe, and it was harsh to demand such a thing from them. Even if it was just hunting ten demonic beasts. whose cultivations were the same as theirs, it would still be extremely difficult, as while one was inside such a primitive forest, the longer he tarried within it, the more he might end up running into danger!

They had all heard that the Red Blood Palace’s tests were harsh and severe, and it seemed like this was truly the case. In fact, the number of youngsters who had died in the past years while attempting to pass such a test in a primitive forest would surely surpass the number of survivors!

“The second death test involves passing through the first of the Red Blood Palace’s Dragon Gates. As a powerful stream of heavy water will fall on you while you attempt to go through the gate, it will be extremely difficult for those of you whose cultivations haven’t yet reached the Level Three Fairy Realm. Moreover, be forewarned, as the mortality rate for this test is extremely high,” the masked man explained.

It seemed like an extremely harsh exam, and they weren’t mistaken when they called them death tests! As the Red Blood Palace was the head of the eighteen great factions, it made sense that its entry exam would be this harsh, as it would directly weed out anyone who lacked enough talent.

“Do you have any more questions?” the masked man asked.

As everyone shook their heads, his eyes lit up and he continued, “Since that’s the case, then I will now start testing whether you are qualified or not. If you are qualified to proceed, then the Situ family will recommend you to participate in the Red Blood Palace’s exam.”

He then said, “You should all be clear about the Severed Fairy Cliff’s rules. Specifically, once you accept a mission, you aren’t allowed to give up on it. Otherwise, the Severed Fairy Cliff will hunt you down.”

Everyone’s expressions became grave when they heard him, as such a matter was a great taboo. In fact, there was once an All Creation Old Monster who refused to carry out a mission after accepting it, and he ended up being hunted down by the Severed Fairy Cliff, then exterminated! It was for this reason that everyone was prudent while accepting missions.

“Now, I will start examining you. The first condition is that your age mustn’t surpass twenty years, The second condition is that you must possess a power that is at the Level Three Fairy Realm or higher.” The masked man took out a disk and threw it at them. He then said, “Put a drop of your blood on it, and if your age surpasses twenty years, then it will react to the blood.”

As the other two groups of people all left a drop of their blood on it, it didn’t have any reaction. When it was Yuan Yingying’s turn, she also managed to pass.

As he was the last one to go, Su Yu was somewhat nervous, but he left a drop of his blood on it, and the disk didn’t emit any response. Thus, he ended up passing the test, too! Su Yu let out a relieved breath and looked at the masked man.

“Okay, the most crucial test will start now. You should possess a power that is at the Level Three Fairy Realm or higher to become capable of protecting the juniors properly. If you can bear my strike, then you can be considered as having passed the test,” the masked man said.

The first group of people stepped forward. The group included one Level Three Fairy and two Level Two Fairies. They seemed like they were among those who couldn’t get a recommendation for the exam and wanted to use the Situ family in order to pass it. After they readied themselves, the masked man thrust his fist at them.

A palm seal, which was as big as his palm, flew out of his palm and shot towards the three people. Those three people didn’t dare to take it lightly, so they all used their secret techniques and joined hands to face it.

Bang! Splutter!

The three of them couldn’t bear it for even half a breath’s time before they were sent flying backwards by it.

“You failed the test,” the masked man said, clearly disappointed. “You must leave, as you aren’t qualified for this mission.”

The three people wore bitter expressions and left.

“You, step forward.” The masked man looked at the second group.

This group had two Level Three Fairies and one Level Two Fairy. The masked man once again sent a palm seal out.

This group managed to persist for three breaths’ time before they were forced back. When they landed, they left deep dents on the ground, while their bodies also suffered various injuries. They seemed to be in a sorry state.

The masked man nodded calmly, and after he hesitated for a moment, he nodded once again for a lack of better options. “Fine, you have succeeded. You are qualified for accepting this mission.”

It was obvious that he wasn’t really satisfied with their performance, but had deemed them barely passable anyway. The three of them were overjoyed as they stood on the side and looked at Su Yu’s group.

The duo confounded everyone present, as they all felt like the pair should have brought

A third member with them. They all had to wonder…

How did they dare to accept such a harsh protection mission, without even getting a whole group of three people together?

The masked man couldn’t help but mumble to himself as he sized them up. What did a Half Fairy come here for?

He was somewhat displeased by this, but he still asked in a patient tone, “What do you plan to do?”

His unspoken implication was that they could go away without trying to pass the test, as if he really attacked them with a strike that had a Level Four Fairy’s attack might, then he might kill them on the spot!

Su Yu replied, “We are obviously here because we want to pass the test, so just go ahead and attack us.”

When they heard him, the three people from the other group looked at each other in dismay. They were incapable of understanding why Su Yu was this confident.

