The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 770

Chapter 770 All Creation Realm Young Girl

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These five people weren’t any weaker than the Blood Emperor, and they were all as powerful as him.

“Will you go with us, or will you die?” The Bright Light Guards’ Leader asked Su Yu.

Su Yu’s pupils contracted, while a great sense of crisis welled up in his heart. He had just came to Jiuzhou recently, so he hadn’t had time to offend any factions.

For this reason, he knew that no one who would send any All Creation Old Monsters to hunt him other than the central prefecture’s king. It seemed like he had used his power to get the Divine Nine- Dragon Cauldron.

Su Yu clenched his teeth, then used Time Power without giving it a second thought. At that moment, a purple radiance engulfed the surroundings and froze the flow of time. However, such an ability could freeze time only for a few moments.

“A Domain?” one of the five All Creation Old Monsters asked, while all five of them raised their brows. They were clearly somewhat surprised by this.

The All Creation Old Monsters’ Leader spoke calmly, “The person who our king wanted captured is really extraordinary, but before such a great cultivation base suppression, all of our schemes and tactics are useless.”

“Scatter!” The All Creation Old Monsters’ Leader strode forward, while raging flames fell from the sky. The flames then engulfed the space that had been frozen in time, freeing it immediately.

A sharp pain transmitted to Su Yu from his left eye, while a thread of blood flowed out of it. These All Creation Old Monsters were extremely powerful, so it was impossible for Su Yu to obstruct them. But, he still didn’t plan to just surrender, so he determined that he would still fight.

When he used Time Power, a red radiance shot out of his eyes and engulfed his body. This Space Power then started a spatial teleportation.

“It’s really stupid and foolish to use Space Power in front of an All Creation Expert.” The All Creation Old Monsters’ Leader spoke calmly, “Since you tried to repeatedly resist us, then we can only take back your corpse.”

As the All Creation Old Monsters’ Leader pinched his hand in Su Yu’s direction, the Space Power around Su Yu became extremely chaotic and distorted. In that moment, it seemed like even Su Yu, who was engulfed by it, would become distorted and be torn to shreds!

However, Su Yu had already anticipated such a situation, as he had learned that All Creation Old Monsters were capable of controlling Space Power while he was fighting the Blood Emperor.

Thus, at the same moment that he attacked, Su Yu loudly shouted, “Spatial Cyclone!”

A revolving spatial tunnel, which could cross a billion miles, appeared before Su Yu. He didn’t know where it would lead him, but wherever it was had to be better than his staying here and waiting for death!

“Meaningless struggle.” As the All Creation Old Monsters’ Leader glared at him, a great All Creation power bombarded the cyclone, causing it to shake intensely. It seemed like it would soon be destroyed.

At this moment, Su Yu shook his sleeves, and a wisp of silk, which couldn’t be seen by the naked eye, streaked out from them and cut the All Creation power into two parts, which allowed it to pass by the cyclone. The expression of the All Creation Old Monsters’ Leader became gloomy, as he didn’t expect that Su Yu would have a mysterious magical treasure that could block an All Creation strike.

“Dragon Confining Cosmos Formation!” The expression of the All Creation Old Monsters’ Leader was still calm and composed, while the other four All Creation Old Monsters finally joined the fight.

They all started weaving hand signs and making seals, which they shot at the sky. The seals caused the surrounding space to start solidifying, and it seemed like it would soon be frozen.

The revolving speed of the spatial cyclone that Su Yu had made became much slower and started to shake. It appeared as if it was on the brink of collapsing!

“This is awful! They will soon freeze this region’s space!” Su Yu was quite sensitive to space changes, and he felt clearly that the space was being frozen.

This would make it impossible for Space Power to flow through it, which would cause his spatial teleportation to fail! However, Su Yu still just clenched his teeth and rushed into the spatial cyclone.

Su Yu, who was now in the middle of the cyclone, felt his surroundings spinning. It really felt as if he was in a real cyclone!


