The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 769

Chapter 769 Running Into All Creation Experts

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The masked man held one person in each hand, soared into the sky, and traveled ten thousand miles in an instant. After two hours had passed, he landed in an inconspicuous region between the mountains. There was a group of youths waiting there, along with several experts, who had accompanied them.

“Situ Family’s Mistress, I have brought them to you, so you can now set your mind at ease and leave your people in their care.” The masked man put down Su Yu and his companion, then turned around and left.

A woman in a snow-white robe saluted the masked man as she called out, “Sir, thank you for your help!”

“Each one of us just took what he needed,” the masked man didn’t turn even his head back as he replied.

After she spoke with him, the woman looked back at Su Yu and Yuan Yingying, surprise flickering in her eyes for an instant.

“Madame Situ, are those your last two test’s participants?” an elder in a gray robe, who wore an ice-cold expression, asked solemnly.

The woman in the snow-white robe smiled warmly and replied, “Elder Li, please wait for a while, as I still want to have a word with them.”

Elder Li nodded, then folded his hands and shut his eyes as he waited. The woman in the snow-white robe then brought Su Yu and his companion away.

Then, she said with a warm smile, “I’m Madame Situ, and since you were invited here by that sir, my mind can be at ease in leaving Yan’er in your care.”

As she spoke, she took two small bags from her sleeves. Each of them was filled with a hundred crystals. Such a sum of money was considered to be a great wealth to any early-stage Fairy.

“I will trouble you with taking care of Yan’er. Yan’er, come over here.” As the beautiful woman beckoned to the distant crowd, they immediately made way as a graceful young girl, who wore magnificent clothes, approached.

She seemed to be around sixteen years old and had a slim body, and even though she wasn’t half as beautiful as Madame Situ, she was still quite pleasing to the eye. She had bright and clever eyes, and as she took light steps forward, she wore a bright smile and called out, “Mother!”

“Yan’er, these two are the experts, who will protect you on the road. So, you must remember to listen to them,” Madame Situ said.

The young girl examined Su Yu and his companion with her big eyes, then pouted her lips and said, “They aren’t even as powerful as I am.”

“Yan’er, you mustn’t disrespect them. They were invited by that great sir, and he would surely not make a mistake!” Madame Situ wore a solemn and dignified look as she scolded the young girl.

The young girl stuck out her tongue, the said, “I understand.”

She then waved her hand at Su Yu and Yuan Yingying and said, “Let’s go. Let me introduce my family’s members to you.”

As Su Yu and Yuan Yingying looked at them from afar, the youths all looked slightly similar to each other, so they assumed that they all belonged to the Situ family. Moreover, it seemed like the Situ family took the same course as the Shangguan family in that they left all of their quotas for their family’s’ disciples.

“Elder Li, let’s go,” the Situ Family’s Mistress said.

Elder Li opened his aged eyes and took a bird as big as a finger from his sleeves. It was unknown from which materials the bird was made, but it still gave off a powerful aura, which was at the early-stage of the Fairy Realm.

A puppet? Su Yu was taken aback when he saw the bird, and he instantly thought about the puppet manufacturing expert, Yu Tianci. Then, the bird puppet was thrown into the sky, and as it flew through the air, it grew in size until it became thirty meters in length!

All people of the people here, including Madame Situ, followed behind and stood on the puppet. All the while, Yan’er was chattering continuously. She was quite spirited, and her conversation helped to brighten the mood.

As Su Yu and Yuan Yingying wore bamboo hats, they seemed quite mysterious. Moreover, since they were sent here by a powerful person, the others were very respectful toward them and didn’t look down upon them due to their lower levels of cultivation.

In this way, the group stayed on good terms with one another throughout the whole journey. After they flew for half a day, they flew past a river that was filled with pieces of ice.

“We have reached the Frozen River, which means that we have almost stepped into the Red Blood Palace’s territory,” Elder Li said. Sky Castle was the closest region to the Red Blood Palace, thus, they had managed to reach its territory in just half a day!