Even the masked man was also slightly startled, and when looked at Su Yu more carefully, he found that his aura was slightly odd. It seemed like that of a Half Fairy, yet it was many times more powerful. As such, even someone like him couldn’t ascertain Su Yu’s true cultivation.

This lad is somewhat odd. Since he’s this confident, I wonder if he really is quite powerful? The masked man pondered for a moment before he shook his head. As Su Yu was greatly lacking in regards to his cultivation base, there shouldn’t be anything unexpected occurring.

“Okay, I will first use only the Level One Fairy Realm power to test you,” the masked man said before he thrust his palm at Su Yu casually.

Su Yu thrust his fist at it leisurely, not even using his First Dragon’s Body. Instead, he just used the vigorous Vital Energy Lake in his external Dantian.


The palm seal that was condensed by the masked man was easily shattered by it.

The masked man was slightly surprised. “What a pure Vital Energy! It seems like it’s in the Level One Fairy Realm’s level! Okay, here comes another strike…”

This time, he used the Level Two Fairy Realm’s power. Su Yu took a deep breath, then used the Vital Energy in both his external and internal Dantians.


The palm seal was extinguished by Su Yu yet again!

The expression of the leader of the other group became grave as he said, “Something is fishy, as this lad’s fleshly body is somewhat strange. It seems like it could store an additional tenth of Vital Energy, but it still shouldn’t have enough for blocking a Level Two Fairy Realm’s strike! His fleshly body is especially powerful!”

The masked man was also somewhat astonished. “You have a pretty good fleshly body, so let’s see you take another strike.”

This time, he used the Level Three Fairy Realm’s power. The internal blood energy channel of Su Yu’s arm became golden as he used his First Dragon’s body power.


The palm seal was once again extinguished, and it shocked the other group greatly.

“What? His fleshly body possesses three elephants’ power, and it’s even stronger than mine!” The other group’s leader’s expression became grave, as it would be difficult for even him to easily block such a powerful strike!

The masked man was also astonished, and excitement appeared in his eyes as he said, “Interesting! You have only a Half Fairy Realm cultivation, yet you possess a fleshly body that is more powerful than a Level Three Fairy’s! So, that’s why you are so confident! Since that’s the case, then take this last strike…”


A palm seal that possessed the Level Four Fairy Realm’s power was condensed and shot towards Su Yu at that moment. Su Yu’s gaze was still calm as he tapped the ground with the tip of his foot and retreated slightly.

An odd scene appeared at the same time, as the palm seal was suddenly divided into two pieces, as if it was just cut by an extremely sharp object! The other group was stunned as they witnessed this, and they wondered what technique he had just used.

Even the pupils of the masked man contracted at such a moment, as he just faintly felt that a sharp ray had streaked across the palm seal and cut it into two pieces. Such a sharp ray emitted a faint ice-cold aura, which caused his heart to throb faster for a moment. It was obvious that Su Yu had hid an extremely dangerous technique up his sleeve!

“Very good.” After the masked man returned to his senses, his eyes lit up and delight appeared on his face.

The expressions of the other group’s three people became slightly unsightly when they heard his words of praise for Su Yu. After all, the masked man had just accepted them reluctantly, while he treated Su Yu entirely different.

“You are qualified!” The masked man laughed heartily, but when his gaze fell on Yuan Yingying, he said, “But, it seems like this young girl didn’t do anything to help the cause. I’m searching for helping hands, not burdens!”

Yuan Yingying stepped forward and said, “Senior, I’m good, but only at offensive techniques, so can you let me try attacking you?”

The masked man thought for a moment before he nodded. “Okay, go ahead.”


The corners of the masked man’s mouth suddenly convulsed as he sucked in a breath of cold air. This was because he had suddenly felt a faint sharp pain in his soul.

His expression became grave, while his gaze became sharp. As he swept the surroundings with a frantic gaze, he asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, senior,” Yuan Yingying said.

Hm? The masked man’s expression stiffened, and his gaze became grave as he looked at Yuan Yingying. “You have soul…”

He suddenly quieted mid-sentence, as he remembered that there were still three other people here. Then, delight appeared on his face as he chuckled and said, “Fine. Haha, your performance has surpassed my expectations. So, I will pass this mission to the two of you.”

The other group’s leader immediately spoke up, “Sir, we want to have a fight against them.” It was obvious that only one group could receive the mission.

Su Yu looked at them calmly as he snapped his fingertips and took the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly’s silk back into his palm. Ignoring them entirely, Yuan Yingying kept her gaze locked on Su Yu.

“No, as that would just be a waste of time. Either one of them could easily massacre all of you.” The masked man dismissed them calmly before he looked at Su Yu and Yuan Yingying and said, “Let’s leave.”