At that moment, the Space Power suddenly became extremely chaotic, which caused the spatial cyclone to collapse. Su Yu’s expression changed to one of extreme gravity, as such a great space power, which had just spun out of control, was strong enough to tear him apart!

At such a critical juncture, Su Yu clenched his teeth and took out the Underworld Pearl, then threw it under him. As it was impossible for the space to bear the Underworld Pearl’s blow, it was directly shattered by it. It that moment, Su Yu entered the fissure that had been made within it and returned to the world.


Su Yu stumbled in the air, then fell into a flowing river, which was biting cold.

“The Frozen River?” Su Yu murmured as his facial expression became gloomy. He quickly realized that he didn’t teleport a long distance at all.

Although the Dragon Confining Cosmos Formation didn’t manage to stop him from teleporting, it had still greatly affected his teleportation range, shortening it substantially. The other reason why Su Yu’s expression became gloomy was that, although he managed to teleport, wisps of Disastrous Flames were still floating above his head.

A large amount of the Disastrous Flames were extinguished by the five All Creation Old Monsters, who had appeared, but there were still two wisps that continued floating above his head. It seemed like they had used some mysterious method to pass through the Disastrous Flames to get to Su Yu, and it was only because of this that Su Yu ended up bearing the tribulation of flames.

Moreover, they could also use the wisps of Disastrous Flames to detect Su Yu’s location, which meant that they could easily cross myriad miles and teleport to him, then start attacking him once they got to him! As he thought about this, Su Yu’s heart gradually sank. He felt like he probably couldn’t flee from them.

However, a pleasant-sounding voice rang near his ears at this moment. “Well? It’s really baffling! Why would Disastrous Flames appear when a Fairy like you passed his tribulation?”

When he raised his head and looked toward where the voice had come from, he was shocked by what he saw. He saw a beautiful young girl, who wore a purple robe, standing by the river bank. She was observing Su Yu, who was still in the river, curiously.

Su Yu was greatly shocked because there were no more than ten meters between them, yet he still didn’t manage to detect her appearance here until now. What shocked him even more was that a mysterious crown, which had suns, moons, and stars on it, was floating above this girl’s head!

All Creation! Su Yu was overwhelmed with shock to realize that this delicate and pretty girl, who didn’t seem older than sixteen, was unexpectedly an All Creation Old Monster! The young girl had clear and pure eyes, which didn’t contain the slightest trace of impurity. It was as if they were precious and beautiful gems.

“You really have a discerning eye, as you immediately saw that I’m an All Creation Old Monster,” the young girl said.

Her statement shocked Su Yu once more, as it seemed that this young girl was capable of reading his mind! Su Yu’s expression changed slightly as he wondered…

Is this the young girl’s innate talent mind reading?

“It isn’t my innate talent, but my domain,” She said as she squatted down and looked at him curiously. “I had a premonition that an enemy was here. Could it be that you are my enemy?”

The young girl blew her breath at him softly, which caused Su Yu’s raincoat and bamboo hat to disappear, exposing his aged body before her.

“It isn’t you.” The young girl said as she shook her head.

She had only seen Su Yu’s youthful picture, which was drastically different than the old man before her. Su Yu was somewhat shocked and was at a loss for words. As he started to try to figure things out, he stopped abruptly. After all, since the young girl in front of him was capable of reading minds, he shouldn’t think carelessly!

“Well… It seemed like you just tried to hide something from me. Do you know who I’m looking for?” The young girl squinted her eyes at Su Yu.

Su Yu shook his head calmly, while keeping his mind clear. “I don’t know.”

The young girl looked doubtful, then said, “My senses never make a mistake, so there is surely something that could help me in finding my enemy here. Even if you aren’t my enemy, you could probably be someone capable of helping me find him. Stand up.”

She waved her hand casually and dragged Su Yu out of the river, then forced him to stand in front of her.