“It’s already nighttime, and since it isn’t appropriate for us to go in at such a late hour, we should rest here for the night,” Elder Li said.

Madame Situ nodded. “Okay, you’re right, as it’s a special period, we really mustn’t go in at night.”

After the bird puppet landed and the group descended, they set up camp along the Frozen River’s bank. As they had Divine Master experts like Madame Situ and Elder Li with them, they didn’t really fear any danger.

Su Yu and Yuan Yingying were slightly flabbergasted. They couldn’t understand why, since they had already stepped into the Red Blood Palace’s territory, they had decided to stop here instead of continue to proceed.

At this time, Yan’er brought two roasted goat legs over, then gave one to Su Yu and the other to Yuan Yingying. She then said, “We will be able to reach the Red Blood Palace by noon tomorrow. It will be my first time ever going there!” Yan’er smiled, her eyes filled with longing.

Su Yu then said, “Since we only have half a day’s trip left, why don’t we hurry and just go tonight?”

Yan’er shook her head and looked at the pitch-black path that led to the Red Blood Palace. She then said mysteriously, “Don’t you know that the Red Blood Palace activated the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell recently? It’s set up on many regions, and if one was even the slightest bit careless, he may be caught in it and wouldn’t manage to ever be able to leave it again!”

“Yes, and that’s especially the case at night, as the dream spell is more powerful then. Hence, even Elder Li wouldn’t dare to barge in rashly during the night.”

Su Yu squinted his eyes after he heard their words, as he felt like there was some great secret hidden behind all of this. The Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell was known as the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ greatest dream spell, and in the past, it had even caught Su Yu and the Divine Master Lü Chuyi within it.

In fact, its might was still vivid in Su Yu’s memory to this day. However, since the Red Blood Palace had opened it just recently, it meant that it had already detected that a dark faction had started to take actions.

“You can continue eating. As for me, I am going to accompany my mother.” Yan’er jumped to sit by Madame Situ’s side.

Su Yu revealed a faint smile and commented, “She’s really a lively girl.”

“Well? Brother Su, do you like that type of girl?” As Yuan Yingying glared at Su Yu, and it seemed like she was warning him that if he dared to acknowledge such a thing, she would immediately start weeping.

Su Yu just smiled, but didn’t reply. Then, he suddenly felt a burning pain coming from his right palm.

Su Yu’s expression became grave, and as he opened his palm, he saw that the ardent flame mark had started to burn. Not only was it really burning, but it was causing his palm to pulse, just like a true flame, while it was also devouring Su Yu’s lifeforce.

Moreover, after it devoured each wisp of his lifeforce, it would become even more powerful. At the same time, its speed of devouring lifeforce would also increase.

The flame was becoming more intense, and it seemed like it wanted to burn Su Yu completely. As he realized this, shock appeared on Su Yu’s face. He felt like he was in a state of true crisis, as if the death shadow was slowly engulfing him.

Thump! Thump!

His heart was throbbing unceasingly at this moment, and it seemed like it would soon jump out of his chest. It was incredibly painful. He felt an extremely bad foreboding feeling in the deepest part of his heart, and even the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron started swaying intensely and countless dragon cries reverberated in his soul.

It seemed like it was warning him! If this was the case, and even the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron was warning him, this was the first time such a matter had occurred, which meant that this was probably the greatest crisis Su Yu had ever faced!

His expression became grave as he recalled Xia Jingyu’s warning and remembered how she had stated that Su Yu’s future path had been severed. This deathly crisis that she had mentioned must be fast approaching!

Su Yu was greatly shocked upon realizing this, and although he tried to extinguish the flame, regardless of whether he used his Vital Energy or his Soul Power to attempt to do so, nothing could affect the flame. It was like it had always existed in the void and couldn’t be affected by anything!