The young girl took out a picture of the youthful Su Yu and showed it to him. As he looked at it, Su Yu’s gaze was still calm.

He then put on a thoughtful look as he inwardly thought… It seems like I saw him somewhere, but it seems like this young girl is quite naive. Even if I knew him, why would I invite troubles upon me by admitting it?

Su Yu thought of such a matter on purpose, but the young girl assumed that those were his truthful thoughts, so she put a cold look on her pretty face and said, “You have seen him!”

Su Yu was startled, so he cursed inwardly… Damn, she really can read minds! What should I do? Will she kill me?

The young girl replied promptly to his unspoken question, “Why would I kill you? As long as you tell me where this person went, not only will I spare you, but I will also help you to extinguish the Disastrous Flames.”

Su Yu was overjoyed, and he stretched his burning right arm at her and asked, “Could you extinguish even these flames?”

The young girl nodded. “It’s easy for me.”

“Okay, I will tell you.” Delight appeared on Su Yu’s face. “But, you must help me first by wiping them out.”

The young girl furrowed her brows as she inwardly thought… This person seems experienced and shrewd, so what should I do if he points me in the wrong direction on purpose?

“Give me your hand,” the young girl said.

As Su Yu extended his right hand, the young girl’s soft fingers swept passed the flames, extinguishing them all, even the seal that was aflame in the middle of his palm. In this same moment, countless miles from him, Five Bright Light Guards were flying toward Su Yu’s direction at a great speed.

All of a sudden, the body of the All Creation Old Monsters’ Leader shook, while blood flowed out of his mouth and fear appeared in his eyes. “Let’s stop!” he yelled.

The five All Creation Old Monsters stopped in their tracks, while the All Creation Old Monsters’ Leader said, “There is some powerful person over there, who erased my seal!”

“What? The cultivation of someone who could erase your seal would surely be greater than yours! In the whole central prefecture, there are no more than ten people who could achieve such a thing! How can that lad be this lucky to run into one of them?” one of the All Creation Old Monsters asked.

The All Creation Old Monsters’ Leader looked in hesitation toward Su Yu’s direction.

“Big brother, should we pursue him or not?” one of the All Creation Old Monsters asked.

Faint dread appeared in the All Creation Old Monsters’ Leader’s eyes as he shook his head after hesitating for a moment. “Let’s not pursue him for now. Why should we rush there, especially when we know that it’s clearly dangerous? Even though the seal was erased, there was still a faint wisp of it, which fused with his body and blood. This means that we can still faintly detect his location, so we don’t need to be worried about losing track of him.”

After the young girl extinguished the flames, she raised her head and looked at the sky. She then clenched her fist and two wisps of Disastrous Flames immediately fell from the sky and intertwined around her fair fingers.

“It’s easy to get rid of Disastrous Flames, but if you hadn’t already gotten the Heavenly Tribulation’s tempering, then advancing to the Divine Master Ream in the future would be ten folds more difficult for you than for ordinary people. So, it would be better for you to slightly bear it and refine those two wisps of Disastrous Flames,” she said.

After hearing her words, delight appeared on Su Yu’s face, while he thought sincerely inwardly…

This young girl is really quite kind, as refining Disastrous Flames is quite troublesome, and if it was another person, then it would be already too kind of them to just extinguish the flames. Yet, she has instead offered to help me out of her own accord.

He didn’t have such thoughts because he wanted to flatter the young girl, but those were his true, heartfelt feelings. The young girl’s face became somewhat flushed upon hearing his thoughts.

She then glared at him and said, “Just calm your mind. The next process will be extremely painful, but since I will help you through it, your life won’t be in danger.”

Su Yu was quite grateful to her, as he knew that the two wisps of Disastrous Flames could threaten even the lives of All Creation Old Monsters. Moreover, Su Yu knew that he didn’t have any assurance of refining them by himself.