He didn’t have much lifeforce left in the first place, and as the flame grew bigger, a third of his life force was devoured instantly. In two more hours, it would devour his lifeforce completely, which meant that he would die!

“I must break through immediately! I mustn’t wait any longer.” Su Yu’s gaze became even more grave.

Since he was incapable of extinguishing the flame, he could only look for a way to increase his lifeforce, and the only way to do this was by his advancing completely into the Fairy Realm.


At that moment, Su Yu soared into the sky, turned his head back, then said, “Sirs, I must leave temporarily, but I will come back tomorrow.”

After he spoke, he dove into the ancient Frozen River. While he was in the river, he consumed the fourth grade Fairy Expansion Pill.

After he consumed the pill, a burning and lava-like liquid almost caused Su Yu to spit the pill out, as the liquid surged through his throat and into his lungs, then continued on until it reached his Dantian. As the scorching liquid reached his External Dantian, it caused his External Dantian’s Vital Energy lake to start to boil!

Such scorching energy wasn’t something the External Dantian could contain, and so it quickly passed through it, reached the Internal Dantian, then filled it completely in just half an hour’s time. The Internal Dantian started melting quickly due to the scorching energy’s intensity, and it seemed like it was a sealed space, which was being destroyed by erupting lava.


As a soft explosion sound echoed out, the whole Internal Dantian burst open, expanded, and became two thousand feet in length. At the same time, the three Vital Crystals within it also exploded, transforming into a liquid, which continued to flow within it.

What occurred after that was just like what had happened before… The world’s Spiritual Energy was absorbed by Su Yu’s body. It then watered the dried lake and filled it up entirely.

At this moment, Su Yu’s whole arm was being burned by the flame, as it was still becoming even more intense by the minute. It was also at such a moment that his Internal Dantian completely took form. Now, both of his two Dantians had turned into lakes. Moreover, his current Vital Energy level rivaled a Level Two Fairy’s!


Suddenly, clouds converged above Su Yu’s head, while a giant bolt of lightning could be faintly seen within them. It was a Heavenly Tribulation! His tribulation had started, and once he had succeeded in passing through it, he would then advance completely into the Fairy Realm!


A dragon formed by lightning descended, but as Su Yu snapped his fingers, the Thunder Grass Armor appeared above him and absorbed the lightning completely. But, a second and third bolt of lightning descended immediately after that! Although such Disastrous Lightning would seem terrifying to any Half Fairy, Su Yu managed to deal with it easily.

However, three bolts of lightning were the most one could sustain while advancing to the Fairy Realm, and after the Disastrous Lightning disappeared, a warm light beam shone upon Su Yu from the deepest part of the sky. At the same time, a warm current flowed through his body.

His skin, flesh, internal blood energy channel, five viscera and six bowels, as well as all of the other parts of his body, were bathed in the warm light, and both the inside and outside of his body underwent a great transformation. His soul continued growing stronger under the effects of such a brilliant radiance, and his Soul Power, which was just at the Level One Fairy Realm, increased drastically, quickly reaching the Level Two Fairy Realm.

His flesh and bones were also strengthened, causing his Half Fairy’s body to reach the Level One Fairy Realm. This meant that if he used the First Dragon’s body now, it would be as powerful as a Level Four Fairy’s!

He clearly got many benefits after he passed the tribulation, and both the inside and outside of his body went through drastic transformations. His lifespan also increased, as he could now live for three hundred years! This three hundred years lifespan that he had just received caused Su Yu’s body to overflow with lifeforce.


His aged skin fell off and revealed a jade-like skin beneath it. Then, his bright and glossy flesh, which had just been reborn, was as soft as a woman’s flesh.

As his old skin fell off, a handsome and youthful body, which seemed like it belonged to an ethereal immortal, was revealed. It was truly extraordinary! Now, he had sharp features, deep and bright eyes and gleaming white hair, which gave him a devilish charm.

As Su Yu opened his eyes, he let out a long breath of impure air. He had finally recovered his youthful body!

He raised his head and looked over, trying to decipher how far he had been sent by the Frozen River’s strong current. It could be seen from the fact that Yuan Yingying and the others didn’t come while he passed his tribulation that he was already far away from them.

When Su Yu noticed the flame, which was still burning on his arm, his expression became gloomy. He began to wonder… How can I extinguish this strange flame?

Moreover, what shocked Su Yu greatly was that his body, which had just become youthful once more, started aging once again at a high and noticeable speed! Then, in the twinkling of an eye, he became a white-haired old man!

“What’s going on?” Su Yu exclaimed in shock as his eyes flickered.

When he checked his lifespan, he discovered that it wasn’t consumed completely. So, he couldn’t figure out what was happening to his body!

After Su Yu mulled over it for a while, a purple glow shone in his left eye and a strange thing happened… His body became youthful once again! He then used his time power once again, and lo and behold, his body became old again. Apparently, he could alternate between the two states freely!

“It seems like this is a residual effect of my overuse of reverse time flow! My youthful body and my current body now exist in two different time nodes!” Su Yu exclaimed, while an odd look appeared on his face.

This matter wouldn’t negatively affect Su Yu’s cultivation at all. In fact, it would even bring him some unexpected advantages. He could now hide his status more easily because he could alternate between his youthful and aged bodies.

Su Yu transformed back into his aged body for the moment, as the youthful version of him was now the target of the Central Prefecture’s search. Thus, it would be better for him to not show himself with that appearance.

After he took care of this issue, he was just about to start dealing with the thorny flame, but he suddenly felt a blazing heat transmitting from the deepest part of the sky. When he raised his head and looked toward that direction, his pupils couldn’t help but contract. This was because he saw that after the Disastrous Lightning Clouds had dissipated, a burning flame cloud had appeared!

The flame cloud had the World Will imbued within it, and it possessed a might that was several folds more powerful than the Disastrous Lightning’s. The wisps of flames within it frightened Su Yu, and he felt like he would be melted into ashes by them. He knew that his was only a feeling that he could experience while facing All Creation Old Monsters!

A flame flickered in Su Yu’s eyes as he asked in alarm, “Is this a… Disastrous Flame?”

Disastrous Lightning was commonly seen, but such wasn’t the case for Disastrous Flames. They were considered to be quite rare.

In fact, Disastrous Flames would hardly ever appear, even when Divine Masters were passing their tribulations, It was only when All Creation Old Monsters passed their tribulations that such terrifying Disastrous Flames would appear.

The Disastrous Flame before him possessed a peerless destructive power. As this was a power that was used against All Creation Old Monsters in their tribulations, he couldn’t help but wonder why he was being faced with it now. Su Yu found this to be quite perplexing!

Moreover, as he had obviously already finished his tribulation, he couldn’t fathom why a second one had appeared! As he gasped, he wondered… Is this the deadly disaster that Xia Jingyu had mentioned?

Su Yu raised his brows, then looked at his burning arm and asked, “Is it related to this flame?”

It was at this moment that an apathetic voice drifted to his ears, “I found him!”

Then, five golden radiances appeared. They shone with a dazzling light that illuminated the entire sky with a golden color. It was extremely brilliant.

As Su Yu raised his head and looked over, the Disastrous Flame exploded and formed a cyclone. Then, five dazzling golden suns burst forth from the cyclone.

When he activated his Soul Eyes and looked at them, he saw five upright and tall bodies inside the golden radiance. Each one of them wore a golden suit of armor and had a crown atop his head, which had a moon, sun, and stars engraved upon it.

After those five people appeared, the whole world vibrated and all of the living beings within it descended into silence. Su Yu’s pupils contracted until they became as thin as needles as he cried out, “All Creation Experts!”

They were indeed five All Creation Experts!